15276/Is it real or is it memoreX

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Is it real or is it memoreX
Date of Scene: 30 June 2023
Location: An auction house in NYC
Synopsis: And who shall win the pieces
Cast of Characters: Red Robin, Moonstar

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake is known to be a collector of superhero memorabilia, so when there is an auction listed it is nor unusual for him to show up. This one claims to have some Avengers items, some JLA items and some X-men related items. While Avengers and JLA are not uncommon X-men is a bit more rare. Tim has a few pieces in his collection already, some blue fur from a specific bouncing doctor, some costume scraps, and other, but always looking for more. So today he has come to the auction house, passed through security and is here to check what he might want to put bids on. While some of the other buyers may not be happy to see him, the sellers lover seeing that Wayne dollar sign above his head.
Moonstar has posed:
Dani Moonstar is low key today.

No yellow X-Men costume, or Asgardian armour. She is dressed in a tight grey "belly shirt" showing off her belly button, headband with her trademark feathers, belt with a small leather "pouch" with her stuff, tight blue jeans that were designer, and cowboy boots of a fine brown leather that were well worn and look comfortable as heck.

Taking off her sunglasses as she entered the joint, Dani takes a pause, looks around, and walks towards her destination. The "rumoured" X-Men items.

Her eyes scan the "competition" and sees the looks the other clients give Tim. That makes her curious.
Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake is wearing a Teen Titan's t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. He is not worried about impressing, but those who pay attention may notice the shirt has been signed by a few of the titans including Red Robin. He does not go to the X-men items first, but does stroll through the other stuff first. Soon though he is to that section, one of the first items there being one of Cyclops' visors. It is cracked where something hit the man hard enough to knock it off and break it. It is a good thing Scott keeps backup goggles with him, or that might have been a bad day for a whole lot of people. "Interesting." Tim says looking at it, and picking up one of the pamphlets that describes the item. He checks to see if blood is listed on the item and there is not.
Moonstar has posed:
After taking a look at the competition, Dani peruses the X-Men items, and peaks at the other items too, just in case something "peaks" her interest. Like, a Wonder Woman item or two...

Then, Dani hears Tim say, "Interesting..." over Cyke's visor. Moving a step. Another step. Another step closer...subtle, not really, she says, "I think it may be fake."
Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake hmms and says "Possibly, but I don't know it does have some shards of the Red material that is used for the lenses. Also found it odd a leader type looks at the world through rose colored glasses, but maybe it helps him remember not to let the world drag him down." He hmms and says "Looks about the right size, but will have to do some searches of some of the few pictures there are of him to see if it is the right size."
Moonstar has posed:
Dani nods. "Maybe it does..." She takes another look. "I'm more concerned at how they got all these items." She doesn't comment on why the red material was used. "Are you interested in it?" Dani says, curious?

"I'm Dani. Nice to meet you!" Dani looks at other items, so far not impressed.
Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake nods a bit and says "If it is legit yea, and I believe most of the items are found when people are cleaning or scavenging after a battle. I will need to look into how it was found to be sure, but that a standard thing for me. I want to make sure no one put themselves in danger to get pieces. It is part of why most times I prefer pieces donated by the heroes, or Damage Control or such, but with the X-men those types of pieces are few and far between." He says and offers his hand and says "Tim."
Moonstar has posed:
"True. There are a lot of battles the X-Men have been in over the years. It doesn't surprise me that several items would turn up at these auctions."

Dani listens and finds herself agreeing with Tim's assessment. "Yeah. Donated pieces are more above board and legit. But the X-Men rarely donate."

Dani takes Tim's hand inhers with a strong grip, smiles, and says, "Nice to meet you!"
Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake nods a bit and says "You and will continue to look at things as they go along and there is a piece of one of Cannonball's costumes there that has blood on it "Now that is a rare thing, I don't know if I have ever seen a piece of this guys costume up for sell." He tells her. He makes a mental note to put a bid on it. It Tim gets it he will end up having it cleaned and a new fake blood stain put in but no one needs to know that.
Moonstar has posed:
Dani looks at the rest of the items, and sees one or two pieces that are a concern. Looking back at Tim, Dani says, "Thank you. I'll try and bid on that piece." Blood. Always a concern. She tries not to reveal her eagerness to get that piece...one way or another.

"So, good luck in the auction. Let me know if you find anything else I should be concerned about." Dani appreciates the help, that was obvious. "See you in the auction!" Gambit may have to be called after all...