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Kimberly Hart (Scenesys ID: 322)
"Have a nice trip! See you next fall! Buh-bye!"
Full Name: Kimberly Hart
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Angel Grove, Star City
Education: Angel Grove High School
Status: Approved
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 14 February 2009 Actor: Amy Jo Johnson
Height: 157 cm (5'2") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Confident" by Demi Lovato


Kimberly Hart was born a regular girl in a regular life doing regular things like gymnastics and school work. Booooring. Enter an ancient artifact and a handful of friends. Things suddenly weren't so regular. Kim became the Pink Ranger, with the coin of the Pterodactyl. She now uses the powers given to her to fight the good fight. Or is that bad fight since it's a, y'know, still a fight?

Current Player Approved: May 28, 2024



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As herself, Kim stands a mere 5'2" but is a bundle of energy and optimism. Her brown hair and eyes contrast well with the paleness of her complexion. She often dresses casually but there will always be at least something pink in her choice of attire. It's her signature color.

As the Pink Ranger, she wears a uniform of pink and white which covers her from head to toe, including a helmet to hide her hair and face. The helmet has a stylized pterodactyl shape along the top of it.


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Kimberly Hart was born in Angel Grove to loving parents. She was an only child. Being upper middle class, her parents did everything they could to spoil her rotten. It was a lifestyle of which she approved since she always had the latest gadgets, toys and video games. She learned gymnastics from the age of four starting in the Pee Wee divisions. This continued throughout her life and shifted into dance and cheerleading. In third grade, she first met Jason Scott when he came to Angel Grove. He was in a class ahead of her, being a year older. But they knew each other and became friends.

When she was ten, her parents divorced. It was a difficult time for Kim as she thought she could do something to keep them together, too young to realize that sometimes things just happen. Due to this, she started to become a bit more rebellious, acting out more as she moved into her teen years. She wasn't a bad kid per se, she simply didn't know how to express her emotions where it was all concerned. She still paid attention to her studies, Her grades were never the best but they were good enough. She preferred using her time to practice her physical skills.

As she became a teen, she met her close group of friends who would later become her fellow Power Rangers. They became the family she had been missing out on, siblings she never had. They were the ones she spent most of her time with when she wasn't cheerleading or donating her time for the most recent cause.

At the age of 14, her mother got remarried. Kim is still trying to figure out the dynamic between herself and her step-father, sometimes harboring a bit of anger since she still has her father in her life, just apart from her mother.

In high school, she was one of the popular girls on the cheerleading squad. She also was a mean girl and did things to her friends that broke the relationship she had with them.

When the five friends were called upon to become heroes, she was the most reluctant. She didn't believe she was able to be a hero, to help save the world. It wasn't that she didn't want to, she just didn't think she could. In the end, she did what she felt was right and she became the Pink Ranger. She has grown since gaining her powers, learning more about herself and her strength of spirit than she ever expected. When Tommy came to town, she was immediately attracted to him. Then he turned evil. Then he got better. Who knows where things will go from there.


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Kim is a genuinely good person. She cares about other people. She is happy and has an optimistic view of life. She sees the good in others instead of seeing the bad. She has her moral compass pointed in the right direction and she makes good choices.
Shehe is passionate about what she believes in and she will do anything to help. When it comes to her family or friends, she will literally put herself in harm's way to keep them safe.

She wants to make the world a better place, whether it be as a Power Ranger or simply by helping to clean up the environment. She is a hero, even without her powers.

Kim is very personable and outgoing. She makes friends easily and was at one time very popular at her school.


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With the mantle of being a Power Ranger come certain perks. These manifest in the form of what would be considered metahuman enhancements. Even without morphing into her costume, Kim is much tougher than a normal human. She can take on attackers while not taking very much damage unless the suspect is of a metahuman level themselves. She can withstand the Putty army easily when it is a one-on-one scenario because they cannot harm her physically.

Thanks to the powers granted to her, Kim heals much more quickly than a human. Things that used to take weeks can be fixed within hours. This includes broken bones and major internal injuries. It's not to say she can't die. She certainly can but if she survives long enough, the power of the Coin will allow her body to repair itself.


With the Power Coin, Kim's strength has increased exponentially. She is a low level metahuman, even without her armor in place. Her strength would be on a level 4 approximately. When she morphs into the Pink Ranger, she jumps to about a 7, putting her a bit below the strength level of Spider-Man. Her reflexes, agility and speed are also all enhanced, in or out of armor, gaining higher levels when she is costumed as the Pink Ranger.


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American Sign Language:
Kim is proficient in American Sign Language (ASL). She is able to communicate effectively with those who are hearing impaired and utilize it. She also is trained in the use of telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD) used to text communication via telephone.

Kim is a skilled archer. She can hit the target she is aiming for, even in a combat situation. She is not able to do trick shots and the like, such as those done by Clint Barton, but she could be considered on par with an Olympic level archer. With her Power Bow, she is able to fire multiple shots at the same time with accuracy.

Another of her many hobbies throughout her life, Kim is a skilled cheerleader. She has all tumbling and acrobatics skill necessary, combined with her gymnastics. She is used to working with a group to a common goal, combining agility with dance. She started as a pee-wee and has continued, being part of the Angel Grove high school squad.

Her gymnastics allowed for her to learn to dive quite well although she isn't formally trained so won't be on any diving teams. She does know how to dive safely, even from great heights. She also is a very strong swimmer, able to hold her breath for up to three minutes.

Kim likes to stay in shape. She knows about nutrition and physical training to keep her body in top form, even before she became a Power Ranger. She's been known to teach spin classes, dance and the like while at the Youth Center.

Kim has a green thumb. She likes plants. She knows how to recognize types by sight, what type of watering/sun they need, humidity necessities and so forth. She keeps her own herbs growing fresh in a window box off the kitchen at her family home.

Kim has been training in gymnastics since she was a child. She is good enough she could compete in national competitions but she's never tried pursuing that path. It's something she enjoys and it helps her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely agile and flexible. She often uses her gymnastics in tandem with her martial arts training. Her acrobatics have taught her how to land properly so she doesn't injure herself, how to take a fall, etc.

Martial Arts:
As Kim, she has martial arts training thanks to the classes given at the Youth Center, taught by her teammate and friend Jason Scott (Red Ranger). She would be considered proficient but she isn't going to be winning any tournaments. As the Pink Ranger, she is able to tap into knowledge she does not have as Kim, making her a formidable opponent able to take down multiple opponents without assistance. Either as Kim or the Pink Ranger, she likes the combine her gymnastics with her martial arts, leading to her having a distinct fight style that is more like that of Catwoman.

Kim is able to play the guitar quite well. She could be in a band if she had the time between everything else going on in her life. She also has a good singing voice. She won't be winning any competition shows but she sounds good enough she could get local gigs if she wanted.

Kim is very civil minded and will help with any cause she feels strongly about. She's fought for the environment in the past. She has volunteered as a Big Sister. She likes to give to the community and the people in it, helping to arrange for events and fund raisers. Although she doesn't have money to give, she does give time and that is sometimes even more important.


Kim cannot fly a plane or a helicopter. However, she can fly her Pterodactyl Zord with amazing skill. It is more an ingrained instinct as opposed to a learned skill, her completely in synch with the machine, allowing for her to be on par with a trained fighter pilot.


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Angel Grove Youth Center:
Kim and her fellow Rangers are regulars at the Youth Center. She goes there practically every day. Often, she can be found teaching dance or fitness classes. Sometimes she works on her gymnastics. She's on friend terms with the owner who works with her at times when he wants assistance at the Center.

Blade Blaster:
The Blade Blaster is a standard sidearm of the Power Rangers. It serves the dual purpose of being a low impact dagger style weapon and a personal blaster. It fires laser-based energy that can be combined with the other blasters to perform incredible team up techniques.

Power Bow:
As the Pink Ranger, Kim wields a weapon called a Power Bow. It looks like a regular pink and white bow however the arrows it fires are energy constructs so she does not have to carry a quiver nor is she limited on the number of arrows she fires. They can penetrate like a normal arrow or they can simply be concussive force. It also can fire a beam of light like a laser if she chooses. She can fire up to five arrows at the same time, all with an extreme level of accuracy. These arrows are enough to knock out a normal human, for she would never use a kill shot on a human being. For monsters, all bets are off. The bow can be combined with the weapons of the other Power Rangers to make a single weapon called the Power Blaster.

Power Rangers:
Kim is a Power Ranger. She has access to the Command Centre, Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and most importantly, her fellow Power Rangers. They fight as a team. They are her friends and her family. Their bond gives her support, in combat and out, and in so many other ways.

Pterodactyl Dinozord:
As the Pink Ranger, she is able to control the Pterodactyl Dinozord, the only flying Zord of the group. The Pterodactyl Zord is 1.4 meters tall, weighs 24.6 tons, and has a max speed of Mach 2.5. It is strongly armored and can keep her safe inside under extremely violent attacks by a wide range of giant monsters. When it isn't enough, her Dinozord can combine with the others from her team to form Megazord which 12 meters tall and weighs 166.8 tons. When joined, she is in control of her portion of the body created.

Pterodactyl Power Coin:
Kim uses the Pterodactyl Power Coin to morph into the Pink Ranger. As the Pink Ranger, her strength doubles, from her already enhanced superhuman class 4 strength, to superhuman class 7. Her agility, reflexes, and speed are similarly enhanced. It increases his healing as well. Many of these enhancements are discussed in abilities, but exposure to coin grants her a certain level, possession grants her an even greater level. The armor she gains while morphed also protects her, enabling her to survive energy blasts that would kill an ordinary human.

Wrist Communicator:

Kim wears a watch-like device called a Wrist Communicator. It was invented by Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, and has also tapped into the morphing grid to create a teleporter. He can only teleport from her location to the Command Center, but the Command Center is capable of teleporting him elsewhere. In effect, she can teleport anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. But it's original purpose was as a means of remaining in contact, securely, with Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and her fellow rangers.


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Kim loves her friends and her family. To the point that she will do anything to keep them safe. She will sacrifice herself if it means she will save someone she cares about. This means that they can be used against her, forcing her into situations. It also will cause her emotional turmoil if they were in danger or harmed, leading to mental anguish and potential mistakes on her part.

Green Ranger:
Kim likes Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger). A lot. He's more than just a friend in her mind. It isn't something they've really discussed nor has she admitted it to him but the feelings are there. While she would sacrifice herself to save her friends, if she had to choose one person to save first it would be Tommy. Will this ever amount to anything? She has no idea.

Power Coin:

Kim's powers all originate from the Pink Power Coin. Without that coin, she will begin to lose the powers she has gained such as strength and healing. In time, she would be a human again as opposed to a meta. If it were lose, she would begin weakening within hours. If it were destroyed, she would immediately revert back to being just a human without the delayed loss of powers.


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Title Date Scene Summary
A little catching up.. June 29th, 2024 Kim catches up with an old friend and meets a new one
Rangers and Slayers March 24th, 2024 Summary needed
When the Ranger is the prey March 14th, 2024 Dracula find Kimberly at a club and uses his mental abilites to make her do his will, then summon her to his home.
Along the Bronze Came A Giant March 9th, 2024 While at the Bronze, Arthur and Kimberly are treated to the arrival of Cain Marko looking for someone in Sunnydale. Fortunately for them it's a peaceful encounter!
Friends in the gym. February 20th, 2024 Summary needed
The Reclusive Dr. Cassandra Read February 2nd, 2024 Lois Lane is missing her interview target and meets Ivory, Tini and Kimberly!
Trouble, make it double. Two Rangers. February 1st, 2024 Kimberly and Trini draw the attention of Dracula. What will follow?
Curious about the non Slayer's power. January 23rd, 2024 Kimberly and Dracula fought in the cemetary. She hit him with a stake and thought he was killed, but the wiley Vampire Lord had other ideas and rose from his apparent death.
The power draws all kinds. January 6th, 2024 Dracula tracked his quarry and claimed her blood for himself.
A new player on the field. January 1st, 2024 Faith and Kimberly both face things they have never seen. Faith met Drusilla and Kimberly faced Dracula as well as other vampires in and graveyard smackdown.
A day at the park, no really. January 1st, 2024 Jacen and Kimberly throw down with some Putty thugs.
Snacks for Supers December 23rd, 2023 Summary needed
Night off, no really a night off. December 5th, 2023 Angelica and Vanessa go to Mac's and fun into Kimberly. They end up seated together for dinner.
A night out without the Zord November 16th, 2023 When a zoid is needed a zoid is needed
Fast for Food October 27th, 2023 Always remember to bus responsibly.
Shopping Rangers October 8th, 2023 Rita Repulsa would have to cast one heck of a spell to beat Kimberly's shopper senses!
Always bring a pen. October 6th, 2023 Nadia and Kimberly meet on a climbing wall and get to know each other.
Critters in the park September 23rd, 2023 Harry and Kimberly.
Back to basic September 18th, 2023 Kim and Adam wax nostalgic at the Youth center.
Rolling Scorpions August 28th, 2023 John Connor encounters a new and pinker type of lightning.
Pink and Orange August 27th, 2023 Kimberly and Tyran'tar.
Intruder or Intrudee! August 12th, 2023 Faith bumps into a familiar face an together they fend of vampires after stealing a tome of spells.
Pink and Yellow... and Steel July 19th, 2023 A robot tiger, a robot terrorsaur, and John Connor! Oh f...
Another day fighting Aliens! July 11th, 2023 An ambush on the Power Rangers at a Yoga studio. Just another day for the heroes!
Adopt-a-Fundraiser June 24th, 2023 Lux hosts some truly unique events. An adoption evennt for dogs, cats and a few exotics was a wild success, drawing billionaires and plebian unwashed masses both. What went on between the lines of philanthropy though, was a different story.
Caffeine. The universal language. June 14th, 2023 Kimberly, Ivory and Diana cross paths in a coffee shop and share some conversation.
Just a walk in the park... May 28th, 2023 Angelica and Kimberly encountered each other in the park. They ended up fighting with some Puddy warriors before flying off into the wild blue.
Get a Grip May 24th, 2023 So Natasha tried to get Steve and Alexander thrown out of a gym, while Kimberly watched...
Midnight Music Aftermath May 14th, 2023 Cleanup of the event led to a debate on morality and devolved into a mountain of a man strangling a brash yeen. Never a dull moment in Central Park?
Drink of the Champions May 13th, 2023 Summary needed
Pink and...other green! May 7th, 2023 Kimberly and She-Hulk meet at the Gym!
Power Bows and Chimichangas April 26th, 2023 Attacked by Putty Patrollers, a Power Ranger comes to the rescue.
Cricket in Times Square April 25th, 2023 At the unveiling of a controversial exhibit, the artist Randall Q. Bara is attacked and murdered in front of the attending audience by a white haired tween-aged boy.
Unstoppable: Major Offensive April 10th, 2023 Bizarro pre-emptively strikes against the Utrom Base in Queens, and he, the Pink Ranger, and Phantasm fight the forces of the alien invaders with the US Military, and destroy the forward operating base.
A burger break April 9th, 2023 Tommy and Kim have a burger and discuss old friends and Super Mario!
Whe Pink Ranger, The White Prince...and harry. March 31st, 2023 Friends of Friends become friends.
Breaks and Bars March 23rd, 2023 Kimberly and Copycat meet at Harry's
A quiet night in March 16th, 2023 Kimberly drops by to see Tommy.
Training and tails February 25th, 2023 Kimberly and Tommy train and chat about recent adventures
A Dark Night in Sunnydale February 22nd, 2023 Faith meets another Super heroine and together they kick some butt.
Spider at the Park. February 15th, 2023 Summary needed
Customers are Nuts February 9th, 2023 A phone problem ends with Sherwood Florist becoming this year's Valentine's spot-to-go for supervillains! Good money was made, though it's possible that Anya has a date with Brainiac.
PractiCore! February 4th, 2023 Just a meeting between athletes.
A Night at Lux February 2nd, 2023 The Pink Ranger and Black Canary visit Lux only to meet the Devil and his doctor.
What's a day off anyway February 1st, 2023 Kim and Tommy catch up and talk about days off
JanPool January 29th, 2023 Caution: Wet Floor.
Gotham by Night - A Walk in the Park January 28th, 2023 A yeen, a bat and a ranger meet at the docks and derp about at night.
Colorful night in Gotham January 27th, 2023 Kim and Tommy meet Dinah!
Dreams are Made of Sun and Sand January 24th, 2023 For once, Rita Repulsa lets the Power Rangers have a day off.
Welcome to Ernie's January 23rd, 2023 Summary needed
Late Night Caffeine April 6th, 2022 An awkward but endearing meeting is had!
See You On The Slopes December 6th, 2019 Separate trips converge on on the ski slopes of Whistler. It doesn't matter how they got there, only that they did.
Knightfall: Living With It October 19th, 2019 Kimberly visits the site of Superman's death and finds a grieving Stephanie. The Ranger's words help ease Batgirl's guilt.
Go Angel Grove High! October 14th, 2019 Angel Grove wins!
Afternoon in Angel Grove Park September 28th, 2019 Kim and Tommy go for a walk in the park miraculously uninterrupted by putties.
Fair Play September 21st, 2019 Kimberly and Tommy go to the fair and discuss the extraordinary life.
After School Club September 19th, 2019 Kimberly and Tommy make it a date.
Education & Studies September 15th, 2019 A college visit ends in new friends and awkward new potential.
Bludhaven Bureau of Tourism September 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Gym and Juice July 18th, 2017 Dance Planz.
Youth Centre Calisthenics July 3rd, 2017 Tommy and Kim meet at the Youth Centre


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