15297/Chaos and Hope

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Chaos and Hope
Date of Scene: 05 July 2023
Location: Lobby, Titans Tower
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Superboy, Harley Quinn

Superboy has posed:
It's calm.

Far, far, far too calm. The city was rested. No Toyman to try and wreck the city in one of his gigantic mechs, no Brother Blood trying to sacrifice civilians by his crude rituals. No doubt Lex Luthor was planning the demise of many a hero, but silence from him also.

One could hear a pin drop.

Especially if you were Conner Kent, AKA Superboy. The Teen Titan was dressed in his usual wear: fatigue pants, black T-shirt with the emblem of Superman painted red on his chest. He's wearing black combat boots and a necklace about the neck.

He was reading the newspaper as Pa Kent so enjoys doing, his eyes on the subject matter but his ears searching for any signs of distress. Would he hear someone approaching the tower? Or is mischief yet to be managed?
Harley Quinn has posed:
There is a sound, a very special sound you don't normally hear outside of Africa, that's the sound of a hyena laugh.. but it would clearly sound diffrent for Connor to be sure the sound of one no.. two of them!

     Next, he'd hear a rather familiar voice, " Awww thank you, pumpkin.. mama was thirsty.. thank you for bringing me my drink," and the sound of her kissing what is clearly a hyena.. but That voice could only be Harley quinn! " Now, let's get some sun before I have some fun. Hmmm," .
Superboy has posed:
Conner's ear twitches.

<<The hell was that?>>

He focuses on the sound and it's the sound of a Hyena. Larger than the average. Mutated? But more alarming is the sound of mirth from one Harley Quinn, psychologist and criminal that oft bothers Batman and co. Let's just hope Joker isn't with her.

Folding up his paper, Superboy LAUNCHES into the air from where he was, flying out of the Tower and taking flight.

He's not nearly as fast as Superman but he was sure getting there. Maybe. Hard to tell, most days.

"Maybe ixnay on the fun day, Quinn. You up to trouble?"

Calls the floating voice of Superboy a couple tens of feet above her.
Harley Quinn has posed:
To her credit, she doesn't jump too much.. okay, maybe a little, but she looks around for a moment before she looks up.. She yanks her sunglasses up and looks up at him, the two massive mutated hyenas sitting near her. Seems one has a tray strapped to its back to serve her drinks!

     She blinks and peers " Who? Oh.. wonder boy ", Hiya! What's wrong with a girl getting some color? " Witch is funny given she's like white.. like paper white! .

     " I'm just having some drinks and getting some sun.. wanna join? " She asks, pointing to a lounge chair next to her " Ah, haven't robbed anybody .. today, " She adds.