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Opposites Distract
Date of Scene: 17 June 2023
Location: Cobble Hill, Old Gotham
Synopsis: The Two-Face Gang hits Little Tokyo while The Scarface Gang potentially gains a new ally.
Cast of Characters: Two-Face, Ventriloquist (Wesker)

Two-Face has posed:
Two Worlds Sushi Bar & Grill.

Definitely a front for the local Yakuza family that's been keeping Little Tokyo underneath their greedy palms. Definitely a place that nobody would like to actually mess with. Definitely hosting a birthday event for some Little Tokyo native that may or may not actually have ties to the Yakuza considering the heavy presence of said Yakuza in this location right now. They might as well be working security for this shindig.

Yeah, this is definitely not a place that one wants to try and hit. So, naturally, TWO-FACE is going to try and hit it.

It's obvious from the way two sets of twin vehicles arrive from both sides of the street and the half-and-half dressed and masked Get 'Em Boys all hang out of the vehicles' windows armed and ready. Tommy Guns galore as they just... start... spraying!

RATATATATATATATATAT! And so on, so forth...
Ventriloquist (Wesker) has posed:
A weapons deal went sour recently. Thanks to Huntress and Ravager. But that's okay. Rhino and Muggsy are on scene trying to find a buyer for the weapons they did get away with and that has led them to Yakuza territory. Currently, on Neutral terms with the Yakuza, they aren't exactly welcomed in the area but they are being tolerated, for now but that all changes when a car blasts past them.

"Yo, Rhino, getaload of this." says Muggsy. Rhino, this large man in a suit and fedora, looks up and huhs as Tommy guns start blaring to life. "Yo, let's watch for now. Maybe 'dis here being a business opportunity after or sumtim. Prove they need the weapons." he says.

Muggsy and Rhino watch the going ons as they cross their arms, for now.

Meanwhile, normal, everyday people are running away and past them probably, in a screaming hurry.
Two-Face has posed:
One of the Get 'Em Boys hangs out of the vehicle as the Tommy Guns stop firing for just a moment. Not to reload or anything but mostly to leave a little room for this here statement of fact and trouble.

"Two-Face sends his regards!" The mook's yelling of that comment is the cue for more bullets to be sent sailing towards the Two Worlds Sushi Bar & Grill.

The Yakuza, of course, are not going to stand for this. The place was already flooded with security and more are headed this way considering that this is definitely deep in their territory. Most of them are rocking pistols though so there's not much of a match to be had as they fire back. The innocent people inside are sent scattering to hid behind things as the Yakuza starts filing out to fire back. Even the Yakuza vehicles that are on their way to help can't get a good vantage point from the way the Two-Mobiles have the street blocked off with their own vehicles.

This was planned. At least two times.

"Let 'em have it, boys!" The one vocal Get 'Em Boy is having a blast shooting up the joint.
Ventriloquist (Wesker) has posed:
Rhino and Muggsy watch the assault happen. If one of them had popcorn, it'd be perfect, but neither do. Muggsy taps Rhino, Rhino looks down again. "Hey Rhino, wanna get involveds?" he asks. Rhino shakes his head. "Nah, not yet. We're just here to sell, remembers? The boss might not like it."

"Ya'll mean The Ventriloquist?" he asks, scratching his head. "Nah, I mean Scarface, youse knows that other guy is just the hired help, right?" he says.

Muggsy narrows his eyes at Rhino. "Yeah. Sure. Whatevers I guess." he says, skeptical as the two walk a little towards the chaos, Rhino pushing some running people out of his way.
Two-Face has posed:
It's madness! It's chaos! It's a bullet buffet! While bullets are flinging all around, none of them seem to be headed in the direction of Rhino or Muggsy. It's one of those weird bits where things just don't head in that direction. If this were a cinematic display of violence, one might call it something like Plot Armor. Either way, they seem to be pretty safe from the violence that is being enacted between the two groups of gangsters.

The Yakuza start yelling back obscenities in Japanese as they start getting laid out and picked off.

That's when the second part of this plan happens and a second set of vehicles, motorcycles this time, come speeding into the location, weaving around the Two-Mobiles that have been parked to block the street. These individuals are also dressed in their two-tone suits and comedy/tragedy helmets as they make their way towards other buildings on the street...

And start hurling molotov cocktails.
Ventriloquist (Wesker) has posed:
Muggsy is still skeptical there about the whole situation with The Ventriloquist and Scarface. Aren't they the same guy? Anyways. Muggsy pulls out a side arm and Mugsy also pulls out his side arm, a big revolver, while Muggsy pulls a .45 pistol. they start shooting at the motorcycle guys when they speed by and when they stop as they start a shootout in the other direction, the smaller Muggsy taking cover behind an old, metal mailbox while Rhino takes cover in an alleyway entrance.

Maybe offing a couple guys will gain good favor with the Yakuza. Who knows, yea?
Two-Face has posed:
The Get 'Em Boys are in the middle of causing way too much chaos at the moment. They don't even realize that other interlopers may be getting themselves involved. They were just here to burn down a few Yakuza buildings and now a couple of them get picked off by the likes of Muggsy and Rhino.

"Hey! Didn't anybody tell ya'! Three's a crowd!" That same Get 'Em Boy has noticed this action from his perch in the vehicle and now some guns are turned in that direction. More bullets are hailing and wailing as the add Muggsy and Rhino and their mailbox and alleyway become targets as well.

The motorcycling Get 'Em Boys fling molotov cocktails in the direction of a few more Yakuza owned businesses while they still have some cover.

Meanwhile, one of the Yakuza lieutenants offers a nod to Muggsy as he disappears into a non-on fire building. Looks like they appreciate the assist.
Ventriloquist (Wesker) has posed:
Muggsy and Rhino return fire with their guns into the group, but only so much before they have to retreat. Two-face's men are--- two many--- and they are just...two guys. with two guns. And they are more than that. SO After getting that nod, the two start down the alleyway to escape from the eventual police response, there will be a big investigation after all this no doubt and they don't want the boss getting involved.

"you think da' boss with approve, Muggsy?" Rhino asks Muggsy. Muggsy shrugs. "We came here to improve that there. Relationship? So I think we did just 'dat." says Muggsy.

The two will beat a hasty retreat, quickly into the dark and dank of the alley.
Two-Face has posed:
Speaking of authorities, considering all the innocents in trouble (and the crooked cops that belong to the Yakuza) the GCPD is definitely on their way. Lights and sirens are starting to get closer with each passing moment.

The Get 'Em Boy in charge seems to be running the show and motions for the bullets to cease for another cinematic moment of yelling, "Two-Face wants Little Tokyo! Make it happen or we'll be back! TWICE as strong!"

The sirens are getting louder.

"Alright, Boys! Let's amscray!"

And the Get 'Em Boys start ducking back into the Two-Mobiles windows so that they can start driving and speeding off. Following the motorcyclists that already stated making their exits!