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Watching with the Willow(s)
Date of Scene: 22 June 2023
Location: Monitor Room, Watchtower
Synopsis: Clark and Wllow catc up a little bit on old times in the Watchtower.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Willow Rosenberg

Superman has posed:
Superman is watching the globe at one of the observation stations. It creates a three-dimensional view of the world in realime. It's really good for natural disasters and wars. He likes it because it's like having a birds eyes view of the globe, as a whole.

But he stll has freedom to watch monitors in key places. Everything is calm right now. It's comforting and worrying. When things are quiet, they could be plotting. Superman can't tell if things are too quiet.

By now he has lost track of time. Between being in space, looking at several monitors with different timezones, it all juts makes time blur for him. It happens to Superman in this position sometimes. It's how the Flash got a few hours off once.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Usually Willow takes her shift on the weekend, but she was working at the Magic Box, so when the call came to see if she could work tonight? What difference did it make? She said yes.

Besides, all the Solstice celebrations were all over. She wouldn't be missing a thing now.

Getting out the the transporter, looking to head to the monitor rooms, she paused. Superman wasn't supposed to partner her.. was he? Yet he sat watching the monitors, alone, quietly..

"Ahem?" Willow was quiet - just in case. "I thought it was my turn? You can go?" Superman was one of the people who she looked up to. unlike Batman, who she was a little bit afraid of. "I didn't bring cookies today. Sorry."
Superman has posed:
"Oh!" Superman says softly as he rises up. "Did I lose track of time again?" hea sks with seriousness. Superman's one of the few times genuinely losing track of time. Then he looks back to the globe. "How are you doing today, Willow? The world treating you well?" he asks and there's gen uiine interest in his voice. Like catching up with an old friend that you havent' seen in far too long.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
She smiles - she couldn't help it. One of the reasons she looked up to the man - he could have anything he wanted: money; cars; houses; a crown - anything, and yet he was simple, honest, and cared about the littlest people..

When she grew up, she wanted to be like him.

"My first year of graduate studies is over. I guess I did well. It's different than I imagined it would be. My summer is all filled up with work. Not that I am surprised." Of course, she didn't tell Superman about the worries about Buffy, or the book. "And you?"

Willow took the monitor close to him, and prepared to settle down and watch for anomalies.

"It was the Solstice today! Blessed be, if you observe it." She didn't think he observed , but she did. "Now the days will be shorter. Funny huh? The summer, and the days are shorter. It this spring we should celebrate, not the summer."
Superman has posed:
Superman smiles at Willow's story. Hearing about the first year of graduate school. "I'm so proud of you," he says honestly. He doesn't know about Buffy or the book.

"Happy Stolice to you," and then there's a pause from him. "Did I miss Beltane?" he asks genuinely. Sky blue eyes looking back to Willow honestly.

"I covered some stories on a pagan community. Good crowd. Good people," and then there's a pause as he remembers some things. "Fun people," he adds and tries not to diivulge.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Now Willow giggles. "As a matter of fact, yes. But I think you're joking with me if you did a file on the pagan community. Which one? I used to hang out with them at the university. You're right, they were very nice. But I changed my school to Columbia, and with the extra work was too hard to fit in scheduled rituals. I went back to solo rituals. Occasionally I still participate, but not as often as I would like."

"It must be neat doing all those stories. And the neat thing is, it keeps you up to date about.. everything!" She spreads her hands wide. "I don't imagine I would be good at that. Too many times I get off topic. People generally don't like that. Especially the topics I like."

It's true. Mathematics? Computer programming? Ancient Languages? She was a nerd and she knew it.
Superman has posed:
Superman explains about a branch of Paganaism that actually started in California, including founders and names. How they have people spread out over the globe. While it's a more "Western" or "West Coast" sect they do have a surprisingly far reach going toward the center mass of the country a little. "And that's sad that I missed that." Superman is happy to just listen to her talk.

"You can talk about that if you'd like," Superman is actually giving Willow a platform to talk.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"That's really interesting! I was looking in the history books about sects of the Christian Church. And I read a lot, also, about the druidic cults. Well they're cults now, but in the past, they were a bona fide religion. And from them, some people say that they are the forerunners of our pagan religions."

Yes, Willow really was a nerd. Perhaps a geek too.

Giving him a sidelong glance, she teases him, "If you want, you can prepare for Lughnasadh. The first Harvest."
Superman has posed:
Superman is listening about everything. "So, what do the druids consider holy ground?" he asks, genuinely. It's a genuine question. Superman did -some- reserch, but not a research on everything.

"What is Lughnasadh?" he asks genuinely. Again, the lack of research shows a little bit. He is curious about it.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
That was a hard question. And at the same time easy.

"Druids could be learned men and women, depending on what you look for. Mostly they believed in the sanctity of nature - how we were part of that. Regardless of how many gods you believed in. They are sort of the first Force users in one way. That we were part of nature, and nature was part of us."

Willow took her hands as she talked and drew them together. "Without the one, you can't have the other." And she opened her hands.

"As for the other thing, it was to celebrate matchmaking, and have bonfires, and really to celebrate life. The earliest crops showed their heads. Like the corn crops. The later festivals had much more work to be done to celebrate. Until Samhain, which marks the ending of the years and the beginning of the next. Almost all celebrations revolved around the moon, planting and harvesting."
Superman has posed:
"Do you still celebrate the traditions in a traditional way?" Superman asks hoenstly as he keeps up with everything. Although, most of this is new to him. Sky blue eyes looking at Willow as she keeps everything going, conversation-wise.

"What do modern druids do? Because the parts about crops may not be -as- needed today," Clark knows that some of the older faiths, much like the popular ones, have to modernize. Even if it is just a little bit.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"I'm a Wiccan, not a Druid." That part Willow found easy. "And just because our lives don't revolve around the harvests in our day to day lives, they are still important . If we forget were we have come from, we lose all that history. All that deep grounding of our ancestors. We just become less than human."
Superman has posed:
"So, you celebrate Yule and not Christmas? Or is a different Holiday," Superman asks as he is trying to absorb this information. "I know how that feels. I find myself trying to cling to any tradition I can find, or try." Clark knows a lot of history is on his shoulders. He does try to be respectful of a hertedge that he knows little about. Luckily he's got a little more of that in files, but he can't ask someone that practices. "And anything good happening in your personal life?" Superman is just trying to make friendly conversation. Just catch up as best he can.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"A bit of all? I mean, Yule is very important to me. But my friends celebrate Christmas. But for my family, Hanukkah is the important one."

Willow checks the monitors and as she does explains, "For me, I find that it's more important to celebrate together, than /what/ I celebrate. Though, everybody is different. I suppose we aren't too different in that."

"And unless you can find me a particular book, not really." No, Willow isn't serious about finding that book. If she hasn't found it by now, a few more days won't hurt.