15355/A girl can always use a little ice cream

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A girl can always use a little ice cream
Date of Scene: 17 July 2023
Location: Baskin Robbins - Salem Center
Synopsis: Angelica made a random stop for ice cream and met Trini.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Yellow Ranger

Firestar has posed:
Even the pretty girls have moments where they are just too overwhelmed to be overly pretty. Well, that's what they tell themselves. The red head staggers into the place with an arm load of books and the dead eye stare of someone with way too many things on her plate at the moment.

Letting the books clunk on the table, she takes a deep breath and exhales,"I have got to get a car." she mutters,"At the very least a back pack." Looking at the pile she mutters again,"A really big back pack."
Yellow Ranger has posed:
Trini Kwan has recently come to New York City. There was a possible sighting of Putties over here so Trini is investigating. Or.. that's what she told the others. It was mainly an excuse to see the Big Apple. But it's a warm day so Trini slips into an ice cream parlor. She just looks around, then jumps at the loud CLUNK of an overabundance of books. Her eyes turn and widen. Geez - that looks like Billy's idea of a pleasant afternoon. The lady in yellow heads towards the counter to consider her options, and orders a lemon curd ice cream.
Firestar has posed:
Once the books are secured on the table, Angelica turns to the counter and prospect of frozen goodness. If they meet eyes, she will offer a nod to Trini, a polite gesture. She might even manage a weary smile to go with it.

When her time arrives she goes for something really exotic. Chocolate. Double scoop. Oh look, chocolate almond. A change to her order and then she settles in to wait.
Yellow Ranger has posed:
Trini Kwan glances at you - and decides to be sociable. "Hi there - that's a heavy bookload..." she muses softly as she takes her lemon curd ice cream and sits down at a nearby table. "What are you reading? For some college class?" she asks, trying to take a peek at the titles of said books, as she glances over towards the lady ordering double-scoop of chocolate almond.
Firestar has posed:
She looks towards Trini and offers a little better smile,"Hey." she replies. She looks back at the books and sighs softly,"Some of them are for classes I will be taking at NYU this fall, majoring in Physics. The top two are for the Physics class I teach at Xavier's Institute. Also starting this fall. Technically an assistant teacher, but the primary was let go so lucky me."

Her ice cream arrives and she starts towards her books,"Join me if you like." A polite invitation. She drops into her seat slowly and studies the ice cream before digging in.
Yellow Ranger has posed:
Trini Kwan nods. "I'm going to Starling University over in British Columbia. Just coming over here to visit. That teleport station between here and there is very useful, isn't it?" she asks as she sits down. "I'm Trini. What's your name?" she asks, glancing at you. "A physics major AND a part-time teacher? That sounds like it takes so much time..."
Firestar has posed:
"Starling is a nice place. I considered it myself." she admits,"I have been living in Canada the last three years." She smiles and admits,"That is something, I just can't make myself try it. Spreading atoms apart like that."

She smiles and adds,"I'm Angelica. It's nice to meet you Trini." Her eyes move to the books and she laughs softly,"Yes. I seem to love the idea of self torture and destruction by books. I have had to get to know Physics really well in my life for a lot of reasons. The type best not thought about over ice cream." She takes another bite of hers and admits softly,"Whiskey maybe, but not ice cream." She winks playfully, so it's probably a joke.
Yellow Ranger has posed:
Trini Kwan nods. "It's lovely to meet you, Angelica. I have a friend who'd consider this a day of light reading," she states. "One of my best friends actually. He's a real bookworm. I don't mind a good book either, but I prefer to be in the great outdoors myself. I'm an environmental science major myself." She sighs softly. "The physics part is kinda difficult, but the biology and geography is manageable, and Billy's tutoring helps a lot."
Firestar has posed:
"It's alwayus good to know when to admit you need help." she advises and eats more of her ice cream. After a moment she adds,"People seem so afraid of tutoring. I'll never know why."

She smiles and admits,"My friend Peter would probably get along with your friend Billy. Jack of all trades, master of most." she explains about Peter's abilties.

"Environmental scince sounds exciting though. I took a basic level class when I was in school up north, but intersting isn't going to work for me. I have to go where it touches me closest."
Yellow Ranger has posed:
Trini Kwan nods. "Of course. I always had a thing for the environment. I suppose it started when the local garbage dump had some problems and I had to rally a cleanup from Angel Grove High... always wanted to make a difference in the world." She nods softly. "Glad to know that New York ice cream is just as good," she states, taking another lick of hers.
Firestar has posed:
"I know a few people that love the environment, but are living hazards for it. Unintentionally, but still." she admits. There is a puzzle for poor Trini.

"Angel Grove High. I've heard of it on the news I think. Can't put my finger on it." She looks at her ice cream and laughs softly,"They did manage to at least get that right." she agrees.

The next hour at least, Angelica is only too glad to visit with a potential new friend. Sometimes the best way to not think about the heavy load she is carrying is to be able to ignore it for a while. Eventually, when they both have other things that they must do the duo can partt ways, Angelica offering her phone number to Trini before they part company.