15234/Location hunting - Tunnel Edition

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Location hunting - Tunnel Edition
Date of Scene: 20 June 2023
Location: A disused subway station owned by GIRL's benefactor Kate Kane somewhere between Gotham and New York.
Synopsis: Nadia and Harper give a disused subway station an inspection as a potential site for GIRL HQ. And talk about the perils/benefits of super science.
Cast of Characters: Wasp (Pym), Bluebird

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Ahhhh the exciting places that science will take you.

An old subway tunnel, not used in probably decades from the faded advertising on the wall, filled with cobwebs and quite possibly. A lot of rats.

The air is musty and there's a distant rumble carried along the tunnels from places where services still run. Still the location isn't all bad. Without the subway cars there's a reasonable amount of space. Platforms can be cleared out, track removed, and portions of the tunnel are technically 'parts of the property' which allows for side rooms to be created.

"So..." Nadia says, hovering above the subway tracks and waving her arms around. "What do you think?" She beams a smile. "Neat huh? It probably needs some work but being underground will shield our lab equipment from some interference." Also if the blow the lab up it'll probably reduce the damage to the surrounding neighbourhood. Even if it does focus that explosion on the lab... Yay?
Bluebird has posed:
Harper is wearing the right kind of boots for this. She got the memo, and she's laced up footwear that's got soles thick enough to stop a bullet, and waterproof to boot. All of the lace holes are occupied and it would take a water level at knee-height to give her a soaker. Jeez does she wish she had a pair of those wings that Pym has got though. These aren't the kind of puddles she wants to make big stompy splashes in.

"Bitchin." Bluebird murmers, craning her neck to gaze upon the open space. Reaching down with her gloves, she hauls up a errant piece of rebar and settles into a bit of a stance where she's going to batter-up to an old corroded box. "Fooooour!"

The accoustics do their weird thing as she sends the trash wetly arcing overhead towards a far wall. The landing dislodging some beady-eyed residents. Harper straightens and angles her head-gear, the goggles with the flashlights attached. "I like that we won't get hit up by door-to-door salesfolk down here. Well...probably not. Hopefully not." Anyone preaching down here probably isn't using a book they're willing to sell. "Yeah, this is about as secret and subterranium as you can get. Four stars after we plug in a few dehumidifiers, right?" she cocks a grin.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Hmmmmmm," Nadia replies with a frown. "But I don't want a /secret lab/... I already have one of those. The whole point about G.I.R.L is that it'll be open and welcoming.. Which this... isn't very. Without a lot of fixer-upping that is. But we would have a lot less cosmic radiation to worry about when it comes to what equipment we can use. And how accurate those results will be..."

She pouts. Trying to decide what's more important. The groups identity or the shiny lab equipment she could fit.

"I guess I could come up with a super dense Pym particle compressed building material to go into a regular building to cut down on the cosmic rays....." Which will only take months to design. Adding yet another delay to getting the lab up and running. "Having some escape tunnels could be handy. Although it would be child's play to gain access to the old subway line routes. I expect they're in libraries. So anyone with half a brain could plan around them."
Bluebird has posed:
Harper opens her mouth and squints one eye shut, peering into a vent that is protruding into the area from some godforsaken other area of the city. It appears almost large enough to crawl through, and Harper has to restrain herself from letting her mind wonder too hard on the places this could branch off to. She grunts and nods to Nadia, wiping her hands on her thighs. "Cosmic radiation huh? We gonna be smashing particles together?" Harper plants her hands on her hips and gives Nadia a coyly raised eyebrow.

Harper raises a hand and waves away the idea of extra delays and hoops to jump through. "Nah, I mean, this place will be what we make of it. Subtle or sneaky or mad flashy, it'll be what it needs to be. But definitely need hefty TLC to make this welcoming. Gawd...we gotta get a pet alligator though. And tell people we found it down here when we set up."

"I definitely like the idea of being a hop, skip and a jump away from the subway and sneaking into Libraries though! Oooooooh, that gets me all tingly."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Oh almost certainly," Nadia assures earnestly. "Although given size constraints I'll probably just use my necklace lab for the particle collider. Much less chance of any cosmic rays hitting you when you're that size. We can collide all the particles we like and nothing will bother us!"

Her wings flit and flutter as she moves around the space. Deftly avoiding cobwebs. Just in case there are radioactive spiders down here.

"Is the alligator to scare off the rats?" she wonders. Oblivious to the reference. "Which will also be quite a problem to deal with. I don't think any amount of pest control would keep them out forever. Short of releasing some sort of hyper-adaptive predator organism and releasing it. Which seems like it would probably be....." A brief pause. As if she's having to force her next word out. "Bad." A blink. "Right? I mean it'd be /fun/ to create but it'd probably eventually turn evil and we'd wind up hunting it in the tunnels...."
Bluebird has posed:
Harper laughs, chuckling at the idea of fostering an army of invariably terrible critters. "Oh yeah, let's Caine toad it up." she half-jests, and crouches down to root around along one of the walls of the subways tunnel. Her fingers drag along the creases in the masonry, the textures dragging with moisture and friction as the composition differs.

Harper tugs out a knife and reverses it, holding it carefully by the sharp and edgy part. She starts to bonk-bonk along the bricks with the haft, leaning in to listen for hollow and solid returns. Like she was checking ripe fruit at a market, sounding out how sturdy the future HQ may be. "I suppose we should divert their attention to better pickings elsewhere. The pests that is. Will make sure to invest in de-humidifiers ~and~ chew-proof casings for the cables. What sort of power supply can we get down here? Are you gonna have a legit line from the city's grid or...you want I should..." she makes some cryptic vaguely rude and suggestive hand gestures. "Leech a little on the sly?"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia pauses like she's about to announce that actually maybe that /would/ be a perfectly safe idea if /they/ did it together. Surely GIRL will beat the odds and make a killer critter that doesn't turn on them. And then she realises Harper is joking and she sighs. "And we can genetically engineer a bigger monster to take care of the rat eating ones," the petite Russian grins back.

"We're probably going to need to replace or re-enforce /everything/. The walls, ceiling and floors will all need to withstand supervillain attacks. And contain any dimensional rifts anyone mistakenly opens or huge explosions their experiments result in." Hopefully intentional explosions but then again super science is usually a blast. "We'll connect to at least two regional grids for redundancy plus have our own onsite power generation." She chews at her lip thoughtfully. "We'd want to be able to operate for at least a month at full capacity use. Ideally six. So if the lab is ever reality warped or temporally displaced we'll have full use of our equipment to fix the situation. Also it stops anyone disabling security by cutting the power. We don't need to steal any energy Ms Kane will pay for it I'm sure."
Bluebird has posed:
Harper stops her inspection of the nearest wall. She rises slowly with the creak of leather pants and shifting of her feet upon the wet ground. She's trying to process the cornucopia of cataclysmic possibilities that seem to be cast haphazardly forth from Nadia's lips. Like she was reading off a bland checklist or something. Harper slowly turns, eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed like she'd been asked to kiss a turtle.

"Exactly...how many of those scenarios are likely, probable...or you've experienced before?" she asks curiously, a monotone quality impossible to maintain as she juggles her own updated list of just how risky this GIRL stuff is going to be. Pet lizards pale in comparison. "Wait wait...do we already have supervillain nemesis yet?! Did I miss an email?"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia Pym lands on one of the middle platforms. Wings sending up little plumes of dust.

"How many of them?" she asks, tilting her head. "We'll be doing super science and research for super hero teams. It's not a question of if one of those things will happen. But when. And did we prepare enough. You've been to my lab right? That's not even the smallest you can get. If you're /really/ small you emerge into another dimension entirely. Theoretically you can probably go the other way. Become so giant you exist beyond this dimension."

She shrugs.

"But the only way to test it would be to do it. And it'd probably be unthinkably dangerous. So it's pretty far down my list of pet projects."