15199/Let the Wookiee Win

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Let the Wookiee Win
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Common Area - Milano
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Thor, Star-Lord

Thor has posed:
"Exquisite!" Thor exclaims, pounding one hearty fist-- gently, though it's impossible to tell that from the resounding impact-- into the reinforced, well anchored table separating his seat from Peter Quill's. Between them sits a complicated looking five-sided game board with finely animated space creatures playing out their roles upon its battlefield. At present, Quill has disabled or captured all of Thor's key SPACE WAR COMMAND officers, and won the game. Handily, as well.

It would probably be easier to be smug if the Asgardian didn't seem pleased as punch about it, however. "What an exceptional recreational pursuit, good Jarl. The complex mechanics attached to each type of warrior's effigy coupled with the whimsical presentation lends an intriguing learning curve and unspoken house advantage to the familiar!" It's rare that an excuse for losing sounds /so/ /very/ //complimentary// and affable.

True to his word, courtesy of Thor there is now an ad hoc distiller attached to the Milano's kitchen appliances, and the statuesque blonde has been enriching and experimenting with all sorts of strange ingredients and stranger spirits. One of these blends he 'sips' from a flask, now, and offers the alarmingly potent, yet enticing concoction over to Peter. It comes with a warning label, of course-- but like the advantage in knowing a wargame, this is largely an unspoken thing.
Star-Lord has posed:
Peter Quill, nobody calls him Star-Lord, has been an annoyed Captain of the Milano since it had been invaded by Asgardians ever so long ago. In is mind, it's been years but maybe it hasn't been that long. He's just been trying to deal with all of this godliness on his ship and the lack of respect from the crew that has likely tripled since Thor's decided to move himself in.


So it is with a great song in his heart that Peter Quill is in the middle of his victory dance after finally finding something to best Thor at. A game. Something that will very likely never matter in any actual capacity in the galaxy. "Uh-huh! That's right! Star-Lord Wins!" There's even some moment of booty shaking that happens because he's way too excited about the chance of actually besting someone that's vastly superior to everything he is and more. It is a sad moment, then, when Quill hears the words from the Asgardian and slows down the shaking of the booty. He blinks a few times and turns back around to slowly sink into his seat. "How?" Quill looks almost distraught. "How did you manage to take the joy out of my first actual victory? HOW?"

Quill stares at the game board and just rolls his eyes at it. He doesn't know if the game'll ever be fun again. The frown on his face just deepens a bit more, shaking his head at the drink because he knows he can't handle anything an Asgardian can. He maybe also may not wholly trust it's not a ploy or a trick of some kind either. He'll stick to his juice box. "Weren't we supposed to drop you off on Terra? Is that-- is that still happening or...?" He's just curious!
Thor has posed:
"Is the undulation of the buttocks not a human sign of joy and satisfaction?" Thor seems momentarily confused, and a bit crestfallen. Poor, rained upon Peter. It's hard to make friends with some people. The shared buzzkill is shortlived however, as the Asgardian's face shifts to understanding-- at least in his own mind-- and sympathy. "Surely this cannot be the... the FIRST time you have won at something." Oh wow. Wow is that sad. It touches the God of the Storm in his heart like a warm island song.

"I am sure it will be the first of many, great Star-Lord." See, he listens. Usually. But no one bothered to correct him. Not that any shame at this shows. The burly blonde basks in another 'sip' of liquor, and releases a resounding 'ahhhhh'. "Your comrade, the far more personable of the Destroyers I have known, desires glory and battle." It seems strange to Thor that he needs to remind Quill of this.

"And while yes, we surely must divert to Terra for numerous reasons..." Thor doesn't expound just now; just waves a hand dismissively. "The renegade Kree-- or are they Skrull?-- raids along the Xandarian border is a sure source of both these desires." And perhaps even some currency. Thor has noticed Peter loves currency. Because this King is a benevolent empath.
Star-Lord has posed:
"What?! No! I win at all kinds of stuff!" Peter is flailing verbally and even kind of reaching through his memory banks to try and come up with an actual list. "Nintendo... uh Rock, Paper, Scissors... Checkers! I'm awesome at Checkers. What else, oh, Freeze Tag! That's a good one. I'm amazing, okay? Amazing." It actually sounds more like he's trying to convince himself that all of his trivial skills are actually valuable in some form or fashion.

"Yeah, well that's all Drax ever wants. Glory, Battle, Violence, Danger. Sometimes it's okay to just relax and not be the only thing standing between some crazy madbeing and the fate of the universe, you know? It's called a vacation."

Peter finishes off his juice box and looks over at Thor as more reasons why they haven't dropped him off on Terra yet come about. "Pretty sure the Kree and the Skrulls are always raiding the Xandarian border. No reason for us to get involved." Quill leans back to put his feet up on the table because now he doesn't even care about the game board anymore. The thrill has been lost!
Thor has posed:
Thor nods encouragingly, and even greets Quill's accomplishments with a wide, warm smile. It's sincere, it's heartfelt, it's also just a little bit how one might engage with a sulking child. Clearly, these are things to be proud of; we all have our particular refraction of shine in the grand cosmos, right? "Have you ever played Jotenheim in the 'freeze tag'?"

Is he making a terrible, circuitous pun? Does he just think they'd naturally field a good team, and not quite understand the sport at question? It might be a little bit racist, Thor. Ultimately, this is apropros of nothing. "You missed fulfillment on your contract for the mechanized menace." The God of Thunder observes, "And seemed -quite- cross about that. Now you do not want work, but a vacation?" Once more, Thor is confused. Not quite aware enough of how Quill Quill is, yet, to be incredulous-- just confused. The human is quite fickle.

"Nonetheless! Your great Tree seemed to agree with the Galactic Destroyer-- 'I /am/ -Groot-' I believe." Notably, Thor apparently not only understands Groot's language, he's abruptly -speaking- it. Because Quill's translator processes those three words into what is, indeed, a very Groot-like quote about guarding the galaxy, crushing evil cruelty sorts of things. Beat. "You -are- the Guardians of the Galaxy, aye?"
Star-Lord has posed:
There's some rolling of Quill's eyes in response, "What? Of course not. I'm talking about /real/ Freeze Tag. Like on the playground? At Recess?" Quill moves right along with the dismissive hand waving because that's easier than trying to reason with Asgardian logic. "Not everything can be improved by magic... stuffs!" Peter's at a bit of a loss on what to call Frost Giant flavored playground games.

"No. No! I didn't /miss/ anything." Quill has two fingers up now because he feels like he has to explain. Quill always has to explain. Even stuff that's not his fault! "I got there right on time and some weirdo with greasy lightning had obliterated everything. And along with it my sweet, sweet payday." Quill signs as he really didn't want to go back down that road. He had just managed to get over it. "So yeah, I'm thinking maybe I've earned a vacation day or two." And by vacation he means however long until they drop this man off on Terra.

"Oh, of course. Now you're best buddies with Groot. I exhibit absolutely no surprise there!" Quill's definitely overreacting but it's in a way that he feels is necessary. "Just because You and Groot and You and Drax and You all want to go pick fights with entire races for absolutely no Units at all doesn't mean the rest of us want to too!" Peter keeps himself from facepalming.

"We are. We are the Guardians of the Galaxy. But we also like to be compensated. It's how we continue to /be/ the Guardians of the Galaxy." Duh. Quill wants to say 'Duh' so bad. The look is all over his face.