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Harley Quinn (Scenesys ID: 62)
"I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch diameter exit wound in you."
Full Name: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (DFC)
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Gotham State University,

PhD in Psychology

Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family, Hench, Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 6 September 1998 Actor: Irine Meier
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 52 kg (114 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Do You Wanna Kill The Batman?" by Harley Quinn (vocals by SydneyAmber)


Gotham's queen of crime. The Joker's right hand woman. The one and only Harley Quinn. Former gymnast, former criminal psychologist, and now certified lunatic. Once known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, she is infamous as the psychologist who entered Arkham to cure the Joker and emerged as his partner in crime. Since then she's racked up a rap sheet a mile long, mostly in partnership with the Clown Prince, and has the dubious distinction of being one of the few people in his organization to (so far) survive his capers.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Ever met a someone who made you double take and think that something may not be right in their head? If not, congratulations, because the woman before you is roughly 5'4" of crazy, and it doesn't take a PhD to notice.

Her appearance is colorful and striking, blonde hair gathered in pigtails, the right one dyed punk pink while the left one is dyed aqua blue. Her blue eyes are touched liberally with eye shadow to match, punk pink on right and aqua blue on left. Making her eyes stand out further is the fact her entire face is caked with white foundation, which definitely makes her lips all the more vibrant with her blood red choice of lipstick. Another curiosity is that her makeup isn't neatly applied, smudges and imperfection abound, almost as if she was doing her own take as an artist.

She's altogether slim and athletic looking, as if she could have been a gymnast. She's wearing red and blue bomber jacket, with a golden J as the zipper, the back features a gold lettering stating "Daddy's Lil' Monster" over a red and white raglan tee shirt, with a similar "Daddy's Lil Monster" printed across the chest. Golden lines adorn the length of the sleeves. She's also wearing a matching red and blue sequined shorts, over a fishnet pantyhose, cinched by a thick gold studded, black belt, with a diamond shaped buckle.

On her hands she's wearing red, black and blue fingerless gloves. On her feet are a pair of 3" high heeled boots in black and white, with red heels, fasted with both laces and velcro.

Around her neck is a gold choker with the words "PUDDIN" on the front, a pair of matching gold spiked cuffs sit on her wrists, and a pair of black bracelets on each forearm with gold lettering, the right featuring "YES" while the left featuring "SIR."



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Harley Quinn was born Harleen Quinzel, a sweet, well educated girl who had everything she could ever want out of life, as her parents were quite successful in their respective jobs and made everything all nice and perfect for their little daughter. One of Harleen's greatest delights was gymnastics, for which she exhibited natural talent. She took quite seriously to gymnastics from a very young age and practiced religiously as a daily routine--resulting in her body becoming quite flexible, capable of performing some breath taking acrobatics. From her parents, Harleen inherited ambition, and even in her freshman year of High School she knew what she wanted to do in the future, get a Psychology PhD from the Psychology Department of Gotham State University. She couldn't wait to see what University life would be like, and how exciting it would be to pursue her goal.

When her time came to apply for the University she got a Gymnastics Scholarship, seeing she was the best of her High School Gymnastic Team. However, once she began her first year of university it was obvious that Gymnastics wasn't what she came for, as she did her best to succeed at getting her PhD in Psychology. Of course doing her 'best' doesn't have to imply studying, as in her case she used some certain feminine talents on her Professors in order to get the degree with an A+ on her thesis. Having graduated with such good grades as she did, she was given free choice to pick where she wants to do her internship, and of all places she picked the Arkham Asylum. Her big plan was to manage to get the full story and possibly cure one of the major psychos in the Asylum, write a 'tell-all' type of book and get really rich and famous.


Looking at all the fine selection of psychotic criminals Arkham had to offer, she finally selected the Joker as her subject, and so she pestered all of the administration until they've finally allowed her private sessions with him. Though Harleen was confident in her abilities and thought she made a huge progress, delving deep into what drives the Joker, showing him there is someone who understands and thereby hoping to lead him to open his heart to her, quite the opposite took place. It was not Harleen who was leading the sessions, even if by technicality she was running them. Instead, the Joker used his charm and sharp wit to slowly do his own session on Harleen. He told her what she needed to hear in order to lose herself in the stories, and form a deep attachment with the Joker's cruel fate. Feeling anger at the devillish society that brought about the Joker's downfall, she felt so sorry for him, hearing tales of childhood abuse, negligent parents, deaf society who will not heed his pain and will turn away instead of offering a helping hand. In time, Harleen agreed to let him call her Harley Quinn, as he suggested if she put her name this way it would be much like the classic clown character, the Harlequin, and that he'd appreciate it. Harleen--now Harley--was eager to please him, offering him all the comfort she could, trying to make up for the cold harshness society has offered the Joker, who she know saw as a victim.

Her final conclusion was that the Joker wasn't the cold psychotic killer everyone made him to be; infact he was nothing but a lost, injured child--looking out to make the world laugh at his antics. It was clear that all of his ailments were the result of the self-righteous Batman, who was determined to make life as misreable as he could for her puddin'.

With each session Harley became more madly in love with the Joker, eventually coming to the point of obsession, she was willing to do anything to help him escape. One day she took the initiative to go to a "Costume, Tricks & Party Gags" store, equipped herself as any psychotic killer jester would, and by her own hand broke the Joker out of Arkham, having stayed with him since with dreams of a future wedded life. It was bound to happen any moment now.


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Insane - There's not much to it, Harley Quinn is one card short of a full deck, one cent short of a dollar, and driving only three wheels. She's not all there, she's just crazy! Crazy for the Joker! It's true, eversince Harley started those private sessions with the Joker and fell helplessly in love with him, she adapted to become a kindred spirit to her puddin', meaning she had the very same obsession to jokes, death, and joking while causing death. She came to the point of actually enjoying other people's suffering, especially if caused by the Joker. She's quite demented in her line of thought, which always keeps her opposition on their toes, there's no telling what she'll do next.

Hopeless Romantic - For some reason Harley never ever takes into account the fact that the Joker could never really return her love, not the way she loves him, he's not the guy for settling down and having a family. Yet this doesn't stop her from having her constant dream of the glorious future they could have together, even though most Feministic organization would cry out at the manner with which the Joker sometimes treat Harley, she feels fine with it and no matter what is always willing to do absolutely everything for her puddin'.

Restless - Harley never seems to tire, she's always quite lively and jittery, ever on the move skipping about and making it real hard to follow her movement. She could never stay in one place for too long without becoming supernaturally bored, she has to do or see something exciting otherwise life isn't fun!


Ambitious - There's not too many people who are as ambitious as Harley Quinn, by power of will alone she is capable of wonders, that is how she got through university and that is how she kept at top performances in Gymnastics, and that's why no one would ever come between Mistah J and herself! If anyone is to try and stop her from achieving her goals, the results would be lethal as she would get back at that person with a vengence, and she's not shy of doing the worst possible and more.

Playful - Sometimes Harley tends to be like a child, both in behaviour and mannerism, like when seeing something shiny and new she's bound to try and have a grab to test it and then maybe steal it as well. After all, if you're not gonna steal or reach out to try something new, where's all the fun?


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Predator Affinity:
Whether training or innate ability the colorful queen of Gotham's Crime is a confusing creature for many predatory animals through her lack of fear and overbearing motherly love. This is most prominent with regards to Bud and Lou; formerly Joker's hyenas, and now Harley's most precious little babies. She could very well achieve the same result with other predatory animals, confusing them into accepting her as a caretaker rather than a meal. Of course, the safety of other people in the vicinity is never assured, particularly when Harley gleefully calls for her pets to play with their chew toys as she puts it.

The Ivy Special:

During a break with Joker, Harley elected to join up with Poison Ivy to wreak a little mayhem girl team style. Problem: Poison Ivy is literally poisonous! Lucky Harl, Ivy offered her a boon, just a little prick in the arm, and all her problems will be solved.

Little prick was sort of an understatement, but! Harley became immunce to poisons and toxins, allowing her to be near Poison Ivy without a risk to her life. But she also wound up getting enhanced, gaining superhuman strength, speed and agility. She wasn't going to take on Superman any time soon, but she could certainly handle herself unlike before. It helps with wielding her mallet, and also, there's a side-effect where she actually heals faster.


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Harley took to Gymnastics since she was a preschooler, dedication and constant practice making her the Captain of her High School Gymanstics team. Harley proved a motivating Captain, getting the best of her teammates and excelling to such levels of winning the State's championship for three years in succession. Harley was accepted to University on a gymnastics scholarship, pushing herself further in skill at the collegiate level of competition. She could have well gone Olympic, if Psychology hasn't taken her interest as it did, and then not to mention what fate brought her way. She could perform a breath taking range of acrobatical moves, and is amazingly flexible, at peak human levels.

City Survivor:
Despite her academic upbringing, Quinn has become a creature of Gotham City's rough streets, a proverbial urban hunter, with most of its unsuspecting populace the potential prey of her violent insanity. Out of the city is out of her element, but in it she's capable of shining, especially given her connections to the seedy criminal underworld.

Harley is a genius when it comes to wearing disguises and fooling people into thinking she's a police officer, a business woman, a model, a dancer, a big ol' mascot. Whatever it takes, she often gets into places you wouldn't expect her to be thanks to on key disguise.

Most unpowered humans would be unable to hold their own against the Clown Princess. Though she often masquerades as a harmless simpleton, Harley is a proven, ruthless killer, able to take down even hardened, veteran soldiers with relative ease. When she has room to leap and cavort, her fighting tends to become even more unorthodox, as well as dangerous. She's even been known to hold her ground against the Batman. ...Until he gets serious. Also, a pogo stick CAN be deadly!

Information Gathering:
In her constant attempts to endear herself on the Joker, Harley is ever on the look for information about priceless jewelry or works of art being moved, money being transfered physically, and many other tidbits one can learn through networking the underworld. Being the Joker's main squeeze in underworld circuits helps Harley remain relatively untouched as she goes about research expeditions into seedy locales. Of course she's also been known to protect herself when necessary, whether personally, or just letting her babies take care of the situation. Most people don't seem to share the rapport she holds with the hyenas. So if there's something to be learned leading to potential criminal activity, more likely than not, Harley will know about it.

Having studied for a Psychology PhD, Harley does have some knowledge in the field of medicine, she knows what type of which medicine is good for various minor ailments, and then is quite an expert on sedatives and tranquilizers of various types. This skill comes in handy when she helps the Joker create various instrumentations to take out guards without much of a fight.

With all the many diffrent ways Harley managed to mainpulate her professors in order to get herself perfect grades, she did put a whole lot of effort into the studying as well, after all how was she to succeed with her position at Arkham, and the soon to be written Joker 'tell all' book leading to all that fame and riches if she didn't have the skills? Her knowledge of Psychology equals that of most anyone with a PhD in the field. Of course she does hold the edge in real life experience, working with demented psychotic clowns and being one herself.

She can juggle, she can dance, she can even bounce around on the uneven bars or balance beam. What most people don't know is that Harleen Quinzel isn't that bad of a jazz singer, even able to improvise her own lyrics on the spot!


Thieving Skills:
Though Arkham Asylum has an almost revolving door installed with it's high number of escapees, thinking that breaking out of that fortress of a prison as easy would be a major error, particularly as it's meant to hold the super-powered. Yet time and again, Harleen has proven her stealth and resourcefulness when breaking out, or in, especially when it comes to mechanical locks. Even the most complex device snaps open when she applies something as simple as a hairpin to it.

Her simple charm and child-like demeanor hides a level of intelligence most wouldn't give the jesterlette credit for. She's not a great liar or actress, but she's still cunning enough to set up enough distractions to keep the PD busy while she goes after whatever prize she's set her sights on. Most of the time.

In her line of work, Harley has become something of a chauffeur for the Joker. Not the kind that takes you to a fancy restaurant and back, of course, but rather the kind that gets you out of a crime scene with hot pursuit on your tail. Harley is quite an accomplished driver, whether from the fast instincts her years of practice in Gymnastics gave her, or just a natural showing of her lack of control, she manages to handle stunt driving quite nicely, managing on the road like a...well...insane driver! She has eluded the cops on many occasions, leaving a trail of wrecked vehicles in her wake for her peculiar getaway driving style. On occasions, Harley could even pilot a helicopter to moderate success. Being fearless, she's not beyond trying to pilot or operate a vehicle she has never encountered before, but that always comes with mixed results, and many a crash landings. However, every now and again she manages to be lucky with her approach of 'eni, mini, miny, mo' towards operating unfamiliar vehicles or crafts. When the police or Batman are on your back, a potential crash landing or accident is nothing compared to getting caught.


Pogo sticks, beanbags, boxing-glove bazookas, billiard balls, anything might be considered a weapon by Harley Quinn at a moment's notice and used to clear a room of undesireables. While she certainly enjoys using 'toys' to bring down her opponents more than most, her criminal lifestyle has led to her picking up a good familiarty with most conventional firearms that civilians have access to, and even many that they don't.


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Bud and Lou:
The ever so cute and lovable Bud and Lou--at least if you ask Harley Quinn--Joker's pet hyenas who are ever devotedly and somewhat motherly cared for by Harley Quinn have a very strong attachment with the one who spends most time with them, constantly showering them with love and playing with them. At times they accompany Harley on heists, and may prove a threat even if she simply takes them out for a walk. However, at times they have a keen sense of Harley being in danger, and have the ability to show up when least expected to assist her.

Gag Weapons:
Harley likes to use an assortment of party gags for makeshift weaponry, giving a bit of a fun touch to her tools of escaping, distracting, hurting or killing those who stand against her--as well as innocent victims. Amongst her various trinkets are a bag of marbles, can'o'worms, rubber chicken, boxing glove shooting guns, bang flag shooting guns, and her famous pop gun among others.

The Joker, infamously known as the Clown Prince of Crime, certainly has gathered himself some very zealous followers, whether of their own volition or forced into their show of zeal, they are always there to do their job. After all, Joker isn't one to accept any less, and any one of them at any time can realize the joke's on them. Harley, who fancies herself the Joker's girlfriend, and is not often debated on the self proclaimed title, gets her share of opportunities to make use of the Joker's Gang, whether for missions directly ordered, or if she thought to surprise him and endear himself on her with some spontaneously ingenious plan--the sort that usually go awry. Sure some of the goons that serve in the gang might be able to take on Harley physically, but none of them dare challenge her capacity for crazy. After all, she is one of the precious few who can actually make the Joker laugh, sometime.

Mallet Time!:
Another of Harley's trademark weapons is her giant mallet, it isn't just a regular mallet, it is a very big mallet, hilariously oversized and quite intimidating. While it appears like she could break down buildings while wielding it, all it really does is operate as a perfect tool to knock out people who get hit on the head.

Along with the many other duties Harley takes care of to allow Joker more time to work his mind on nefariously hilarious plans to off Batman, is essentially being his secretary. She makes phone calls (on clean lines of course!), sets meeting in seedy locales, recruits for the Joker Gang, and at times arranges the best path for an escape or best route to approach a heist. In this line of work, Harley, much with the help of the Joker's name, has gathered quite an impressive list of contacts for many villains (meta or not), allowing her to set meeting for potential collaborations.

The Joker being the genius innovator of killer fun that he is, came up with the wonderfully hilarious Smilex! It is a lethal toxin that kills a victim by causing them to laugh uncontrollably and well...literally to death! When people die of Smilex, a wide Joker-like grin is spread on their faces as a result of the toxin's effect on their facial muscles. Harley of course is not beyond using Smilex, leaving vitcims smiling.


It is still a criminal business to be running around with the Joker and his gang, so sometimes Harley has to resort to more serious weapons, the kind that may not be as funny but do bring desired results when one's back is pressed to the wall. A hand gun is the first go to, but at times the Joker leaves an extra Tommy Gun that's more useful against crowds, and then there's Harley's beloved go to bat vanquishing weapon, the Bazooka!


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Histrionic Personality:
Individuals with histrionic personality disorder exhibit excessive emotionality-a tendency to regard things in an emotional manner-and are attention seekers. People with this disorder are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention. Behaviors may include constant seeking of approval or attention, self-dramatization, theatricality, and striking self-centeredness or sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational, and professional relationships, beyond what is appropriate for the social context. They may be lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances with their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness. They may also, however, embarrass friends and acquaintances with excessive public displays of emotion, such as embracing casual acquaintances with passion, sobbing uncontrollably over minor setbacks, or having temper tantrums.

Mad Love:
For love she fell, and is its fool. Though their relationship might best be described as 'chaotic' more often than not, Joker is her puddin' and she loves him in ways that no sane mind can truly understand. Even to the point of risking her own life. It makes her jealous, possessive, violent, and vulnerable. She'll risk her life for him, and is susceptible to manipulation when it comes to her feelings for Gotham's Crown Prince of Crime. For mad love respects no bounds and will burn all in its obsessive conflaguration.

Another of Harley's faults is not knowing when to quit, she's simply unfamiliar with the term 'consequence' or 'punishment' and so she is basically fearless and reckless, able to taunt the likes of Batman to their face without any fear of the upcoming retaliation. She can mangage some pretty stupid things, but not from lack of wit as much as lack of fear. She has this sense of being invulnerable due to her love for the Joker. After all, they do say that love conquers all, no?


While not quite as popular with the boys in blue as her boyfriend the Joker is, Harley is still a popular attraction for her ability to help track down the Joker. Though she is rarely ever willing to give any assistance towards capturing her puddin', someone like Batman has been known to scare her enough into occasional half hearted cooperation. Aside from her value in aiding pursuits after the Joker, Harley is pretty dangerous herself, and getting her off the street is never a bad thing as far as the law is concerned. Unlike the Joker, her story seems to resonate with some of the personnel at Arkham, and at times when she returns they are easier on her, trying to fix her as it were. But just like the Joker played his act on Harley herself, unbenknowst to her, she's become just as difficult to deal with, and just as hard to predict in such sessions. At times it looks like she may have been fully cured, but then all it takes is a phone call or postcard from Mistah J and she falls right back to Harley Quinn form.


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