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Ana Corazon (Scenesys ID: 8913)
"My father once told me there's no way to get a good story, to do a good job, without embedding yourself in the dirt. So... for better or worse... I'm your girl."
Full Name: Ana Sofia Corazon
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America (Naturalized)
Residence: Empire State University Dorms
Education: Current College Senior
Status: Dropped
Groups: Spider-Verse
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 25 May 2005 Actor: Daniela Bobadilla
Height: 160cm Weight: 52kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Piedmont" by Destroy Boys


Like many of those who are touched by the Web, Anya Corazon found herself inevitably drawn into something larger than herself. On her first day of high school, she was caught in a skirmish between two mystical clans (don't ask). Mortally wounded, she was saved by receiving a mystical spider tattoo (don't ask). Recruited into the Spider Society, a Spider-Totem worshiping secret cabal (don't ask) she was able to use the tattoo's power to awaken her own potential. Able to cover her body in an symbiotic exoskeleton, she shares many of the powers of other members of the Spider-Family, albeit from completely different sources. Having acrimoniously parted ways with the Society, she's trying to make her own life as a college student - but there is no escaping the dull tingle in the back of her mind that tells her she could be destined for more - and in New York, with a Spider on every corner, it may be impossible to ignore.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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At first blush, this young Latina woman appears to have the body of as gymnast, compact and lean, though her usually bare arms are very well-toned beyond the expectations. She wears her very long light brown hair in a single tail, done up with a black wrap, extending to the small of her back. She carries a youthful expression on her face, seemingly not one to take things too seriously, and she while moves with both elan and grace, it's masking a little youthful naivite as she watches every thing around her wide-eyed.


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On her first day of high school, Anya encountered a man being attacked by a strange group of figures. In an attempt to intervene, she was stabbed in the abdomen, resulting in a wound that would have proved fatal, if not for the intervention of the man she had attempted to save. Miguel, a member of the Spider Society, transferred a portion of his magical power to Anya, in the form of a tattoo placed on her back, saving her life.
Miguel explained that the Spider Society had stood for a thousand years, saving the world from extant threats, chiefly those of the Sisterhood of the Wasp. He was a Mage, one of the black hands that protects the peace of the world; the other hand was the Hunter, and it was the Hunter's potential he saw in Anya. Loosely (and insubordinately) indoctrinated into the society with her newfound abilities, Anya learned that her dead mother was a former Hunter as well.
Anya worked hard to keep her activities from her father Gil, and to some extent was able to use the Society's provided cover of an internship with the WebCorps organization to do so. However, sensing a story, Gil put himself in harm's way investigating the Society's activities, and Anya was forced to reveal her identity to him while saving his life. While initially reluctant to allow his teen-aged daughter to continue endangering herself, he eventually relented, and was able to assist Anya by digging up information that the Society wouldn't make privy to her, mentoring her along the way.
In prophetic visions, the spirit of her mother visited her, telling her to 'release the Hunter' and awaken her own true strength. For years, Anya assumed that meant that she should *unleash* the Hunter, and give into it's animalistic power, which had surfaced in the past as rage and vengeance. But in the climactic battle with the Sisterhood, Anya learned from a dying Miguel that 'releasing' meant 'surrendering' the Hunter (to Nina Smith, another Society member, and secret love of Miguel). Anya was able to free herself of the Spirit, leaving only her true self, her powers merely *awakened* by the Tattoo, not granted by it. Nina, perhaps fueled by the vengeful spirit she now possessed, blamed Anya's actions for Miguel's death, and vowed to be there when Anya was at her most vulnerable.
Leaving the Society acrimoniously, she's enrolled now at Empire State University, pursuing Journalism to follow in her father's footsteps, and has, by and large, tried to move on from her past as a Weird Supernatural Teen Super Hero. Charitably, no one would believe her incredibly unlikely and convoluted backstory, so it doesn't come up much. But, that tingle at the back of her neck tells her that there are still wrongs to be righted, people to be protected, and so as Arana, and against her better judgment, she's started to see if she can make a difference.


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Anya is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, almost to a fault. Having defeated secret societies bent on world-destruction before she could drive, she has a bit of an immortality complex. Having had, at best, a non-traditional high school upbringing has also resulted in a slower than normal developmental maturation. These two factors combine to make her a little naive, and she compensates for that with an out-sized personality. She's very gregarious, and strongly prefers the company of others, but isn't always certain why her mannerisms might push some people away.


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Anya can summon a symbiotic exoskeleton which emanates from the tattoo placed on her back by the Spider Society. In her earlier days, this was limited to forming as an insect-like carapace, but she has, over the years, been able to more finely tune its application and use. At its basic level, it can cover her body closely, allowing her to never be without a costume, the exoskeleton being incredibly fluid. At its peak density, it can cover her in protective chitinous armor, significantly increasing her strength and durability. The exoskeleton is not a power granted to her by the Spider Society, but instead is something she has inherited from her mother, though the exact method of this inheritance remains unclear. The carapace has a negative reaction to water, becoming completely inflexible and solid, to the point where Anya cannot breathe should she be fully enclosed.

Anya's tattoo has made her body more impervious to harm, granting her superhuman impact resistance, and giving her the ability to resist small arms fire. When encased in her exoskeleton, this durability increases in proportion to the density of the carapace, with a significant upper limit that grants her resistance to most high-caliber conventional and military-grade arms and small explosives.

Anya's superhuman strength allows her to leap in excess of 10 meters from vertically from a standing start. Horizontal leaps at her maximum run speed are in the neighborhood of 50 meters.

When unencumbered by her exoskeleton, Anya can run at sustainable speeds in excess of 50kph, able to sprint at twice that for short bursts. When encased in her exoskeleton, her top speed lowers in proportion to the density she is maintaining in the carapace. At maximum density, this is slightly below human peak normal.

Spider Tattoo:
The Spider Society has placed a magical tattoo of a spider on Anya's back, bonding her to her former partner Miguel, and granting her significant superhuman abilities.

Anya's enhanced musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins than an ordinary human, allowing her to sustain a high level of physical exertion for considerably longer than a typical human. The significant amount of metabolic activity required for sustaining her exoskeleton shortens this period, but remains above peak human baselines.

The Spider tattoo gifted to Anya gives her superhuman strength, granting her the ability to press 3 tons. When fully encased within her exoskeleton, this increases significantly, putting her known maximum limit at 10 tons.

Wall Crawling:

When encasing her fingers and toes, Anya's exoskeleton can bind to sheer and inverted surfaces, granting her the ability to wall crawl at a speed roughly half that of her peak run speed.


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Anya was a skilled gymnast in high school, and has been able to translate that into her superheroic career, applying her skills to all manner of acrobatic feats.

Anya is equally fluent at Spanish and English

Fighting Skills:
Anya received combat training while a member of the Spider Society, focusing on street fighting, which when applied with her superhuman strength, is a particularly brutal and effective combination. She has also trained with her clawed bolas, giving her the ability to strike at range and entangle an opponent with less-than-lethal tactics.


Learned mostly from her father (an Investigative Reporter), Anya has a nose for clues, and a no-nonsense attitude that won't necessarily make any friends, but can frustrate a suspect into admitting a crime, just to shut her up.


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Clawed Bolas:
In lieu of web-shooters, Anya wields a pair of clawed bolas, round disks with extending talons, that reside at the end of hyper-extending and retracting lines. These can be used both as swinglines, and as weapons, the weighted end carrying significant force when thrown with superhuman strength and speed. The bola disks are stored on the backs of her hands when not in use.

Daily Bugle Co-Op:
Anya has a working co-op position with the Daily Bugle. It's not much more than a glorified internship, but it does pay, which helps alleviate her future student loan burden, as well as provide some walking-around money. On the plus side, she now knows very intimately just how JJJ likes his coffee.

Dorm Room:
Anya has a single occupancy room on the upper level in one of the upperclassmen residence towers at Empire State University. While entirely spartan, she has managed to jury-rig the window to allow ingress and egress via wall crawling to the roof, enabling her to come and go as she pleases (or as heroic activities demand).

Gilberto Corazon:

Anya's father, Gil, is an award-winning Investigative Reporter who has contributed to multiple newspapers in the Tri-State region. Though print may be a dying industry, Gil continues to work at it, and in the age of Heroes, there is no shortage of stories and conspiracies to be dug up. He has been willing to do fieldwork for Anya on occasion, though she hasn't required any assistance on this front since she left the Society and enrolled at ESU. Gil has a small apartment in Brooklyn, where Anya has been known to crash on weekends.


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While at lower densities, Anya has no issue with wearing her exoskeleton, at higher densities, she's liable to feel claustrophobic as her movement starts to be restricted. In combination with the reaction her carapace has to water, this can trigger full-blown panic attacks. This can manifest, albeit to a lesser extent, in physically claustrophobic areas as well.

Hydrophobic Exoskeleton:
Anya's carapace has a negative reaction to exposure to water, becoming completely inflexible and solid. Should the carapace be covering her face, this will leave Anya with no ability to breathe until she's able to will the exoskeleton into its dormant state.

Occasionally Vengeful:
Despite her best efforts, when a situation becomes too personal for her, Anya will occasionally take things too far, responding disproportionately, often with force. She once thought that this was just the Hunter Spirit in her pushing her towards revenge, but since abandoning the Spirit, she still finds the occasional urge.

Superheroically Naive:

Anya's teenage years were spent half in class, and half fighting secret societies that nobody had ever heard of, and as such, her view of how the Superhero world actually works is uniformed. While certainly aware of New York's (and the World's) heroes and villains, she has no clue as to the social structure of things, and absolutely no knowledge of anything above street-level crime (thinking that *that* is the majority of all heroic activity). This is problematic, as she has no concept of her strata in the grand scheme of things, and will certainly bite off more than she can chew.


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