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She-Hulk (Scenesys ID: 108)
"Are you... are you guys really doing that "destroy the people who don't understand us because of our powers" bit? Because, I mean, historically, that doesn't end well for anyone."
Full Name: Jennifer Walters
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Lawyer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: Law Degree from University of CA Coast City
Status: Approved
Groups: Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 16 June 1995 Actor: Jennifer: Kate Micucci

She-Hulk: Brigitte Goudz

Height: 168/201 cm (5'6"/6'7") Weight: 54/318 kg (119/700 lb)
Hair Color: Brown/Green Eye Color: Brown/Green
Theme Song:


Gorgeous, glamorous, and gamma-green, Jennifer Walters is the cousin to Bruce Banner, who got her powers after he gave her an emergency blood transfusion, transforming the mousy law student into the gammazonian She-Hulk! Since then, she's made her way through a series of adventures, misadventures and more, even earning herself a spot on the prestigious Fantastic Four! Still, she may be best known for being the primary lawyer handling superheroic cases (suck it, Murdock).

Current Player Approved: July 30, 2020



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Before you stands six feet and seven inches of powerfully built jade green bombshell. With her size, build, and color, She-Hulk is easy to pick out of a crowd. At just over six and a half feet tall, she stands a head taller than most men, and has the kind of physique that professional athletes would kill for. Her body is hard and powerful, muscle easily visible along her arms and legs. She doesn't however suffer from the problem that most female athletes do, and has managed to hold onto every bit of her feminine curves, body voluptuously endowed. Her jade green skin, and dark green hair make her unmistakeable in a crowd, if her height and figure didn't already do that.

Thick green hair tumbles down past her shoulders in curled waves, almost always left unbound and free. The dark hair frames a strikingly pretty feminine face, smooth and blemishless. Full expressive lips can usually be seen pulled upwards into a smile or a smirk, and it's not an uncommon sight to see them painted with lipstick even in her She-Hulk form.

Her superhero attire has varied a great deal over the years, though at the moment she's settled on her one piece leotard, and a pair of low slung jeans. The white swimsuit with the purple sides clings snug to her hard body, along her stomach, and the defined abs there, up over her more than generous bust, and up around her neck. Her hands are adorned with a pair of half finger purple workout gloves, and her feet with a pair of tough white athletic sneakers. The one piece disappears into the low waistline of a pair of simple blue jeans. The jeans are snug to her muscled and shapely form, a black leather belt pulled through the belt loops on them. The high rise hip line of the one piece leaves her hips bare from the waistline of her pants up to the where her suit sits just above the curve of her hips.


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Born to Elaine and Morris Walters, Jennifer grew up as an only child in Southern California. The closest thing she had to a brother was Bruce Banner, her cousin, whom she'd spend all day reading with. Her father was a Sheriff for as long as she could remember, and his upbringing did more to develop her strong sense of morality than anything else, which is why when she went to college she studied law. However, her decision to practice criminal defense created a large rift between her and her father, one that would last many years.

One of her first big cases as a defense lawyer would also prove to be the one that managed to change her life forever. She was defending a hood named Monkton who had supposedly murdered the bodyguards of the local crime syndicates boss, Nick Trask. Since she's good at what she does, and was getting a little too close to an acquittal and thusly revealing Trask's double-cross and conspiracy, Trask put a hit out on her. Fortunately, her cousin Bruce (the Hulk) was visiting while the hit took place. She was shot in the back, but Bruce managed to chase off the hit men before they could finish the job. However, Jennifer had lost a lot of blood, so her cousin performed an emergency blood transfusion to stabilize her until he could get her to the hospital.

Jennifer didn't get much time to rest when Trask struck again, attempting to murder her while in hospital. This didn't go so well for the hit men since the blood transfusion from Bruce also transferred the gamma radiation fueled powers, turning her into a giant, green, superhumanly strong woman. However, unlike her cousin, she retained all her mental faculties while big and green.

At first she only changed to the She-Hulk when angered, but soon found out that she could voluntarily trigger the change. As she became more accustomed to being the She-Hulk, she started to become more and more comfortable with being in that form, and less and less comfortable as Jennifer. Eventually she decided that she'd rather be She-Hulk than Jennifer, and decided to stay in that form unless she absolutely had to change back.
With her fabulous new powers, Jen spent her time living it up, being a superheroine. She got into a number of scrapes; some of them comedic and ludicrous, some a lot more serious, like a problem with a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier that ended up radiation-locking her as She-Hulk for a while. Her success in her superheroic career ended up earning her an invitation from the Fantastic Four during a time when Ben Grimm was away, to serve as the team powerhouse. Despite that, she's found a family one does tend to with the Fantastic Four.

Recently, She-Hulk has taking something of a hiatus from superheroing. For the past couple of years, She-Hulk has noticed fluctuations in her powers, at it wasn't until a particularly nasty mission did she finally find out that being in such close contact with another hero was causing her metabolism to absorb the gamma radiation he was putting out, which caused her to swing more and more towards the Savage She-Hulk, until during one particularly stressful mission, his influence caused her to swing entirely Savage. Jennifer was very freaked out by this, only having lost this kind of control once before early in her career, and even then, not to the point where she nearly killed her own teammates. Frightened by what she could become at this point she wandered off alone, to do a little soul searching, in very much the same way her cousin has. If anything, this episode really gave her a new appreciation the kind of difficulties Bruce must face on a day to day basis.

Depressed, she might have wallowed in her woes, except thatan opportunity like no other presented itself to her. The law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway came to offer Jennifer Walters a partnership in the newly formed Superhuman Law division. Not She-Hulk. Jennifer. At first reluctant to be her weaker self, she grudgingly accepted the position. Since then, she's found more of a balance between her Jen and Shulkie sides, as well as her lawyer and superheroine sides.


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Shulkie tends to be a study in contrasts. In either form, she has a strong commitment to the usual super-hero ideals of truth, justice, and all that lot. But she's also got a cutting wit and is very much a Snark Knight...not quite to the level of Spidey-snarking, but she's up there. As Jennifer, she's more quiet, reserved, logical, much more likely to plan everything through, and content to fade a bit into the woodwork. All that vanishes as She-Hulk. She becomes extroverted, impulse, outgoing and more, all dialed up to eleven.


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Fourth Wall
She-Hulk is able to break through the fourth wall, much like Deadpool. But she did it first, so there. She is aware she is a comic book character. She can interact with people outside the comic book, or in this case the game. While this is not something she uses often, it is there and who knows what she might say or do when interacting with the readers.
Healing Factor
She Hulk has a significant healing factor, capable of quickly regenerating from most wounds, though she's incapable of regenerating lost limbs or organs. Her boosted metabolism also renders her immune to drugs, toxins and immunity to all earthly diseases.
Physical Transformation
Like her cousin She Hulk has two forms, her human form as Jennifer Walters, and her largely perferred form as the jade giantess. She shifts from being a woman of average height and fairly average weight, to being a six foot seven inch seven hundred pound gamma fueled engine of destruction. But unlike her cousin she retains full control of her both her transformation and herself. She retains her full mental faculties when she transforms into She-Hulk.
Superhuman Durability
She Hulk's form is incredibly resistant to most forms of damage and injury. She is capable of taking powerful hits and shrugging them off, and can withstand great pressures and temperatures.
Superhuman Speed
Due in part to her enhancement by Gamma Radiation from the blood transfusion and her enhanced physical strength She Hulk's speed is boosted beyond the maximum limits of even peak human athletes.
Superhuman Stamina
She Hulk's enhanced form renders her capable of performing at maximum effort for about 48 hours before fatigue begins to set in and impair her performance.
Superhuman Strength

She Hulk's strength is proportionately stronger than her human form as Jennifer Walters. Any strength gained as Jennifer is magnified as She Hulk. She Hulk's strength is on par with other world class bricks such as Thing, Thor and Hercules and is often depicted as holding even greater strength than these individuals. Her strength does grow with strong emotion, though not nearly as much as her cousin's empowerment through emotion.


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Jennifer Walters is a very intelligent individual and is a very skilled and experienced lawyer. She has partaken in many high-profile cases and proven herself a capable lawyer time and again. While she tends to practice as a defense attorney, she is able to practice both civil and criminal law should she choose.
Shulkie has trained under the best, such as Captain America and Gamora, and is an expert fighter. Her style would be more grapples and punches than any sort of fancy martial arts although she has a few moves she could fall back on in a crunch. She'd rather just hit things without so much technique.
Jen doesn't rely on her gamma irradiated blood to keep her body fit. She likes to exercise, to spend time working on staying in peak condition. She loves jogging/running and weight training. She knows how to eat healthy although she generally doesn't bother. She likes food too much. So, she exercises a lot to make up for that vice. Additionally, if she were to weight lift as Jennifer Walters, she would exponentially increase her strength as She-Hulk as well.
Law Enforcement
Some might think this is part of being a lawyer but they are very different things. Thanks to her father being a Sheriff, Jen grew up with a law enforcement officer. Through him, she learned the trials and tribulations of being a cop, though vicariously through his stories. Through her time as both a hero and lawyer, she has expanded that knowledge.

Jen is a skilled pilot, flying combat assets for both the Avengers and Fantastic Four in many missions and engagements. She is not one to be flying in a dogfight (at least not well), but she can fly in all sorts of weather and conditions easily enough.


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She-Hulk was a member of the Avengers at one time. While she is not an active member of their roster, she has many friends on the team she could rely on in times of need. She could probably get access to some of their resources, if necessary, through those friends.
Fantastic Four
Having spent time working with the Fantastic Four when Ben Grimm was out of the picture, Jen has come to be a part of the family in some ways. She can rely on them as friends and resources, giving her access to their base of operations and technology.
Law Degree

Jen attended the UCLA School of Law, where she distinguished herself, and earned her masters of law at Harvard Law School. She currently is a practicing lawyer drawing a large salary for her work.


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As She-Hulk, she is six feet and seven inches tall. This means she towers above most people. She weighs 700 pounds and has to have reinforced furniture so she doesn't break it when she sits or lays down. She's also green. Needless to say, she stands out in a crowd.
Jennifer Walters
Although she is getting a little better, She-Hulk prefers her giant green form as opposed to the more petite Jennifer Walters. As Jennifer, she almost died due to being shot while doing what she felt was right. It colored the woman's reactions to the world around her, turning more timid and less willing to take chances. As She-Hulk, she knows how to handle herself and has great confidence. It is why she prefers to always be Shulkie, because deep down she feels her human side is weak. Given the choice, she always prefers to be in her She-Hulk form and will do all she can to avoid having to change back. She only does it now because her current position requires Jennifer Walters to try cases, not She-Hulk.
While she is currently able to control her transformations from She-Hulk to Jennifer Walters, this has not always been the case. In the past, the would transform into She-Hulk whenever she got angry, much like her famous cousin. At one time after being subjected to extreme radiation, she was stuck as She-Hulk and unable to transform back into Jennifer. Things happen and she could end up with these problems again depending on circumstances.
Jen has a temper. She can fly off the handle pretty easily and when she does, she likes to break things While she doesn't have to worry about transforming when she's angry at this point in her life, her temper is truly formidable when triggered.

As She-Hulk, she is all the things that she wasn't as Jennifer Walters. Strong, bold, snarky and completely confident in everything about herself. She tends to speak her mind and can be a little crass. If she thinks it, she may just say it. It isn't that she doesn't know better, it's just she doesn't care. If she wants to do something, she does it. She doesn't allow others to influence her decisions and she isn't shy about voicing her opinions.


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