15330/Wrong Super, Right Time!

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Wrong Super, Right Time!
Date of Scene: 12 July 2023
Location: Roof, Titans Tower
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Superman, Superboy

Superman has posed:
An odd yet distinct sound cuts through the air. It sounds like a very small personal aircraft, something able to carry one person -maybe- two. Yet this thing comes across super small. Like the word "compact" would be a gross understatement. Anyone with "Super" in the name would recognize the sound. It's the sound of someone flying that could put a lot of speed behind. So, it's a question of who and not what. Sadly, only individuals like Iron Man, War Machine and others have distinct sounds. A lot of other flyers sound very similar unless they can go fast enough to break various barriers. Those that -can- break barriers is a small list.

Superman doesn't do this, but he will flying as quick as possible pressing to that barrier before suddenly slowing it down. He'll drop down slowly from the sky. Lowering himself before landing on the roof of Titan's Tower. The plan is to meet Supergirl, if she's around. Superman doesn't expect someone else with the "S" to be there tonight, too.
Superboy has posed:
Conner was sitting on the edge of Titans Tower.

He stares across the waters that lead to Titans Tower, in his hands a sketchbook as he seems to have taken up some drawing as a form of strength control. It would be so easy for him to apply minimal pressure and just snap the pencil in half. But instead, he's breathing in and out.

Nice and slow. Easy and gentle.

THen his ears pick it up. He could break that book in half. Something's coming. Something fast. Something speedy.


He starts to fly up into the air, becoming clear enough to see as Superman draws near enough to the Tower. He wears a black bodysuit, red pipelining leading to the red 'S' on his chest. His hair long and to his chin, his eyes, blue, regard Clark wit ha deep familiarity that a clone has with the prime material.


he lowers himself to the roof to look at Superman in the eyes. What does he say?

What does he do?
Superman has posed:
Superman looks at Conner. He's genunely surprised by the sighting. Sky blue eyes looking at similar ones that look back to him. Obviously, they share the same shade.

"Conner. How have you been?" It's always a little awkward addressing Superboy. Superman hopes the day comes when it feels natural. That depends on both of them.

"How are you?" Superman asks, trying to be friendly. "I like the outfit," he says, thinking it looked different the last time they met. He might be wrong though. "If you ever want a change in the uniform, find me," Superman says just trying to be helpful. Also, his way of showing Conner that he's welcome to find Superman. That he would be there for if, and when, Conner is ready.