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Birthday Buddies
Date of Scene: 05 July 2023
Location: Jubilee's Room (North Halls), Xavier's School
Synopsis: Jubes brings some booze and good cheer to help Tabby after a tough birthday.
Cast of Characters: Jubilee, Boom-Boom

Jubilee has posed:
After the festivities at the barbecue, Jubilee went looking for Tabitha. She knew they had the same birthday, even if Jubilee is a little older, but definitely not any more mature. Don't you dare call her mature! You take that back!

She's got the remnants of her booze supply from the party in a napsack, jingling and clanking along next to her as she heads up to the dorms and sees Tabby in the hallway, "Hey, Bangarang!"
Boom-Boom has posed:
Normally, any other day that calls for drunken celebration would result in a bombed out bombshell joining the rest. But Independence Day also happened to be the day she was spawned so growing up, well It's America's day sweety, we have to celebrate our nation's birth.

So many years of that happening.

Now she usually just avoids it all.

Which makes finding Tabby sometimes difficult, but eventually she has to make her way to her own room. The smell of smoke, actually burn wisps of clothing. Clingy blue jeans, a red cropped tee with a popular brand of vodka that probably isn't made in Russie, Connecticut to be more accurate. And red chucks.

Kind of a troll outfit when you think of it.

The sound of the Lost Boys war cry gets her head swiveling, hair flailing, pointed ears twitching. "No bottle left behind tonight?" she playfully jokes though there's definitely a tired look.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee is still wearing her stars and stripes bikini top and daisy dukes, bareefoot as she walks around the mansion and grinning as she comes up and swings an arm around Tabitha's neck.

"Look, I get it, this holiday sucks and it sucks that our birthdays are on this dumb holiday, but listen...listen..." she says. Okay, she's already a little tipsy. "We can still have fun and it doesn't have to be about any of that stuff, right? C'mon, c'mon to my room,' she says, grabbing at Tabitha's hair and trying to pull her along. "I'm gonna play some music and we'll do a little dance party, it's fine!"
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's a groan as she's pounced. Not that she couldn't just throw Jubes down on her behind but the woman means well. It's really difficult to be that mopey. But she can always snark. "They holiday shouldn't suck. It just sucks for me. I am absolutely going to be getting high and drunk though!" Tabby states with a grin.

"And you know, make sure everyone else's hangover is extra annoying!" she states and may have a plan.

Fireworks at four in the morning on the fifth of July usually aren't as appreciated.

Of course it's hard to get plans into motion when there's a chinese woman in skimpy shorts and a bikini yanking her hair.

"You finally install that stripper pole?" she teases while there's tension on her scalp, dragging her into Jubilee's room. "No judging, it's a great work out. You might actually build a decently round booty one day!" she teases.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee laughs, "I did not, I was told it would set a bad example. Even though I -am- the gymnastics trainer and one of the main gym teachers," she sighs. "I wanted to incorporate them into the curriculum, too, but no way Cyke or Jean will approve buying them."

"They really are good to train on, not just shake your ass. Although that's fun, too," she says.

She gets the door to her room open and gets Tabby inside, setting down the big bag o' booze on the bed. "And I think my ass looks excellent, even if it is still a teeny bit on the small side. We can't all be gifted with curves."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The occasional wisp of smoke from singed clothes. It'll totally be a fashion thing one day. Better that pre-ripped or shredded. Not that it would make money for Tabby.

"Ugh, I know right. I'm teaching Autoshop. Gonna have the kids building go-karts in addition to the motorbike option we always have. Electric motors, clean energy. Scrounging old parts is eating into my savings. And batteries are heavy, even for me!" Tabby joins the gripe of being a teacher. "At least Lorna has been helping with making sure the batteries and motors aren't going to explode." she states and lands her behind on the bed. The booze luckily doesn't bounce off.

The bouncingis all Tabitha.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee takes a sip from a White Claw and sighs as she rolls over to just watch Tabitha move around the room, kicking her feet up in the air and generally relaxing. It was good to be back and home and with the people she cared about. Now she just had to get all these lemonheads to cheer up a little bit and give her a few smiles. But she knew how to do that. It might even be her real power.

No, it's the fireworks, still. Definitely the fireworks.