15205/Every Spy Has Their Weakness

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Every Spy Has Their Weakness
Date of Scene: 12 June 2023
Location: Big Belly Burger, Oyster Bay
Synopsis: Mmm cheeseburgers.
Cast of Characters: Black Widow (Romanoff), Phobos

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Natasha was an addict.

Not in the official sense of the word. She could quit when she wanted to. In fact, she could go months. But eventually the craving would become too strong. So at least once a year, she relapsed. Only to start the journey over. Sometimes she only made it a few months.

But truly, with the serum running in the veins, it isn't like it mattered. Her body would cleanse itself of the bad and keep the good. Yet, she tried. Only to fail periodically.

"OH My God." This was muttered around a mouthful of the Double-Stack Cheeseburger she was eating at the moment. She rolled her eyes up into her head and took a slow breath as she chewed before focusing back on Alexander. "I swear these burgers contain some sort of addictive drug. How do they taste so good?!"
Phobos has posed:
    As for Alexander he did love a good burger, but he didn't _love_ a good burger quite in the way Natasha did. On some level he realized that if it came down between him and a life without such a thing in the future... his position would be endangered. Or so it seemed as he smiled slightly, his head tilted sidelong as he considered the Spy Who Loved Him.
    "I think it's perhaps what they represent," the young Olympian had neatly sliced his burger in half and hadn't eaten it yet, content to pick at his fries for now. He had ordered a special #17 which had a fried egg on top and bacon, was very yummy. But he was pacing himself.
    "With your background and all." As a commie spy, clearly. His pale eyes glimmered with amusement. They both were somewhat incognito though Alex didn't really run too much of a risk of being noted as something other than himself. Natasha, however? She had a history, and a profile of some prominence.
    "The forbidden fruit of capitalism. Decadence and wickedness in an easily accessible form."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
There was no cutting her burger in half. She had it gripped in both hands, a bit of grease likely dripping onto her fingers as she compacted the yummy goodness and took another bite. A long chew before swallowing and she put the burger down as she cleaned her fingers on a napkin. Make that two napkins. She picked up the to-go cup and sipped her soda through the straw before speaking.

"Maybe? I mean chocolate was a big thing at one time," she admitted as she considered the burger in front of her before looking back at Alexander. "Soldiers would use the chocolate to trade or gift to kids during the war." She didn't really need to say which one since she was speaking of her youth. He could figure it out. "So I suspect you're right. This was the thing we couldn't get. That was such a forbidden thing." She popped a fry in her mouth then grinned at him.

"Must be so strange for you having to deal with me sometimes."
Phobos has posed:
    "Super strange, so very difficult." Alexander said with a wry smile as he only then took up a half of his burger, settling it on one hand and squeezing it down a little, making sure it fits and is compact. He holds it slightly to the side, gesturing with it. "Since I am the height of normalcy and mediocrity."
    Giving a nod he then leans in and takes a bite, chewing for a time and smiling. "I remember the first time I ordered an egg on my burger, when me and my dad were at... one of those burger specialty places. Red Rocket? Robin? Something like that." He takes another bite, then chews, washing it down a little with a sip from his vanilla coke.
    "He looked at me like I was insane. Told me, 'that is not how Americans have burgers!'" Alex smirks a little, "And I was all, 'Americans are free to do what they want, they can make whatever burgers!' And from then on whenever I can... eggs." He gives a nod.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Probably Red Robin," Natasha decides as she picks up another fry to munch as he explains. The story about his father had her chuckling softly then shaking her head.

"I'm surprised he even allowed you to eat something you didn't have to slaughter first." Then she paused and there was an 'oh shit' moment in her expression. "He didn't make you do that, did he? I swear, that man needs to come into the modern century." She chewed another fry. "Though admittedly it is a lost art. If the zombie apocalypse happened, people would be so screwed."
Phobos has posed:
    "It wasn't all like that," Alex says as he pushes a french fry into some ketchup, he smiles and looks across the table at her. It was nice seeing her like this, guard at least partially down, her manner somewhat at ease. He could still read that slight tension they both shared, the occasional glances at exits, noting new arrivals.
    Yet to hear her talk like this was nice.
    "I mean sure we went hunting, and yah had to prepare things and you know, cook the end result." His lip twists up, "But I had kid times too. First thing I learned how to cook were steak-ums and eggs."
    Which wasn't a normal dish really, but easy for a kid learning about a stove.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Natasha had picked up her burger and taken another bite as he explained. She had known he did normal kid things too. But at the same time, his father was the god for war. His viewpoint on how to raise a child would not match most humans. In fact, many humans would probably consider some of the lessons taught to Alexander to be some sort of abuse. Perhaps due to Natasha's own upbringing, she didn't see it that way. He had been given tools to survive. Especially since being a part of the Greek Pantheon came with its own challenges.

But the last part he said had her tilting her head slightly as her brow furrowed. "What's Steak-um?"
Phobos has posed:
    "A steak-um?" Alex's eyebrows lifted and he bit his lower lip as he pondered how to address this gap in Natasha's knowledge. "It's... a thin slice of beef, like you know cheesesteaks? Or... steak bombs? It's like low quality beef that is a thin square you can drop into a pan and cook in a few seconds. It gets greasy and it's terrible, and yet yummy when you combine it with other things."
    Alex makes a face, "I'd offer to cook you some, but I think you'd probably not like it. It's beef for when you can't afford actual steak. Sorta." A small shrug is given, "Main thing was it's easy to prepare with a pan. So first thing I learned was all these just drop it in a pan things. Think I was fourish, maybe five."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Hearing about the reality of a steak-um had Natashe glancing to her burger. "I suddenly appreciate this meal even more," she admitted with a little laugh. But she did give a nod. "Makes sense though. I remember the days of not having the resources to eat whatever I want whenever I want. We are very spoiled."

And she picked up her burger, grinning at him as she ilfted it to her mouth. "Which is a state I am very happy with and do not wish to end. I think I'll survive without trying a steak-um. Though I appreciate you explaining it to me."

She took another big bite of her burger and immediately had to apply a napkin to her chin.
Phobos has posed:
    "Well, it's an experience, and some things are good with them." Alexander lifts his eyes, looking thoughtful. "Maybe I'll make something for you to try without telling you and then be all, 'surprise, it's a steak-um!' or something." He leans to the side in the booth, still munching his first half of his burger as he looks across the way at her.
    "You should cook me something good that you learned when you were a sprogling. All those... millions of years ago." His lip curves up, "Though no borscht. I'm putting my foot down on that."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Another laugh. "I mean if you want to try, just be sure it isn't square so I can't figure it out." Because square food isn't natural. It's generally man made.

Though when he suggested cooking for him, she gave a little shrug. It wasn't that she couldn't cook. She just didn't like to cook. And he did so they had settled into an easy life of eating out, food delivery, or Alexander cooking.

Until he spoke ill of borscht. Natasha raised her brows and sat up a bit more straight in her chair. "You are not true man if you do not eat borscht," she said in a thick Russian accent. Which was ruined when she laughed after, then spoke in her normal voice again. "I'll figure out something though I bet you'd really like my borscht."
Phobos has posed:
    "I mean, I'm sure I'd say, 'oh this is lovely, dear,' but then I'd be all hiding it around the house somewhere." Alex gives a single solemn nod as to the truth of the matter even as he takes another bite of the delicious cheeseburger.
    "Weeks later you'd find it in between the cushions of the couch, or hidden in the potted plants, or set on the outside window sill." Alexander half-grins and shakes his head, takes a breath, then shifts gears slightly.
    "So do you have to head back tonight? I know there's an operation going on but didn't know how much you have to observe or if you need to be on standby." If people were listening in on their conversation it could well be that they're talking about a medical situation, perhaps they're doctors?
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"On standby. I have to be ready to go at a moment's notice," Natasha admits as she continues to work on her meal. The craving is sated once again. She tried not to have Big Belly Burgers too often as she always felt guilty afterward and would work out doubly hard the days following.

"So no getting drunk. Or even drinking at all." Not that she was a big drinker though she did enjoy a beer or a glass of vodka now and again. "I don't think it'll be necessary. The operation seemed pretty cut and dried tonight." Course, so had the one where Alexander had been captured so what did she know.
Phobos has posed:
    "At a moment's notice," Alexander repeats quietly, then smiles across the way. "I mean, there are moments." The young blond man says as he takes a sip of his drink, then sets the glass down with a faint clink upon the glass-covered table. "And then there are moments."
    He meets her gaze and bites his lower lip slightly, eyes twinkling with amusement as he leans closer upon the tabletop, resting a hand upon hers briefly, even going so far as to lightly touch the toe of her shoe with his own, head tilting to the side with a warm smile that reaches his eyes.
    "Since I have been having some thoughts."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:

With him leaning in that way, touching her with hand and foot , Natasha knew he was up to something. The question was what. Generally, it could lead to any number of things and her mind gleefully travelled to each of those in turn because there was always fun to be had no matter which.

"What sort of thoughts? All that is required is I keep my phone on so they can reach me. Outside the no drinking thing, we're still pretty open ended on what we could be doing."

She picked up a fry and asked before popping it in her mouth. "What did you have in mind? Or perhaps we should leave here and talk about it in...private?"
Phobos has posed:
    "I think, that may be for the best..." Alexander smiles and squeezes her hand gently, just before he leans over and _steals_ one of her fries. So rude.