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The New Adventures of Lois and Clark
Date of Scene: 25 June 2023
Location: Fortress of Solitude, Marie Bryd Land
Synopsis: Lois and Clark enjoy their first night in their new apartment.
Cast of Characters: Lois Lane, Superman

Lois Lane has posed:
There had been a lot going on in Lois's life for the last... well, forever, but especially the last few weeks. She'd just gotten back from Sao Paulo, Brazil, looking into the alarming rise of organized crime syndicates, when she'd crossed paths with Clark again and ... gotten the same pleasant, formal smile everyone else got. Again.

Frustration had taken over, Lois had finally decided to confront the man about their cold war, and... it had not gone as she'd expected. Actually, nothing over the course of the last week had gone as she'd expected, and it didn't look like it was going to be settling into a more predictable pattern any time in the very near future.

They'd already made a stop on Kansas, and Lois had been sitting at her desk at the Daily Planet when something had occurred to her, and she'd sent a text message to Karen.

<< "Want to see something exciting?" >>

Following that was a picture of a completely vacant apartment with French doors that lead out to what was presumably a surprisingly large balcony.

<< "Just got the keys today. Stop by after work?" >>

She sent the address, but that's all she explained. That /she/ was moving. Nothing about Clark. Nothing about any other changes.

The next message went to Clark.

<< "I picked up the keys today and invited Karen over after work. Could you grab a few of the folding chairs and one of the tables from the supply room so we have somewhere to sit?" >>

And true to her word, that's where Lois was after work -- in that big, empty, high-rise apartment with the balcony doors propped open so the pleasantly cool breeze swept through.
Superman has posed:
"CLACK-CLACK-CLACK-CLACK-CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCK," the fingers run over his keyboard getting increasingly faster until "CRUNCH!" Clark sighs heavily and pulls an earbud from hs ear. "Time" by Pink Floyd plays as he reaches to unplug the now broken keyboard. By now Clark has to go to several eletronic stores just to recycle them. Each store think Clark rage quits some game and he rages often. One store even calls him "Rage Guy."

Quietly, he goes to a closet to pull out a waiting keyboard, fresh in the box. Freeng it from the cardboard confines he takes the device plugs it in. His screen goes through the motions. Luckily, he got into the habit of buying the same type, same brand same everything. It saves time on system recognition.

Putting the earbud back into place. He resumes his work. Slowly.

"Cllaack-Clllaack," the keys go as fingers resume what they were doing. Even with the music on he hears the "VRRRRT" of hs cell phone going off. A text message. Pausing to look at the message.

Five minutes. That's how long it takes for Clark to get the message, get the simple folding table and chairs. A rush of wind announces his arrival along with the setting down of chairs. There's a little mope to him. He really hates breaking keyboards because they're expensive.

"This is what it's like for the Flash to go through shoes," he inwardly thinks to himself. Lois probably knows that Clark broke something with the powers. Again. It happens sometimes.
Lois Lane has posed:
VRRRT. This time it was Lois getting the text -- just seconds before the little 'woosh' of air that she'd gotten so used to indicating Clark's arrival. She still had the phone in her hand.

"Karen can't make it. Something at work came up. It's just us, tonight. I thought we might order some take out.. have a first meal in our new home?"

She was speaking before she even looked up to /confirm/ it was him. She was that sure. But then she was setting the phone back on the empty counter where it had been and turning, looking up at him with concern at first... one that fades to a hint of amusement in relatively short order.

"What was it this time?"

To her credit, Lois did /try/ to look sympathetic, but it was just so... ridiculous. It was like having a child that grew out of their clothes every day or professional athletes that went through gear faster than hobbyists. What was there to do except keep buying them new things?
Superman has posed:
"Keyboard. I'm considering buying stock in the company," Clark thinks of a way to recoop the losses a little bit. Dull blue eyes looking at her behind the glasses. "So, what are we doing here, Lois?" he asks and moves behind her. The hands go to her shoulders. Rubbing into them softly as he gives her an impromptu massage right there as he awits for an answer. It's just them alone in the room.

"I mean. Besides dinner and," he looks around to see how empty the place is. A look goes back to her. The hands still rubbing into the flesh. "Is anything here?" he asks softly. The hands just continue their motions.
Lois Lane has posed:
"There's nothing. Absolutely nothing."

The words come out of Lois's mouth in a quiet, grateful groan that has her shoulders sagging and her whole body leaning back into his hands.

"Well, my /thought/ had been to show Karen our new place.. and the ring." She smiles, looking up over her shoulder at him and pulling her red mane out of his way to give him better access. She was /still/ bragging about the ring. "I haven't talked to her in a while and this seemed like a good opportunity."

There's a note of disappointment in her voice, but she shakes it off.

"But, something came up. So, since it's just us, we can take the time to plan out where we want to put things. We're moving two apartments worth of stuff in here, and we're going to have to figure out where it all goes.. and how much we have to get rid of."

Slowly, she turns around to face him, reaching her arms up to his shoulders.

"While we're talking, we can order some takeout. Eat on the balcony. Pretend to be a normal couple." Her lips twist into an amused grin, and he can feel her left hand fidget with the ring that she was still getting used to.

"What do you say, Kent? Are you up to spending the evening with your fiancee in your new home? Even if it's /very/ echoey right now?"
Superman has posed:
Clark is listening to everything for a moment. "That's sad about Karen. I know she is busy with hr company. I've tried talking to her about Tony Stark. She might be able to sell soemthng to hs company," he says just being honest with that one. A soft smile is on his face, "Too bad we don't have roller skates or something, could be fun," and he leans down to kiss her head. "I think we need to thinka bout what to order. Should be important, almost like christening a ship," Clark offers out there.
Lois Lane has posed:
"Talking to Tony Stark is probably a great idea," Lois says. "I'm sure there are a lot of large corporations like that she could benefit from a partnership with. I don't know anyone well enough at Stark, but if you know anyone high enough, it might be worth a phone call to see if you could get her an appointment."

Just after he kisses her head, she tilts her face up and leans up on tip-toe to kiss his ridiculously chiseled chin.

"Well, what are your top picks? I'm leaning towards German, Italian, or... honestly? Cheeseburgers."

She was already drawing away from him, though, going back to collect her phone off of the counter and swipe through to find the delivery app.
Superman has posed:
Clark thinks on it for a long while. An idea hits him. He grabs the table and starts to fold it back up. Setting it aside. "Get us the burgers and we'll eat them on the floor. We were never high school or college sweet hearts. We never had a chance to grab a crappy apartment together. Never had to deal with second hand furniture or anything like that. A lot of couples have stories about eating something off the floor. Gettiing dishes in the morning," he looks at her. The love in his eyes.

"Even if this is far from bad or dumpy, let this place be the first of a few we eat cheeseburgers on the floor," and Clark will pick her up and slowly lay her down upon the floor before he moves to lay near her. "What do you say, Lane?" It seems Clark is trying to give Lois a living memory. Her own Halmark romance moment. Just rememberng the first meal together when they may not have had much, but they had each other. And any feast would have been worthy of kings and queens, because they had each other. Something that would stick out whether they move to somewhere else in Metropolis, Kanasas, Gotham or even California.
Lois Lane has posed:
Lois's eyes lift from her phone, watching him put away the borrowed 'furniture' skeptically, her eyebrows lifting. The mention of eating on the floor makes her laugh.

"Clark, you can't be serious," she says, the disbelief evident, though there's still skeptical humor playing in her eyes. She knew he was serious, or he wouldn't have put away the table and chairs. "College was /twenty/ years agoOOO!"

Her voice goes up to almost a squeal as he lifts her up, another bout of laughter spilling past her lips.

"You know, /some/ of us are getting /old/ and can barely get back up off the floor, much less leap tall buildings in a single bound."

She wasn't old by most standards -- she was 38. And while she wasn't as young as she once was, she stayed fit enough that she wouldn't actually have any issues getting back up again, either. And so when Clark lays her on the floor, she rolls over against him, phone still in her hands. There are a few more clicks. A few more swipes. And then.. VRRRT. Order confirmation.

"I say... the burgers, fries, and drinks will be here in twenty minutes."

Then she sets the phone down on the floor behind her and settles in against him, crawling half up onto his chest and laying her head on his shoulder. One leg drapes over his.

"Thank you." She smiles, blissfully happy with his idea.
Superman has posed:
Clark smiles and he oesn't expect Lois to climb over hm. A smile pulls at his lips. "So many stories and movies say, even the poorest of people can feel rich as long as they have warm food and a fire. May this be our warm food and fire," he says softly just letting the idea roam over them both. A hand will idly stroke at her back. Breathing slowly. "You know, most meals will never compare to this one. I'll do everything to make you feel like a princess, a queen, but they make lack the charm of this one," he says softly, knowing this can be a deep memory for each of them at this rate. A little more than a before. the hand contineus to run over he back slowly. Leaning donward he goes to kiss her lips sotly, firmly just wanting to capture her lisp wth hs own or t emoment. holding her close rto him a littlemore as they lips meet.
Lois Lane has posed:
Lois lets her eyes slip closed for a moment as she settles in, just allowing a long breath to pass her lips and relax into him.. the stroking of her back, the warmth.

"You never cease to amaze me, Kent."

And then there's that kiss, lingering, warm, and affectionate. Time becomes meaningless, and two just enjoy that moment there together until the knock comes at the door -- the their food had arrived.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Lois asks, grinning at him to see if he wanted to fight for who was going to get the door. She was already sitting up, but she knew there was no way she was going to beat him to it if he wanted to win.

And that's how the evening went.. just a normal couple, enjoying a normal evening.

While it lasted.