15334/Dinner in a Diner

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Dinner in a Diner
Date of Scene: 12 July 2023
Location: Hot Food and Grill, Clinton
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: She-Hulk, Superboy

She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Sitting in a booth right now. She's in her she-hulk form but she came by to get One of the world's Famous French Dip sandwiches this place is known for. Sure, she brings some attention, not that many near 7ft green ladies in a suit having supper, but she doesn't care.. She's hungry, and right now, this is better than thinking about the work she just did.

     She won her case and a little more freedom for super heroes and the like but still, it was long and exhausting, and she's happy it's done right now. She's enjoying some good food and prays. PRAYS no villain ruins it right now.
Superboy has posed:
Conner arrives at the grill. He's dressed in a black t-shirt with the red 's' on his chest, painting himself a Superman fan. He wears black fatigue pants with combat boots and some gloves over his hands, a jacket over his shoulders. He looks as though he's just finished riding a motorcycle, his hair wind-tossed and his eyes sharp.

As he walks, he looks around.

Nowhere to sit. Fuck.

Then he notices She-Hulk enjoying a meal by herslef and he approaches the booth. "Hey. Mind if I sit with you? Don't have to talk. Just uh...nowhere to sit."
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Looks up mid-bite, she blinks and is almost about to tell him that's not the first time she's heard that pickup line.. then she looks around " Oh sure, yeah " She says and motions since she's in the bigger booth, then again, she kinda needs it.. She looks over " Tony, my love.. please, another! more pickles this time, " she beams as the old man behind the counter nods and gets to work making another huge sandwich for the avenger.
Superboy has posed:
The little laugh that leaves Conner is...quite nervous, actually. He doesn't normally do this, at all, and it seems clear he'd rather eat by himself, but here he is. He slowly slides int othe booth, and it's clear that he wasn't trying to flirt.

"What kind of sandwich is that?" He asks.

Then, he turns towards the bar, and he waves. "Tony! I'll give you a good tip if you give me the same order!" Conner calls, and he looks back to Jennifer.

"So...avenger, huh?"
She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer Walters Shrugs as she motions to herself " I'm mostly a lawyer but yeah, I help out the avengers from time to time," she grins ..." Comes with the green skin," She says with a chuckle. " It's called a French dip.. mostly super thing roast beef that's dipped into beef jue or like beef soup.. the bread is dipped into it too.. I love it, especially since tony started making hulk sized portions " . She beams a big smile.. soon enough, tony brings over the two rather large sandwiches that would clearly feed four people or one hungry super hero.