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Intersecting Lines
Date of Scene: 18 June 2023
Location: Lower East Side, Manhattan
Synopsis: Bank robberies are overrated. In some cases it's better to just run. And be chased? Totally.
Cast of Characters: Arana, Juggernaut

Arana has posed:
Black Canary has been training her. Batman and Wonder Woman have given her some tips. She's lost her spider-powers, but she's still her father's daughter. Which means that she'll never give up. Never flag, but she'll always come home a little more bruised and banged up than was strictly necessary.

It's a family trait.

Thus, when Ana Corazon (pronounced An-ya) finds herself outside a bank robbery, she doesn't run. She slaps her own cheeks, psyching herself up, and tells herself 'you got this'. More than once.

Then she ducks inside, preparing her bola to take on whoever she finds inside.

Anyone who expected this to go well, flip to the last page. The rest of you won't be surprised to see Ana dive out a window, landing in a roll and then a run. Her hair is completely disheveled and her eyes super-wide, a bag at her hip.

A moment later, the bricks explode outward behind her. Shoved aside as if a byproduct of evolution as a gigantic male figure slams out, chasing her.

"That's our score!" the guy yells, bellowing as he looks for his target. He spots the girl, pausing to look behind her, in the street. Then she turns and runs again, as the Rhino kicks a car out of his path.

The chase, as they say, is on!

"Fuck me..." she says, as she pumps her arms. Not good.
Juggernaut has posed:

The arrival of Cain Marko to any given area is not without some form of visual spectacle. It comes with the territory when one is the physical embodiment of power and the earthly avatar of an uncaring magical..whatsit..thing or whatever Cyttorak passes for. Either way, to watch him emerge from the Subway stairs is something akin to watching Godzilla slowly crest up through the surface of the ocean, so massive is the man and so small the wide eyed and mildly terrified looking crowd of people that are at present encompassed around him, quietly praying that he doesn't trip and fall or otherwise start moving faster then them and flatten them in the process.

Once he reaches the street level the crowds begin parting around him like waters surging around a mountainous landmass as he comes to a stop to look the area over. For his part, the behemoth looks un caring and dismissive of the world around him and instead lumbers onward with a strange sort of momentum to his movements that seem to warp and part the very air itself around him just from the casual stride and the creaking stretching twitches of his monstrous muscle bulk and sinew. So..yeah. People get the hell out of the way and allow him to make his way down the streets in a languid stroll in the direction of the local bank. Business is business after all.

So imagine his surprise when he rounds the corner to see the bak across the street erupt into chaos, dust and debris pluming everywhere and a car tumbling wildly down the street just past him as a charging Rhino emerges from the dust cloud to come barreling right towards him.

"What the.." he manages to get out, just as the car crashes violently into another building just behind him. There's likely no time to move. Besides, moving out of the way isn't exactly a reflexive action he's used to taking.
Arana has posed:
And there's Juggernaut, totally committing to that Godzilla vibe he's got going. It's very noticeable. It's very convenient, though Ana doesn't want to hand this off to someone else. She's got this, totally under control.


Running away full-tilt, as a gigantic monster chases her down the street, her goggles barely staying on. She notices the big guy and says, "AAaaaaah!" as coherently as she can manage as she whips past. Well, I say 'says' but really...

Ah, you get the idea.

Rhino, however, is looking as if he's not really looking to hit the big J. He's going to pass by, missing him by inches. Focused on the girl and the bag she's taken from his crew. "Move," he says, snarling as he gives chase.

To give her credit, Anya didn't just lead the guy into Juggy. But she does duck right after passing him, as if to hide behind the big dude's bulk. Then she skids to a stop, and says, "Ten bucks in it for ya if you don't! No backsies!"

Wow. Ten whole dollars..
Juggernaut has posed:
There's not much time to make a decision here. Rhino is closing in..and now that his wits are back about him..he -could- sidestep yes.

But you know..ten dollars is ten dollars. That's a drive-thru meal in some places. Or at least partially covers one while leaving the rest of what he'd order likely another ten or fifteen dollars worth of cash so it does cut down on that.

But really, Cain's not hurting for money. His trip to the bank was to check on his myriad of accounts after all. A successful international criminal and mercenary of his clout and power has got to bank from time to time and he can also appreciate a good vault cracking. He's overdue for it himself. So this isn't his business..

But he -thinks- he recognizes Ana. And then there's something else:

Spite. He doesn't like being told what to do and Rhino, even in ignorance as Cain's identity as Juggernaut isn't known to all when out of armor and not Juggernaut 'sized' - crossed that line. A bully is going to be a bully.

And so at the last instant he adjusts his position, moving just enough so that Rhino will slam straight into a now enlarged chest that seems to span the width of two lanes and then some as Cyttorak's desire for a touch of violenc and chaos urges him and stretches his gigantic physique closer to Juggernaut proportions even though he doesn't armor up yet. It's enough so that Rhino has nowhere else to go that's for sure - his size equaling and then surpassing the incoming grey suited behemoth. His civilian clothes do stretch, mercifully, enough, to keep him modest even though his tee shirt basically shreds apart into tatters. No need to get a ticket for that.
Arana has posed:
Rhino is not known for his intensive ability to discern. He's not discerning well at the best of times, and he's pretty focused on the girl right now. So, he sees someone in the path to his goal, and like many people who're busy with other things, he doesn't stop. No, he digs in and lowers his head.

Target in sight. Attack.

Ana's face crumples up as she winces, closing her eyes and hoping desperately that she hasn't made a huge error in judgement and got a guy killed.

The sound when he impacts is some sort of 'crump', then a blast of dust rises up from the concrete as it gives way. The air between the two bodies gets pushed out along with that indignant sound.

There's a second or two of calm, dust in the air. Ana leans in, worried, and then says, "...you alright?"

Then Rhino's feet become visible, the dust moving outward. He's pushing, the concrete beneath his feet grinding into dust...
Juggernaut has posed:
The Rhino is a legend. One of hte strongest beings on the planet. He's a threat to just about any he can lay hands on, including many with superhuman strength and durability. The list of people he can blow through or twist like a wet piece of tissue is long. Very much near the top of the list when one begins counting down the strongest beings alive.

The Juggernaut's strength is rumored to be incalcable if not without discernable limit.

Said power is on full display if for no otherr reason the effortless, casual, languid means by which he looms there..looking down at Rhino with dismissive disdain, as the other behemoth presses up against his own colossal chest and pushes with might that would send tanks hurtling and buildings toppling.

The Juggernaut just stands there. Body braced as the ground begins fissuring around them and the earth starts trembling with the rising battle of kinetic force. A battle Rhino is not winning.

"Where's my ten bucks." he rumbles over his shoulder to Ana. He doesn't bother looking at her but instead just keeps his eyes on Rhino. One arm stretches out, hand opening, waiting for Ana to deposite the requested cash.

The other - his fist clenches, knucklles starting to crack with a sound like sequioas splintering. The ground begins fissuring from the brute strength of the giant's simple gesture.

"You done yet?" he asks of Rhino, at the last.
Arana has posed:
If this were Spider-Man, he'd have to owe him. Must be all the hype, but that boy does have financial troubles. Ana, however, has her mouth hanging open when she sees what's occurring. And she takes a moment to come out of it.

(Because that's what real people do when they see this kind of thing, people! Learn to write a scene.)

Ana coughs, some of the dust getting into her lungs, then sits down rather abruptly. Then she starts to fish out her wallet, nodding.

Rhino however is realizing that he's not moving. He frowns, then his beady little eyes look upward. They see that he's not moving, the ground beneath him static. His feet aren't churning, and there isn't a little pansy girl spitted on his horn.

He grunts, then lifts his head, the pressure lapsing. "You," he growls, reaching out with his hands to grapple Juggernaut. "Always wondered who'd win, me or you." Then his hands grab at Cain's arms, trying to move him.

Why do these types never just walk around? Seriously. He -might- have the speed to pull it off, kill the target still. So single-minded.

Holding out an Alexander Hamilton, Ana says, "Want I should wait til you're done there?" Her voice seems to think that she's afraid. Or she's got asthma, one of those things is definitely true.
Juggernaut has posed:
"Aw. Dammit, Aleksei... I didn't think you'd figure out it was me. You're smarter then I thought. Most folk don't make the connection when I'm not, you know, domed up."

Cain sounds mildly disappointed at this fact. He had been planning on the ol'mysterious-huge-guy angle. Now this is going to probably get back to their mutual connections and circles. The Bar With No Name and other joints like that. In -fact-.. Rhino might have just made things worse for him. Now Cain has no choice but to up the spite level for the sake of reputation...

His massive fingers beckon for Ana to deposit the bill. Yes he wants it now. It seems that mercenaries don't do work without being paid. Nevermind that he just ruined his clothes and so has far exceeded anything that ten bucks will cover. It's the principle of it. She'll have to get closer to him to deposit it into his waiting hand but at least he's reaching behind him so she can avoid being seen and re-directing Rhino's attention to her.

"C'mon Aleksei.. It's me." he says, addressing Rhino first. "Do you -really- gotta wonder?" As Rhino reaches for the grab, Cain doesn't move but his body braces, tightening up and shifting its weight. He allows Rhino to get his grip on him as best he can. He's got a good three feet on him. Maybe a fifteen hundred pounds.. There's an old Looney Tunes cartoon wherein Dafffy DUck attempts to push and pull and grapple with a massive crimina who just stands ther on a hold frame, all attenpts at moving him an utter failure. Pretty much this.
Arana has posed:
Rhino's eyes widen. "How do you know my name?" he asks. He seems uncertain for the first time. Which just shows how little he's been paying attention; if he'd been really processing, he'd have felt this way the moment his horn didn't come out wet with Cain's blood.

But, you know it can't last. Because that's the moment when a crisp ten dollar bill finds its way into Cain's large hand. "Contract complete," she says softly. He stepped into the path, that was all that she'd bargained for. Anything more is his choice. But a bit louder she says, "I need to get this to the cops." She's still holding the bag, and no even in a metaphorical sense. "You can handle this?"

Rhino starts to pull back and away, noticing finally that he's gotten sidetracked. "Wait a second, that's mine."
Juggernaut has posed:
The money disappears into the giants hand which then curls into a gigantic fist. He lifts it upwards, bringing his arm to his side and raising it and then curling it into a massive flex. His bicep bulks up,k ballooning in size to give the impression of a boulder the size of a buick planted under his hairy rugged flesh and it casts Rhino in complete shadow as the behemoth grins down at him, as if the ten dollar bill exchanged has fully unleashed him from any sort o restraint and hesitation.

"Yeah, you idiot." he rumbles, "For what its worth, I'm still gonna invite you to my fight club in Madripoor. I gotta have fun from time to time. Not to many people I can freely see if they can handle my Sunday Punch!"

There's a sound like industrial leather being stretched as his muscles inflate, his tendons and sinew stretch and his flesh bulks up to even more inhuman proportions ..and then the fist comes thundering in, blasting down like a meteor at Rhino with the sort of force Juggernaut usually reserves for The Savage Hulk and then some.

Ana may be in process of getting clear but the strikes of Juggernaut are akin to richter scale level events. This -far- exceeds what she witnessed in the fight club and it might just help her along her way from the shockwave.
Arana has posed:
Or Ana could walk away from the detonation, her clothing ruffling around her and a cigarette in her mouth. Like one of those old west heroes, or an action star. Buuut given how little action she's been thus far, that would seem a little off-note.

It's a good thing that the pavement around them both is already demolished, because the sheer backshock from Juggernaut's fist landing sends waves outward, the ground beneath them spiderwebbing. There's a wave of force from the point of impact that breaks windows, and Ana stumbles.

Ana's one remaining super power? Perfect balance. When she's in a hurricane, she's standing easily and able to juggle knives. So when I say that she's forced to stumble, you'll get the idea.

Rhino has no such bonuses. The strike lifts him right up off of the ground, and he goes through the corner of a nearby building. Lower East Side and all, nobody is likely to worry overly much, but still noticeable. It's not entirely certain where he ends up after that, but he does not get to rob the bank.

Ana turns, her head tracking the improvised flight. Then she smiles. And pumps her fist in the air.
Juggernaut has posed:

That was..strangely satisfying. It's almost as if..doing a good deed brings some sort of pleasure. No, no. Better not make a habit of that.

Juggernaut watches keenly as Rhino hurtles away. He put a lot into that blow, deliberately..but Rhino -could- get up if he's stupid enough. Or he might recover from that attack and just let it be for now. Juggernaut is -sure- to hear about this later. It might even impact some contracts or deals if it looks like he's on the side of angels.

But if asked - well - again - sheer spite is a good enough reason as any.

"That coulda been messy." he finally notes. turning around to eye Ana, "He was just more off guard. I woulda still pasted him mind you but..this area got lucky."

He uncurls his hand and flicks the balled up ten dollar bill back in her direction and turns, preparing ot walk off.

"Don't go telling nobody I stopped a bank robbery either!" he demands of her. "I dont' need the added grief. He ran into me and I don't like being told what to do. Simple!"
Arana has posed:
Ana nods. She frowns, though. "Well, technically I did that part," she says.

It might even give Cain some level of satisfaction to have heard it, but he is turned away. Leaving. And if she needs to believe that she's contributed, well, maybe let her have that little satisfaction. After all, as she bends over to get the ten back, her pants tear in the seam.

Different reason from why his did, but, you know. Maybe she's outgrowing the jeans in her own little way.