15264/I was never a Teen Titan, I tell you. Never!

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I was never a Teen Titan, I tell you. Never!
Date of Scene: 26 June 2023
Location: Auxiliary Batcave, Wayne Foundation Bldg
Synopsis: Nightwing, you're so dreamy. I wish I could be as cool as you.
Cast of Characters: Supergirl, Nightwing

Supergirl has posed:
It wasn't a long trip thankfully. Just a quick zip over from Metropolis. Which was less than five minutes. It could've been faster but she wasn't in that much of a hurry. Just a quick duck in and out of the cave and all would be well. The cave being one of the few that Supergirl knew about, thanks to her friendships with several of the Bat Crew. It was not THE Batcave but it was A Batcave. One that probably wouldn't be a big deal if it was compromised or something for her to know about it.

She used her x-ray vision to find the hidden entrance and then floated in through the visage of rocks that hid things from the exterior. The lights were aleady on in the tunnel at the far end, likely indicating someone was here. She had peeked enough to see there had been someone inside but the skeleton didn't tell much and she didn't adjust her vision to try to see who it was. After all, Batcave!

"Hello!" she called out up the tunnel so that no one would try to hit her with a batarang or something if she surprised them. Though it was unlikely if they had cameras on the tunnels. She alighted to the ground, boots now licking as she walked toward the interior. "Anybody home? Olly olly oxen free!"
Nightwing has posed:

Inside the auxiliary cave there were lights flickering across the display on the wall, several panels illuminated for data and glowing as they're curved all to face one of the central chairs that sit along that bank of computers. It's in that chair that she might well realize is where the lone occupant is settled. As for their identity it's not immediately apparent, though the black and blue motorcycle set on the vehicular turntable might give it away somewhat.

But then the heavily padded office chair turns around and she'll catch sight of the former Titan as he lifts his head.

"I've never heard anyone ever actually say Olly Olly Oxen Free." His smile turns a little wry, then he pushes himself up and out of the seat.

"Hey Supergirl. What can I do for you?"
Supergirl has posed:
"You never played hide-and-seek?"

Because in the mind of Supergirl, that was a right of childhood on Earth. Certainly she had been a teen when she got to this planet but she had learned that much, especially when she was baby-sitting back home. Though, that was a long time ago now. She was an adult with a job and bills now! Which kind of sucked.

"I was really good at hide-n-seek." X-Ray vision and all that. "Actually, I was looking for Batman. I have this..." And she pulled out what looked like a test tube with a clear liquid inside. "For analysis. WHen he's done, just give Booster Gold a call and let him know what it is. He ...said Batman won't take his calls directly anymore."

A hint of a smirk because she was sure it was a joke. Right? It had to be. "But I'm glad you're here. I have some questions for you. About the Titans."
Nightwing has posed:

Nightwing steps up toward her and pauses a few feet away, accepting the cylinder and peering at the clear liquid inside. He seems curious about the contents, then she mentions who it's from and he gets a sort of 'eww' look on his face for a brief moment. Then at the confession about Batman not taking the man's calls... Dick can't help but half-smile a little as he knows the truth of that.

"Alright," He says, a little grudgingly as he takes the container and walks down along the display panels, touching a few buttons on the way that cause a makeshift lab to slide out of the wall. It in turn produces an extending drawer that opens and within it he places that cylinder for storage. The entire system slides back into the wall as he turns back to Supergirl.

"Oh you had some questions? Alright shoot, what do you want to know?" He folds his arms over his chest and settles back to lean against the wall.
Supergirl has posed:
Supergirl makes a point not to stare too long at the secret lab hidden in the wall. Because that was cool! She didn't have anything like that. Just her little apartment that her parents had to help pay for since she wasn't getting paid much in her job. It was a little one bedroom number. But being in Metropolis, it wasn't quite as expensive as it would be in NYC. But much moreso than it would be in Gotham. Maybe she should move to Gotham.

"I had been away a few months but now that I'm back, I may be picking back up the reins of the Titans. I know you were one of the people that helped form the team originally. I just kinda wanted to see if you had any advice, suggestions? I mean, we aren't Justice League Junior, we do our own things, but we seem to be without a real idea of what we are a lot of times."
Nightwing has posed:

"No idea what you're talking about," Dick offers with a slight quirk of a smile, not exactly being entirely honest. But he nods a little as she speaks, giving up that pretense soon enough as he nibbles on his lower lip thoughtfully.

"Yah, I sort of fell into it at one point, and we had some victories. I think it was mainly with my approach, I used a lot of the things I learned from Batman. He really set me up for success just with how he taught me to look at matters." Nightwing shifts his weight to his other foot.

"So what I can tell you, I imagine, are three things. That sort of I found took up most of my time."
Supergirl has posed:
For just a moment, her eyes had widened when he mentioned learning from Batman. Was that a hint of fear? No, that couldn't be possible. Supergirl was one of the most powerful beings on the entire planet. God-Like powers. It really was ridiculous.

Yet she was terrified of Batman.

Not like run in fear but he was very intimidating. Even to someone like her. And she did her best to stay out of his way if at all possible.

Then he didn't suggest she train with Batman and she visibly relaxed, letting out a little puff of breath she'd been holding. Although now she wished she had a notepad. But she could remember it.

"Three things. Okay. First?"
Nightwing has posed:

"First, missions." Nightwing gestures with one hand as he speaks, sliding it off his bicept and motioning with it while his arms are still folded. "Whenever we were given one, I would always approach it and break it up into a series of challenges. Make a mental list, or heck a written one on all of the obstacles that stand in the way of the end goal. Figure out what you and your team will have to do to counter them, ensure you have the people on the team to do that. Make sure you don't rely too much on one member of the team, and realize that not everyone might be available throughout the entirety of the mission. Make backup plans."

A deep breath is taken, "Two. Don't try to force a square peg to fit into a round hole. Recognize the strengths of your people and put them in positions for success. It takes some time, but eventually you will learn who is good at what, and their vibe for what they can handle. I know this is a bit abstract, but it kind of needs to be since we're talking big picture here."

He then smiles a little, "The last might've been because of how old we were, and how we had to handle things. Maybe your team will be a little different, though I've seen similar trends even in the League. But the third thing I found myself dealing with a lot? Interpersonal dramatics. Even politics. You need to handle those things quick, way before they become an issue if possible. That again comes with time and experience. But just if you see something and think to yourself, 'That could be a problem later.' It likely will be. So deal with it."
Supergirl has posed:
"But how do you handle it? Without..." Supergirl paused trying to think of the word.

Everything he'd said made sense. Making sure to approach missions in the most prepared way possible. It was logical and therefor worked in her brain. Same for making sure people were put in roles they were best for. An example would be that Raven probably wasn't the best option for someone to try to plan a birthday party. Or maybe she would. Supergirl didn't really know her that well. Someone like Kori? Definitely on birthday party duty.

But the third one. "How do you do that without making everyone angry? Remind them it's a job and all that gets left outside? I mean, sometimes it can't be but I was taught a very strong work ethic, before I came to Earth and after with my adoptive parents." She didn't mind saying that much to him. "But I don't know how to instill that drive in others."
Nightwing has posed:

"Focus," Dick says as he leans back with his arms folded, "We're all here for a purpose, and we become friends, comrades, that's only natural. But the mission should..." He pauses for a moment and looks off to the side distantly, lip twisting up. He rubs the bridge of his nose with two fingertips and smirks a little, then says. "I'm sounding like him."

Though he doesn't say who he's sounding like, she likely can imagine. But then he takes a breath, and continues. "But still, it's good advice. The mission takes priority. Not just the missions you go on from time to time. But the whole mission, why everyone has come together. To fight for something greater than yourselves. Aim them back at that as you can, get them focused on that."

Dick's lip twists up a little, "If people are having interpersonal issues try and help them through with it, but also don't give them time to dwell. A team with an objective doesn't have time to focus on other things."
Supergirl has posed:
When he bemoaned sounding like his mentor, Kara couldn't stop herself from giggling. Then she had the decency to at least look apologetic as a quiet, "Sorry" was murmured. Because she didn't want to have him get annoyed with her.

But he really did sound like Batman. Without being as scary.

"That's another thing!" she said after he finished though, snap-pointing and realizing what she was doing so dropping her hand back down again a moment later. "Objective of the Titans. I know they started as the Teen Titans. Which was something like the, and please forgive the term, sidekicks were trying to step out of the shadows of their mentors. And becoming their own thing. I also know later they became the Titans and were focused more on street level stuff instead of like the world ending threats. Yeah, there are some of those we take on but that's more Justice League and Avengers. But I was approached about us taking in some younger heroes, helping guide them. Not sure all of us are really the types to become the mentors though so while I agree there is a need, not sure if we fit that and I don't want out object as Titans to get blurry."
Nightwing has posed:

"Well it came together because we had a mission, we had to deal with things, and we were all we had. So the team formed almost naturally." Nightwing says as he chews his lower lip thoughtfully, "Perhaps this is your time and your chance to make your mark in a way. You've inherited a Titans that has been established, and their initial goals have been met, right?"

Dick motions with one gauntlet toward her, then adds. "Well what do you do now to continue? For a time we sort of just kept moving forward, the League would give us missions and objectives. But we never really carved out a raison d'etre for ourselves. Then I got wrapped up in my own things and that's when I left the team."

He tilts his head to the side, meeting her gaze, "So maybe talk to your people, see what they want to do, see where their goals lie and perhaps you can focus the team."
Supergirl has posed:
There was that furrow of her brow again as she considered then it was followed by a bright smile. "That sounds like a perfect plan. Get with them, see what they all see our goal as. Create out own Titans with their own mission. Though we won't make everyone happy, at least we can get a majority sort of thing and get us moving into the next stage of our existence."

She gave a couple of nods, very pleased that there is a decision made. "I'll have to get with Robin first still. Since he was leading while I was in a wild goose chase in space. He might want to continue leading and that's fine. I just want us to have a focus."

Then she grinnned and there was a hint of mischief in her eyes. "You could join back up, y'know. No pressure, just show up when you can for stuff."
Nightwing has posed:
"Thanks, Supergirl. But I know my limits." He smiles a little and pushes away from the console and starts to walk along the edge of the computer bank, "And I know where _my_ focus needs to be. At least for now. But who knows what the future will bring, right?" As he says that he slides a fingertip over one of the floating displays that brings up a depiction of the turntable set against the side of the auxiliary batcave.

Across the room the vehicle platform with his motorcycle starts turning and the lights flicker on as the wingcycle gets revved. "But if you need help or just want me to stop by and touch base, I could do that. Though a lot depends on what's going on out there."
Supergirl has posed:
And like that, she knew the conversation was over. After all, she hadn't come here looking for him. Batman would get the items for investigation. She now had a direction in how to move forward with her team. And she had already given an invitation to someone to join so she felt this was a visit well done.

Kara floated up into the air, about a foot off the floor. "Thanks again, Nightwing! And you never do know!" And with that, she swooped toward that exit herself to get out of his hair and on her way home.