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Huntress (Scenesys ID: 166)
"Every hero has a story, not that I'm some kind of hero. But there comes a point when to survive, the hunted must become the Huntress. "
Full Name: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: School Teacher / Vigilante
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham City
Education: BA in Education
Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family, Birds of Prey, Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Hellfire Club
Other Information
Apparent Age: 35 Actual Age: 35
Date of Birth 2 October 1996 Actor: Miriam Giovanelli
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Nemesis" by Archenemy


To most Helena Rosa Bertinelli is a substitute Latin teacher. Perhaps ironically she's quite good at her job and she loves the children she teaches. Even the troublemakers. Especially them. she's protective of her students and will do whatever it takes to make certain they're safe and protected. As Helena the person, she's quite private. To her coworkers her civilian life is shrouded in mystery, but if someone put some effort into it, they'd easily uncover just what 'Bertinelli' she is. They'd also find out that she was the sole witness and survivor of her family being murdered. Most articles during that time attribute the hit to a 'turf war within The Families'. They're not too far wrong in that conclusion.

As Huntress, this particular vigilante has been around Gotham for several years now. Her style of justice is harsh and extreme. More so than most of the costumed sect found within the City. With enough digging a person could possibly see the pattern of her attacks, which focus primarily upon the Mafia families within Gotham City; though any criminal can be game for her crossbow.

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This woman is tall, topping at 5'11" and while she's thin, she isn't a waif. Instead she's fit and athletic looking, with defined muscles along her arms and upper body. Her beauty isn't girl next door, instead it's more classical in nature, with her face holding an oval shape, with bright blue eyes, straight patrician nose and full lips. Her skin reflects a Mediterranean cast to it, while her hair is a deep obsidian black in color. Her hair is quite long and typically falls several inches past her shoulders. The locks themselves are pin-straight, unless the gentlest waves have been added by other means. Mostly her hair will either be pulled into a pony-tail, or pushed off her face via a headband, or left loose. Today her hair is down around her shoulders, restrained only by the occasional push from her hands and fingers.

Today, Helena wears a simple outfit. An over-sized knitted sweater that casually (and purposefully) droops off one shoulder. The sweater is a vibrant blue color, which only helps to enhance the blue of her eyes. Her pants are a simple black slim fitted jean, with the cuffs tucked into a pair of black ankle boots. The heel of the boots adds another inch or two to her already considerable (for a woman) height.


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Helena was the daughter of Franco and Maria Bertinelli. Maria was originally from the Panessa family, a family that wanted to become the sixth Mafia family within Gotham City. Sadly, for the Panessa's the books never opened, and they continued to try and make a place for their family in Gotham City.

Franco Bertinelli eventually met Maria Panessa and the two wed. Their first child was a boy, who was named Pino and their second child, was Helena. The only problem with Helena was the fact that Franco wasn't her biological father; and Franco knew this. Franco had a temper and often took it out upon Maria and Maria found relief and succor in the arms of Santo Cassamento, which resulted in Helena Rosa Bertinelli.

All of this came to a head one evening, when the family was enjoying dinner. A gunmen, a Mafia assassin, entered their home and killed Helena's mother, brother and father. Upon order the assassin spared the eight year old girl and when the cops arrived they found the young Helena in complete shock. With her immediate family dead relatives from Sicily came and assumed guardianship of the shell-shocked girl. Nightmares plagued the girl and during the day she was a silent, ghost of a thing. Eventually the nightmares became too much for Helena. After one particular hellish night, her cousin and uncle took her into a secret room. A room full of weapons; crossbows, knives, staves and even guns. They explained to the young girl that the only way to stop the nightmares would be to find who killed her family and exact revenge.

While she didn't fully understand what they were offering she did know one thing, she wanted the nightmares to stop and she wanted to avenge her family. With that decision made her cousin and uncle began an intensive training regime for the young girl. She learned hand to hand combat, martial arts, crossbow, throwing knives, and an assortment of other skills.

When she became a teenager she was eventually sent off to boarding school in Switzerland. This was due to the government tightening down upon the crime families within Sicily. They didn't want Helena to be swept up in that particular net. Not when she had a promise to find her family's killer.

It was while she was in boarding school that she started to unravel just what or rather who she was and her family was. Mafia. She was often called the Mafia Princess, among other not so nice things. She kicked herself and cursed her family; herself because she was so naive and didn't see what was right in front of her eyes, her family, for shattering another and other innocent lives. This only spurred her onward, to find who killed her family, but also to take the Five Families down in Gotham City.

Eventually she would return to Gotham City, for a Christmas party and during that party, the celebration would be crashed by a masked crusader. While her family was afraid (and she was too), she also had an idea form. She suddenly knew with a certainty how she could effectively take her family down.

She would become a vigilante too.

It would take /years/ for this dream to become true. It wasn't until she was finished with high school and then college and had her inheritance that she would finally start to bring together the idea of the Huntress. Weaponry was bought, a costume was born and a name found.

Now it's years later and while Huntress has learned many hard-knocked lessons as a vigilante, she's still laser focused on unwinding the mystery of who killed her family, and just as important continue to chip away at the Five Families so she can bring them down.


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There are two sides to Helena. What she wants people to see and who she really is. As Helena, she shows only what she wants to. As a coworker she's dutiful, quiet, reserved and private. As a teacher she's caring, compassionate and is always there for them. She's likewise protective and will drop whatever she's doing to help the children she teaches. To her extended family she's the dutiful niece, cousin and orphaned daughter. She pays her respects when she has to and she plays the game that needs to be played. To those that earned friend status, but are unfamiliar with her night life, they see something that's more true to her real personality, but still not everything. With them she can be sarcastic, blunt, a listener and someone who can and does help, but beneath all of that hidden behind her mask is a hatred, an anger and also hurt that she still carries around with her every day. As Huntress, she shows more of just who she is. The daughter of a slaughtered family, someone who wants revenge and while she's extreme with her hatred and her obsession, she still has her own brand of justice and ethics. She will help bring the Five Families down and she will help clean up Gotham City's streets. Wrongs must be righted and woe to anyone that gets in her way. But even Huntress isn't the full scope; the full scope is an amalgamation of the two, and the young girl who saw her family slaughtered before her eyes. She's a good friend, a loyal friend, she'll stand up beside you even when your other friends leave you. She's brash, not afraid to voice her thoughts and not afraid to be the naysayer of the group. She can get angry, really angry, and say things that are harsh, but they'll always be the truth. She doesn't trust easy, because she's too used to that trust being broken. She never wants to feel that pain again and she never wants to open herself up to the possibility of that pain. Even so she still yearns for true friendship, for people to understand why she's doing it and to convince her that they understand. Really understand why she's doing what she is. Sometimes she can go too far and while she'll gnash her teeth and growl at people who pull her back, help her find her center, in reality, she appreciates it. She's a broken person that's slowly trying to put all the pieces of herself back together and perhaps one day soon she'll realize revenge isn't what's going to fix herself. Only forgiveness to those that wronged her will.


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Helena stays in tip-top-shape. She uses a variety of exercises to stay limber, loose, lean and strong. She's probably on par with an Olympic level athelete with her fortitude, generalized strength and ability to dodge, roll and react. This doesn't mean she can dodge bullets, or every single knife strike, it just means she has a better chance of avoiding the blade than a regular old human does.

Helena learned a variety of field first aid. This means she can stitch up simple wounds, set simple breaks, bind wounds, apply ice packs and even administer CPR when needed. She can't quite put IV lines in, but with a little training she could have all the skills of an EMT. For now, however, her speciality is stitch herself, or another, up and get moving.

While Helena relies heavily upon her crossbows, she's actually an excellent hand to hand combatant. She was trained by two of her cousins, who were already well trained assassins. From this she learned a mishmash of martial arts (Judo, Karate, etc) to help her fight, as well as a lot of brawling techniques. Sucker punches are sometimes more satisfying when fighting the scum of Gotham City. While her skill is excellent, she's no where near the same level as some of the more heavily experienced or trained heroes out there. Her forte is the baser criminal element and typically she'll take them down with her crossbow, feet, fists, or even a well-placed headbutt. She's also not adverse to improvising weaponry that's around her; that chair? Break a leg off and you have an improvised blunt and sharp instrument of death. Broken glass? You can use it as both a dagger, or a clumsy throwing star. Dirt? That's a good way to blind someone when needed. With anything, however, should a person have a higher skill level, or power set, or just get the upper hand, she could find herself the loser, versus the victor.

Helena began investigating her family while she was still a teenager. This investigation led her into the realization that her family wasn't exactly right with the law. She finally understand why people called her Mafia princess, among other less nice things. This investigation into her own family only helped to cement the fact that she had to do something about her extended family; as she believed they had a hand in killing her mother, father and brother. It's been many years since she was that teenager who just pulled news paper articles and begun the tracing the family tree. Now she's older, more experienced, and has learned many things about investigating and following the clues. She's learned to look at a crime scene like a cop does, as well as picking up clues found within a scene, she also has a knack for connecting the dots and she likewise uses the interwebz to help find the missing pieces. Her level of skill is on par with your above average detective at GCPD. With more training and experience she could become even better, but for now, that's where she is.

Helena is a native English speaker, as well as Italian. Along with English and Italian is the fact that she also knows Latin. She can read, write, speak in all three languages quite fluently.

Helena is part of the Bertinelli clan, which is one of the five main Mafia families within Gotham City. As such, Helena knows quite a bit about the Mafia within Gotham City; especially her families. She even knows the lesser families, the ones that support the five families. While she isn't all knowing about everything for the Mafia families within Gotham City, one could easily call her an expert. Especially with all the inside information she has access to.

Helena was trained from a very young age to shoot and use crossbows. Primarily she was trained on the larger, regular sized crossbows, but when she became the Huntress she also trained on a mini-crossbow. As such, Helena's marksmanship is extremely high. Her accuracy rate is more spot-on versus not and she can compensate for people running or her own movement, the wind, the weather and even distance. Her accuracy can be compared to military experts, perhaps not quite sniper-quality, but very close. When she's doing a simple, draw, load and pull her accuracy is hit her target spot-on four times out of five. If she's able to set her shot up then her accuracy goes to nine times out of ten for hitting her targets where she intended.

Helena is a substitute teacher and one who teaches Latin. Perhaps to some it may come as a surprise, but Helena is actually a good teacher. She connects with children like she doesn't with adults and employs a variety of technique to teach her lessons. These lessons can be visual, or more hands on, depending on what her students need.


Along with all her other skills Helena likewise learned the skill of tracking and following people, as well as the reverse, hiding herself and her trail from others. The urban jungle is what she's best at, when it comes to following and tracking people, though she can also handle to a lesser degree forested areas, jungled and outdoorsy types. Typically she uses these skills against the various thugs and criminal element found within Gotham City, though she could also use it to track the more powered individuals too. For her own trail, she's good at hiding her movements from less experienced eyes. For those that the same or higher skill level, it's going to be a toss up with whether they can find her or not. The same can be said when she's following someone who's the same skill level of herself, or above.


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Thanks to what money can buy, Helena has an excellent apartment. Her apartment is the top floor of a middle to upper class apartment complex. In fact, her apartment takes the complete top floor of the complex. You could say it's her own little 'penthouse'. Within her apartment she has the typical rooms; living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and even a study. Along with the typical rooms are the not-so typical rooms. Within her living room there's a false wall and behind this false wall is all of Helena's gear. This includes weapons, costume, ammunition and anything else that Huntress uses when she's fighting crime. Only Huntress knows the secret switch to cause the wall to retract and reveal what's inside. Along with this false wall is the fact that her apartment has a skylight. This skylight is how Huntress goes in and out her apartment without being seen.

As Huntress, Helena has a costume that both disguises her identity, as well as protects her body. Her particular costume is a mix of kevlar and nomex, which affords her a degree of resistance to bullets, knives and fire/heat attacks. It can possibly stop small caliber gunfire, thanks to the kevlar blend, as well as softening blunt attacks from feet, hands or baseball bats. Sharp edged attacks, like knives, will find it harder to pierce the costume than your average spandex. For fire based damage, it'll take longer for her to feel the heat, or a burn, but it is definitely /not/ fireproof. It's on the same level as what firefighters have available to them. The costume at its base is mostly purple with accents of white. The base bodysuit is a dark purple and covers from neck to ankle and sports short sleeves. An overcoat atop her base bodysuit affords an extra layer of protection and offers a hood, short sleeves and a long 'skirt' that falls over her hips and the sides and back of her legs. Thick gloves protect her fingers, hands, wrists and forearms, as well as thick boots which protect her feet, ankles, legs/calves and up to her knees. Last, but never least, is the mask that covers Huntress' face. The mask itself covers around her eyes, along and above eyebrows and nose. Like the costume the mask is purple and within the mask a small receive and mic can be found, which allows her to have her 'comm gear' with her at all times. Lenses cover her eyes which afford her protection against bright flashes of light, which helps to preserve her night sight.

Huntress has a variety of crossbow bolts that she uses. These bolts are both for a regular sized crossbow and her custom made mini-crossbow. These bolts consists of your typical metal tipped quarrels, blunt tipped quarrels for non-lethal attacks and an assortment of trick bolts. For her regular sized crossbow and regular sized crossbow bolts the lethal range of these bolts is typically 100 yards. They can go well beyond a hundred yards (up to five hundred), but by then the energy behind the bolt has bled off so much that it might not cause very much damage. For her mini-crossbow and mini-crossbow bolts the range is reduced. The optimal lethal range is up to eighty yards. Anything beyond that and the bolt might do /some/ damage, or none, depending on how much force has been lost. As for the force behind the arrows, the closer she is to her target, the more damage it could potentially do. Her quarrels are forge-hardened and because of this, they're able to punch through cinderblocks and solid brick or concrete walls. Lastly with her crossbow quarrels she has a variety of trick 'arrows'. These range from bolts with smoke-bombs attached, to sonic-based ones to incapacitate and also 'spyware' bolts, where the shaft has a listening device attached to it and can be left within a wall for ease of eavesdropping upon conversations near. She also has a variety of grapple-hook arrows with line attached to them, to help traverse the rooftops of Gotham City.

The primary weapon that Huntress uses is a specially made mini-crossbow. The crossbow is pistol-sized and can be stored upon her left glove, thanks to a special harness built into the glove. The mini-crossbow is spring loaded, so when attached to the glove it's much more compact looking. When pulled from the glove, the limbs of the bow will spring forward to the typical crossbow configuration. Typically Helena has one bolt already pre-loaded upon the mini-crossbow so that she'll always be ready to fire that first shot. Typically Helena can fire two-three bolts per second, unless encumbered in some way. For her mini-crossbow the force behind each projectile is such that her metal head quarrels can pierce cinder blocks, brick and cement by several inches. For Helena's regular sized crossbows, these are much stronger and nor do they have a very compact way to carry them. Typically she keeps it slung across her back, via a strap. Usually she only brings out the big 'guns' when she knows she's heading into a terrible fight. Much like her mini-crossbow, Helena's full-sized crossbow can pierce cinder blocks, brick, cement as well as several inches of steel, or steel-like metal.

While Huntress isn't necessarily an always liked name within the heroic community, she is still one of the good guys within Gotham City. As such, other heros can and have called upon her for help. Likewise, if Huntress required aid she could call upon them for the same thing.

Huntress has two quivers upon her costume. The first quiver is attached to her right hand glove. This quiver holds up to a dozen mini-quarrels and often holds her trick bolts. A second quiver sits upon her hip, attached to her utility belt. This quiver is larger than the one upon her glove and holds up to thirty-two mini-quarrels. Should she need to bring out the big crossbow, she could easily use the second quiver to hold between twelve and sixteen regular sized bolts.

Helena is teaches English Literature at the high school level in Gotham City. While she doesn't really require the paycheck, she still earns one. That paycheck of hers goes right into the bank to be rolled into her overall wealth. There are times that she also uses these paychecks as 'spending' cash, when she doesn't feel like pulling a stipend from her bank. Beyond the paycheck for her job, Helena's teaching also keeps her in touch with the brighter side of Gotham City. Her fellow teachers and educators who are trying to help lead the next generation to adulthood and also the innocents of the children, which always reminds her why she puts on the mask and cape.

While Helena would love to say her extended family isn't a resource, it really is. When she plays the dutiful niece and visits with her family she can typically pick up gossip, tid-bits and outright plans for what the 'family' is planning. She uses this inside knowledge to help her plan her next moves as the Huntress and her family, for now, is none the wiser.

Huntress wears a discreet Utility Belt. This belt holds a variety of pouches upon it, as well as her large-based quiver. Within the pouches of her utility belt are a variety of things; smokebombs-pellets to be used by hand, zip-ties to tie up unruly thugs, the thin flexible lines she uses for her grapple hooks and a disposable or burner cellphone. Anything can really be carried within these pouches, but typically it's the smokes, the zip-ties, the line and the burner cellphone.

Huntress keeps a couple of vehicles in a discrete garage near her apartment. The first is a purple Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja. A racing bike, its only attributes are its speed and handling. With a top speed pushing 200 mph, it gets her around the city faster than the rooftop express. The other vehicle is a Lamborghini Aventador, also purple, which she uses for longer trips outside the city.


While Helena doesn't have as much wealth as some of the elite within Gotham, she is still quite rich. When her family died she became the sole heir to their fortune and when she came of age she found she had a nest egg of about three billion dollars. Unlike some trustfund babies, Helena didn't immediately go out and spend it. Instead she hired a banker, a lawyer and an investor to handle her money and to continue its growth. While she doesn't live within her billion-dollar, or have a billion-dollar lifestyle, that doens't mean she lives beneath her means either. In fact, if she wants to buy something, she typically does, and only considers the expense of it when it approaches many thousands of dollars.


In her quest to become the Huntress, Helena acquired a variety of weaponry. As such, her stash of weaponry typically includes crossbows, her specially made mini-crossbow, throwing knives, a collapsible quarterstaff, throwing stars, a variety of crossbow bolts, a variety of mini-crossbow bolts, as well as night vision goggles, zip-ties, zip-lines, smokebombs and a variety of attachments for her bolts (IE: grappling hook and lines). All of this gear is the best that her money can be, as such the throwing knives and stars are harden steel, whereas the night vision goggles are the best on the market; just under military grade. Her zip lines that are used for her grappling hooks is a weave of very strong and quite flexible metal. It can typically hold her weight and up to three others, before it begins to stress.


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Yes, Helena is one of those 'Bertinelli's'. This means her name is connected to the Mafia, for those that know such things off-hand, or for those that investigate. This usually means people are very wary of her, or have assumptions already made about who she is and what type of person she is. While it angers her that people assume these things, she can't really blame them. Her family isn't, wasn't, the best sort and neither is her extended family. As such, she typically finds her name more of a hindrance than a help; unless she's with her extended family, then it's mostly a help.

Huntress isn't afraid to use excessive force. It's one of the things that sets her apart from the other costumed folk within Gotham City. It's what also typically gets her excluded from general heroic pow-wows, or excluded as a potential source of help. This doesn't necessarily bother Helena on the outside, but on the inside, it does. That doesn't stop her from using excessive force, but it's definitely a chip on her shoulder, when it comes to dealing with other heroes. She feels she has something to prove and there's the anger there because she feels most heroes have never tried to figure out what her underlying reasons are. Most. Not all. There are a few that have entered her circle of trust.

As a young girl Helena saw her family brutally murdered before her. For many years she had nightmares that played over and over the death of her family. While those nightmares have quieted down, that doesn't mean she still doesn't have flashbacks, nightmares when she's particularly stressed, or mood swings because something triggers her. This is typically what causes her to lash out at people, especially those close to her, and what also will cause her to keep people at arms-length. Slowly, she's begun work upon all of her hurts and feelings, but it'll be a long road of healing ahead. Obviously, if a case she's working on is like her own tragic past, she'll most likely become fixated or obsessed with it. Her vision will become so narrowed and focused that mistakes could possibly happen and cause her to not see what's right in front of her face.

Only a select few know that Helena Bertinelli is the Huntress. Should it ever be found out just who she is during the nights, her life would literally be more danger than it normally is. Her extended family would immediately become her enemy (more so than the petty jealousy that she's subject to now) and they would mark her for death. As such, Helena takes great pains into making sure Helena is never associated with Huntress.

Huntress has a temper. This mainly is from her tragic past, seeing her family killed before her, and realizing at such a young age that terrible things always happen. Her anger, or temper, only increased when she finally realized what her family and extended family were. The bad guys. That anger increased (of course) when she realized one of her family authorized the hit upon her mother, father and brother. Because of her temper and her lack of control with it, Huntress tends to go off half-cocked a lot. It also is what drives her into using more force than what's absolutely necessary; especially if the crime was heinous. Either way, this lack of control often gets Helena in trouble, not that she often cares.


Helena has yet to uncover that her father wasn't her actual biological father. Her true father is Santo Cassamento. Santo and her mother had an affair and Helena was the result of it. This knowledge could be used against her should it be found out, but more importantly, Helena's world will be turned upside down (for a minute) when this revelation is found out.


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Meet the Faul... Waynes November 10th, 2023 Tim introduces Nikki to his brother and his Brother's GF
Midnight Visitor October 3rd, 2023 Helena and Jason make plans to extract the former from the mafia.
It's Fried Rice, you plick! September 10th, 2023 What was intended to be a (currently) rare and quiet meal together for Helena and Jason turns into an attempted robbery. Helena single handedly takes care of the situation and then she and Jason have what might be the closest to an actual conversation about their lives, relationship, and who gets Jason's car if he ever dies. Again.
A Totally Friendly Reunion September 5th, 2023 Huntress and Red Hood finally swallow their pride and ask for help from the best person to step into the middle of the bloody mafia war. Batman.
Is this how normal people do it August 21st, 2023 Jason and Helena manage to meet for coffee like real, civilized people. It pretty much almost works. But too much cinnamon.
A Totally Normal Favor August 18th, 2023 Helena has a favor to ask Skye. It's totally normal and not at all unethical and illegal.
A Bad Moon Rising August 13th, 2023 Helena wakes up after Red Hood whisked her away from yet another attempted contract hit. When she wakes up, she and Jason finally talk. By most standards, it's a pretty good talk. No new blood was shed at least.
Judgement Time August 12th, 2023 Rumors of an impending assasination attempt on Helena Bertinelli bring Red Hood and Batman into the fray. Batman's a little unhappy about the current state of his city, to say the least.
A meeting in the dark - Are things really as they seem August 9th, 2023 Identities are learned. Contracts nullified. Mobsters reaching beyond their station identified!
Last Man Standing August 9th, 2023 The Five Families have declared war on the Red Hood, who willingly springs their trap.
Lightning Crashes August 8th, 2023 As Red Hood ramps up his one man war on the Gotham Mafia, Huntress makes a rare appearance in recent weeks to try and stop him. If anything it hardens his resolve. Some people's children.
A Bust Up of Mobsters August 6th, 2023 The Red Hood crashes a Mafioso gun deal... only everything ends in bloodshed. Both he and Helena walk away, but barely.
A Reckoning July 30th, 2023 Helena invites Jason to dinner and they try to ignore the elephant in the room. It doesn't work.
To Meet a Mafioso July 27th, 2023 Red Hood tracks down the rumors of a new Mafioso boss, and starts out with Santo Cassamento, who gives him a warning and a lead too. Only the new boss is an old friend.
A Meeting of Siblings July 22nd, 2023 Helena goes for a sit down with her supposed brother Pino, but it turns into an attempted ambush of Red Hood. Under questioning, Pino reveals a truth about himself, and Helena.
Plotting the next move July 5th, 2023 Helena and Jason return to Gotham after the events of her kidnapping. They finally take a minute to address the elephant in the room regarding the amount of time they've been spending together and what that may mean going forward.
Family Ties June 25th, 2023 Following the kidnapping and rescue of Helena Bertinelli by the Red Hood. Jason drives Helena out of Gotham to get away from Family Eyes. He takes her to NYC, Washington Heights for something to eat while the two have a thinly veiled conversation about what happened, why, and what the next steps are to get to the bottom of this dangerous situation in the Gotham Mob families.
A Dinner Invitation June 25th, 2023 Jason heads to Helena's apartment only to find she's been kidnapped. Red Hood sets out to track her down, only to discover she's with her years-long-dead brother Pino. They both have doubts though.
Dockyards Beatdown June 19th, 2023 At the docks, Red Hood plays distraction and takes out the mafioso and their weapons cache as Huntress hijacks a cargo of teenagers and gets them to safety.
A cat at play June 15th, 2023 Copycat goes clubbing in Gotham disguissed as Poison Ivy. With Red Hood and Huntress responding, what could go wrong?
Another Dull Charity Gala June 12th, 2023 At a charity gala event, Helena attempts to negotiate a real estate deal intended to thwart a pair of Costa Nostra families, but Bruce Wayne outbids her. Fortunately they come to terms.
Moving The Product June 5th, 2023 Huntress and Ravager pop in to Scarface's Weapon Smuggling Operation to say 'Hello' and also stop the whole thing. Some product gets away, but otherwise the day is saved from cigar smoking puppets.
It Was A Trap, Definitely May 29th, 2023 After the foiled kidnapping, there's post-trap drinks for Jason and Helena, but there are more questions than answers as to who is responsible.
It's a Trap, Probably May 28th, 2023 Helena is taking a meeting that is probably a trap -- so she asks the Red Hood to watch her back. He manages to pull a reverse trap and get Helena out safely.
A Favor Asked May 23rd, 2023 Domino acquired some important property deeds from Helena's lockbox during a recent bank heist. Helena asks Kate to help her get them back. Kate agrees, but there will be Big Favors owed. Dinner is just the first step!
It's been a while.. May 23rd, 2023 Now that Helena is back in Gotham she decides to check in on Jason to see how he's been doing. Then she denies him dessert when they go for a bite to eat. Harsh.
The Start of a Dangerous Friendship May 14th, 2023 Five years ago, Red Hood and the Huntress were after the same target: one Alessandro Galante of the notorious mafia crime family. The chance meeting is the beginning of a fractious pairing that would, for several months, make the crime families of Gotham tremble.
Heist Gone To The Bats! May 9th, 2023 Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist, robs a bank. Well he tries to, as his Scarface dummy. The Bat Family stop him, while Catwoman and Domino get out with the actual goods.
The Gotham Subway Situation May 7th, 2023 An unexpected fight breaks out and puts numerous lives in danger. Skye, Helena, and Kate are on the scene while Rose rediscovers what guilt feels like. Some good might result from the chaos.
Having A Nightcap January 22nd, 2020 Another night, a different bar, this time Jessica runs into a rare breed! A teacher!
Holidays are overrated. December 26th, 2019 Helena orders a new costume for...
Knightfall: Our Sins December 7th, 2019 As the League of Assassins lay siege to Gotham, the Bat Family receive a crippling blow ...
A Jarl For A Day: Barbara Gordon November 27th, 2019 A night of celebration was held in honor of Jarl For A Day, overseen by Jarl Barbara Gordon. It gave many an unfamiliar glance at customs of old, with bonus visits from King of Asgard, Thor of the Avengers, and the Lady Sif, a Shield Maiden to the Asgardian Royal Family.
Dumplings are Good for the Soul November 12th, 2019 Some Bats gather for dumplings and relaxation at their favourite spot.
Breakfast for Dinner October 27th, 2019 The Bats make breakfast for dinner, tales are told, revenge is promised, and Ivy is discussed.
Catch And Release October 7th, 2019 Huntress extracts info from a just paroled-convict, while Vanessa Carlysle tries to keep her friend from making a mistake with the same man.
Retribution September 25th, 2019 Huntress seeks retribution for Hameerhead's assult on Silk. Starts by smashing up one of his rackets.
Batfamily: Spoiling Their Night August 24th, 2019 Batman, Huntress and Blackbird take down Falcone family members receiving a weapons shipment that includes anti-Lycan ammunition
Children's Charity Gala August 13th, 2019 The Children's Charity gala for the Pediatrics units of several New York hospitals goes swimmingly. Atlantean Royalty makes an unexpected appearance. New introductions are made. The Bat-Tots are not webbed to the wall. Success!
Spiders getting everywhere August 1st, 2019 Cindy is in Gotham, Spoiler alert: Oracle sends Huntress to intercept her.
Friday Night Beneath Stately Wayne Manor July 12th, 2019 Bruce, Carrie, Helena, Tim, Dick and Stephanie gather in the Batcave. Training happens and equipment upgrades are discussed. Bruce and Dick's relationship strains and rebounds.
Sick Stick Skills, Birds! June 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
The Girls Are Back In Town June 9th, 2019 Capes talk shop and Harley and Stockholm do not quite have a girl's night out
City Fall: Raiding the Docks June 9th, 2019 A group gathers to put a stop to a shipment destined for Shredder's hands. A surprise is found.
Huntress Hunted May 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Dog Days May 17th, 2019 Summary needed
A Mafioso Meet-Up May 15th, 2019 Summary needed
A Smash and Stab Interrupts a Stash and Grab May 12th, 2019 Summary needed
It's a Lesson April 5th, 2019 Batman sends a message to Impulse about activity in Gotham, with Shadowcat, Kestrel and Huntress watching on
Who's Saving Who March 12th, 2019 Bryn and Helena meet while fighting a gang together.
The Prodigal Returns March 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Summer School Blues June 19th, 2018 Summary needed
Get to Work October 26th, 2017 Summary needed
Checking In October 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Building Bridges Over Those Roofs October 21st, 2017 Girl talk and a small twist -- a shared teacher.
Dirty Deeds October 16th, 2017 Huntress contacts Catwoman about a job to sting a Mafia don. The two agree to collaborate, trading a favor for a favor.
Going to School October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Date Night October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Working it Out September 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Girl Talk September 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Red wine September 19th, 2017 Summary needed
A Rough Night September 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Arrows vs Quarrels: The Great Debate August 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Back to School August 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Who Do Ya Wanna Be When You Grow Up August 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
The Purple Pugilist August 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Playing Catch (Up) August 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Log June 27th, 2017 Summary needed
Our Dear Ms. Bertinelli June 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Hunting a Shadow June 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Early Morning Hustle June 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Old Times June 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Raptors Are Solitary Hunters May 11th, 2017 Summary needed


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