15281/And TV repair is science.

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And TV repair is science.
Date of Scene: 02 July 2023
Location: MJ's place - New York
Synopsis: Nadia stops by to help MJ with totally super science related issues. Because who really understands how a TV remote works these days?
Cast of Characters: Mary Jane Watson, Wasp (Pym)

Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Sometimes, you just run into one of those problems that you can't solve yourself. Be it trying to primp up your resume for a job application, or something far more esoteric and confusing. Like your media center not working properly. Is it Skrulls? Kree? Chitauri interference from beyond Earth's Moon?

Mary Jane Watson is positive it's one of these. Because she's used her vast, encyclopedic knowledge of electronics to dismiss all other possibilities.

And in the heat of summer, she can't just _not_ have a working television, she needs that television for watching in her gloriously air conditioned apartment. And so she has sent out a call for help. A desperate plea.

Help her, Nadia Pym! You're her only hope! Or at least, according to her texting with Gwen, her /best/ hope.

The redhead actress is sprawled on her stomach on her couch in gym shorts and a t-shirt that actually hangs down past them, one arm stretched along the couch ahead of her, the other listlessly holding her remote vaguely pointed at the TV, clicking buttons. Nothing is happening.

Surely though, salvation is on the way.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia Pym and the forces of GIRL are here to solve all science problems. No matter how big or how small.

Or at least that's what Nadia proudly informed her newfound friends. She perhaps was not expecting the requests to involve working on cable or satellite TV. Unless maybe it'd become self aware and was trying to communicate via the static. Which is probably not going to be a quick and easy fix.

It's also probably the cause she's most hoping for but shh don't tell MJ that.

The GIRL herself is dressed for Summer. With a Summer dress that's only moderately frilly and assorted matching accessories. Including a clutch bag that contains  enough toolsand equipment to put any TV repair person to shame.

Her arrival is announced by a series of enthusiastic knocks at the door. Plus a text message with a lot of smiley emojis. In case the noise wasn't a big enough giveaway.
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ's just about to heave out a forlorn, woeful sigh... genuine? Practicing her forlorn woefulness for an audition? the world shall never know, for she is interrupted by knocking /and/ her phone chiming and she springs up off her couch to make her way to the door and swing it open with a bright, winning smile. "Oh! Hey! You're Nadia, right?!" Her lips quirk slightly in a bit of a frown, a sort of self-conscious 'Of course she's Nadia, you dope, she just texted you and also she looks like Nadia.' expression

But she's happy to sweep aside and gesture grandly to welcome her guest and savior into her apartment. Large enough to be considered expansive and luxurious? Certainly not. But it's big enough to be comfortable, with an open living room, a kitchen nook separated by a counter, a short hallway clearly leading to bedroom and bathroom. It's not a closet, so she's got that going for her.

Is it decorated with a careful eye to put Ikea furniture and random thrift store finds in their best light? Absolutely.

"Thanks for coming by! It's just... I don't get it! My remote does /nothing/. Like, the lights on it light up, I swapped the batteries twice... but it just... doesn't _control_ things. Remotely." Her lips press in a thin, faux-unamused line. "I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas!"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
The petite Russian breezes in as soon as Mary Jane has started to gesture for her to enter. Practically skipping. "I am indeed Nadia," she assures. "At least that's what some of my passports say!" There's a pause. "Which is a joke which works much better if Gwen told you I was raised by spies." Another beats pause. "If she did not. It's a very long story but makes that joke much funnier. And you must be Mary Jane, Gwen's friend?"

She looks around the room curiously. Like every object is mysterious and interesting. Which to be fair they probably are. She doesn't get invited round to many regular apartments. Why this place probably doesn't even have a secret room for repairing super suits in!

"This might sound like a silly question but... Did you make sure it was actually the television remote? And not one for an associated device like a disc player of some sort?" She drops her clutch which thunks down with noises that're louder than you'd expect for a tiny bag. "Really I am more of a theoretical physicist but if I can adjust a radio telescope I should be able to figure out a television." Just don't ask her to explain what the point of a 3D TV is.
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ's green eyes narrow slightly at that 'some passports' crack and sighs out, "I'm not going to wind up on some government watch list because you help me fix my TV, am I? I mean, I deal with /enough/ strangers in black sedans trying to snap pictures for those terrible tabloid websites. Having to tell the difference between them /and/ spies?" She feigns shuddering and recoils. Only to break into a broad smile, "Oh! She mentioned you had an interesting upbringing. Mostly kept telling me you're smart as a whip, and babbling about how we should get together and go clubbing or something, but..."

She pauses for a moment at that question and lifts the remote up to her eyeline... eyes flick back and forth as she practically /stalks/ across her apartment, until she can make out the small logo on the TV and the one on the remote, "They... are... the same! Which I knew already. Because I... checked that. Right away. First thing. Like a... smart... person."

Her eyebrows perk as that clutch thuds down and she hums softly, "I mean, the TV itself works, but... having to /walk/ across the room and reach behind it for the buttons? Is it possible the little..."

She gestures vaguely again with her free hand, hips cocking, head tilting to let her hair sort of fling, "Sensor thing is broken? I mean, I know people /say/ that they design TVs and stuff to fail so you have to buy a new one, but like... people kept throwing wireless video game controllers through their TV, so I'm reluctant to listen to 'people' about TVs..."
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Oh not at all!" Nadia assures beaming a smile. "Unless they lied about the terms of my immigration agreement." She shrugs. "I did not notice anyone tailing me though. So even if they are monitoring me I do not see how they would know about my visit."

She is thankfully better with technology than she is reassuring people!

"With a little time I could put together a bracelet of some sort which uses IR technology to blind cameras. If that would help you avoid unwanted attention?" She tilts her head then adds "Oh yes I have never been clubbing before. Gwen says it's very fun. Although I've been living in America for several years now I mostly just stayed home in my lab. Which means I get a lot of work done but rarely have much time for fun."

She reaches for the remote and begins, very scientifically, pushing seemingly random buttons. And if that doesn't work. Well then it's time to take it apart.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and smartphones she can pretty easily search up various manufacturer codes, pdf schematics and probably at least one poor quality youtube video where someone shows how to repair one.
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Green eyes narrow once more, flicking up and down and appraising her guest and technological savior... before MJ rolls her eyes and heaves out a sigh, "Oh, can you imagine if they messed up your agreement? Government bureaucracy is the _worst_, isn't it?"

She pauses for a moment and then shrugs, "Okay, second worst. Supervillainy ruining your commute is actually the worst but that only happens... three, four times a month. And usually it makes the news so you don't need to try too hard to convince anyone it happened."

MJ hums softly, eyebrows perking up. "That actually might be pretty neat. I mean, if we could make it so there was no way to trace it back to being me doing it /purposefully/, I imagine some creep would love to sue me for wrecking his fancy SLR or something."

Mary Jane flops onto her couch once more as her remote is taken and inspected and... quite possibly disassembled and reassembled into a laser gun. She's not sure how this all works. Of course, the fact that the remote itself is in functioning order is easy to sus out.

And the many many half-star reviews for this particular sizable but budget branded TV /do/ mention faulty soldering on the IR sensor leading to remotes no longer working.

There are a _lot_ of those reviews.

MJ didn't exactly do research, she just saw a sale and jumped on it. It was such a deal!!

You know, when she didn't know that it would break on its own so easily.

Now it's only a pretty good deal.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I had a very good lawyer," Nadia assures. "He was so good it was like he was a Human lie detector. Only actually accurate in a way a polygraph test will never be." Especially not when you've taken courses in how to fool such a test. "Oh that device would not break the camera. You just use Infra-red light to baffle the camera sensors so it messes up the automatic focusing. So the it saves the images as pure white while they focus on you. But if they take pictures of anyone else without the same technology and it'll work just fine."

The seemingly endless array of tools and scanners which come out of that clutch bag will soon convince MJ that Nadia is the sort of smart Gwen claimed and then some. And after establishing what the last twenty something years of television remote technology has advanced too she pushes random buttons with the right sort of sensor there to indicate it's fine. (Unsurprisingly the Red Room's Science Class did not spend much, if any, time on the inner workings of TV remotes! Besides a good Red Room agent convinces someone else to get up and change the channel...)

"Well the good news is your remote is fine," she says cheerfully. "But the bad news is I need to poke around at the television instead. I'm sure it'll be an easy fix. Hopefully it will not be boring while I take the casing off and take a look." She doesn't actually wait for permission before starting to dismantle things. Hopefully MJ was not watching whatever was on!
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
"Oh, well that's good! I imagine it was something that needed a good lawyer. Immigration, spies, your uhh... talents..." She clears her throat. Did Gwen tell her Nadia has superpowers? Are superpowers that come part and parcel with being a SUPER GENIUS actually different than just being a SUPER GENIUS? MJ's not going to ask. It's impolite to probe your new friend who's working on your TV after all.

Instead she's happy to settle on her couch, legs crossing at the knee, hands clasping as she sighs out... only to boggle as Nadia begins pulling out far more than should be able to fit in her clutch. "Well... that explains the thunk. Do you ever whomp guys with that thing on the subway?"

She takes a deep, relieved breath and gusts it out when her remote is declared okay... although she immediately realizes the remote dying would have been the _easiest_ fix. Her lips press in a thoughtful line, "Well, I'm sure we can make room to take apart the... oh! Okay, you can just like... /do/ it huh? Neat!" She tilts her head thoughtfully and hums, "How're you at cars? I don't own one right now, but... I mean, I can be /really/ nice to friends who help me out! Plus, we could drag Gwen on a roadtrip!" And really, MJ barely even notices the muted TV's screen shutting off, she's far more focused on her guest. Nadia's just got that intense energy that draws people in it seems.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I do not use the subway," Nadia says absentmindedly as she takes things apart. "I tend to fly when I'm travelling around New York. Speaking of which I'll just need to put my wings on for the final repairs..."

She glances back over her shoulder, laying out neat rows of bits which are probably all very important as she goes. Was that screw important? Probably not. "Cars? I have never had a car of my own. But they are not mechanically complex. I bet Harper, who is also in GIRL, could do a lot with cars. If you would like I can give her your number?"

From somewhere a small backpack has appeared in her hands, which she immediately starts putting on, and once she's got it in position insectile wings unfurl. "I'm just going to shrink down and see if I can mend the damaged connections." And with that she seems to blink out of existence.
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
MJ nods her head a little absentmindedly herself, she's mostly focusing on Nadia's whole... ultracompetent totally fixing her TV /vibe/ that's going on.

You know, up until there's something about her wings. MJ's mouth opens so she can /ask/ about those wings, because who doesn't want to know about _super powers_?

But then they're out, in totally cool backpack form! "Oh, yeah, totally! I mean, really, like... it's hard to randomly socialize with my schedule, so meeting friends of friends is... just..."

She trails off as suddenly her guest has vanished! "Oh... that's... /totally cooooool/!"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Hopefully the fluttering of her wings at full size did not disturb too much of Mary Jane's apartment! The disappearing act is at least unlikely to cause much disruption unless MJ was doing any extremely sensitive exotic energy scanning experiments in her apartment. And if she is? Well probably Nadia would find herself too busy nerding out about it to fix the TV....

She's gone for some time. Flitting around inside the TV looking for faults. Zapping them with energy blasters and re-soldering various bits. The only sign anything is happening being the odd sparking noise and perhaps a tiny bright pinprick of light.

Eventually she reappears. Wings fluttering as she lands. If anything was knocked about the first time it certainly gets re-disturbed unless MJ has moved it away!

"Well that's all fixed. We should be able to test it once I re-assemble everything," which she sets about with enthusiasm. Wings curling back up into the backpack. "It was just a loose sensor in the TV which needed re-fitting and probably was covered under the warranty." If she hadn't just taken everything apart without being a professional certified TV repair person. "I do know what you mean though. Meeting people for social things is tough. It's one of the reasons I am forming my own super science group. So I have plenty of people to hang out with." Also adventures.
Mary Jane Watson has posed:
Any disturbance to MJ's place seems restricted to fabrics fluttering, and some loose papers on the coffee table the redhead springs to pin down with only minor crumpling and creasing! And really, she's not too worried about creasing the rejection letters she's yet to throw in the trash.

She hums an awkward little tune while she eyes her TV like she's expecting Nadia to appear on the screen in high def or something... the little sparking noises and pinpricks of light are... worrying? No. Concerning. She hopes they're not Nadia fighting off interdimensional beings that took over her TV.

But the GIRL genius seems pretty confident when she reappears that those were /totally normal TV repair sparks/. Sure! MJ can roll with that. For all she knows, that's how TV repair shops do it. Sparks. They're practically electricity, and that's what TVs run on.

MJ grins and bobs her head, "Yeah, I imagine the whole... uhh... daring-do and dramatics scene is as hard to meet genuinely cool people in as the acting scene. Probably not a lot of crossover between them, but hey, if I make it big I'll totally take you gals to an awards show! Right now all I get are tickets to the technical awards, which... I mean, they don't even /cater/ them." MJ scoops her remote up, spins it around her finger like an old west six-shooter as the repairs are completed, and fires the TV up.

Figuratively. It does not burst into flames, because Nadia is the best at science. And TV repair is science.