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Tabitha Smith (Scenesys ID: 1284)
"Three... two... one..."
Full Name: Tabitha Smith
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student/adventurer
Citizenship: US citizen
Education: High school
Status: Dropped
Groups: New Mutants, Xavier's School, X-Men, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 4 July 2007 Actor: Loren Gray
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Kickstart my Heart" by Mötley Crüe


Not from a happy household, Tabitha Smith ran away from home when her mutant powers surfaced. Finding a home at Xavier's school, Tabitha is part of the team called the "New Mutants". Her power of creating plasma explosives and her short temper have earned her the nickname of "Boom-Boom". A terrible prankster with a sometimes-abrasive personality, people either love her or hate her. There's not much in between.

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Not the tallest girl, Tabitha is somewhere between five and a half and six feet tall, depending on how tall her shoes are. She's slim, a curve at the hip, an inward swoop at the waist, and out again up top. She's been working out, too but she's not bulky or anything. Her face is oval, with a peaches and cream complexion, her eyes a pale sky blue under narrow brows of pale blonde. She has a long throat and slightly-pointed ears. She has her heavy, thick blonde mop up on top of her head, held there by a huge pink bow of much cheesiness.

She's wearing a pair of pink denim jeans held up with a wide silvery leather belt with chrome studs here and there. Her top is slate with a green Velciraptor in a field of pink and yellow flowers on it, "Jurassic Park" above and "Clever Girl" below. She has a couple of silvery bracelets jangling loose on her right arm and a large silver ring on her right middle finger; a leather bracer on her left wrist, a thin thumb ring and a daisy flower ring on her little finger. Her shoes are made for running, with good ankle support. There's a silvery bracelet there too. Earrings that could double as windchimes dangle from her earlobes - pink plastic diamonds, ruby chip studs slightly higher up. She has silver rings at the top of the curve of her ears, too. She has a pair of huge purple sunglasses on top of her head that she flips down now and then.


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Tabitha's parents weren't the nicest folks, most of it was a constant shouting fight. Once her powers appeared they decided that they liked her even less. The last straw was when she put a small plasma time bomb in her father's dinner - he was not thrilled and he beat her severely. Deciding to get out of this situation, she stole all the money she could find at home and took off on the train. After falling in with the wrong crowd for a while, she ended up in Westchester County, NY at Xavier's School for Gifted Children. There she joined the junior team as well as taking classes as her schoolmates do.

Post Xavier's Life:

After she graduated, Tabitha having been unsure if she actually did graduate, hung out and helped some of her friends adjust to their own lives post school, mostly as a someone to lean on for emotional support and more if she really liked them. She did graduate herself, she just left the school and missed graduation rituals to go party. Despite struggling with undiagnosed ADD, she actually tests well. She got to keep the bike she built in autoshop class.

Once they settled Tabby drifted aimless. She missed the hero life, she also missed the life of a thief. This led to her being targeted for recruitment by a privately owned intelligence and covert operations group. The paycheck was good for a while. The team she was assigned to was eclectic and dysfunctional to say the least.

But Tabitha was able to expand her skills with their help. A monster hunter taught her advanced melee combat armed and unarmed. An android taught her how to fly various aircraft. And an energy wielder taught her how to expand her own plasmakinesis beyond just spheroid time bombs. The last member just swore a lot and hit things really hard between binge drinking sessions.

The downside was their employer was using them as test subjects thrown against Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction. One of the people assigned as their handler was a telepath that was psychicly bringing out some of the worst parts of the teams minds. The Android was hacked.

In Tabitha's case her ADHD was cranked up almost to the point of making her seem vapid. It helped make her a good honey pot on some missions. Her flirty tendencies going up with it. It did save Coachella from an outbreak of Social Media Models turned werewolves by keeping the pack in ove tent till they could be dealt with.

Other missions included stopping Kaiju and Giant Robots, a Mindless One incursion, destroying a farm for plant based mecha shock troops. Effectively wiping out a burgeoning new species in the process. Most of the civillians in these situations had already been wiped out by the time the team arrived, replaced by plant mecha. A lot of money was spent covering things up.

It was during a return to base briefing that when Tabby had to go pee that she stumbled on documentation of the plan to test all these weapons on her team. Management was not happy and the team had to fight their way out of their employment situation.

Once free they could not convince anyone what they did happened, the coverups were too effective and the team was considered to have been subjected to a shared mental break down. They weren't even given credit for the actions that did make it public. Best and worst Coachella ever.

Using the last of her money she bought an old van, strapped her bike to the roof racks. Lived off pettty crime and whatever she could con out of people to self medicate or not always sleep in her van.

Which is no way to live, expecially when dealing with PTSD in addition to ADD and unreversed mind altering. Luckily she knew a place that might be able to help her. A certain school in Westchester.


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Tabitha has had several nicknames, including "Boom-Boom", "Meltdown", and "Time Bomb". Though these can refer to her mutant power, they also fit her short temper very well. She tends to be superficially friendly to take charge of a situation but she usually also keeps people at arm's-length emotionally. After all, she's learned that people that are supposed to "love" you tend to be abusive, emotionally and physically. So, letting people past one's shell means that they're going to hurt you. Oh, it'll happen... sooner or later. So, burn the candle and have fun until it's time to move on. Down deep, though, Tabby is desperate to have someone to love, something to hold on to. There's a little broken girl in there, but Boom-Boom keeps them away.


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Durable As a Tank Girl:
Years of being blasted around by being too close to her own explosions, Boom-Boom had developed an immunity to the forces involved. As secondary power result, she's also able to survive many a blunt force impact, including what could be potentially lethal hit like being thrown out of a car at speeds that could total the vehicle.

She is also not explicitly superhuman despite the ability to take a hit. Although least enough to match peak human or easily manhandle a vampire as far as she's aware. Her usual combat idiom is still her plasma bombs and blasts. She can fake a Dragon Punch or Kamehamehadouken. She just won't be flipping cars any time soon

Tabitha is not completely invulnerable, she's still susceptible to sharper, focused attacts. You can beat a drum all day, but a knife or bullet can still go through it. A lack of superhuman strength foranchoring also means she still can get thrown about with enough force.

120lbs of blonde woman is still 120lbs.


Tabitha can, via psionic control of her own biolectricity, generate and manipulate explosive volatile plasma. Her primary idiom of control that she first learned was spherical orbs she referred to as time bombs. From as small as marbles and about as powerful as a cap cun, all the way up to the size of a sedan in diameter, destroying heavily armored vehicles or bringing down buildings. She can control how much blast force, heat, sound, and the direction of the blast. Along with how long before detonation. Though the bigger the blast, the more finicky the amount of time.

Plasma can also be manipulated in concentrates streams similar in style to many pyro kinetics with as much the same control. Due to the bio-electrical nature of her powers, she can conduct and charge plasma through appropriate materials that could carry electrical current.

Because of years working the heat and power generated by her plasma blasts she has developed an immunity to heat and fire from external sources but not external electricity. She is also durable enough to survive being caught in her own explosions. Though without anchoring strength she can still be blown around like a leaf on the wind. The benefit of this is it allows for some enhanced mobility such as rocket jumps and leting her survive otherwise lethal falls in a kind of simulated flight.


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Black Ops:
After her schooling at Xaviers was finished, she was recruited to be part of a private intellegence and operations organisation. While she already had a small level and grasp of squd tactics with the New Mutants and X-Men it was honed further with this new team. It also led to her improving her abilities as a thief and conwoman to 'Freaky Deaky Spy Stuff' as she put it. Not that she always follows the plans, but sometimes good leaders know to factor the hot headed Boom-Boom in.

Hand To Hand:
Tabitha has learned to defend herself physically in such classes at Xavier's school. And further beyond working a a freelance intelligence operative. Preferring hand-to-hand and with a more improvisational and aggressive style that incorporates her powers for extra oomph. She is also capable of fighting well with most melee weapons.

She is not a martial-arts master by any stretch but she can mop the floor with most minions. Adding in her explosive mutant abilities only makes her more formidable allowing her to hit and be hit well above her strength level.

In order to make some money as a thief, Tabitha often had to deal with a fence in Brighton Beach that only spoke and haggled in Russian. This resulted her leaning and getting to at least a barely conversational fluency in the language. Literacy is poor as heck as well but that's when you have a cyrillic alphabet. a fluent speaker would notice her grasp is terrible.

Tech Nerd:
While always having been a closet gamer as a kid, Tabitha has always kind of had a knack for computers, and electronics that served her well enough as a thief. From basic end user and gaming rigs to security systems for breaking and entering. She's also a very serviceable hacker though she prefers gaining access via social engineering than just cracking passwords and authentication.

Tabby spent a good chunk of her childhood shoplifting for thrills, so she has a goodly amount of skill with the mechanics of theft - lying, misdirection, stuffing things down one's pants without anyone noticing, looking innocent, and the most important skill of all... runnin' like hell!


Her dad was a mechanic and one of the few good memories of him was being taught to drive as soon as she could see over a dashboard. As she grew into a thief, that meant she had to get better to not get caught.

Two wheels or four she can handle most vehicles at the speed limit or way over. Though you might really want to hang on extra tight. Her time working BlackOps also resulted in her becoming a competent pilot of most aircraft as well.


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Home is where the heart is... or at least the pillow. And where the world-class medical facility, supersonic jet plane, advanced laboratories, and amazing educational opportunities are. Allies to back her up are just a phone call away.


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Booming Is Addictive:
When Tabitha's powers first manifested, it was when she first noticed someone she found attractive. Ever since, using her powers has run bioelectricity along those same nerves. It provides a rush and a thrill and the urge to push herself. Conversely it also makes things dangerous when those nerves are utilised in the conventional ways. And not blasting can be frustrating if that energy is not let out in some way. Her power wants to be used.

Tabitha has a really short fuse. She's likely to get bored and fed up with a situation and do something impulsive just to make things exciting or to get back at someone she is holding a grudge against. Also, noone is safe from explosive pranks. These sometimes include collateral damage!

Power Source:

Unlike a lot of energy and plasma wielders, Tabitha does not pull energy from ambient sources and instead has to generate her blasts from her own metabolism fueling her bio-electricity. While she can reabsorb her own energy, she can't from others. Generating too much power too fast can leave her drained and powerless.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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Drunken Leanings March 10th, 2024 Laura helps a drunken Tabby back to her room and listens to the blonde explain how and when to insult someone.
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Every Day is Leg Day! December 11th, 2023 Kitty points out that maybe Tabitha needs a training partner when Boomie needs to blow off that excess energy built up from not booming.
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Never Forget to Cover Your Food November 7th, 2023 Illyana and Tabitha share a late meal and life lessons.
Cooldowns are Important. November 5th, 2023 There are post workout plannings of a trip for winter break when it comes. Somewhere tropical is considered and borrowing the keys to the Blackbird is added to the plan.
Log 15739 October 25th, 2023 Mystique and Tabitha.
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Wading Wings or Tabby Things October 17th, 2023 The first rule of Undergarment Shopping is that you talk about Underground Cage Fighting.
Long night. October 8th, 2023 Angelica visited with Tabitha, telling her a little nightmare fuel story. Alek came through and made for good background noise, hopefully we will meet again.
Saving Private Kessler October 4th, 2023 The X-Men rescue Tobias Kessler, a young mutant being attacked by the Friends of Humanity. They offer him a home at the Institute.
Up in Flames, not Down and Out. September 30th, 2023 Tabitha comes inside after helping a kid with flame powers had a stress moment. She and Emma discuss the perils of being a teacher, a telepath, and a mutant teacher. At the expense of Tabitha's clothes. Unstable Molecules are expensive.
From Student to Teacher September 28th, 2023 What was just submitting receipts turns into a wellness check for both Tabitha and Jean! Boom-Boom needs to go back to psychic defense classes though.
The King's Tomb part 2 September 23rd, 2023 Magneto and his team continue to explore the Tomb of the Desert King recovering the Segment of Death for the Sceptre of Eternity. On the way out they run into Israa's assistants.
A quick drink amongst friends. September 12th, 2023 Angelica invited Tabitha for a drink and conversation. Tabitha has her new address and knows where Angelica will be now.
The King's Tomb September 10th, 2023 Magneto leads a group to explore the Tomb of the Desert King
Meeting the Whisperer prt 2 August 26th, 2023 The meeting with the Whisperer conlcudes with information regarding the whereabouts of segments of the Sceptre of Eternity
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Birthday Buddies July 5th, 2023 Jubes brings some booze and good cheer to help Tabby after a tough birthday.
The Magnetic Storm June 28th, 2023 After an explosive incident in Madripoor, Magneto, Magik, Boom Boom, and Psylocke investigate and discover a lead to Cairo
Cults are a C-Word June 25th, 2023 Tabitha is almost abducted by one cult looking to screw over another. Thankfully she's saved by Raven and America.
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Car Hold Up a Minute. May 6th, 2023 It's brief but Dani and Tabby catch up. This could lead to fun trouble!
School Reunion May 5th, 2023 Tabitha and Jean catch up. Tabby gets a job and might just be the Auto Shop teacher for now. There is also an update about Penance for Jean to follow up on!
The Bummer about Biometrics May 5th, 2023 Tabby gets caught trying to sneak down into the sub levels by Lorna. Domino comes and goes probably avoiding possible collateral damage. Lucky that. And Penance is investigating while trying to find more help that isn't the weird blonde.
This is how mooching starts! May 3rd, 2023 Tabitha gets caught raiding the fridge by Vanessa, discuss similar backgrounds and maybe employment opportunities for Tabitha. Kit's magic adding to the smells of good foods being cooked!
Lakeside reading...sort of. April 29th, 2023 A little reading turns into a good conversation with Tabitha.
The new teacher April 26th, 2023 Boom Boom has returned. Angelica got a chance to welcome her home.
One's Penance April 23rd, 2023 A wild Penance falls from the sky! And Tabitha is there to see and offer assistance to the mute creature.
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School Daze August 31st, 2017 Summary needed
Tigger Momma Boogaloo August 31st, 2017 Diya has remained at the Mansion for over a day, and has remained human in all of that time. Tabby has some things to say to Lexi's Tigger Momma, and she's going to get them said while there's an actual person instead of a giant killer tiger. Language skills count, apparently.
There's a WHAT Outside August 29th, 2017 Klavdiya Vasiliev
A Magical Shopping Tour August 28th, 2017 Summary needed
No, Seriously, Tiger! August 24th, 2017 Lexi decides to go find Tigger Momma, and ends up involving Tabitha and Dani. They conclude the tigger may well be a shapeshifter of some variety.
The X-Scoop August 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
X-Changing Ideas August 21st, 2017 A meeting is called between the X-Men and New Mutants on various threats, including Starro, and Mojo.
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Danger Room Session August 12th, 2017 Colossus helps run a program in the Gym (aka student Danger Room) for some new students, and some old.
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No Horses in the Pool August 10th, 2017 Sleeping by poolside... what could possibly go wrong?


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Title Date Scene Summary
Needles August 17th, 2017 Summary needed


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