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Dani Moonstar (Scenesys ID: 1157)
"No one is coming. Asgard has fallen. All of the other realms have fallen to Malekith's forces. I came when Odin summoned the Valkyries. But I arrived too late. My sisters have fallen. They were Earth's last hope."
Full Name: Danielle Moonstar
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Teacher, Valkyrie
Citizenship: U.S.A.; Cheyenne Nation; Kingdom of Asgard
Residence: Breakstone, Westchester County
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Mystic Arts-OOC, Pantheon Assembly, New Mutants, SHIELD, X-Men, Xavier's School, JL Dark
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 4 September 2006 Actor: Marissa Quintanilla
Height: 175 cms (5'9") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Immigrant Song" by Trent Razor


Danielle (Dani) Moonstar was born a Cheyenne warrior in Boulder, Colorado from a family with a history steeped in tradition. After seeing the deaths of her parents in a vision, she discovered she was a mutant, and so, attended Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. A charter member of the New Mutants, she learned to control and focus her mutant powers.

Her misadventures as part of a team of New Mutants led her to the Kingdom of Asgard. After saving a winged horse, and helping to save Asgard, she was empathically bonded to...Brightwind, one of Odin's own.

Her heroic, selfless acts enabled her to be bestowed with a unique gift by Odin and Hela - she became a Valkyrie, a "Chooser of the Slain". Now, she strives to help those in need, as an X-Man, a mystical apprentice, a warrior Valkyrie, a charismatic teacher, and a mentor to many new mutants.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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This woman is tall, over 5 feet 9 inches, athletic and muscular in build. She is exotic, from a mixed Cheyenne and North American heritage. Her long, luxurious midnight-black hair is tied in a warrior's braid, a lone feather present, and falls down over her shoulders to her back.

Her midnight-brown eyes can go from warm in one moment, to piercing your very soul as though waiting for your death, in the next. Her expression is calm and confident, her lips naturally red. She can be described as pretty, but not truly beautiful, her nose is a little long for that.

She is currently wearing yellow-black "armour", her costume/uniform. It is form-fitting and looks comfortable, snug around her very athletic feminine form, showing off her muscles...and her curves. There is even an "X" present just above her left breast, for those who know what that means.

Around her right arm is a highly polished yellow-black adamantine bracer. Around her left arm, is a uniquely distinctive bracer - a bracer of black leather, adorned with a moonstone with a bow and arrow of silver upon it. The badge and symbol of a Valkyrie of Valhalla and Asgard.

Wrapped around her waist is a worn leather belt that holds several black leather pouches and a well-worn scabbard containing an ancient sword of Uru metal containing runes and glows with a yellow-black light. Her boots are dark leather, well worn, and comfortable appearing.


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Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar was born in Boulder, Colorado to Cheyenne parents. Discovering her mutant powers very early in her teenage years, she had a vision where her parents were killed by the "Demon Bear". When her parents vanished, she believed her visions had come true! When her grandfather took her in, he discovered that Dani had mutant powers, and so contacted Charles Xavier. Accepted into the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, Dani became a core and founding member of the New Mutants.

After Dani and the team defeated the Demon Bear, who had come to claim her, her parents' souls were released into the afterlife. She found that she fit in really well at the School and excelled at her studies. She became a leader amongst her peers, discovering where she belonged. After several misadventures with this team, the X-Men and New Mutants found themselves fighting for their Asgard!

Rescuing a winged stallion from a group of hunters, she discovered herself bonded to that steed. Brightwind, one of Odin's own winged horses, and Dani found themselves empathically linked. This only occurred between these horses and Odin's Choosers of the Slain. The Valkyries of Valhalla. With a heroic heart, and showing self-sacrifice by saving Asgard at nearly the cost of her own life, she was gifted with something truly unique. Hela and Odin blessed her as a Valkyrie, something unprecedented for a human. That also made her a citizen of Asgard!

Returning to Earth, Dani has done much in the months and years since. She has become a teacher and mentor to young mutants. A Valkyrie, tried and true! Been a part of Ragnarok, where she discovered herself in possession of Gugnir, Odin's spear! An artifact "accidentally" left to her when Odin was allegedly killed before her eyes! A member of the X-Men, New Mutants, and even other teams non-mutant in origin, such as Excalibur! She has been a busy girl indeed! Many things have happened to her, including Gugnir finding its way back to its true wielder.


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Dani is a calm, collected, passionate woman who was raised as a Cheyenne warrior. Yes, she is a princess, having that title passed down to her from her family. However, most of her people are long gone. This is where a touch of sadness permeates her personality. She misses her parents, her grandfather, and her people. However, now she has a new family to be a part of.

Dani is hard working. Considerate. Kind. Honorable. Powerful. She is empathic and telepathic, and this allows her to feel what others are feeling. Her powers give her an added dimension, knowing if the person is sad, happy, angry, etc. She is really comfortable with animals, and her happiest moments are on Brightwind's back, soaring above the clouds, reveling in her horse's joy...and her own.

She is incredibly loyal to her friends and family, and terrible to behold towards her enemies. She doesn't give this freely, but when it is earned, she will march to Hel and back to save them. Dani is open minded, capable, brilliant, and strategic. She is an outstanding leader, charismatic and bold, brave and strong.

Most of all, Dani is willing to die and to sacrifice for her friends and family. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and would be willing to die for others, no matter who they are. She is also a tad "alpha" and hates to be told what to do. She prefers to be in charge, and can sometimes rebel against orders or direction she feels is "wrong".


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Animal Empathy:
Dani is an empath, that is true. But her strongest empathic abilities are with animals. Specifically, those she grew up with and has had contact with, such as: horses, coyotes, wolves, bears, canines, felines, most animals of the plains, and birds of prey, such as eagles, hawks, and peregrines. Dani can create strong links to these animals, feeling what they feel, knowing what they know, seeing what they see. The strongest empathic link she has is with her "Pegasus" or flying horse, Brightwind, one of Odin's own horses that only the Valkyrie ride.

It is hard for Dani to have been around her Grandfather, a Cheyenne Shaman, Loki and Amora (the Enchantress), Odin and Hela, Illyana and Twoyoungmen, Wanda and even Dr Strange without picking up a few things mystically.

Dani is, at best, an "Apprentice" level Sorceress, able to cast a handful of basic spells, shamanistic rituals and understand ancient mystical languages. As a studious woman, she has also read a few tomes of magic that she wasn't supposed to, and can help out with a spell or two in a pinch.

With her "Valkyrie" blood and Cheyenne background, she has a predisposition towards magic.

Avatar of Death:
Something happened to Dani when she went to Asgard, rescued and chosen by Brightwind, met Odin, and found Hela's favour, changed by their gifts. She became a Valkyrie. A Chooser of the Slain. A member of the Valkyrior. This changed her and made her more aware of the differences between life and death. She was no longer a mortal, but became an Asgardian. Her mutant gifts were magnified by this change and so, she was never the same.

Dani can sense when another is close to death. She can see a person's near future, almost with precognitive ability. This allows her to sense timelines and ripples in the future. It gives her a very small measure of ability to dictate outcomes of others, only. She cannot determine her own future. This allows her to stop a bullet that would kill someone in a second! Or push someone out of harms way. It also allows her a small amount of "cosmic awareness" as in, she can sense when Death is coming on her pale horse.

Other side effects of her newfound abilities are: Dani is now attuned to death, and instinctively knows when something dies in her vicinity. She can "push back" at something that is trying to cross the line between life and death, making it harder for a living thing to die, or for a dead thing to return to life.

Dani may prolong the death of something, preventing it from actually dying even though its death is inevitable. Dani can also escort a newly departed spirit through "Death's Door" making it easier for that person to pass on. Dani can now alter her perception around herself, allowing her to see into the Realm of Death. Now she can see ghosts, haunts, how someone or something died, and how close someone is to dying.

Lastly, Dani can speak to the dead. This allows her some small protection in the realms of the dead as well. She can converse with them, especially the newly departed, and learn what happened to them as best as they can remember. This ability is very unpredictable and hurts, literally, the psyche of the person communing with the dead.

Dani is able to use her psychic and empathic powers to create realistic illusions. They are "solid" and "permanent" until she dispels them, and are as real as if they were actually there. They actually use her psionic abilities to go deep within every person in the vicinities' psyche, to create a shared illusion that even Charles Xavier would have difficulties penetrating. These illusions are limited to her imagination and the imaginations of those present, and utilize their inherent fears to create incredible illusions.

As per normal rules, this is all by consent and as per the TP and players agreement.

First and foremost, Dani is an empath. She can sense what another person is feeling. Their fears, their wants, their desires. Dani can use those abilities to figure out what the person is thinking and how to utilize that information to best attack, defend, strategize, or just to help assuage them from their fears as a skilled "psychologist". This is a basic telepathic ability, and sometimes she can even hear another's thoughts, at least to the basic level. She is not a "true" telepath like Jean Grey or Charles Xavier, but she does have some ability in this area.

Dani has the unique ability to create "psychic arrows" that she can utilize to stun an opponent by overloading their psychic synapses, central nervous system and/or brain chemistry. She can fire them from a psionic bow, or throw them. These hit the target like a lightning bolt, forcing them to see their worst fears, their most hedonistic desires, or their death. This stuns the opponent for several minutes, effectively taking them out of the battle. Even the most guarded, psionically protected person is affected by these arrows, especially after Dani's "Valkyrie" upgrade. Seeing your own death can stun even the most jaded person.

Dani also has the ability to create a "Spirit Lance" from her subconscious psionic abilities. This can stun and disable an opponent just like her psychic arrows can, although at a closer distance. In hand to hand combat she prefers more "material" weapons, but this can be used in a last resort and is one of her first manifestations of her psionic ability.

As always, the use of these powers are by consent, as per normal RP rules.


Dani has been blessed with extra gifts since she was embued by Odin and Hela as a Valkyrie. Now, she has the same abilities as her sisters. She has the Allspeak, able to understand and speak all languages. She has enhanced strength, able to lift up to 25 tons, the lower levels of Asgardian strength.

Dani is resistant to most "mortal" weapons, such as small arms fire. She is resistant to most poisons, and has a small amount of resistance to magic and telepathic influence.

Dani also heals at an excelerated rate. Minor wounds heal within minutes, major wounds within a few hours, and lethal wounds taking several hours to regenerate. She even has the advantage of aging at a slower rate, although she is too young to notice yet.

Dani's reflexes are also enhanced, giving her abilities on par with the fastest and most gifted of Olympian level athletes, able to catch an arrow out of the air if she knows it is coming and move with the quickness of a panther.


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Dani is in unbelievable shape. Her workout regimen is as strict as that of the best athletes in the world. Her athlethic ability is of, at least, equal to an olympic level athlete and she maintains this exercise regimen daily which includes strict exercise, diet and meditation. You can always see her at 5 AM heading out of the School grounds on her ten mile run, and then in the gym, exercising for an hour after that.

Classic Weapons:
Dani is exceptionally skilled in classic, primitive weapons. Before she could walk, her Grandfather was teaching her how to skin an animal, how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to use a spear for defense, and offense, how to block and riposte with a sword, and how to be one with the weapons so close to nature.

Without her mutant abilities, Dani is nearly unmatched with the bow and arrow. She is a Grandmaster of Kyudo, as was her Grandfather before her. And his father, and so on. With her abilities, she could give Green Arrow and Hawkeye a run for their money. They are better than her, straight up, but with her Asgardian and mutant abilities, she may just be a match for them.

Next, she is incredibly gifted with the spear. This is where she uses her mutant abilities most. Her "Spirit Lance" is, literally, a part of her, and she started to use it in battle when she was 12 years old. Within the United Heroes Universe, she is magnificent with her "Spirit Lance".

Last, she is an incredible swordswoman with the magical "Uru" sword that was gifted to her by Hela as a Valkyrie. She is not the best or the fastest, but combined with her other skills make her a deadly opponent and able to hold her own.

Dani is a student of history and mythology. She has voraciously read and absorbed everything about North American culture, Native American culture and history, Asgardian lore and mythology, and several other topics in history and mythology.

Strangely enough, Dani is actually a closet genius. Her IQ is extremely high, and she could easily get into Mensa. No one knows this though, as she doesn't seem like she is the genius type. She is always reading and studying. She loves learning new things, and remembers anything she has heard or read before easily. She even likes to have conversations with Hank - and he doesn't even realise, she understands him! She's not a scientist or a philosopher, but she understands.

Dani is an "Alpha". She likes being in charge. She is a tactical thinker when she needs to be, a strategic planner when necessary, and always seems to be able to find her way...and the way of her a path that is best for all. She has good instincts, likes to move forward, and hates being kept in reserve. She is charismatic, a warrior, and is one of those "lead by example" and "lead from the front" types. This gets her in trouble sometimes, but so far, she has brought her people home. So far.

Martial Arts:
Dani is exceptionally gifted in the area of self-defense, martial arts, and athletics. She has been training all her life in these techniques with her parents and her grandfather, a master of several self defense techniques.

Her Grandfather was a taskmaster, and it was part of her daily training and education since she was able to walk. Her training includes several Cheyenne techniques plus Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Ju Jitsu, and Aikido to name a few. Where she excells however, is one specific area.

Dani is a Grandmaster of the Art of Kyudo, or archery, and is nearly as good as other masters of the art, such as Hawkeye or Green Arrow. In this art she is a natural.

When Logan or Betsy are not teaching these skills at school, Dani would be next in line. Especially teaching target practice.

Modern Weapons:
As per her pic on her finger, Dani is very capable of using modern weapons. She is above average in using these weapons, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, explosives, grenades, and others. While she prefers more "hands on" weapons, such as bows, crossbows, knives, swords, etc. she will use firearms and explosives when the situation demands it.

Dani is a skilled rider, having learned to ride a horse when she was 4 years old. She is exceptional on a horse, as skilled as an Olympic-level rider, but where she really excels is on the back of Brightwind, her winged horse. Together they are as one, as they both have an empathic link, and know what the other is feeling. This bond is unique to the horse and rider, "mated" for life. They can go into battle knowing that the other is there to keep them safe while still doing battle with the foe.

Dani has discovered that she is a pretty good teacher. She has the personality, the perseverence, and the ability to speak to others, and teach them. She is skilled at working with young mutants especially, and she finds that they look up to her as "one of them". This is something she enjoys, and likes to push them to be their best, even if she can be a little rough on them sometimes.


Dani learned to track on the plains of her home in Colorado. She understands the lay of the land, the tracks that animals...and man...make. Direction, wind, smells, temperatures, everything on how to track something through the wilderness, including through good and bad weather. She can trap a wild animal, or otherwise, and has the almost unnatural skills of a Cheyenne tracker.


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Dani has been an adoptive member of the Asgardian people now for years, and has come to their aid at least twice, including during Ragnarok. She can call on their help and resources as a citizen of Asgard, as decreed by Odin himself, if available and possible, and can walk freely amongst their streets and land if it ever exists again.

Asgardian Armor:
When Dani helped save Asgard and Brightwind, she was gifted with a suit of magical Asgardian Valkyrie armor from Hela and Odin. This armour is able to withstand blows from most mortal weapons, deflect small arms fire, and even withstand a punch from heroes in the 50 ton category. Not that it doesn't hurt.

The real strength of the armor comes in being able to deflect magic spells cast against her from most spell casters. Now, it won't stop spells cast by Dr. Strange, Dr. Fate, or Loki, but it will absorb some of the magic causing her less harm. It can be summoned at the same time she summons her sword or Brightwind.

When in Asgard, Dani did a very heroic thing. She nearly sacrificed herself to save Brightwind, one of Odin's winged horses, from a group of bandits. This event caused the two of them to bond, as though they were twins, an empathic bond that is unique and unbreakable. As Brightwind was an untethered steed of the Valkyrior, this made Dani a default Valkyrie by Odin's Law.

Dani and Brightwind has an unbreakable empathic bond. This allows each of them to know how the other is feeling, and allows Brightwind to know instinctively when Dani needs his help. He can fly at near Mach 1 speeds, is incredibly durable and resistant to most magics, and can even resist the ballistics of small arms fire. He is still a horse, albeit a magical one, and is vulnerable. He is also extremely long lived, and it is unknown how long he will live.

When in Asgard, Dani was gifted a magical "Uru" metal sword by Hela, with the blessings of Odin himself. This sword is made of the same material as Thor's hammer, just without most of the enchantments. The sword can cut through nearly anything (including Vibranium and can even damage Adamantium), is nearly invulnerable to damage, is always razor sharp, and can even cut magical spells and wards. Consent is required for any destruction of magical spells and wards in a scene, as per normal consent rules.

Dani was an actual undercover SHIELD agent, with all the duties, responsibilities and advantages that go with being an Agent of SHIELD. She was assigned by Nick Fury himself to infiltrate the Mutant Liberation Front, and as such, she has maiantained these contacts over the years even after that operation was concluded.

Trick Arrows:
Dani won a bet from Hawkeye, so he was generous, and gifted her with several trick arrows, which she has duplicated to create her own. She can now reverse engineer these arrows, and always has a quiver of 20 of them ready to go when needed. Some of these include explosive, acid, poison, knockout gas, net, impact, armor piercing arrows, etc.

Dani always has a handful of extra weapons on her person, and on Brightwind's saddle. These include knives, her advanced "SHIELD" longbow (which can fold up small enough to hide), trick arrows and two handguns.


Dani has been a New Mutant, an X-Man, and a member of the mutant community for several years now. As a teacher at the school, she has those resources. As a teammate of the New Mutants she can count on their help if needed. As a member of the X-Men, she has those resources to call on as well. She will come to any call that is required from the team, and can count on them for help as well, including the resources of the team when required.


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One thing that she doesn't tell most people is that using her powers cause her massive headaches, almost debilitating. That is why she tries not to use them at all if she can help it. She does hear voices, other peoples emotions, and has a hard time blocking these emotions out sometimes. That is why she needs to escape to a dark room or a quiet room to listen to music or meditate because these can cause her excruciating pain.

Danielle, despite her training, tends to be pretty headstrong and is prone to rushing in where eagles (or Valkyries) fear to tread. This can cause her to get in way over her head, and she doesn't have too much of a mindset to wait and plan. This isn't saying she doesn't plan at all, but she'd rather do something on the fly.

Dani Moonstar is a mutant, and one that sticks out when others hide in the shadows. Riding a mystical winged horse does not really allow for "blending" in. She suffers racial prejudices from two levels, and this one hurts almost as much as the other.

Native American:
Dani is of North American Indian descent, and this has its own groups of prejudices. As a Cheyenne warrior she is looked down upon by many Americans, even those who are supposedly "enlightened". She suffers this wherever she goes, and Hel forbid she is ever noticed as a mutant as well.


Dani has become a Valkyrie. In Asgard, they are not necessarily the best "people". As a Warrior of Hela and Death, people can be "creeped" out around her, and try to avoid her sometimes. Especially when she is channeling that part of her powers. This means she can be cold, distant, and scary sometimes.


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About Last Night August 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Catching Up Is Hard To Do August 3rd, 2017 Right after "Mutants": Sam and Dani have a heart to heart
The Wolf of Westchester July 31st, 2017 Doug's day runs the gamut of emotions. Wolfsbane returns to find out the truth about him. Dani is there for both of them.
Log 1727 July 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Nerdy Night for Movies July 29th, 2017 We'll send them cheesy movies, the worst we can find! LA LA LA.
Roomies July 27th, 2017 Dani and Alexia roomies? Heaven help us!
Quieres bailar July 27th, 2017 Summary needed
Reorientation July 27th, 2017 Havok looks a bit lost... like he's been gone for years?!?
To TP, or not to TP July 26th, 2017 Tomfollery was had at the Academy of Tomorrow which turned into a rescue and a beatdown of Smile Faces. Key ingredient, Havok is back from the dead. Yippie.
Gotta Make Way For The Homo Superior July 25th, 2017 Yana is saved from some Friends of Humanity by Dani and Magneto. Discourse ensues about mutants.
We Can Dance If We Want To July 25th, 2017 Dani & Alexia meet Yana at a rave set up in Mutant Town
Valkyries and Horses, July 24th, 2017 Alexia and Dani meet up while the latter was taking Brightwind out for a flight
A Brave Man Dies But Once July 22nd, 2017 No one told Dani that Doug was back!
Valhalla I Am Coming July 20th, 2017 So, how exactly did Dani get so young anyway? Who knows!
Between Dream and Reality July 10th, 2017 Summary needed


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