15212/Caffeine. The universal language.

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Caffeine. The universal language.
Date of Scene: 14 June 2023
Location: The Coffee Bean - Manhattan
Synopsis: Kimberly, Ivory and Diana cross paths in a coffee shop and share some conversation.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Pink Ranger, Ivory

Wonder Woman has posed:
Wednesday afternoon. Just past the middle of the day in the middle of the week. It really doesn't matter what time of day or which part of the week, a coffee shop is sure to have customers.

Today, Diana Prince has stopped into one of the myriad of shops in Manhattan. Dressed in a perfectly tailored blue skirt suit with a white silk blouse under the jacket and three inch heels. It isn't like she needs the height of course, but it is said that shoes make the outfit.

Standing in line, she studies the menu thoughtfully. It isn't that she is uncertain of her selection. She knows what she's going to get. But while waiting isn't it wise to review the offerings? Maybe something better will stand out.
Pink Ranger has posed:
An afternoon free, no training for the next comp, no fighting evil space witches...just some time to relax! With that in mind the promise of a coffee was a lure too tempting to ignore!

Wrapped in leggings under a simple skirt, a deep pink top and a hoodie jacket thrown around her shoulders Kim moved into the line, tapping away at her phone with a message to a friend only to blink at the aight od the dark haired woman in front of her.

"Hey wait a second..."
Ivory has posed:
The typical Manhatten crowd is very mixed. There's all the hair and skin colors, all sorts of faces and expressions around. And still, some do stand out. The Amazonian Physique of Diana Prince and hot pink of Kimberly, were earning possibly more gazes than the white ponytail of the young person of nigh indistinguishable gender. Boy? Girl? The face was ambigious to begin with and the clothing style didn't aid either, as they joined the line to study the offers for just a few moments, right behind Kimberly.

Then, the eyes light up and they make a little jump, smiling widely. "Oh god, when did they get Valerian tea? I *got* to try that..." It's not actually said to somebody in particular. Then, Kimberly pipes up.

"Wait a second for... oh! You mean what the person in front of you wears?" Ivory adds to Kimberly's inquery, inspecting Diana carefully. "That's totally a Versache handbag, and a genuine one for it. The Blouse under that jacket I believe is a Mary Katrantzou, at least the fabric reminds me of those dresses Katrantzou had in the dresses of the London Fashion week. Not sure on the suit, but very classy, probably tailored to fit. And the shoes... Red soles are Louboutin, everybldy knows that."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince moves up in the line as the two behind her begin talking. Hearing the names of the designers of her accessories, she glances back to offer a friendly if self conscious smile.

She then offers a more direct greeting to Kimberly, "Well hello again. I hope you have been well?" Considering their last encounter was ended abruptly by a very public murder it seems only proper to make sure the young woman is okay.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Given how things were last time in the end? It didn't have to work hard to be better! Still, Kimberly comes to smile, nodding her head. "I've been doing good! And yourself?" she questions before Ivory's own comments on clothing has her blinking and tilting her head. After all, Kim knew brands quite well...but even a young Olympic athlete didn't quite mean she had a wardrobe full of name brands -just- yet.

She hadn't worked out how to make things pay being a superhero just yet.
Ivory has posed:
As Diana spins around at least partially enough to see her face, it's Ivory's jaw to drop a little, then they catch themselves and grin. "Wait, are you saying you know Diana "Wonder Woman" Prince, Ambassador of Themyscira?!" they ask to the pink clad girl, then smiling wider. "Gosh, that's cool! I mean, I can only say that Carol Danvers owns some T-Shirts I made, that I danced with Thor and been at Wayne Manor, but knowing Wonder Woman is missing in my book."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince's smile grows as Kimberly affirms she is well. "I am happy to hear this. It was..." She pauses to think back, "Kimberly?" she asks with a tilt of her head seeking confirmation.

Looking to Ivory as the surprise at a seemingly random encounter would lead to two people who already knew each other, she smiles. Even in Manhattan, serendipity happens. Once in a while.

"Hello. Yes. We both attended the unveiling of an art exhibit." She looks troubled, "The artist was attacked and murdered before he could finish his presentation to open the exhibit. I .. haven't heard if they have found the killer. It was a young boy" she pauses then adds, "with white hair." Her gaze thoughfully regards the color of Ivory's own hair. Apropos of nothing of course.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Kimberly was actually grinning brightly as Diana seemed to recall her identity even if it wasn't exactly from an event that ended fantastically as Diana's own comment brings a nod...and kills off that smile a little "It was awful, and so sudden..."

She makes to say more, but Ivory's comment earns a little blink and a little laugh. "We met at a party, it was kinda amazing...till it wasn't."

Understatement of the century.
Ivory has posed:
"Eh... White haired young boy? Sorry, I am neither an assassin nor have I killed anyone. Plus, I'm 24, I don't quite count as a young boy even when I choose to be male." Ivory remarks, defending themselves at the strange gaze to their head. "I'm Ivory Valentine. White Persian Cat's my label, and I am definitly not into killing anything that isn't a mouse... eh..."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods along in agreement with Kimberly with regard to the event.

Then she looks somewhat aghast at Ivory's reaction.

Wonder Woman accuses random white haired individual of murder. Story at 11.

"Oh gods, no. I am terribly sorry. I did not intend to imply it might be you. I am entrily certain of that fact. It was only a recollection of the encounter. It was unsettling how at ease the boy was with his actions."

"It is a pleasure to meet you." She pauses and offers an apologetic smile. "I am Diana. And this is Kimberly. She looks lovely in pink." Perhaps trying to recall the attire that was worn to the ill fated exhibition.

Moving up in line, she offers, "Please allow me to pay for both of your orders. Whatever it is that you would like." With a reassuring gesture she indicates the two should move up to give their requests at the same time.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Kimberly's desire to refuse and be gracious was slightly out-balanced by the idea of having Diana buy her a drink. Girl crush overload, but then who would blame her? It was freaking Wonder Woman after all!

Still, Kim smiles, blushing bright red and biting her lip to consider for a moment before nodding her head. "I mean if you're sure...and thank you. I guess it's just my color?"

Back to Ivory, Kim lifts a hand in a little faux-wave.

"But yeah, I'm Kimberly, or just 'Kim' if you like."
Ivory has posed:
"Just the look you had at my hair. Sorry, I just..." Ivory silences a moment, then shrugs. "It's all good. Anyway, while I apprechiate pink as a color, it's often way too much connotated with femininity to work as more than an accent for me. I mean, I got a very specific look..."

"I take a big cup of the Valerian tea. I mean, I don't get sleepy from it like others, but it tingles 'just' the right way. Did you know that Catnip and Valerian have simmilar effects on cats?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles to both and nods to the barista to indicate she will indeed pay for their orders. After they have each ordered, Diana orders as well.

"I would like a venti dark roast. And a blueberry muffin." A glance to the side counter confirms they have sweetners and creamer out as self service.

As she pays, she looks to her two new acquaintances, "If you would like we might find a table or booth to continue visiting."