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99 Percent Chance of Zombies
Date of Scene: 07 July 2023
Location: Living Quarters, Titans Tower
Synopsis: What's in the soooooooocks... Donna crashes Titan Towers, there are no zombies, but there is talk of parties. Parties, cellphones, and at least SUSPICIOUS references to MADE UP games.
Cast of Characters: Troia, Superboy, Starfire, Wonder Girl

Troia has posed:
You can't trust the title of books.

In nine centuries, this has become a truth Donna has come to understand to her very core. Titles are, in fact, designed to do precisely what people tell you not to do: Judge the content of what's inside by the exterior. It's counter intuitive to all known inspirational metaphors.

Which is why there are no zombies.

There is exactly 0% chance of zombie.

As Donna lounges on the roof of Titan Tower where she may or may not live given she has a room downstairs. Wearing as little as a person can possibly wear while still remaining appropriate in public. Her short dark hair is slicked back, shaved sides not yet touched up. Both hands sit laced together on her abdomen, some kind of angry music playing, to which she's bouncing her knee, eyes closed. Sucking up the moonlight.

Just to be obtuse and intrusive to people who may or may not be sleeping downstairs.

Superboy has posed:

That's Conner's reply as he flies in the pale moonlight. Leather jacket worn over his usual black bodysuit whose numerous forms of red linework lead back to the Red 'S' on his chest. He has headphones in his ears but that doesn't stop him from noticing the...moonbathing? Is it moonbathing? Form of Donna Troy lounging on the roof of the tower.

While he takes a moment to admire the view (guilty, guilty.) He eventually floats closer and tries to give the place she rests upon a gentle kick of his toe before floating away quickly. To show he means no harm and to avoid a sudden thrashing in case he startled her.

"Hey Donna."

Superboy's greeting is surprisingly casual, but the warm smile that's painted gleefully on his face may yet be the friendliness that could calm a rebel before she rebels her fist against his face.

"Enjoying the moonlight?"
Starfire has posed:
Kori has probably idly complained about how many rules there are about books. Can't trust titles. Can't judge them by their covers. It doesn't count as a choice in a Choose Your Own Adventure book if you don't take your finger off the last page.

Movies are so much easier to understand.

The thumping music covers the approach of everyone's favorite Tamaranean princess (Well, not everyone, but /those/ people prefer the other, meaner, gothier Tamaranean and so their opinions do not count.)

Of course, her approach doesn't require very much audible covering, as apparently this is one of those times where /everyone/ is flying.

And so orange skinned model slash heroine slash deposed nobility is slowly floating up from her own balcony. She might even manage to remain sneaky if there wasn't a Kryptonian with super hearing who probably hears the rustle of the oversized t-shirt she wears. And if her eyes weren't glowing as she peeks up above the edge of the tower.

Also if she didn't immediately chime out, "Oh! Is this a pool party? I thought those were strictly daytime affairs! Or started during the day at least! Oh no, did I miss the start of a party?!"

Judging by her tone of voice, that would, in fact, qualify as a minor disaster.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Hand pulling a mane of blonde hair loose from a ponytail rise over head as keep it out of the way of her blue eyes. Cassie Sandsmark, whom totally lives in the tower peeks her head up on the roof. Following the music playing.

She's an amazon by adoption and an actual biological sibling to at least Diana, which as far as she's concerned grandfathers in Donna as one as well. Dressed mostly casually, bluejeans that could be considered painted on. A black cropped tank with a gold star outline on the front and plenty of midriff showing. Bare feet keeping her height at her natural five three.

Smirking at the others, being Kori and Conner coming up ahead of her she grins. "I think with the music playing, if we started a mosh pit we'd probably sink the eastern seaboard. Pool parties can happen any time Kori." she adds before looking up at the moon and letting out a playful little 'Awooo!'.
Troia has posed:
There are an obnoxious amount of rules regarding books, isn't there? No judging, no skipping the boring songs that litered every other page of Tolkiens pretentious, glorified encyclopedia about trees that not a single human ever asked for, but everyone pretends is a fantasy bible?

No, books are boring.

Why read when you can write.

.... Meta.

Donna opens one eye at the nudge of her chosen seat, peering at Conner with a growing grin as he indirectly flinches from the potential of her wrath. "I'm tanned enough without needing the sun to leave it's bronzing kiss. Not all of us are empowered by the sun... No, we're not all plant-people, Kon-El." Then Kori's sudden arrival, in sleep wear, draws her attention with a smirk and both hands coming up in a shrug. "Is it a party if Kori hasn't arrived? I'd argue no. I'd argue that the party only begins when Kori is here..."

Kori and Cassie.

Pointing at her biological sibling, once removed from Diana.

She is, afterall, Diana Prince's twin.

Genetically, as well as sharing a soul.

If stories are true anyways. "You heard her, parties can happen whenever we damn well want them to. I was in Moscow for three months, the Russians don't even get started until after the witching hour."
Superboy has posed:
Oh good, Conner doesn't have a Donna-shaped fist coming after him right about now. He reaches up to take one of his earbuds out of his ear and his own smile grows in response to her own. Though whether he's knowledgeable of the reason why she smiles is yet open for debate. "Fair enough, on all accounts. If it helps, it only works half as well on me as it does the Big Guy-" The 'big guy' being Superman. "But hey, the moon gives it's own kind of reflection that Kryptonians can drink of. So plenty of party still to be had in the moonlight."

He avoids commenting on attire and he turns to look at the rapidly approaching Starfire! "Hey Star." Conner gives her a two-fingered salute, hearing her coming from a mile away (quite literally) though he seems surprised at the comment of a pool party. "Uh, well." He looks at himself. "Forgot the swimsuit part, it looks like. Uh...should I go and grab it?" He asks, apparently not realizing a party was going to be had! But odds are, neither did they.

Coming up after Kori is Cassie! "Hey Cassie. Music would get me bopping, but I dunno if I can mosh." He starts to laugh. "So true." Hearing her howl at the moan, Conner clears his throat and starts a howl of his own. Come on guys, it's fun!

Starfire has posed:
Kori flashes a bright smile and chimes out, "Why Donna! You flatter me! ...Is this to convince me to do you some sort of favor? I told you, I will not carve 'Donna Rules' in the moon, and certainly not by spelling Rules with a z."

Her tone is about as deadpan and serious as she can manage. Which is to say she only nearly chokes on giggles like... /three/ times.

Conner and Cassie get bright smiles and waves that result in her spinning about, and that t-shirt flaring in ways that would probably cause traffic accidents.

Which is why Kori doesn't usually walk to her modelling gigs of course. "Oh! We do not need to have a party! I was simply joking. I am very good at jokes."

She is so good at jokes. Definitely.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"It's all the booze. If they sobered up, all the alcohol would be gone and then they'd freeze to death. The partying is all about keeping in motion and warm. Even summers are still cold as heck there." Cassie may be trolling a little herself.

All she really knows is booze often gets used to superficially warm people in cold weather. And it doesn't really freeze.

It's entirely possible Cassie's top is sleep wear as well, and the jeans were just grabbed out of habit. The lack of shoes helping sell that.

Kori's twirling getting a grin, as well. If she tried that she'd probably accidentally change clothes and these are comfy.

"Where Kori goes parties tend to follow. Like that contrail thing with your hair." she states. Though Conner gets an eyeroll when he tries to howl. "You need longer hair to properly mosh." she points out with an extended index finger.
Troia has posed:
"I'm going to wittle down your resolve, Koriand'r." Donna adds to Kori's deadpan assertion that she will not be broken down by the Amazonians attempts to sway her, "I will see my name upon Luna's surface, in all caps." With everyone finally coming close, Donna's feet drop off the side of the chair, and she sits up from lounging. Hands in the center between her spread knees.

The position flexes her arms.

"Hey now." Donna jumps to the defense of her short haired brethren. Her own dramatically shortened and shaved. "You need longer hair to properly headbang, but that hasn't been cool since the 90s, before we knew much about how rapid head motion can lead to increased inter-cranial pressure and traumatic brain injuries."

Her shoulders roll forward, then back as she pushes up and swings a leg around to head over to a cooler near her pile of clothes. From which she produces a bottle of Themysciran mead. "I, personally, miss interpretative dancing... moving story telling. Who knew what the Barenaked Ladies were singing about without that guy wiggling about?" Cork popped, bottle turned up, rubbing at her mouth as she swallows and holds it out towards... whoever wants some.
Superboy has posed:
"Thanks for the defense." Conner remarks to Donna regarding the length of his hair. "I can't remember the last time I tried headbanging. I think I dragged Robin to a Slayer concert and I tried to mosh, but my hair wasn't long enough for the headbanging to be satisfactory and uh...people bounce off of me better than I can boucne off of them. Let's leave it at that." Superboy clears his throat with a bit of a smirk.

"...I mean, that sounds pretty rad to me." He speaks regarding the carving on the moon. "I have heat vision. Could help with that. Could tag team it, Star? I mean...dunno if it will ever disappear or fade, so it'd be there forever unless the moon rotated." He lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "But you are very good at jokes, Kori. The best, even." Flattery! It's a good way to make friends, as long as you're not being a kiss-ass.

Then he turns his eyes towards Cassie. "Very, very true." About where Kori doth go. "Come on, howling is fun." He remarks with a smile on his face. Though he does tilt his head. "You know...that makes a lot of sense. That, and the constant bear-wrestling."

He looks at Donna. Conner reaches for Donna's bottle to accept it, and he takes a swig of the mead. "Whew! That stuff burns." and he offers it to...anyone else who might like some.
Starfire has posed:
Bright green eyes narrow and Kori's full lips press into a thin, serious line. "Oh, are you now? I look forward to your attempts. I would give you references for how extensive my resolve is... but interstellar long distance calls are expensive!"

And while Kori /could/ float off the side of the roof for quite awhile, instead her flight stops and she lands lightly on the rooftop, lifting onto the balls of her feet in an almost subconscious 'Need to make those legs stand out' model pose. Professional peril, you see. Or maybe it's just because her usual crime fighting super heroic outfit involves boots with an impractical heel.

Her eyebrows perk and she tilts her head quizically at Donna. "Did not the headbanging fall out of fashion with the flannel shirt and the grunge music?"

She glances back towards Conner and nods solemnly. "She is correct. You should not headbang. Traumatic brain injuries are no laughing matter. No matter what that old TV show about the funny home videos seemed to indicate."

Cassie gets a little grin, "Ah! But do parties truly follow me? Or do I simply have a preternatural ability to accidentally stumble into them?"

Kori eyes the bottle, takes it when offered and tries her own sample... any sudden, trembling eyelash fluttering like the mead tastes like battery acid to her unique tastebuds is... okay, probably not imagined.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"And at the strength levels we throw about one missed headbang could leave someone else a fine red mist." Cassie states and just for the fun of it doesn't so much as head bang as it is a hair toss. It wasn't that long that they al remember the skinny blonde kid with her own short little pixie tomboy cut hidden under black wigs and goggles.

"I won't even get into the hip and shoulder bumps." she adds and makes an arm gesture like something is taken off and then her hand visoring over her brow as if it was getting really, really far away.

"I think it was doubling down on whatever annoyed someone one week and knowing he screwed up.." When mead is offered she grins and takes a swig when her turn comes around. "Thanks!" she raises the bottle in a wordless cheer then takes that chug after Connor and then Kori. She handles it a bit better but then she grew up with the stuff. "One day we should score a keg from Dionysus. Put those healing factors to work. It can help with the Kori Party Conundrum, chicken and egg stuff." she states sagaciously.
Troia has posed:
"The high moral here is, don't headbang." Donna offers distractedly, hands on her hips above her underwear. She wasn't casually walking around with a bathing suit under her clothes alright? She's just in whatever she had on. It's a matter of practicality and a complete lack of self consciousness about her body. Not that she'd frolic about in the nude on a lark... maybe back home, but not here anyways.

When the bottle comes back around, she takes another long pull and rolls the stone bottle around in her palm. Shaking it a few times to hear the chug of remaining liquid content. "Almost time to re-up, I may do just that. Diana has assured me that mother is going to be very cross with me for cutting my hair, however. I may forgo any ventures homeward until it's lengthened enough to deflect the confrontational 'how could yous' of a mother unconsulted in expression of personal fashion."

With a tight smile, she's headed for her clothes. Grabbing and tugging her tanktop on over her bra, fingers sliding back through her slick black hair to attempt, in vain, to keep it from falling to either side. A mind of its own, it has. As oft hair do. After which she finds a place to lean, bracing herself on her hip. Head tilting to one side at Kori's natural inclination to assume a models pose. So is it true the photographer cannot help noting it, framing her eye with the square of thumb finger-finger thumb of her hands.
Superboy has posed:
"Yeah...no headbanging."

Conner's agreement comes easy with Troia and Cassie, looking to the latter. "Yeah. Half of us could probably lift things that nobody on earth should be able to lift, but we lift it anyway. If we're just casually throwing that kind of physical strength around, somebody could get seriously hurt." And there's the Superman in him. Conner was rebellious, but nowhere near heartless. But Donna is putting clothes back on and Conner seems almost...sad? About it. What? It's an admiration!

Then he turns towards Kori and his head tilts. "...are you /always/ modelling?" Don't get him wrong, the sight approves, and modelling ish ard by itself. "I don't know if it's possible to give myself a brain injury. I might just have to get punched really, /really/, hard." Conner reveals with a slight chuckle. "and if I had to take a guess and boldly answer for Cassie? I think it's firmly both, Kori." He clears his throat. "Hey, I love flannel."

"...we can steal from Dionysus?" Conner asks of Cassie with a raised brow. "Wouldn't mind giving that a shot."

He turns to Donna and he shrugs. "We could try the path of the optimist? Who knows, your mom could be more understanding than you think?"
Starfire has posed:
Kori gasps and shakes her head! ...Not too swiftly of course. To prevent brain injury, "Oh no! If you get in trouble about your hair, please assure your mother it is quite common for women to wear shorter hair now! And that it is quite fetching!"

Teeth worry her lower lip and she hums out. "Hm. Perhaps we can ask Raven to teleport us somewhere if we ever wish to have a dance party. I am sure she could find some dimension no one would notice some large boulders or minor mountains being rearranged on."

She pauses for another moment, "Though they may lack proper sound equipment for musical performance. Hm." Eyes blink guilelessly as she peers at Conner, "Not intentionally! It's just... easier than having to think about a different way to stand when I am /not/ on camera? It makes perfect sense. I'm sure. Definitely."

Eyes dart between Cassie and Donna, "...Do not tell him what happens to people who cross the Olympian gods! Let us see what happens!"
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Could be worse Donna. You could dye it as well. The Queen might flip a table but I figure she'll be cool with it. It looks great as is though!" Cassie snap points and nods her head. "Just go on about all the practical advantages of short hair. Easy to maintain, less chance of grabbing it in a fight"

The blonde tugs on her own hair a little as a demonstration, just enough she tits her head a little.

Even Cassie had her eye on Kori as much as the others might have. "Some folks just have 'The look' Conner. Kori, Donna and Diana. Kara. Most of us." she says, it probably helps that all three women on the roof are princesses.

As for stealing kegs. "Pfft, he's my our brother..." A grin and nod to Donna. "We can just ask him. God of Parties. You could try swiping one but. You might not like what happens if you get caught." she warns the Kryptonian.
Troia has posed:
"It is ill advised to steal from the Gods." Donna cannot help offering up this bit of warning, though there's a distinct, morbid, curiosity to see how Conner would fare against such an adventure. The grin on her face likely indicating that she's willing to fund such an excursion for the sake of 'hold my beer'. Should Conner prove resistent to advisement and engage in reckless behavior regardless.

Her hands drop down from the pantomimed camera and find a place on her hips, after causally picking at a loose thread on her tanktop ofcourse.

Glancing up through the curtain of lashes over blue eyes when everyone suggests the optomists angle regarding her mother's potential disapproval of hair styles. Those blue eyes flick from one person to the next, forehead furrowing in a way that widens her eyes. "Sure." Quiet, "Realistically what she'll do is tell me how good it looks in a derisive tone, then later gush endlessly about how beautiful Diana's long hair is. She'd never out right say she didn't like it, oh no.. that wouldn't be very regal at all. It's far better to make me feel like a pale imitation of my twin." her head snaps in a little jerk to one side, sardonic smile replacing the gentle grin.

"In her defense, she'll always find something to compare me to Diana. So I suppose, in this way, I'm taking the bull by the preverbial horns. The archetect of my own lecture."

With the subject thoroughly, to her mind, covered, she shifts gears slightly. "Speaking of Kara, I should see Kara. I think my membership card has expired. I couldn't even get into my room.. and I left very important things in the sock drawer."
Superboy has posed:
"We'd have to bribe her with a book, probably." Conner remarks to Kori about getting Raven to teleport them. "Probably something dark, spooky, and probably demanding our immortal souls." Conner shakes his head. "But maybe we can go somewhere where things are much, much heavier or we can't damage things like we should be able to. Keeps people safe from us and us from them."

A lazy lift of his shoulders. "Told you the hair was nice." Conner winks at Donna and his eyes settle back on Star as he laughs. "You're fine, Star, I'm just poking fun. Promise. It's a good pose." He tries to compliment her. Probably fails.

"The look..." He looks at Cassie. Then Kori. Then Donna. Then back to Cassie. "Yeah okay, I see what you're meaning." Ge smiles in mischief. "But if he says no...we can totally swipe it. I mean, if they're Gods, you'd think they could just make more."

"Ill-advised if you get /caught/." Conner smirks at Donna, meeting her grin before he turns far more serious. "Well...if your mom doesn't see beauty in you - or the individuality - it's her loss. You're pretty rad Don. You're your own person." He smiles. "I'm sure-"

He pauses and looks in a direction.

"People need help." He floats higher into the air. "Sorry guys, gotta jet. Ill catch you all later."

His gaze lingered on Donna a moment before he smiles. "See ya." and he /blasts off/ into the horizon with urgency in mind!
Starfire has posed:
Kori sighs out and shakes her head slowly. "Family is difficult. My sister once told me my hair looked pretty in a very genuine tone. And then she took part in the overthrow of our royal family and exiled me to conquer our homeworld in a coup." She clicks her tongue and sighs out, voice dry. "Family. Very complicated."

She rolls her eyes and flashes a grin to Conner, "Of course it's a good pose! All my poses are good. It's why they wind up in magazines and billboards."

As Conner zooms off, Kori frowns thoughtfully. "...Markers. And whiteboards. That's how we could plan his birthday party! He can't possibly /hear/ what we're writing..."

Kori does not sound entirely sure of that. Still, she drops from that model stance to settle on the roof, legs stretching out in front of her in... just a different modelling pose, settled on the hem of her long t-shirt as she sighs out. "So! Is the angry music because of the thought of this meeting about hairstyle? Or just... coincidence?"

Kori flashes a grin to Cassie and sighs out, "Oh! This is a fair point. I suppose in a way even Raven is a princess... even if it is of demonic realms. Hm." Her brow furrows. "We... have an abundance of royalty. I never realized it before."
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Moms and stepmoms. And a few sisters." Cassie commiserates with a sagacious nod. "I still get plenty of grief for doing the hero thing with my mom. At least she's not threatening to shut my powers off. I won't even start on dealing with Hera." she adds and chuckles. "Our family is weird. And so damn judgmental."

being passive aggressive about a haircut is the least of things that could happen.

"Probably should try an Addams Family box set. That might work better for Raven." she ponders. "But then for all we know she might just be down for parties in..." And she airquotes "Exotic locales." she states. Conner taking off gets a hmm. "Kryptonian hearing, my senses are stupidly divine good but I'm always blown away by how much range their senses get.

Kori gets a grin. "We do all rock a Tiara." she states and does her own floaty little arm sweeping pirouette, slowly and a singe turn as she lands and brings her own hands back down behind her back. Any more spins and that accidental change into hero garb is a possibility.

"Telepaths. Nothing to hear if it's all in the mind!" she states and makes a psychic oooo eee oooo sound.
Troia has posed:
"In theory. Cassie and I will almost certainly end up as Hand Maidens when Diana ascends to Queen, but yes, in essence, we're all royalty." Donna waves her hand in small circles out right in front of her waist. "I've gravitated away from the nuenced details of the role, personally. I'm sure Diana is going to saddle me with responsibility at the Embassy now that I'm home.. and I'm sure I'll accept because I love no one as much as I love her, but I will do so begrudgingly. With great, if temporary, resistance."

Hands back upon her hips.

Eyeing Kori, "If someone will teach me how to use a cellphone, we could establish a group chat where we discuss his birthday, but the way he looks at all of us, I'm sure all we need do is show up wearing something even moderately revealing and he'll feel as if it's the greatest day of his life. Eyeballs bulging out of his skull as he attempts to make peace with the two separate brains with which he's engaging any situation where there's a woman." As hard as it might be to believe, she said all that with an almost genial affection for the scamp.


"That's a little extreme... I reiterate, teach me how to u- you know what, you're probably right? letting someone intrude in my personal thoughts would probably be a lot easier than teaching me how to use those Hephaestus damned cellular devices." With her hands thrown up in mock exasperation. "With all their touching screens and swiping apps. How am I suppose to make heads or tails of it? People got along a lot better when discourse was conducted on parchment, you know that? When it takes a full 3 months to receive a response, you write more intricate account of events to properly paint a valid picture of what's going on-" Tapping one extended finger with another extended finger. "And aren't responding with sudden emotional outbursts... you can sit down for a few hours and write your rebuttle to a vandictive communique, by the end of which, your anger has cooled and it feels prudent to simply say sorry about your break up, Sharon. His breath smelled of burlap and you're better than a cobbler anyways. What about Daniel, the piss-prophet?'?"
Starfire has posed:
Kori nods solemnly and tilts her head as she looks up at Cassie. "Do... we have any telepaths on the team? I'll admit, I have not checked the roster lately... oh goodness! What if they've been hearing me NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THEM?! I'VE BEEN SO RUDE!!" She gasps and shakes her head, maybe not fast enough to shake her brain, but she looks downright mortified for a moment before clouds part and sunny Starfire returns to peer at Donna and smile brightly.

"Yes, you will no doubt have to wear the tiara of office for... whatever embassy position you wind up working in." She sighs and shakes her head slowly, "But you cannot fight paperwork. We will endeavour to come up with many important heroic duties for you to attend to avoid the crushing paperwork when you need a break."

Kori slowly lays back and heaves out a loud sigh as her arms stretch above her head and she wriggles, just getting as comfy as one can on the rooftop. "And hm. You raise a good point. I do have quite the array of outfits. I will consider what best to wear for everyone's parties."

She heaves out a sigh, "I admit, I am used to touchscreens from ship navigation and other systems, but... spaceships do not have the Flappy Birds. That game vexes me so. I have broken so many phones..."
Wonder Girl has posed:
"It's impossible not to love Diana. Probably honks Aphrodite off." Cassie learned that long before she even found out they were sisters and she was a demigoddess. So she knows exactly how Donna feels.

"Kryptonians have that X-Ray vision. But really, most young men and boys get like that. Few girls and women too." she points out. and giggles at her own expense while she takes a seat on the floor or roof, or both really. Cassandra had to practice keeping her jaw off the ground when she first visited Themyscira.

Her own phone is pulled from a pocket in her jeans. "It just takes some practice Donna. I grew up on these things. Only things to really care about are the phone functions, messaging, contacts, and the camera." she punctuates by extending her device out in front of her and aimed down from above her a little before the sound of a shutter going off is heard while she winks and blows a kiss. The two women soon receiving the selfie on their own devices whereverr they might be.

"I'm not a fan of gaming on my phone." she adds and nods. "As for telepaths. There's Miss Martian, and I think again Raven." she considers and hmms.

"To be fair, most of the telepaths I've heard of are all mutants and most of them don't like advertising."
Troia has posed:
"Flappy Birds." Donna blinks, ever so slowly, at the mention of said vexing game. "That's made up.. you made that up." She had to have made it up, she's obviously convinced, wiggling a finger in Kori's direction with a grin developing upon her black lips, "You kidder you, so effortless in your teasing that you nearly had me fooled that people would have created a thing called Flappy Birds."

With a jut of her hip, she angles towards a lounge chair near to Kori and flops down onto it. Careless of position, with one arm looped up behind her head, a leg hanging off the side, and one laid sideways against the chairs seat.

Several very important things happen when Cassie snaps that selfie. The most practical being, Donna doesn't have a cellphone, so she receives no selfie. A shame, that is. Second, however, is her scrutiny. "Why did it make that sound?" She points at the device, "I'm not science master of the technologies, but I know there's no shutter in that device. Where as a camera requires a shutter, flashing light to burn it upon film, at least with good cameras... no, that's trickery and Pavlovian... dark magic, I say."

The irony that a photographer is so vehemently against phone technology not withstanding. She rolls her head to peer at Kori. Reaching out to gingerly lay a palm upon one orange arm, "You can wear whatever you want to whatever party I throw. I'll find it fetching and applaud you for your exquisite taste." Pat pat.
Starfire has posed:
Kori gasps in shock, "I did not make it up! You must tap the screen! And the bird flaps! And you must flap the right amount! To avoid the _troubles_!" She frowns, "And phones are not designed for... energetic tapping from Tamaraneans." She tilts her head and allows with a sigh, "Of course, that is true of many things."

Kori chimes in helpfully, after briefly striking a pose just in case she's in the background of the selfie. Kori never stops modelling. "Oh! It is taking a picture! I'd show you how it works but my phone is downstairs."

She sighs and grips the hem of her shirt, giving a little tug and pull that doesn't risk lifting it /too/ far... in Kori's opinion. So, really, probably /is/ too far. "No pockets! Truly, it is the bane of modern fashion. Nothing ever has pockets. Even though they are so _useful_!"

She sighs and narrows her eyes thoughtfully, "Raven /says/ she is a telepath, but I think she just guesses very well. Using her powers of grump."

But then concerns about Raven's grumpiness and/or telepathic talents are washed away, "Oh! Well, if you ever have a theme party, do let me know ahead of time! You can help me pick out appropriate attire to benefit the party!"
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Yeah. It's not made up. It's just old. You tap the screen at varying cadences to flap a bird's wings and fly to avoid obstacles." Cassie explains. "Luckily Kori doesn't have to go far if she wanted a more positive response to rapid finger presses." she winks playfully at that. The blonde might look like a cheerleader, but she was a nerd long before she started filling out tight clothes.

"The shutter sound is literally a protective measure for women. So we know when a picture was taken in case we didn't consent. It's written into the software and it can't be silence even if the phone has the speaker muted. I can guarantee there's a lot of pictures taken of us whether we posed or not." she points out.

Celebrity and superhero paparazzi are a whole industry.

The selfie is at least shown off on Cassie's phone to the pair. "Donna is right, it's a rare outfit that wouldn't look hot with you in it. And this is coming from goddesses. But costume theme doesn't have to be a thing. Donna you'd just get slack and call it a toga party anyway!" she playfully teases.
Troia has posed:
"You realize how made up that sounds, right?" Donna peers between Kori and Cassie, "You tap a screen repeatedly to avoid obstacles?" Brow raise, forehead curls, eyes squint... specifically at Cassie's humor regarding the matter. "I see what you did there, missy." Wiggling a point in her direction.

"Is that true?" About the shudder sound, "That also sounds made up. Not because it's not a good idea, it's a wonderful idea, but I think you're giving way too much credit to the phone manufacturers in this regard. Thinking about women?" She shakes her head, "Not in this century, not in this world." There's a reason she avoids celebrity status.

Most people think she's wonder woman.

There's probably a lot of pictures of Donna attributed to her sister, in fact.

Finger comb back through her hair, snort laughing at Cassie, "Listen, everyone looks better in a toga. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them.. they're comfortable and easy to put on... simplicity isn't always bad." A grin to Kori, "We'll find you a fetching toga for my next toga party."

The lifting of shirts aside, Donna's in panties and a tank top. So judgement is held.
Starfire has posed:
Kori blinks innocently. "Flappy Birds is old? But... it is the most advanced 'video game' I have ever been exposed to!! Truly, nothing in my travels before coming to Earth rivals it!"

Sure, before arriving on Earth, Kori's entire exposure to computer technology was focused on getting a stolen starship to safety. Which, she assumes, is not something that people make video games about.

Teeth clench on Kori's lower lip and she nods solemnly. "Very well! Togas it is. And perhaps stealing wine from Dionysus. Or at least visiting your home island as a beach vacation. I do enjoy beaches." She heaves a sigh out and nods her head, "Truthfully, simplicity is nice in an outfit. The more straps something has the more confusing it is to put on, and none of those modelling outfits come with instructions and sometimes it feels like they're /designed/ to need assistants and..." She groans softly.

"Yes. Simplicity. Is very good." She narrows her eyes at Donna and points a single finger, "We are not making up things! You are... remarkably skeptical!" Not that she sounds upset about it, it's just a friendly observation!
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Hey, you'd be amazed at how much tech was spearheaded by women. It was probably one of us that coded it when it was a thing way back when phones and cameras were just getting started together. Then everyone started doing it, not likely realizing why and just having it feel like an old school film camera going ff." Cassie goes on. Amused by Donna's reactions.

"A birthday toga party will definitely be fun. But really, it just needs a good bedsheet wrapped around and folded. Going authentic is overkill. And if we score a few kegs from our brother. No need to steal. Dio has rocked for a long long time. I'm sure he'll hook us up. It'll be wild!"

Superhero bacchanalias.

"We can always head to Themyscira after, move the party there bring any other girls along with us. Leave the boys with what's left in the kegs. Still gotta respect them laws after all. But good mystical booze is a good bribe for leaving people behind."
Troia has posed:
"We live in a post Ashton Kusher Punkd! era, Kori... skepticism feels appropriate. It always be your homies." Donna defends her untrusting position with her hands thrown into the air in defiance to her sudden change from naivety. "One moment you're being invited to a personal screening of Alexander, only to find out that they've properly trashed your entire culture." Tongue sucks off the roof of her mouth with a quitet tsk, head shaking.

"No, I will continue to reserve my skepticism."

With a grin to indicate she's probably teasing. Which widens when she looks over Kori at Cassie detailing a night of drunken debauchery, "Sounds like my kind of party. I bet I could even convince Diana to come along with us..." Brow raised, chin tapped, grin widening.

Then the hand flicks off to the side, "Alright, so we ditch the boys and head for Themyscira, engage in proper revelry, and then tell Kon about it afterwards... now that sounds like twelve pounds of birthday celebration to me." The flicked hand lands upon her toned abdomen with a 'pap' of flesh on flesh.

"So, who wants to unlock the tower for me so I can sleep in a bed I'm not renting?"
Starfire has posed:
Kori claps her hands, "Ah! You see? Already we have a plan for a party! And then the after-party-party! Truly, we are an efficient and stupendous team!"

Head tilts thoughtfully as Kori floats up effortlessly, only to get her legs under herself and sigh out, "Very well! I /suppose/ we can allow an itinerant Amazon to 'crash' in the tower... and unlocking the elevator seems more prudent than literally having you crash inside..."

She glances over her shoulder as she once more falls into 'model-pilot', hips swaying a touch more than strictly necessary, "Wait! If we're all wearing togas and Diana is going to join us... are you going to attempt to trick us?! This sounds like the distant chime of /shenanigans/!" She points two fingers at those glowing green eyes and one finger at Donna. She's onto this trick. She is expecting it now!

"And I am sure we can leave the boys to video games, leftover pizza, and movies without much fuss."
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Plans with in plans! We'd likely have half the island partying with us and. I'm sure Diana could really do with a chance to let her down. Ambassadoring is stressful work and sometimes you can't just rely on using your fists to unwind. Sometimes booze and dance and off key singing." Cassie adds and nods her head.

As for cracking the door lock on Donna's room. "Shouldn't be difficult getting you in your room. I'm curious what you left in the drawer anyway. Obvious socks. You find a really comfy pair and it's like anything else. You really miss them when you don't have them!" she ponders and grins.

There's a wiggle of bare toes as she speaks to punctuate but soon she's rising to stand, dusting the back of her jeans off as if it really needed it.

"We'll make sure future access doesn't run out. I mean, you'll always be a Titan as much as a sister!" Cassie would throw hands to anyone saying no at the idea.