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The Beanwater Wizard Gambit
Date of Scene: 16 June 2023
Location: Coffee Shop, Mercutio's - Gotham
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Molly Carpenter, Gambit

Molly Carpenter has posed:
Coffee -- one of the major food groups for wizards and witches that spend more time staying up late chasing leads on cases than they do sleeping. There were times that Molly practically lived on the stuff and others that it wasn't /so/ necessary.

Tonight it was necessary. Anything to get out of the Blue Lady. And besides, the appletini was giving her a headache. You know what cures headaches? Caffeine. It's a scientifically proven fact. You know what else cures headaches? Frenchmen whispering pretty much anything in your ear.

And so it is that Molly is here with Remy to slay the alcohol induced throb in her skull, a glance offered over to him and a little smile offered. "Thanks for the change in venue. I love the people there. But, that place isn't really my scene, you know?"

She ambles up to the counter, hands folding in front of her as she inspects both the menu of drinks /and/ the display case of pastries. After a moment, she looks up at him. Up. Because unlike most other people, he was taller than she was. Molly was nearly six feet flat on the ground. So, Harry was taller, but most others weren't.

"You wanna split a chocolate croissant?"
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau grins slightly and nods, "Ah like de sound of dat," he nods to the barista and orders for himself a "Caramel Frap, two pump hazelnut, java chips, blend in whip cream an' top wit' mocha drizzle," He then nods to Molly adding "An whatevah it is dat bring de lady pleasure, non?" Standing aside to let her order as well. An easy smile on his face, "So What else is dare dat a fella shoul' learn about Miss Molly, hmm?" He asks in an easy tone as he waits for his Twix flavored coffee.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Uhm.. just.. black coffee, please." It sounded lame to Molly's ears after that fanciful order, but it's what she'd gotten used to. No frills. Frills were expensive, after all. They were a luxury when cases were low and keep in stock when the fridge kept shorting out. Black coffee could be made on the stove. "And the croissant," she quickly adds, smiling.

Hers would be up almost immediately, of course, but she'd just let it sit there until his was finished, too. Frankly, the farther she stayed away from the expensive equipment the better.

Then there's that question. The 'getting to know you' question she should have anticipated and had an answer ready for. She didn't. Mostly because she didn't go out on a lot of 'normal' dates, which this certainly qualified as, no matter how impromptu it might have been.

"Uh.. well, I don't have any tentacles or fangs or anything." That made her sound more normal than just blurting out that she was a witch, right? "I work with Harry Dresden. The Wizard? Lost Items Found? Paranormal Investigations?" As if Harry Dresden was just a name that everyone was supposed to know. "I'm his apprentice."

Yeah. That was super smooth. Way to go, Molls.
Gambit has posed:
"De Wizard?" He asks in a tone that is equal parts amused and impressed. "Believe it or not, Ah just struck up a working relationship wir' de man. Seems like an upstandin' sort." He picks up their orders, walking them to a table and setting them down. "A friend of a friend said dat we might be in complimentary lines of work, and dat 'e might benefit from knowing someone of mah rat'er unique skill set." He sips his coffee, grinning slightly, "So yah an Aprentice PI, or Wizard den chere?"
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Oh, you know him?!... I mean, of course you do!" Molly coughs into her fist and sniffs, smiling. Sure, /lots/ of people in /their/ world knew the name Harry Dresden -- especially in the Nevernever. But not a lot of /normal/ people knew the name, and it was always a pleasant surprise to hear that they were getting the word out.

Not that Remy was guaranteed to be 'normal.' And the chances of that were going down by the second.

When he grabs the coffees, she grabs the plate with the croissant on it and a few napkins, following to the table and setting them all down in the middle of the table.

"Wizard," she answers simply once she's settled, crossing her legs and reaching for the croissant before the coffee. She rips off a piece with her fingers, unafraid to just dig right in. "Well, witch, I guess, technically. But, either works. So, what sort of particular skills do you have? I guess that means.. maybe we'll be working together?"
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau grins slightly, "Well like Ah said we 'ave met. Someone Ah trust got 'is name from someone dey trust if yah follow mah meaning." He sips his coffee and tears off a small bit of scone. "So gotta admit, bit of a skeptic when it come to de whole magic t'ing. Don' get me wrong, Ah know dare allot dat can' be explained out dare. Jus' saying it magic seem a lil... Ah don' know... too easy usually."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly's chewing her piece of chocolate filled pastry and did seem to know the meaning he meant, if the look on her face was any indication. Friend of a friend of a friend of a.. yeah.

"I mean.. skeptic because you don't believe or because you think it's not reliable?"

There's a little tilt of her head, and she picks her coffee up to take a sip. It stops just short of her lips. "It's a valid question," she points out, smiling and finally taking a sip of it.
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau shrugs a bit, "Well foh instance, Ah know dat Thor exists. 'Ell Ah've actually played basketball agienst de man. He no good at it by de way. An' He got lightening powers. He strong. He can fly. But Ah don' consider 'im a God. Hell one mah best friends got nearly de same power set, an' she definately as mortal as yah an' me. By de same token, Ah've also met Dr. Strange an' he de Sorcerer Supreme so..." He shrugs. "Not saying magic ain' real, jus' don' like ta make it mah first option jus' cause Ah can' explain somet'ing. Nes pa?
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"You know a lot of people."

It's a statement, not a question. Molly's still feeling him out, obviously, and still wearing that little smile on her lips.

"But, I get it. I always take my Glock when we're going someplace dangerous. If you're going into a situation where they /expect/ you to throw magic at them, you know what they /don't/ expect? 45 caliber ammunition."

Molly winks.

"Besides. Harry's all fire magic and big booms. My magic is... more subtle. Veils and illusions." And mind stuff, but she didn't like to talk about the reason she was under the Doom of Damocles in the first place.
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau grins slightly, "Good illusion c'n be jus' as dangerious as a fireball, if yah know what yah doing wit' it. Or more useful too. Ah mean if all yah c'n afford is rice an' ramen, but yah c'n put an illusion dat make it taste like steak an' potatos. Who ta say yah not eating steak an' potatos, non? Got a dress from wal-mart, but need ta go somewhere fancy? Now yah wearing Versace. Need ta ditch de cops? Dey not gonna look twice at dat red 'ead when dey told it's a blonde wit' killer dimples."