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A cat at play
Date of Scene: 15 June 2023
Location: The Narrows, Burnley
Synopsis: Copycat goes clubbing in Gotham disguissed as Poison Ivy. With Red Hood and Huntress responding, what could go wrong?
Cast of Characters: Copycat, Red Hood, Huntress

Copycat has posed:
Ivy is a girl out on the town. She's rocking a Fresh look, far more demure than her normal look. But that fresh-face look seems to work. She's drawing a lot of attention at this dance club. Right now, she's dancing by herself, having taken turns with girls and guys.. she didn't seem to care. She's clearly just here to dance and enjoy herself .. maybe Drink ALOT.
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood is not out for a good time. He is out because of a tip that a certain redhead has been seen out for her own good time.

Arriving at the club, he pauses outside briefly. He certainly attracts a measure of attention given that everyone at the club is dressed up. Just.. not as a vigilante or with guns.

Pushing inside, the masked vigilante begins to scan the throng of partiers. Looking for one particular redhead.
Copycat has posed:
Ivy hasn't spotted the Hulking red masked young man. She's kinda having too much fun on the dance floor right now. She's between a couple and is grinding away with them, laughing and shouting " Woooooo " holding a drink in her hand.. looking a lot like the other college kids in here having a good time.. other than the rather green outfit she has on.
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood ignores the gawking stares he gets. He's not here to win some sort of popularity contest. Moving through the crowd, he finally spots his quarry.

Approaching the redhead partying with the others he stares at her.

"Ivy. You're not being very subtle." It wasn't exactly normal behavior for the sometimes eco-terrorist.
Copycat has posed:
Ivy turns and blinks at the young man. She peers at him for a moment and frowns. She's only 5 ft 8, but Thanks to some very high heels, she's actually slightly taller than the young man! But he's Way wider from his massive build. She sighs " What, I'm not allowed to go out for drinks and dancing? " She looks down " Since when is that illegal? "". She turns to the couple " Did I bother you two? " they shake their head of course.

Though the blond girl says something rather odd " Not at all, you even asked, witch I thought was tots cute ".

Ivy blows her a kiss.
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood frowns. Something about this wasn't right. He wasn't afraid of her. His armor and mask would prevent her from attempting to enthrall or kill him with a touch. Or a kiss.

"Right. Fighting for your right to party. Cute. You're still wanted as a person of interest in that Conservatory robbery. Why don't we go downtown and let the boys in blue ask you some questions about it." It isn't actually a request.
Copycat has posed:
That's when things go sideways.. Once she grabs your chest, that's normal. It's a fact you feel and hear the chest plate protest.. Just in time to feel her Chuck you right into an empty booth! She one-handed lifted your 220+ frame and threw you about 10 feet into a booth! Ivy's not that strong Or nice! She clearly aimed for soft cushions!

But the moment she threw you she Bolted for the bathroom! Running into the girl's bathroom at top speed! Except it's like your level of speed not ivy speed!
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood expects Ivy to do something. She's not going to go in willingly for a crime she may or may not have committed. As she got close and phsyical he was prepared. He was not, however, prepared to be shoved backwards with the force to lift his bulky form off the dance floor only to land across the table in a booth. In the confusion he barely catches the direction Ivy ran.

"... Huntress she's bolting. Headed for the bathrooms" he radios to the other vigilante who is covering the back of the club for just this sort of situation.
Huntress has posed:
The Huntress is one of those vigilante figures associated loosely with the Batfamily who -- in general -- isn't quite so focused on the rogue's gallery in general. Certainly in the past she might've tussled with them, but only unintentionally, most of her attention being focused on the Costa Nostra and their various spheres of influence.

Favors, however, are owed, and really -- it doesn't hurt Huntress to focus her attention on other targets now that she's back in the city. It's been some time since she's entered a club, and there's a lot of people. Hard to tell friend from foe inside a place like this, and so the purple-and-black clad woman posts up with a lean near the exit to the alley, not far from the restrooms.

When Red Hood declares his intention to take Ivy downtown, the woman actually snorts -- an audible noise Jason can hear over their shared communication channel. "...does that ever work?" she wonders, right before she hears a crash and spots the red head slipping into the woman's bathroom as Jason radios him.

Helena's bland response: "Was Ivy always this feisty?" appears to be her way of checking in with Jason as she slips into the bathroom, her strides easy as she follows. "Darling," she declares into the room. "There's no need for violence. Honestly. It's a few questions in a stuffy room and then you can get IHOP or Olive Garden after. You'll live, and you'll get my temporary gratitude for ending the night early, because I have an excellent red that's airing out right now and deserves to be drunk."
Copycat has posed:
What will Greet Huntress, of course, is wonderful silence at least for a moment, before you hear " oh god oh god oh god " and then the clear sound of a hand over a person's mouth .. It Seems theirs one civilian in a stall. You can see the bathroom window is open.. but no way somebody with ivy's build is going through that window.. it's barely big enough for a 10-year-old girl, let alone a full-grown woman! .

If you open the door, you will see She panicked and copied lindsay lohan from mean girls.. who clearly is too young to be in a college bar.
Red Hood has posed:
"She's usually worse" comes the terse reply from Red Hood.

Extricating himself from the table with a muttered, "Sorry about your drinks" to the horrified booth occupants, he tosses a fifty on the table. "That should cover it." If not? Sorry.

Smelling of cheap beer and cheaper wine now, the red masked vigilante pushes his way toward the bahtroom hall.

"Huntress do you have her?" he asks with only half hearted hope in his voice. He figures their quarry has already gotten away.
Huntress has posed:
The sound of Huntress' boots pace through the bathroom as she pushes open each stall one by one. Just like they do in the movies, only there's no dramatic music. When she gets to the last and pushes it open to see a vaguely familiar figure, the masked woman actually looks momentarily taken aback.

It takes Helena a moment to place her but... yeah. What are the chances a de-aged Lindsay Lohan is in a club in Gotham bringing her guts up? She backs away from the stall to leave the woman to her act, mostly because she saw the aftermath of what the woman did to Hood, murmuring to him over the radio: "Did Ivy get shapeshifting powers sometime while I was gone? If not, I think your poison princess is in another castle, Hood."

Meanwhile, the Huntress' not-so-casual lean against the wall leaves the crossbow she carries pointing largely in Linsday Lohan's direction. "I want to ask if this is the first time you're going to be in the woman's bathroom, Hood, but I have the feeling I already know the answer."
Copycat has posed:
Soon as the stall starts to open, you'll hear a "Oh fuck! " Then the stall open theirs a loud scream! And her hands shoot up " Don't shoot! "

Of course, she looks terrified at Huntress. Then she hears her and violently shakes her head " I'm not a shapeshifter. She went out the window," she points! But then snaps her arms back up. Her head looked around, clearly in a panic, trying to figure out a way out of here " Don't hurt me " .
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood nears the bathroom hall as the question is asked.

"Shape shifter? No. Not unless she's mutated further or something." He pauses, "Didn't think she had the stength to toss people around like that either. Maybe it's not actually Ivy?" It was at least worth a thought.

Then the question about the girl's bathroom earns a snort. "Seriously? Someone's spent too much time around middleschoolers and their poor choices of humor" he shoots back.

Standing outside the bathroom, he waits for the current drama to sort itself.
Huntress has posed:
The Huntress' expression is mostly masked by the purple and black mask that covers her face, but still, the incredulousness is audible at the story of the window-escape. "Come on. Ivy's tiny but... have you seen her butt? I think we can all agree it's real nice but not exactly squeeze-through-a-tiny-window size."

This isn't her show and she was content to watch. She seems surprisingly uninvested about whether Ivy or Linsday, or whoever, is who Hood is after, or just a poor innocent bystander. Then Helena looks at the door, realizes the Red Hood, of all the boundaries he chooses to respect, chooses /this/ particular line in the sand. It earns an annoyed narrowing of eyes when she realizes. "I'm not judging. I have absolutely been in the men's bathroom, multiple times." She doesn't explain for what. That'd defeat the purpose of adding that tidbit on, because now Helena's actually annoyed.

"Look," Huntress exhales sharply and looks back at the girl. "I'm not planning to hurt you. I can't speak for the Hood but you just shoved him across the room so he's probably at least partially put out. If you're innocent, then you /want/ to go to the police to get away from him. If you're not, well... you could try shapeshifting into a bird?" Huntress tilts her head. Can the woman actually do that? She's genuinely curious. "Failing that, we might as well talk because otherwise it's going to be a dull night and I'm increasingly feeling like punishing someone for putting me in this position." She's non-specific about who that is.
Copycat has posed:
She Blinks. "You are on a dance floor having good consensual fun.. and a huge dude looking like a linebacker with a mask and guns.. comes up to you.. Then a girl with a crossbow points it at you.. I'll be happy for cops.. but I'm going nowhere with you, " She says .. " I did nothing, but you guys roll up in here like that.. You can't expect me not to take off , besides I'm trying to be nice .. honestly let me leave .. Clearly, I picked the wrong person to do some slumming as " She sighs" That was my fault.. but I'm getting upset now, so let's just stop it here, okay.. I don't wanna hurt you guys ".
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood was more trying to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen more than anything. Pushing into the bathroom, he is just in time to hear the argument.

"So.. you're -not- Ivy. But you -are- a shape shifter?" he studies the girl incredulously.

"Ivy can't shapeshift. So whoever you are, I really don't care. You're not who we're looking for. If you hadn't chosen to impersonate her, we wouldn't have taken notice of you. Picking well known criminal types to impersonate? Probably not the best idea."

He glances to Huntress and shrugs. "I've got nothing." Favor called in and officially wasted on this outing apparently.

He backs up toward the door to give the girl some space.
Huntress has posed:
"Yet you're the only one the entire club who assaulted anyone, as far as I saw. Wonder why I have a crossbow pointed your way?" The Huntress replies, with a smile. "I dislike bruises. I hate breaking things, when they're /my/ things. If you're happy for the cops though, we'll call them right now." It's somewhat of a bluff. The Huntress is a vigilante and she very much means not to be here if and when the cops show up. But she's hoping it forces the situation.

When Red Hood pushes into the room she keeps her eyes on the girl, only shifting when the man declares she's not the Ivy he's looking for. His shrug earns a tilt of head from the Huntress. "It still counts as a favor paid," she tells him. She'll watch the girl carefully, though it seems like she's taking Jason's lead and letting the maybe-shapeshifter escape.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Glares and sighs" This is Mutant persecution, you know. " She says but she quickly stands up and walks out of course the moment she touches the crowd she seems to blend intot hem and disapear clearly having shifted into somebody or something else and just gotten outh. Just like that!
Red Hood has posed:
Red Hood lets the mutant go and shakes his head, "This city just keeps getting stranger by the day." With a shrug, he looks to Huntress.

"So that was frustrating. What about you? You have any people you need roughed up who are actually who they're supposed to be? I'm in the mood to punch someone now.." he mutters.
Huntress has posed:
"I feel like that's something I say every other week," the Huntress replies, glancing towards Red Hood as he looks towards her. A smile quirks her lips upwards as he suggests he's prone to violence; clearly he's tapped into her own mood.

"I have just the idea. Want to take me for a ride down to the Docks?" she proposes, as she stalks out the exit, ignoring the surprised squawking from a pair of approaching woman as they exit out of the bathrooms and to the alley exit.