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Magic given form
Date of Scene: 18 June 2023
Location: Backyard - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Jean and the yeen talk about the source of his magic as he demonstrates a new power.
Cast of Characters: Kit Killovarras, Phoenix

Kit Killovarras has posed:
Normally the yard is in use and today is no different, a few students using the recreational areas, though one in particular can be found out near the cliffs at the far end of the yard.

Here, Kit can be found, fiddling with a thin green piece of ribbon in one paw as he looks out over the edge of the cliffs, tail swaying a little as he seems to simply be enjoying the weather. He often comes out to this part of the yard to train, but for the moment, no stones or debris levitate around him, no signs of destruction or of broken objects being carefully mended.
Phoenix has posed:
Since the whole alien threat and possessed kids issue, Jean has been keeping busy, trying to protect her mind from another attack while plotting ways to keep the other students safe from the threat. Not much has been said in particular to the students, other than the three who were taken to the brig were unwell mentally, and under observation..

The backyard tends to be a popular hangout with the kids, but it is big enough that one can carve out a quiet plot for themselves, away from the crowds. It seems Kit had much the same idea as Jean as she too heads towards the cliff's edge, ending up somewhere near Kit. She arches a brow at him, not wanting to disturb him but feeling it necessary to check in with her her students.

"Good afternoon, Kit, how are you doing today?"
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit gives a glance over his shoulder to Jean and offers that same friendly smile he's always got on, "Oh, hey Jean." he says before looking back out over the edge of the cliff, explaining, "I came out here to test a theory.." as his ears perk up.

He's still fiddling with that ribbon, stringing it between his fingers before he lets his eyes close and the ribbon starts to crackle with a deep green energy.

It's similar to the energy the yeen typically channels, but somehow it's different. It's not from this plane of existence, but somehow he seems to be more than capable of channeling it as the ribbon starts to burn away, that green energy spiraling up his arm and seeping into his body.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey arches a brow at the ribbon, recalling him saying something about it channeling his magic or..Something. She's not very magically inclined so doesn't understand it that well. She does arch a slightly concerned brow. "Oh..? I hope this theory of yours won't be too dangerous..?" he does seem to know what he is doing at least, and Jean has to remind herself that young as he is, he is not one of the more responsible students.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
"Magic is always dangerous..." Kit says without any real hesitation, though he gives another glance over his shoulder and a little chuckle before he adds, "But, somehow I don't think this will be quite as dangerous as it could have been."

and when the ribbon is entirely gone? A series of tiny green orbs begin to form around his wrist and something shimmers to life in the air next to him.

It's a tree that seems to form out of nowhere, though there's something vaguely wrong with it if anyone were to look too close.

From a distance, the tree seems like it belongs there, like it could have been growing there for generations, but a closer inspection would reveal a sort of 'shimmer' upon it's surface.

It's an illusion and one that seems to be nearly perfect at a distance.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey steps back and watches in quiet awe. She's not at all familiar with magic even if her own powers can seem magical..This is the real thing and perhaps in some ways it seems more dangerous than mutant powers. She is glad he seems to be in good control of his magic.

The tree that mysteriously appears out of nowhere is given some scrutiny, thoroughly impressed by it, it takes her a moment to realize it's an illusion and she smiles. "Wow, that's impressive. Illusions van come in handy. Seems you have been practicing a lot with your magic.."
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit looks at the tree and gives a little nod before turning to look at Jean, his smile brightening as he muses, "I've been practicing for most of my life, though this particular form is.. different."

There's a moment where it almost seems like there is a double-image of him, though the other is far darker in color with green glowing eyes. "I'm channeling from an alternate dimensional version of myself, so it was more a problem with learning to channel their energy instead of my own."

To emphasize this, he holds out his paw, showing the chain of swirling orbs that float in a spiral around his wrist, linked together by a chain of deep green energy.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey arches a brow, "Form...? Oh." suddenly there are two Kits standing there, and she recalls him mentioning something about his alt dimensional self, which has her smiling just a bit nervously. "Oh..Isn't that interesting, so you can summon an otherworldly version of yourself. But. Aren't there laws about that?" of course she's not pro on magic..Or alternative dimensions or selves.l
Kit Killovarras has posed:
There's a look of confusion on Kit's face for a moment before he shakes his head and laughs ever so slightly. "This form of /magic/." he states as clarification. Then he looks to the mirage form of himself and gives a little shrug, "As for him? Not so much a method of summoning," he says as he passes a paw through the image, causing it to shimmer. "Just another illusion, but it's because of him that I'm capable of even doing this. That ribbon was a form of prism that helps me to channel his magic and combine it with my own."

There is a little nod though as the yeen adds, "And yeah, there are technically laws against summoning from other dimensions, though there are also schools of magic entirely dedicated to it as well, so it's sort of a gray area with most Magi."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey hmms and nods, "Oh, I see..So you do not actually summon your alternate reality self, just an illusion based on him?" she chuckles, trying to keep up. "Well, that is still impressive, I'm still trying to wrap my head around you having an alternate reality version of yourself with whom you are connected through a magical..Ribbon?" it's a lot to wrap her head around really.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
The yeen gives a little sigh as the illusions vanish and he sits down, explaining, "I'm connected to each of my alternates in some way or another. We share a bond through our magic, but I can't simply channel them singularly without an item given by one of them." with a chuckle. "The ribbon was simply an item one of them had carried when he crossed into our dimension last year.." Then he pauses a moment and one of his ears flattens out to the side as he remembers something and adds, "Actually, I'm not certain if you'd remember it.. I heard it took a toll on your mind.. Sorry about that."

Then he looks at the orbs of energy around his wrist and closes his eyes, explaining, "For every dimension there is an alternate of me, so in theory there are an infinite number of well.. Me." as the world around them slowly begins to shimmer. He's testing his ability and how far it can project and while it's not a perfect illusion, the world around both himself and Jean begins to fade away, leaving them in a void of infinite reflections, like a nebula surrounding them with each individual speck of light being an alternate version of Earth. "Normally, when I draw from my power I'm pulling indiscriminately, but these are more focused.. I'm drawing on an individual alternate to mimic their power.."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey frowns softly at that, nodding at the memory. "Yea, I suppose that's why I am a little concerned now. We wouldn't want alternate dimensional beings seeping into our world uncontrollably now, would we?" plus she's already been having lots of issues with mental attacks lately as is. "However, you seem to have good control of your magic abilities. I am quite impressed and I hope you can continue your studies. You must be very proud of yourself. You might also try touching base with Illyana, she's a very experienced sorceress."