15347/Mutant Power Wheels!

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Mutant Power Wheels!
Date of Scene: 16 July 2023
Location: Xavier's Back Yard
Synopsis: The Barbie Kart Test was a success! There were witnesses and no injuries! This time!
Cast of Characters: Boom-Boom, Polaris, Jubilee

Boom-Boom has posed:
There'd been a few people that knew about the prep work Tabby had been doing for next year's mechanics class project. Lorna was one of them, even helping with restoring some of the scrounged parts. Jubilee might have seen the plastic shell she'd been stashing for it.

But finally she'd completed her demonstration. Punctuated out in the back by the basketball court with a loud whine of an electric motor, then a whoop that could probably be heard near the back of the house.

Soon followed by that motor buzzing away.

Following the sound might easily lead to a blonde. Tabby naturally in beat up old Levi's jeans and a pink Barbie cropped tank top, both several sizes too small. Some clunky wedge heeled hiking style boots that might also have been coopted for work boots. Ray Bans on her nose and spiky belt collar and wrist cuffs in red leather

The source of the sound apparently a hot pink Power Wheels mustang in pink with Barbie livery. Though the way she's rocking a donut on the court, she might have gotten the shell to fit over a go-kart.

Zoomie Boomie!
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane's window is open, so she definitely hears the commotion out by the basketball court. The green-haired woman climbs out of her window, riding the magnetic flux field smoothly down to the tarmac. She's wearing close-fitting jeans, sandals, and a green, cropped tanktop.

Her long, emerald man flutters freely in her wake, and Lorna touches down lightly as she watches the hotrod Barbie go-kart tearing up the court.

Watching for a few moments, she calls out "I take it the new motor is acceptable."
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee is wearing a pair of golden overalls with a white crop top underneath depicting Taylor Swift's face done out in glittery little beads. She's got her sunglasses on and a backwards baseball cap with her black hair tucked up underneath it.

"What the sweet everlovin' Pinky Pie Hasbro Legoland real life Hot Wheels Barbie bullshit is shit?" she calls out to Tabitha with a laugh, popping some bubblegum as she approaches.
Boom-Boom has posed:
Thankfully when people start coming out to spy the madness Tabby pulls the kart to a stop just shy of actually hitting anyone. A testament to her abilities as a driver. She'd been behind a steering wheel as a kid as soon as she could see over a dashboard.

"Finally yeah. The help balancing them you gave was great. Same with these old ass Stark Batteries. Have enough now for the project when classes start." she explains with a proud smile. If she's gonna teach she might as well make it fun as a class and not just an excuse for teenagers to stare at her in tight greasy work clothes.

Jubes gets a grin and a finger gun too. "Mattel, Barbie is owned by Mattel." she states and shuts down the kart's motor with a flip of a switch. Leaning back as best she can, not easy when she has her knees pulled up tight and then fanned apart so she can hit the throttle with her feet and get her hands on the steering wheel to aim herself. It's not that comfy for a grown woman, but she and the other two can fit at least.

"Class project next semester. Electric based engines and stuff. Damn things are everywhere on the road now so getting the kids a basic handling on how a Tesla rolls is a fun start and a change from gas engines." she explains to the Chinese girl. Lorna had already heard this before.
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane watches the pink car zooming around... mostly so that she won't be hit by accident. "Well just let me know if you need any more help tuning motors or smoothing out batteries. It might be better if your students learned to re-wrap a motor, actually, but that's up to you."

Shooting Jubilee a wry smile, Lorna adds. "And I'm afraid I didn't understand half of the references you just made. Pinky Pie? Is that a real thing?"
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee makes a blah blah blah motion with her hand, "Hasbro, Mattel, whatever. They ain't writin' me no checks."

She walks over to get a look at the specimen in question, resisting the urge to kick the tires. "What, you don't know My Little Pony? I weep for your childhood. I mean...I probably do weep for your childhood, huh? Yeah, Pinkie Pie, she's the pink one. She's...really pink. Look, they have characters, I just don't remember them that well. But that's a name you don't forget."
Boom-Boom has posed:
My Little Pony comes and goes. But Barbie is immortal. Tabby chimes in on the state of Equestria in decades past. "There'd probably be another line down the track. Hopefully one with less creepy dudes buying it all up. What girl doesn't like ponies of any kind?" the stable here gets plenty of use after all.

"Thanks again for the cheaty help there. But I think getting a basic kart built is probably a start. Respooling wire and aligning drive trains is maybe an advanced thing for post winter classes. The batteries were more important though." she points out. Most of those hidden in the back just behind the seat. Thankfully they're compact but still useful.

"If you guys want you can take mah hot pink hotrod for a spin?" she offers and starts the awkward process of climbing out of the kart.
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane tilts her head towards Jubilee, then. "Is there a green pony, too?" And yes, she seems genuinely interested. "And my childhood was certainly something to weep about, but not for lack of suitable television." Yes, blowing up your parents at a young age isn't all that common.

Lorna looks curious when Tabby offers the cart for joy-rides. "I'm more used to flying than driving, but I'd love to watch." she offers.
Boom-Boom has posed:
All Tabby ever did was blow up her dad's Lasagna. And a school. Not this one though. But it wasn't fun for her.

Eventually she makes it out of the cart, with a wobble and as hop that has her arms flailing rather uncoordinatedly. "Don't we all!" she jokes and makes sure her glasses don't fall off her nose. Once she's steady and standing fine on her own.

"Or being driven. I mean princess and all that. But you still at least have a driver's licence? Maybe we should grab an actual Mustang and go tooling around. I think it's Scott's too." she ponders and scrunches her brow in thought and planning.
Polaris has posed:
"My Genoshan driver's licence is reciprocal." Lorna offers, not -quite- managing to keep a straight face. "And of course I can drive. I just rarely see a need for it, is all."

"But I'd love to take your pink hotrod for a spin. And I'm sure I'd love driving the car, too." Wink. "Either way, I'm quite good with electrical devices if you can't, um, manage to borrow the keys."
Boom-Boom has posed:
"One day, one day I may fly! And not just arc in the way of an explosion!" Tabby says emphatically and makes a sweeping arm gesture to point at the sky. The joys of being the rare plasma wielder that can't fly.

Giving the Kart a poke with her toe she grins to Lorna. "Handy for not leaving evidence of a hotwire. All the joy riding a girl could want!" she teases and and adds a playful giggle. "Plus between us the batteries might last even longer!" she points out.

The next test might just be how much range she can get.

Next time though!