15265/Payback is a Bitch

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Payback is a Bitch
Date of Scene: 26 June 2023
Location: O'Riley's Bar, Gotham
Synopsis: The Clown princess of crime kinda did it again.. she showed up blew up the bar.. shot two cops knee caps out .. Spouted off all kinds of crazy talk.. something about her ice cream truck being called sugar! and then just dives away laughing her head off! - Meanwhile, Blackout was a victim of the senseless crime.
Cast of Characters: Blackout, Harley Quinn

Blackout has posed:
It's 8:35pm. Nighttime, because it's always night in Gotham. A lot of cops have gotten off work and they've ventured out to have a drink. This bar is a standard 'cop bar' or 'cop hangout' where cops go to relax and have a drink after a long shift in the gothic streets of Gotham. There are perhaps 25 off duty cops in plain clothes sitting all around. Many at the bar, many at tables, others playing pool, some throwing darts, most just taking time to get away from it all (mentally). There are also other patrons here, various cop bunnies, a few business persons, and then there's one man who sits alone at the bar with a beer in front of him. Nothing extra ordinary about him. Just a guy.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn That's the Thing along comes an ice cream Truck? Complete with the music and everything! Of course, the guys inside won't hear it, but some outside might.. That's before Harley walks up looking rather miffed, grumbling to herself .. " How Dare they!.. Lousy stupid.. It's okay, sugar. I'll make em pay! " She pats the side of the truck like it's alive!

Next, she opens the back and grabs something, slowly grunting as she steps back with an RPG on her shoulder. "Stupid Fuckers never shoulda gave sugar a parking ticket! "
Blackout has posed:
There are several witnesses on the street that spot Harley. She's hard to miss. They eyed her for a few moments and watched her talk to her truck and then move around back to grab the RPG.


Some woman screams. A man (likely veteran or off duty cop) calls out loudly, "EVERYONE! GET DOWN!"

A woman pushing a baby buggy takes off running, pushing the baby as far away as her legs will allow.

All of these things give Harley plenty of attention and others begin to notice the threat - her. But they're more fearful than wanting to confront or stop her.

Inside, only two of the off duty cops take note of the truck and Harley. They stare until they see her produce the RPG and then they yell to the others in the bar, "RPG! CLEAR OUT!"

But to be honest, they won't have much time to react.

Meanwhile, the man at the bar hears the warning and he looks around at the bar to search for the threat. Not realizing that it's coming from the outside. He begins to create armor out of his clothing.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn That's basically it .. they have time to spot it maybe jump to the ground.. but get out of the bar before she launches.. only if you were at the door because she has a massive grin and pulls the trigger " THIS IS FOR SUGAR YOU PIGGY BASTARDS! " If people notice there a parking ticket glued to the rocket with a middle finger drawn on it .. with a smiley face. "

She Fire the rocket but lands on her butt because she wasn't ready for the kickback! But that lets her avoid all the glass and debris that will explode out of the bar as the rocket goes through the window to impact next to the door to the kitchen!

So of course, it will cause a rather huge explosion that will destroy .. tables, Chairs, and booze! People too!
Blackout has posed:
The explosion is simply that, an explosion. The entire bar is immediately decimated and gutted by the shockwave, the fireball, and all of the other aspects of an explosion. Devastating. The interior of the bar is instantly ruined. Glass and debris are blown outward and will shower over the sidewalk and street.

The people inside the bar closest to the back wall and the people within the kitchen are killed instantly. Perhaps 10 of the 40 total present. Those outside of that immediate range suffer significant trauma based on their proximity of the detonation origin point. Most suffer concussions, burns, blasts, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, hearing loss, vision loss, and other traumas. Because they were warned, most of the cops reacted accordingly by dropping down and taking cover. The civilians did not. This also includes the lone man at the bar. He was lucky that he's powered and was able to create armor enough around him to survive. However, he finds himself laying on the floor, faced down, and covered by a table. He's dazed and confused.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Pops herself back up and brushes off the glass and stuff before she reaches into the icecream truck and pulls out a Gun " That's right ya bastards.. maybe now ya'll think twice about giving my cars a Ticket! " She shouts, glaring at the bar and keeping her gun up to make sure if any of the cops come out, she can pop em.
Blackout has posed:
There's a lot of noise, groaning, sounds of people in pain coming from the bar. Spot fires all around.

Meanwhile, outside, a pair of on-duty cops doing their walking patrol come around the corner with urgency. They call out toward Harley, "FREEZE!" and draw their guns.

Inside, the man in the armor rises up from beneath the table and he instantly floods the room in darkness. He can see through it. He doesn't know the threat yet, but he knows there's a threat.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Turns without missing a beat and well, those poor cops will lose their kneecaps! She's in the mood to punish today not kill.. Okay, the rocket killed a bunch but that was to make a point! An explosive point!

She sniffs as she looks back towards the bar. "Don't let me catch you near sugar again," She shouts before she starts to strut towards the driver's seat.. this is close to a cop station. Sticking around a long time is not a good idea. She made her point!
Blackout has posed:
The on-duty cops open fire. Bullets fly. However, her shots ring true and they both go down due to knee shots. Early retirement, taking an 'arrow/bullet' to the knee.

Meanwhile, inside. The armored man hears the gunshots and peers through the hole in the bar. He sees Harley and shakes his head. He realizes that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again, isn't that simply 'Gotham'? He then looks at all those injured persons around the bar and decides to stay and help. He's engaged with Harley before, it wasn't productive then, and won't be now. Too much chaos.
Harley Quinn has posed:
The Clown princess of crime kinda did it again.. she showed up blew up the bar.. shot two cops knee caps out .. Spouted off all kinds of crazy talk.. something about her ice cream truck being called sugar! and then just dives away laughing her head off!