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Koriand'r (Scenesys ID: 24)
"On Tamaran we appreciate the past. We respect it. But we don't live there. We live here. Now. In the moment."
Full Name: Koriand'r
Gender: Female
Species: Tamaranian
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Model and Superheroine
Citizenship: Tamaran
Residence: Titans Tower (North Hempstead, Nassau County)
Education: Private Tutoring
Status: Dropped
Groups: Titans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 14 August 2006 Actor: Holland Roden
Height: 201 cm (6'7") Weight: 95 kg (209 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper


Koriand'r is the second daughter and crown princess of the planet Tamaran. But the machinations of her sister Komand'r, denied the chance to be Queen, ensured the destruction of Tamaran, and the enslavement of Kory for several years of the most horrible kind. After experiments which, ironically, granted her abilities far beyond any of her kind, she escaped and now lives on Earth, defending it from the trouble that seems to appear from all sides.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Nobody's going to mistake this girl for human, normal or average. Everything about Starfire goes to eleven, cranked up and intensified, as if she were just bursting with vitality and life. She's two hundred and one centimetres tall and obviously alien, her skin the colour of a ripened tangerine, but smooth and flawless, without blemish or freckle. You can tell because you see a lot of that skin. Her dark, richly red hair has incredibly volume, both in height and length, looping curls trailing down below her buttocks. Her eyes are abnormally large and wide and utterly green, a neon green that actually does glow in the dark a bit, or more when feeling strong emotions. Despite this irregularity, she's undeniably gorgeous, with high cheekbones, plush lips and a heart-shaped jaw. Her voice has a pouty, girlish quality too it, and she giggles a lot, but it can turn into a raging snarl in the heat of battle.

As for clothing, Kory is most noted for wearing relatively little of it. Tamaraneans simply have no nudity taboo and it took her some time to realise that clothes were even necessary in pleasant climates. She wears a criss-crossed purple top across her chest, leaving generous portions of bosom on display, as well as her toned stomach. Her arms have some obvious musculature, the warrior princess having been trained for battle her whole life, and bracers to match the costume. The swimsuit style costume retains her modesty but does little else, her hips and thighs largely bare. The long legs go down into knee-high, heeled boots, again of purple with red accents. Those heels add another few of inches to her height, bringing her out at a towering two hundred and eight centimetres.


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Koriand'r is the second daughter of the royal family of Tamaran. She was chosen to be crown princess over her elder sister Komand'r, because the elder sibling was disabled and could not absorb solar power properly, and thus could not fly and was considered unfit to rule. Koriand'r was always a happy child, full of joy, and the darling of an entire planet... but she had no idea of the shadow that would fall upon her by... her own flesh and blood.

Komand'r, resentful and bitter over the theft of her birthright, decided to get revenge. She contacted Tamaran's greatest enemy, the Psions, and gave them all they needed to tear through her homeworld's defences. And... the Psions began to raze Tamaran. Storming the palace, they killed Kory's parents in front of her and chained her up - and her gloating sister sent her off to be a slave.

From age twelve to seventeen, Koriand'r was degraded, physically and mentally. Starved, beaten, the most horrific acts committed on her formerly-innocent body. As this happened, the Psions' revenge went farther than even Kom wanted, as they ruined Tamaran, made it uninhabitable. But the torment of Kory was continuing. For the Psions decided to study the Tamaranean solar-absorption... by trying to overload her - they were seeing if they could make her literally explode... but something happened that nobody expected. The overload... triggered a mutation in Koriand'r... as the excess solar power had an output in the form of what Kory later calls 'starbolts', green-hued energy blasts of thermonuclear energy - basically, firing small suns at people. She used this and the enhanced strength of the mutation to break free.

Freeing dozens of slaves, killing the warden, reaping the spoils (including the warden's pet, a larval creature that was known as the Silkie), Kory led a team onto a small star ship and they took off, christening it the H.M.S.S. Starfire. They evaded pursuit and got away. But... they were fugitives, and they wanted Kory back most of all. They found a backwater planet in Sector 2814 that the natives called 'Earth'. They dropped her off... and left to find other survivors and hide from the Psions.

As time went on, she found a group of heroes known as the Titans and joined forces with them, finding a place to belong. The Starfire checks in every now and then, relaying news about her people, and even offering trade of Tamaranean foodstuffs for the wondrous Earth beverage known as mustard. Things are seeming to progress well.

But will her sister ever find her? And if she does, will she bring the wrath of X'Hal down on her and anyone near her?


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Koriand'r, when things are calm around her, is a hedonistic, vivacious, fun-loving teenager who is always looking for new delights. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and deception is simply not in her character. But when things get violent and gritty, Kory's warrior training kicks in and she is a fearsome foe, with super strength and the knowledge of three-dimensional Tamaranean martial arts, and weapons training. Few who have faced this princess escape unscathed, for she is reckless, hellbent, and extremely trigger happy. Her only fear... is captivity. Only that can make her wilt. But the truth is - Kory's a stranger in a strange land, far from home.


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Energy Absorption:
Starfire's physiology has been changed from that of a baseline Tamaranean by various experiments conducted on her. This enhanced Tamaranean physiology allows her to continually absorbs any solar energy from around her and directed at her (or suitable substitutes such as tanning booths), converting it into the solar energy that fuels her powers. In a pinch, she can even vampirically drain the solar 'battery' of other solar-powered beings like Kryptonians, but this is unpleasant for both parties, and she only does so when absolutely necessary.

This native Tamaranean ability allows her to convert solar energy into flight, producing a visible energy contrail behind her, seemingly trailing from her hair. Her hair lights up as if it's on fire while she's flying. In atmospheric conditions she can go to around Mach 6. She is spaceworthy, but lacks the pure flight power to travel interplanetary - hence her need of a starship. She is faster than a normal member of her species.

Language Assimilation:
Koriand'r is capable of learning any language known by a person by simple skin-to-skin physical contact. She instantly masters languages this way, and thus she is capable to speaking to virtually anybody that speaks any language. Any skin contact will do, but she generally does so via kissing because it's "more fun".

Starfire can channel solar energy into destructive attacks of green-hued blasts of heat and radiation on anything in her line of sight, most commonly through her hands or sometimes her eyes. She can control the amount of energy released, from a powerful blast to take out bad guys to a pinpoint strike to blast a door lock. She can even use starbolts on a low-power wide-beam to recharge the solar 'battery' of other beings that use such energy such as Kryptonians (though, of course, she'd have to be charged with yellow sunlight to be able to help them without ill effect) or other Tamaraneans. She can also channel starbolt energy to make certain parts of her skin burning-hot, enough to melt metal touching her skin or burning a person. Under emotional duress the release of power scales upward in intensity and area of effect, potentially burning as hot the sun, and increasingly erratic.

In a desperation move, if she has no other option, she can draw all her solar power and release it as one devastating blast with the force of a nova. But if she does this... she will be completely drained and powerless for days.

Super Strength:
Among other things, the experiments performed on Starfire make her superior to most of her race, amplifying her strength to incredible proportions. Starfire can normally handle weights up to 50,000 kilograms, but by exerting herself under the right emotional duress she can lift over 100,000 kilograms with difficulty.


Starfire's enhanced Tamaranean physiology is extremely resistant to injury and is largely immune to the hazards of radiation and gasses. This ability allows her to shrug off most common weapons and exist unaided in the vacuum of space, and tank a lot of damage from many kinds of different weapons. Unlike Kryptonians who have a silver bullet, Starfire has no such 'weakness' to exploit.


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Along with her people's passionate nature, her rough experiences and embodiment of the warrior spirit make Starfire bold and stalwart. With the sole exception of threats of being chained up or otherwise restrained, Kory is bold, and fears little, even things that should frighten normal people.

Koriand'r has to make a living on Earth. Not knowing much about the world, she used the one thing she had to her advantage - her appearance - and quickly got a gig as a model for a fashion magazine for the mutants and other 'different' kinds of people, going by the pseudonym 'Kory Anders'. Setting aside her alien differences, she has a hot body and is content to use it until she can find a better calling.

Koriand'r has always been a good pilot. Part of royal training was teaching her to fly various vehicles and star ships. Though not able to do so while in captivity, once she got out she easily commandeered a scout ship and took it away, flying it toward Earth. She can easily figure out the controls of most vehicles, even ones she's never flown in before.

Royal Education:
As the crown princess of Tamaran (and future queen had fate not decided otherwise), Koriand'r was trained in the arts of diplomacy and statemanship. Kori has at least /heard/ of most of the species of the known galaxy, and has some knowledge of how to comport herself amongst the more advanced species. Earth was, however, not anything like she trained for. Kory doesn't know much about pop culture trivia - or Earth trivia in general - but she knows things like the molecular weight of oxygen by heart, and is very well versed probably a bachelor's degree level, in chemistry, Tamaranean biology (not Earthling), and certainly physics and mathematics. Which always tends to surprise people for some reason.

Warrior Princess:

As the second daughter of Tamaran, Koriand'r has been trained from a very early age in the varied arts of war. She is skilled in personal combat and has earned her freedom through them. She is also an experienced starship captain and battlefield leader. Starfire can recognise an ambush for what it is and has led others into combat. She is the master of several forms of martial arts, some Tamaranean that take advantage of flight for a three-dimensional fighting and has picked up some Earth martial arts too.

Koriand'r is also proficient with guns (both blaster and bullet) and swords. She is especially proficient with swords due to an ancient Tamaranean royal custom where royalty can be challenged to a duel. She doesn't like using these weapons these days, especially since her 'enhancements': she is now stronger and faster than one of her kind and can fire starbolts which are more powerful than any bullet.


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H.m.s.s. Starfire:
This is Starfire's personal starship. After leading a successful slave revolt against the Psions, she commandeered this vessel; the rescued renamed it in her honor. With a small but faithful crew that swore their lives to the service of their princess, her ship stays at Koriand'r's command whenever she needs it.

It is fully equipped and capable of galactic transport and combat with laser cannons, missile launchers, shields, and a hyper drive. It is the finest Tamaranean technology and capable of repairs, and is capable of many mission types. It is also fitted with sensors, a well-equipped sickbay, and a teleportation device.

Koriand'r lives on Earth now, but occasionally will go out with her ship. Sometimes it simply does trading missions between Earth and New Tamaran, bringing her tastes of home. The ship is an escort vessel, around 100 meters long, and capable of landing. It seldom stays around Earth, however, for fear of detection. Commander Depalo and Engineer K'tten keep her apprised of galactic affairs while she's in exile.

Note: Though this starship is at Kory's disposal, it is mostly used as a plot device, to cover Kory's awareness of current galactic events, access to Tamaranean foods, etc. It will not be used to have Kory go into deep space except for special approved plots.

The Silkie:

The pet of the warden of the prison that Kory escaped from, she claimed the love bug as her personal pet and the mascot of the rebellion. She treats the larva as a confidant and her best friend - like anyone with a loving pet. The Silkie is content with the more constant attention from his new owner. Kory took him to Earth with her, and she is hoping he'll get along with the local wildlife. The Silkie may look like a simple animal, but he has a hidden intelligence and preternatural luck.


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Defined as 'the fear of being trapped', it is a condition that Kory developed during her teenage years in the most brutal of slavery conditions... culminating with the experiment that almost literally made her explode and made her into the super-charged superherione she is today - but the mental scars run deep. Any entrapment or restraints would not go well, and send Kory into a blind panic and rage. She will do whatever is necessary to get out of the situation, using all her enhanced strength and her starbolts against anything and everything in her path, friend or foe, like a wild animal.

Easily Addicted:
Koriand'r has what is known as an addictive personality. Several times in her past, she has fallen prey to addictive drugs - even while a teenager to cope with the horrors of slavery. Withdrawal is hell, and Kory knows it, but she can easily become addicted to bad habits - not just drugs, but things like gambling, or other such things. Her love of mustard might also be considered an addiction but a relatively benign one...

Energy Dependence:
Starfire needs solar energy to power her abilities. It would take weeks away from the sun or another source of power to severely deplete her energies and ruin her mood, unless she has truly exerted her powers, but this means that she generally spends a lot of time in the sun to keep her going. Her skimpy wardrobe only assists her in keeping at optimal charge.

Far From Home:
Koriand'r is not from Earth. She doesn't know the history, the customs, and the rituals of society. She might never truly fit in to her new home... and can get extremely homesick for her homeworld... but she knows... that she'll never see her home again. Tamaran is ruined... she often cries herself to sleep at night and has nightmares. That... and it's very possible that the Psions are still looking for her...

Heart On Her Sleeve:
Koriand'r is very much in touch with her emotions, and will express them openly and clearly. Bluffing and subtlety and lying are simply not in her nature, hence why she doesn't even bother trying to pretend she's not the superherione Starfire. One thing you can count on, for good or ill is that Starfire will be honest with you about what she is thinking and what she is feeling.

When feeling threatened, even in a non-critical situation, Starfire's first reaction is to KILL IT WITH FIRE. She will shoot first and ask questions later (if at all) and does not hold back. Collateral damage could seem to be quite possible with her hellbent fighting style.

Inverted Tastes:
Kory has strange tastes and stranger dietary habits. Her love of mustard might be based on how Tamaraneans process flavor as compared to humans. Essentially, 'sweet' and 'bitter' are processed oppositely to Kory. Ice cream is horribly bitter, while beer tastes sweet. This has caused various frictions, especially when Kory tries cooking for her friends.

Beware Tamaraneans bearing gifts, especially food.

Tamaran's Most Wanted:
Kory's sister Komand'r, who now goes by Blackfire, was the one who ruined Tamaran. And put a hefty price on Kory's head. Which is why Koriand'r is hiding out on the relative backwater planet Earth, which, until recently, was unknown to the greater galactic community. As Earth gets more galactic exposure (due to invasions, the growing number of human Lanterns of various Corps, etc.), it's quite possible that one day, Blackfire will figure out where Kory is - and send bounty hunters to come after her, or try to take care of things personally. Kory dreads this thought - would it mean that she'd have to say farewell to the new friends she has made, to keep them safe?

Very Conspicuous:

Starfire's alien appearance and lack of secret identity make her very easy to spot. An over two-meter-tall woman with a hot body, orange skin, and glowing green eyes, is hard to miss. In her early days, she had trouble fitting in. A trench coat, sunglasses, and a fedora did wonders to disguise her, but she hated the confining nature of the full body shroud - and there's nothing to hide her towering height.


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A Poorly-Planned Invasion. August 23rd, 2017 Today's lesson is: when invading an alien planet, don't rely on google translate.
Up On The Roof August 13th, 2017 Damian and Vorpal get to meet a part of the team. Damian is totally a robot.
TITANS: It Came From The Green Depths! August 13th, 2017 They may offer you fortune and fame,

Love and money and instant acclaim, But whatever they offer you- DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!

Hogwarts Got Nothing on Us August 12th, 2017 Summary needed
Kinda Out of her Comfort Amazone August 8th, 2017 Summary needed
The Butterfly Effect August 2nd, 2017 A group of heroes stop a riot and vandalism before it spreads like wildfire.
Don't Take Them for Granite July 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Dine and Dash July 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Hey, you, with the hair! July 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Four Leylines Make a Square June 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Sunshine and Joy... interrupted June 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Eco Terrorable! June 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Metropolis Mayhem June 25th, 2017 Another Legion member appears, and it's Phantom Girl! The Legion reunites, and stops a gang fight. And then, PIZZA!
Night at the Museum June 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Flushing by Car June 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Log June 11th, 2017 Summary needed
For Hearts Long Lost and Full of Fright May 26th, 2017 Summary needed
Hungry Like The Wolf! May 22nd, 2017 The Titans come upon a hostage situation and find a raging lunatic leading a few stoners. They have an unseen observer and meet a strange new person.....
Titans Life May 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Something Wicked This Way Comes ... May 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Titans Go! Pt. 1 April 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Furiously Fast April 17th, 2017 Summary needed.
Central Park Confrontation April 7th, 2017 A lovely afternoon ruined by villains!


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