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Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Coffee Shop, Hot Joe's - Gotham
Synopsis: It's another round of Nick and Nikki! Coffee edition.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago), Nikki Hawkins

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As the evening hours set, Hot Joe's experiences a little lull in the clientelle. One could speculate to the reason for the lull. Could it be because coffee is not as popular as in the morning? Maybe. But it could also be because it's in Gotham, there aren't as many students around, and it's getting dark.

Did we also mention it is in Gotham?

Either way, Nick has obtained some black coffee. And although he has had his pick of seats, instead of getting one of those lovely window seats, he has picked the table in the veeeeeery far corner of the shop away from any windows. But close to the counter.

Nikki Hawkins has posed:
The door chime goes off once more as another patron enters the coffee shop for a late night...something. A familiar face to a handful, and definitely this coffee shop, Nikki smiles to one of the baristas behind the counter. "Heya Evelyn! Nikki's here to pick up the order for Mister Drake." She says this, her ever hyper-twinged voice invading the empty space of nearly the entire shop.

"Heya Nikki. We're still working on it. How about a cup of coffee while you wait? Just how you like it."

"She thinks that's perfect!" And Nikki is promptly handed a cup which she carries down the counter a bit, near Nick but she hasn't noticed him, and slides into a counter-chair. Feet swing idly as she takes a sip from the cup, not seeming bothered if it's too hot or not.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
There's a funny thing about making acquaintances. More often than not if one is not exposed to them frequently enough. Facts about them fade away, making room for the more lingering of connections. Sometimes the last memory to go is the face, leaving you a chance for a wave of guilt to hit you should you encounter them just before that image goes. But, the odder the acquaintance, sometimes the longer they reside in the memory.

Far be it for the dream traveling rockstar who sometimes ends up tagging along for SHIELD missions or vampire hunting to declare this but- Nikki is definitely odd.

Hearing the third person proclamation cut through the soft store music, Nick glances up to see Nikki. Brow raised, he turns his head to look for the more robotic companion who is most definitely NOT a Terminator. But... he'd still like to know where it is located.
Nikki Hawkins has posed:
Nikki is without her robotic companion, having left Squishy back at her place, so the robot is not where she is. She continues to sip on coffee, disregarding the temprature of it, like she either can't tell or doesn't care. Her phone is out and she's sending off messages - about four or five in a row - before she seems to pull herself out of her single space area and gives a better look around.

Likely she thought it'd be empty, so there's a look of surprise when she spies Nick. Then a bit of a staaaaaaare because he seems familiar before she finally (and very visibly) has that lightbulb moment.

"Nikki knows you... you're... you're friends with Nathaniel. And even had...yes...you and Nikki share the name. Kinda. You're Nick. Hello."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick's scan of the room comes up empty and when he looks back over to Nikki, he sees her staring back. Oh. Hi there.

Better to vocalize that probably. She is not Nathaniel after all.

"Oh hi there."

Much better.

"Where's your robotic friend?"
Nikki Hawkins has posed:
"Squishy is back at Nikki's house. Nikki has been visiting her boyfriend." Nikki says this with pride that only a Nikki can hold. "She doesn't take Squishy everywhere... only sometimes. And Nikki's been working on a different robot for someone. But she can't say much more on that right now."

NDAs are a pain in the ass.

"What's Nick up to tonight? Trying to stay awake longer?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick pauses as small tidbits of past conversation start to be recovered from the recycling bin of his mind. Seemingly not tossed out yet. "The- your boss?" He asks.

He glances down to the drink, "I just felt like having a coffee." He admits, "But I do have an odd sleep schedule so that's not a bad guess."
Nikki Hawkins has posed:
Nikki gives a soft giggle. "Yes!" Though what does that actually answer? None may ever know. "Nikki drinks a lot of coffee. And soda. She has to because sometimes she has to be awake very late or very early." It has even been proposed that Nikki simply does not have a blood system. It's all been replaced with caffeine.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods, "I can understand working odd hours." He pauses, lifting up the cup. "I have to be selective to when I have coffee because of work. Sometimes I have to have tea or water. But, I like the taste of coffee." Seemingly to bring home the point he takes this moment to sip his drink.
Nikki Hawkins has posed:
Nikki seems to think on this for a moment. In that moment, there is silence, and Evelyn has brought over the order Nikki came for. "Here ya go, Nikki. Tell Tim we say hello."

This pulls her attention and she smiles. "Nikki will. Thanks Evelyn!" She offers before turning back to Nick and sips at her own coffee again. "Does Nick enjoy what he does for a living?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The cup lowers. Nick gives a soft smile to the question. "Yes." He replies, "It's a lifesaver."
Nikki Hawkins has posed:
Nikki moves to grab the bag with the to-go order and slides off her stool. She gives Nick a smile. "Nikki was happy to see Nick again but she has to make a delivery.. hope to see him again soon!"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
A glance is given to the large bag before looking back to Nikki, "Pleasure meeting you again. Maybe one of these times we'll run into each other where none of us is waiting for a to go order. Enjoy your evening!"