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Eight-Legged Freaks
Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Synopsis: Spider-Man and Spider-Woman team up against Doc Ock in the battle to settle the greatest of the eight-legged freaks. They'll call it a draw after Otto is thwarted but escapes. Peter and Jessica are left to question their life-choices.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Drew)
Cast of NPCs: Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man has posed:
Evening has settled in over New York City once more, the recent spate of storms having finally passed leaving clear skies, a welcomed lack of rain and at least a temporary break from the humidity that made it feel like breathing through something akin to a wet blanket.

Which is even worse when you're wearing a spider-mask as well. Doubly so when it is also soaking wet. Yes, a certain Spider-themed vigilante definitely won't be missing the inclement weather anytime in the near future.

While he made a sweep through Central Park earlier in the evening -- and will no doubt return before his evening of patrolling is through -- Spidey did not find any further trace of the lizard creature. Which he still assumes is one Dr. Curt Conners. It would seem that whatever it was that spooked him -- possibly a giant magical bear with a salmon fetish -- the reptiloid menace has gone to ground for the time being.

Which is what brings Peter webbing his way down to Midtown Manhatten, keeping a wary eye out for any sign of trouble. Which there has blessedly not been the faintest trace of. All of which is to say that Spidey has a brief respite. And what does one do with a brief respite?

One eats.

With payday having only recently passed, Pete is not completely broke for a change. Which is why he treated himself. Completely splurged. And now he sits on a building ledge, idly swinging his legs over the edge and about to bite into a mouthwatering New York street hotdog.

Look, Peter doesn't have a whole lot going on right now so sometimes it's the small things in life.

However, just before he can take a bite of his street snack, the wall of a building just down the street suddenly blows outward at around the tenth floor, sending a rain of debris down towards those on the street below.

"Oh, you have just got to be kidding," Peter grouses, quickly rolling his mask back down over his nose and mouth and mournfully setting that hotdog down on the ledge beside him. "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back," he promises.

And then with a little heft, he lifts himself off that same ledge and over the edge.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The wet weather is awful. It's not like Jessica /wants/ to go out. She'd actually much prefer just to mope about the Avenger's mansion, but her therapist insists that sunshine is what she needs. When she sarcastically pointed out that there were clouds everywhere she got a look.

She's starting to suspect her therapist has a mutant power and is able to infuse her with guilt or something.

With the weather finally having cleared, Jessica decides it's time to go out so she'll stop feeling that gnawing guilt. Only dressing in her Spider-Woman outfit and gliding around probably isn't the kind of outdoors activity her therapist expected. The buildings around Midtown are perfect for this, and while she can't swing, her outfit's sleek design and subtle webbing under the arms allows her to glide near endlessly, occasionally landing and climbing to a high perch to continue.

Jess is blessed with sharp hearing. Sometimes it's a benefit, and sometimes a drawback. Today, it's the latter: she hears rumbling somewhere nearby, and turns sharply, gliding towards a ledge so she can get a good look at what's going on. A ledge where there's a surprise.

"Ooh. Hotdog!"

I mean, Jessica's eating worse things than an abandoned hotdog on a ledge. It's warm! So it can't be bad, right? Her uniform was designed with a half mask to leave her mouth free for a reason. Her stomach is rumbling. She goes and does the thing, nose wrinkling. "Ugh. Too much mustard." But she finishes it anyway, as she surveys what's going on below.
Spider-Man has posed:
And thus, the streak of Parker Luck remains thoroughly intact.

No doubt Peter will be properly devastated when he returns to his perch after whatever this is is all done and dealt with. Devastated that his much anticipated hotdog has been poached, leaving not even a crumb behind. But that is what one gets for abandonning such a tempting treat right out there, where anyone with wall-crawling, gliding or flying powers can find it! Or just a willingness to brave a narrow ledge about fifteen stories above the street.

Either way, the lead story here? No hotdog for Spider-Man!

No sooner is the wall-crawler over the edge then one of his weblines thwips out, finding purchase and allowing him to go into a deep swing that takes him skimming just above the traffic on the street below, arcing back up high into the sky as he releases that line and starts another freefall.

The new vantage point gives him a bird's eye view of just where the disturbace is coming from and Peter suffers another little jolt.

OsCorp. That's just lovely.

Another webline swings out, and he grips it with one hand as he continues to soar closer, his other hand taking aim and firing a second line towards a falling chunk of concrete debris, snagging it before it can crash down onto the sidewalk below and shatter into a dangerous shower of shards that might hurt those passing by.

"Score one for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Wooooooo!" he shouts in celebration.

Which is when a powerful-looking metal tendril slides out of that now gaping hole in the side of the Oscorp tower, the grasping attachment at the end neatly snipping through Spidey's webline.

And the 'Wooooooo' abruptly becomes an 'Oh shit!' as Spider-Man begins to plummet out of the sky.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Maybe it'll make Peter feel better if he knew the hotdog is pretty thoroughly enjoyed. Even with too much mustard. Jessica hums, delighted, as she dusts crumbs off her costume.

She almost forgets why she landed here in the first place.

Oh yeah, right.

Falling debris. Her brow furrows as she leans and looks. She can't see what's causing all the concrete to bust out, but she's pretty sure it's bad. At least the universe rewarded her with a hot dog first!

Spider-Woman leaps off the ledge, arms tight to her sides as she gains downward momentum, before her arms snap outwards, turning the the momentum into a tight glide that curves into a downward spiral as she bends her body to accommodate the movement. Just in time to see something sharp cutting something invisible... no, wait. Is that Spider-Man?

"Woow, rude!"

For a second she pauses. She's pretty sure Spider-Man needs no help arresting a free fall. Better than her, almost, since he has, as far as she knows, an endless supply of webbing. The bigger problem is that arm, since it can endlessly cut any attempts to gain purchase. And so she lands on the side of the building, her hands sliding for a second before her bio-electricity kicks in and she comes to a squeaking halt.

Lifting her wrist, Spider-Woman fires her venom bolt at the metal tendril. Metal is a great conductor of electricity, and she pumps through sufficient force that, in theory, it should fry whatever's behind it. ...you know, assuming someone hasn't accounted for that.
Spider-Man has posed:
Alas, his poor hotdog has gone to a better place.

Spider-Woman's stomach. It's debatable how much better her stomach would be compared to his own, really, but if nothing else it should at least have more company there. It will just have to be enough.

In fairness, Spidey probably has bigger problems to worry about right at the moment. This is hardly the worst situation he's ever found himself in, but it is just a little trickey. For one, that tendril is pretty recognizable. And pretty familiar. Not good. For the other, there is that hefty chunk of concrete that he caught, which is once more plummetting towards the ground alongside of him. Instead of immediately throwing out another webline to try and save himself, he first attaches a second line to the one already finding purchase on that dangerous piece of alling debris. Throwing it out, he makes sure it secures itself -- well below the reach of that tendril -- the concrete block bouncing a little as it comes to an abrupt stop.

And then immediately swings into the nearby window. While it doesn't completely break, the glass shatters into a spider-web of cracks along it's mirrored surface. It looks kinda pretty really. And probably expensive to fix. Whoops.

While Spider-Man continues to plummet, Spider-Woman is in a much more secure position -- and in good stead to let that venom bolt loose on that mechanical arm. It strikes true and the sound of a yelp and some muted swearing is indeed audible from within that gaping hole in the side of Oscorp Tower. Clearly though that appendage is at least partly insulated as it does not cease it's flailings. Instead, three more just like it appear at the edge of the gap, pulling something forward. The face of Dr. Otto Octavius and those oh so obvious dark glasses appear there, glaring as he looks around for just who was responsible. And while he might expect to see one particular Spider perched there, it is a very different one.

"That hurt, you bit--" Doc Ock starts to snarl. Which is right about the time when a little blob of webbing flies up from below and splatters across the lower half of his face, blotting out the rest of his rather rude sentiment.

"That's my bestie you're talking about there, Ocky!" comes the familiar, dulcet tones of Spidey as he slingshots his way up the side of the building, for a moment looking like he is in mid-flight.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Spider-Woman looks startled. Hard to say what she was expecting. Not like a 'BEEP-BOOP, YOU GOT ME HUMAN' or anything, but she /certainly/ wasn't expecting an all too human yelp to be the response to her bolt.

"Huh." She starts to crawl down the outside wall of the building towards the jagged opening -- just in time to see three more metal arms dragging something towards the edge. Then she recognizes the figure just as it sees her, hanging upside down, looking right back at him. "Oh, right. That figures. Weren't you... defeated by Spidey like fifteen times already? At some point, you should look at going back to school and retraining for a new career, Doc."

All that talking. She can't help it!

And then Doc Ock //dares// to use the B-word. "Oh no, you don't. Gendered insults are so nineteen-eighties, and I wasn't even born then." She lifts her wrist to end her quip with a blast to the face, and then the Doc's already rocking backwards. Jess blinks for a moment, then hears that familiar voice. "Hey! I was doing a bit!" she tells him, momentarily affronted. He stole her moment! Then again, she stole his hot-dog so... fair trade.

"Can we punch this one in the face?" she asks, hopefully.
Spider-Man has posed:
As someone who tends to keep up a constant line of patter as he fights, Spider-Man can definitely relate. And he tends to be a little on the quiet side when that mask is off. But as soon as it goes on, instant motor-mouth.

Anyone who doesn't believe that clothes maketh the man hasn't seen the transformation in personality that he seems to go through as soon as he slips on his onesie.

"Sorry, sorry!" Spidey calls back as his little web-ball and comment cuts off her own little rant just as she was working up a good head of steam. Really, he knows better. There are just some things that one hero does not do to another, if they have any decency whatsoever.

"But yes, face punching isn't just allowed, but highly recommended!" Peter calls back, landing on the building's wall and beginning to rapidly climb upward as the forward momentum from his slingshot manuever down below runs out of speed.

For his part, Otto appears to be struggling with the webbing now firmly attached to his face, one of those mechanical arms curling back towards him, first tugging somewhat fruitlessly at those stick strands before just snipping them to clear his mouth. Though he continues to have a pile of webbing around his mouth, looking like the worlds worst goatee and mustach.

"Two of you! As if one of you were not enough of a plague!" Doc Ock barks angrily, that glare shifting back and forth to take them both in. "Not so hasty," he adds swiftly, crawling out of that whole entirely, one of his mechanical arms clinging to the side with enough force to crush concrete while two other mechanical limbs weave back and forth in front of him menacingly.

And the last arm? When it emerges it bears a solid metal container, looking to be made out of iron. And there, on the side, is the familiar and ominous symbol for radioactive materials. "It would be a shame if you made me drop this. From this height, I imagine even the iron casing would shatter..."
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Awesome!" Spider-Woman looks thrilled, even giving Spider-Man a thumbs up, which is unfortunate since that was part of her balance, and she slides down the glass of the window she's clinging to a little. Totally meant to do that! At least her enthusiasm means she forgives him for interrupting her bit.

"Woah, careful with the cloning implications. I'm not like a female version of him or anything. I'm my own person." Jessica's actually annoyed now. "I mean, we both like ice-cream a lot. And, I guess hot-dogs, though his choice is condiments leaves a lot to be desired." She's realized whose hot-dog she found earlier. No regrets.

Spider-Woman actually stills when she spots that container. It's bad news, she knows. "Well, that's dumb. You'll die as well, since you're right in the exposure zone. Really?"

Jess glances towards Spider-Man. They really haven't worked together enough for her meaningful look to actually have any meaning to him. It just looks like she's staring intently at him for a moment. It's totally his fault if he doesn't somehow intuit that she's suggesting a battle plan she immediately puts into action.

It just makes sense to her that Spider-Man takes control of the container. He's got the webbing to catch it if it drops. But mostly, Jess really just wants to execute plan A: namely, punch Doc Ock in the face. The twist of her body as she swings in has her landing on the floor inside the the building, her hands going up to discharge more of those bolts as his arms. Problem is, he's got a /lot/ of arms, more than she expects, which is weird because she should know this. She's just trying to disable the other ones long enough to get close. Or at least play distraction to free up Spider-Man to get to work.

Doing the real hero stuff like stopping a radioactive container from busting open in the middle of Manhattan.
Spider-Man has posed:
With the comment about his choice in condiments, it begins to dawn on Spider-Man that there is very little chance that his hotdog will be waiting for him when he swings back to his initial perch later. That is a pretty sad state of affairs and he probably deserves a suitable mourning period to come to term with that fact. Maybe give a little speech and bow his head. Maybe just punch Doc Ock hard in his stupid face since he is ultimately the cause of his snack's sad fate.

Besides, everyone knows that violence is the solution to all of life's problems. Well, mostly.

So much as it is tempting to inquire about his now eaten snack, Soidey settles for casting a suspicious look towards Spider-Woman. Does he catch her far more significant look in the process? Does he understand it's meaning? What she intends to do? What she's hoping he will do? Who knows.

Sometimes all you can hope for is the best.

Of course that's a pretty risky proposition when Spider-Man is close by. 'The best' is something of a rare occurance for him. The Parker Luck usually sees to that. But either way, when Jessica simply hurls herself at the rogue scientist he is clearly a little taken aback. That one metallic 'arm' begins to pull him bodily up the side of the building while the other two weave in front of him, obscuring her direct line of sight at him -- and that oh so tempting face -- though each time a bolt lands home he gives a little shudder and an almost comical yelp.

Clearly whatever means he is using to insulate himself from electrical discharges, he needs to work on it a little more. That, or Spider-Woman's unique way of generating them is getting past his defenses.

"Ow! Ow! That hurts! Stop that! Are you completely crazy? I'll drop this cannister, don't think I won't!" Otto shrieks as Jessica continues to advance on him, one of his arms lashing out towards her and just narrowly missing as that flailing limb crushes concrete under that blow.

Whether or not the fact that they are both Spider-themed heroes has somehow given Peter an insight into her mind or not, his priority is pretty much as one might expect; that cannister filled with radioactive materials. Clinging to a window with one hand, the other lashes out, firing off a webline that thwips into the bottom of that iron container and he gives a hard tug, trying to yank it out of that mechanical claw that grips it.

Doc Ock's tendril tightens it hold, yanking right back and instead of the container flying free, Spider-Man finds himself flying towards the eight-limbed villain instead.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Look, as a plan, it's a bad one. In Spider-Woman's defense, it kind of seemed perfect in her head. Perfect in the sense that it ended with her punching the eight-armed man in the face.

No plan survives contact, though. Especially when it comes to the spiders.

At first, it seems like it's going well. Jessica's throwing her venom bolts, and she laughs -- actually laughs like an honest-to-God maniac -- as Doc Ock complains. "I mean, I'm seeing a therapist but I resent the implication I'm crazy. Can't we use healthier terms like off-center, or working-my-way-there or something? I'll ask my therapist for alternatives next time I see him."

Then things start to go badly. The first flailing limb misses as she leaps agily out of the way -- only for the falling concrete to start raining down around her, one piece catching her shoulder and others hitting the back of one leg. Fortunately she's durable, so nothing immediately breaks, but it must hurt because: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Spider-Woman is not PG. Good thing she's not constantly snapped for photos like Spidey is!

When she staggers back to her feet, Jessica is a little slower. It means another flailing limb catches her in the stomach and flings her backwards further into the room, dropping downwards. Her, "....oowwww," suggests that she's both alive and has many regrets.

Her eyes flicker open just in time to see Spider-Man flying right towards Doc Ock. That /definitely/ wasn't part of the plan. Well, not the early plan. But still, she can hardly blame Spidey for it. Doc seems pretty punchable! With a loud groan, she staggers back to her feet, trying to launch towards the villain from behind. Spider-sandwich! (Phrasing?)
Spider-Man has posed:
Regretting one's life decisions is pretty much a part of the job, at least as far as Spider-Man is concerned. In his early days he was always bemoaning his fate and the havoc it played on his life. His inability to keep personal commitments. The fact that villains seem to have an uncanny -- perhaps unholy -- knack of striking and the absolute worst times for him to maintain any sort of dating life. And jobs? Well, most jobs frown one someone who regularly shows up late, or runs out suddenly without a good explanation. Suffice to say that being Spider-Man has put of a kibosh on his career advancement.

He might be regretting a few of his life choices right about now as well, as he flies headlong towards Doc Ock who simply grins rather sadistically as his old foe soars right towards his waiting arms. There's no good way to stop his forward momentum either, not without letting go of that webline that offers his only tether to the radioactive cannister.

And that is something Spidey is just not willing to do.

His only real move? Try to distract while Jess recovers herself. His webbing is not, in fact, infinite, as he has discovered on a number of inconvenient -- and sometimes painful -- occasions. But it appears he still has some left because he lets fly another sticky glob of it, right towards Otto's face.

Almost contemptuously those two free tendrils move in tandem to block the spray, briefly bound together by that sticky webbing before simply tearing it apart with their mechanical might.

"You see Spider-Man! You're no match for me!" Doc Ock gloats, ready to clobber the wall-crawler into tomorrow.

Which is when Spider-Woman, her recovery complete, comes flying in from behind and hits him, knocking the wind out of him with an 'ooooof' sound, making him stagger.

It also means that when Otto swings those arms down towards the approaching Spidey, they miss too and Peter lands a solid punch right to his jaw that rocks him right back.

That cannister slips from his grasp at last and starts to fall away, plummetting towards the earth... and is abruptly brought up short by the webline still attached to it.

"That's one for the good guys Otto! In your face! My fist that is. Because I just socked you in the jaw. You know what, nevermind," Spidey says, checking on his burden that dangles down below, retreating a few feet so he can return the cannister to the building.

Not that he is wild about Osborne having radioactive materials either, but right now it is the better alternative then just letting the iron container dangle a dozen stories above the ground.

"You rock bestie!" Spidey calls out.

Very early in his career Peter got his start in the wrestling ring. Needless to say his career didn't take off. But maybe together with Spider-Woman they have a future in the tag division.

Probably not though.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Hey, asshole!" It's an obligation to taunt as you punch. Dangerous too, but Jessica isn't one to flout tradition. Besides, it's worked out well for her. Mostly, anyway. Looking somewhat dusty, limping and looking really, really pissed off, Spider-Woman lets loose with a punch to Doc Ock's kidney.

Kidney shots are dirty. And painful. If she can't punch his face this is the next best thing!

Then Spidey gives him the followup to the jaw and Jess is elated: "YESSS! Right in his smug, misogynist face!" Spider-Man is doing the responsible thing and making sure the canister of radioactive material isn't hurtling towards earth about to rain down devastation on Manhattan.

Jess is just busy gloating, fist-pumping the air and everything. "No, YOU rock! It was like we practiced or something." Then, belatedly, realization cascades across her features with wide-eyes: "Oh. The container? You did the thing, with the thing, like I told you with my look?"

Spiders aren't telepaths. Someone should remind Jessica of that.
Spider-Man has posed:
Technically Peter does have that little bit of extra-sensory ability via his aptly named Spider-Sense (or sometimes Peter-Tingle, though that just seems to give people the wrong idea). Even he is not completely sure how that works. Who knows, maybe there is even a little telepathy involved. It's not outside the realm of possibility at the very least.

The mask he wears probably hides away any confusion that might actually be present on Spider-Man's features, still the way he peers up at her, the way his headtilts oh so slightly to the side does look just a little bit quizzical. "I did indeed do the thing with the thing. And the look," he says, though his tone suggests he's not completely sure just what that thing happens to be.

Either way, the important thing is that Spidey has the radioactive materials well in hand, crawling down to that gap in the tower's wall, and hauling the container after him. He takes just a moment to glance around the shattered remains of the lab, seeking out just where the canister might go before he shrugs his shoulders and just leans it against a bank of computers.

Which is when there comes a pounding at the far end of the room, on the doors that remain blocked with some heavy equipment. "Open up! Open up in there! Building Security!" a voice shouts, just an instant before a gunshot rings out.

"Oh no, I know how this story goes. I'm not taking the blame for this." And with that, Spider-Man hightails it back towards the shattered opening in the side of hte building.

Meanwhile, outside, Otto continues to cling to the side of the building, clutching at his side when Spider-Woman punched him and moving his jaw back and forth where Spider-Man decked him. "Ahh 'hink ya dammmmgd mah spleeeen," he manages to get out awkwardly, drooling a little in the process. "'nd hider-m'n 'oke mah jaw," he complains before abruptly lashing out with those metallic attachments towards Jessica once more, that free limb already starting to draw him away. Before he has gone more then a few feet however one of those metal tendrils plunges through the window just beside him, emerging a moment later with a screaming woman in hand. Or claw.

Whom he promptly throws aside, letting her sail out into mid-air as she begins to fall towards the street below as her scream echoes amongst the towering buildings of Manhatten.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yeah! You did the thing! Way to go!" Jessica is a single-woman cheersquad, super enthusiastic about all the things but that thing in specific. Because yeah, New York being irradiated would suck. She eyes the container warily as Spider-Man brings it in, as she reaches up to touch her shoulder with a grimace. She doesn't get much of an opportunity to examine the damage, because there's knocking at the door and a gunshot. "Occupied!" She yells out. "OCCUPADO! I'm getting changed in here!"

It's surprising how well that works as a delaying tactic. Not normally when they're already firing guns though.

"Right there with you, buddy." Spider-Man is already bailing and while Jessica can't blame him, the fact that he's doing so ahead of her is just, well, rude! For once she has no parting shot to give, so she just limp-runs to the opening leaping out -- just as Doc Ock catches her with one of those limbs, changing her definitely graceful ten-out-of-ten dive, into a pile-drive right into the side of the building, smashing through another window.

"....ow." She must be hurt. There's not even a quip this time. "I say again, /ass/hole." Well, just a super belated one, as she drags herself back to her feet, to the edge just in time to see the woman being thrown over the side. "Oh, for fuck's sake. For that you are getting a bill for several more punches to the face," she grumbles, as she leaps off.

Spider-Woman hasn't got webbing to catch the woman, but her suit is made so that, with her arms held close to her sides, she creates less resistance, cutting through the air. She reaches the woman, yells, "Hold tight," as she all but crashes into the woman, trying to grab her around the waist. It's about then Jessica realizes how screwed she is. She needs both arms to glide, and she isn't too sure whether she can support the extra weight. As they plunge past a rooftop, Jess swings the woman towards it, with a little upwards glide, so she hopefully won't land too heavily. Best she can do, unless Spider-Man's still around.

Meanwhile, she plunges right towards the ground, the outward fling of her arm only somewhat bleeding off the momentum she's picked up. She hits an awning, which is awesome, but is bounced off that into an open dumpster.

"...balls." Jessica's alive at least! Having serious second thoughts about returning to the job though.
Spider-Man has posed:
Generally speaking, on any given night, Spider-Man is likely to hear as many jeers as he is to hear cheers. So a cheerleading squad -- one-woman or not -- is always appreciated. He even flashes a thumbs-up her way as he races to get out of the building before security can break through the blocked door and start shooting at him. And more importantly, find a way to pin this whole incident on him. "This is why you're my bestie, bestie!" he calls back, crawling free of the building, no doubt in pursuit of Dr. Octavius.

Unfortunately Doc Ock seems to anticipate that, which no doubt is why he so casually tossed the innocent woman out to freefall in the middle of the street. However before Spider-Man can dive after her, Jessica is already there, throwing herself from her perch to catch the plummetting woman out of mid-air.

"Yeah!" Now it's his turn to play cheerleader, hooting up a storm and on the verge of going after the not so good doctor. Which is when he notices that Spider-Woman isn't gliding so well, the burden clearly interfering with the mechanics of her suit. It's far too late to jump after them. So all Spidey can do is let loose a spray of webbing as her intentions become clear.

As that webbing flies through the air it expands, and by the time Jessica hurls the unfortunate woman to safety it has expanded into a web-net that catches and cradles her perfectly.

It would seem that Jessica wasn't quite so lucky however. Whoops.

"That was pretty despicable, even for you Doc!" Spidey calls after him, starting to run up the side of the building in pursuit.

Which, of course, is when Otto's mechanical arms plunge through another window and hurl a second innocent victim out into mid-air.

Peter's pursuit comes to an abrupt end and he too hurls himself from the building, aimming his trajectory just right to catch the screaming young man as he falls towards the street below. Then, angling himself to shield him, Spidey plunges right to the other side of that net, hitting it a lot harder then the woman before them. The web gives... but doesn't break, though Peter's back does hit the rooftop heavily before the net springs back into place. "Ahhhhh, fu---" he starts to curse before abruptly cutting off. His Aunt May didn't raise no potty mouth. "Damnit!" he says, groaning.

"Okay, okay. The Spider-Express has reached it's final stop. Everybody off," he says, helping both the young man and woman down out of the netting before half stumbling, half falling over the edge of it himself to land on the roof. "My back..." he whines.

High above, both Peter and Jessica might see one of Doc Ock's metal tendrils expand, stretch and reach out pulling him over to the next building before he disappears from view.

"We'll call this one a draw," Spidey says as he tries to pull himself to his feet.