15364/Take Your Tiny Car and Your Oversized Shoes too!

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Take Your Tiny Car and Your Oversized Shoes too!
Date of Scene: 20 July 2023
Location: Central Heights, Old Gotham
Synopsis: Clowns and Pies are prominent.
Cast of Characters: Spoiler, Nightwing, Oracle, Harley Quinn

Spoiler has posed:

Which is mostly just very sweaty people, most of them families, roaming around with relatively littlel organization, from booth to booth, with street performers busking and hustling here and there to try and separate Mom and Dad from their hard earned cash. Mimes, jugglers, dancing, singing. There's a dunk booth. There's a pie eating contest in an hour.

"I'm signing you up, Dick. Get ready to stuff down some pies. What kinda pies you got?" she yells at the person with the sign-up sheet, who just shrugs.

"Thanks for the help, ya fart!" Steph yells after her.

She has invited - some might say dragged - her fellow Bat-adjacents along with her because they should interact sometimes when it's daytime and when they're not fighting for their lives. Bonding. Basic human interaction and dynamics. Batman forgets that stuff because he's Batman and he is always ON, even when he pretends he's not. All he'd be doing here is scoping out looking for pickpockets to punch.

Steph turns to her companions, the blonde wearing a pair of purple shorts, flip flops and a white-crop top that both shows the abs she's worked very hard to develop and has a pair of fried eggs over the booby parts. Hilarious.

"Favorite pie and why: GO."
Nightwing has posed:
    It took quite a good amount of... cajoling, to get Dick Grayson off his carefully cultivated schedule and out to a place that had absolutely _nothing_ to do with fighting crime. Oh at times he's created the illusion of having a social life in the past, but if the last few months are evidence of anything... then that was all an act.
    Though cajoling through repetition eventually did come about to getting the former trapeze artist back into the city on the designated day, rolling along at the side of a redhead and a blond. His hands were in his pockets and his gait was an easy rolling thing. Though there was a subtle hint of tension to the young man.
    "There are toooo many clowns here." He says simply, making that declaration with the weight of some experience. Then his eyes are arrested by the sudden demands of the one who calls herself Spoiler.
    "Uhhh, chicken pot?" His voice lilts up at the end, as if he was unsure if that was his favorite pie.
Oracle has posed:
"I agree on the clown count," came the murmur from the tall redhead.

Barbara was off work today thus it was no inconvenience to wander out. She'd just need extra caffeine tonight since she had both the Batcrew and Birds to watch over on their various nocturnal assignments. She was used to it though. After all, she held down a full time job with all the insanity that was being Oracle. And sometimes still Batgirl when she got the chance to put on the costume and get out there. Sadly, that was rare these days.

As Dick answered the question, Babs rolled her eyes then giggled slightly. "I guess technically that's a pie. Though I went more sweet, not savory." And she looked to Stephanie to give her response. "French silk. Nice and light but still chocolate."
Harley Quinn has posed:
A Carnival in Gotham.. Oh, you know Harley is in the middle of it ! The best part is that she doesn't stand out that much.. Well, maybe a little she's got the skills to pay the bills! Mostly cause she can make a mean outfit! Using that old Victorian super high collar to Ring.. her harlequin mask made of vibrant colors.. she used purple red.. black and gold mostly to throw people off!

     a long flowing Victorian-style train swishes behind her .. she loves the swish swish it makes when she shakes her hips! .. Some diamond thigh-high stockings..that have all kinds of rhinestones that sparkle all pretty like! Frilly white is all about! Of course, what little flesh she does shows gives her away.. not many girls sports White as snow skin!

     Right now, she's not committing any crimes, mostly showing off her super high diamond chunky heels with steel bottoms just in case! and she's twirling around having fun!

Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown points to Dick, "Going savory. Bold choice, but you are the fearless one. Plus Alfred probably makes a killer one with all kinds of secret agent spices in it. Babs, credit for texture, I like the smoothness - also, so, is cheesecake pie? I know it says it's cake, but French silk is like basically the same texture. Conspiracy afoot."

"As for myself, I am a simple woman of simple tastes and will go with a well-made apple pie, especially with cinnamon and that crumbly stuff on the top."

They go by Harley and Steph leaps over some of that sweeping train, landing with a thump and then looks back over her shoulder, looks forward again, looks back again.

"Something familiar about that one. But we can't be prejudiced. Not ALL clowns are psychotic murders. Mostly just Joker. And Ronald McDonald."
Nightwing has posed:
    Dick spreads his arms as if he can't fault Stephanie for finding him awesome. Yet he keeps on moseying along, though his head does turn a little when he espies a particular funnel cake stand that draws his attention. But the next moment he's looking back to the two young women accompanying him. Then the important topic comes up. Is Cheesecake Pie?
    Which has his blue eyes widening a little as he gives it some thought. "Well, it has the... components of pie. I'd say you could make an argument for it." Which has him looking at Stephanie as she offers her own answer. Apple.
    The young acrobat hisses a little through his teeth, as if mildly pained at her answer. "I don't know, Apple Pie is one of those choices where you have to accessorize. It needs vanilla ice cream to fulfill its role as dessert. I'd have to call in a panel of experts to go over the instant replay. For now I think we'll have to agree to disagree."
    Though as Steph motions to the aforementioned Harley, Dick's brow furrows somewhat. Defnitely something about that clown.
Oracle has posed:
Now they are getting to those important topics in the world.

"Cheesecake is not pie. Though you might be able to make an argument, I think the crust is wrong for pie. But I could be persuaded." Then a glance to Dick as he added his two cents on apple before Babs stuck up for Steph on this one.

"I disagree. Though, regular apple pie, yes. Needs ice cream. But Dutch apple pie with the crumbles? That's perfect all by itself."

And like the others, she did pause to glance at the elaborate costume worn by the Victorian clown. "That is far more impressive than most of what we've seen here today at least?" To give a compliment to the elaborate nature of it. "Though not sure about those heels. I'd probably turn an ankle."
Harley Quinn has posed:
That clown does an elaborate spin on one foot like a ballerina! Followed by a curtsey on the tips of her toes! She flutters her fan in front of her face, her eyes full of mischief and mirth before she twists and kicks that leg behind herself to touch the top of her head ! as she cocks her head towards their eyes. Though she gives a bow towards Bab at her compliment and looks rather pleased!

     She clown points at the food stand and points towards A picture of cheese! Apparently, she votes for Cheese pie! Or she's just pointing out something absurd and hard to say! She flutters her fan , she really wants to talk, but she knows the moment she does, the band will know instantly who she is, and right now, she just wants to have fun!
Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown waves a dismissive hand at Barbara, "Oh, please, you and he are both ridiculous superathletes with perfect balance. Meanwhile, Tim and I are trying to keep up like 'pleasedon'tfallpleasedon'tfallpleasedon'tfall" she says, clasping her hands in desperate pleading.

"Look, I'm never going to turn down ice cream, but additional components are out of bounds of the discussion!"

She pauses in front of one of the ball-throwing games and tosses down a couple of bucks, "I'm gonna win Bruce something adorable, whether he likes it or not."
Nightwing has posed:
    Robin Prime tilts his head to the side, his gaze following along with the movements of the harlequin as she offers her insight into the current debate the corner of his mouth curling up slightly. But when Babs betrays him with her disagreement, he gives her a squinty-eyed glower as if repudiating her traitorous behavior.
    But that small smile shows he's not... _entirely_ serious.
    When Steph ventures the sentiment that additional components are not for this discussion he counters with, "Now now, no pie is an island. If we wish to address the idiosyncracies of pie, we must include the entire family of a strong pie experience. Though I want to change my answer now."
    He looks shiftily at the others and then offers his vote, "I declare, Boston Creme Pie to be the best pie."
    Controversial? Yes. Is it even a pie? Possibly!
Oracle has posed:
"So that seems like two votes for Cheesecake," Babs says at the antics from the clown. "At least that's my interpretation. Unless she's just hungry," she muses with a grin.

The look from Dick is so familiar, she doesn't even care. It just earns a quick grin from Babs then she goes back to the conversation at hand. Or pantomime. Or both.

"Boston Creme Pie is a strong contender," she had to agree, letting out a low whistle. Then she turned to see how Steph did even as she muttered, "You know these things are rigged. I can probably find online the trick if you want to win something big?"
Harley Quinn has posed:
For her part, the clown Twirls away, Well, maybe not far.. she goes up to a shooting game.. she grabs the gun, and pays for two tries.. the first time, she shoots a few times as if checking the angles.. it's the second that's scary! She starts getting nothing but bullseye!

     Why She comes back twirling and swirling before she gives another curtsey in front of Stephanie before she presents her with a bear! Of course, she gives a cackel.. a far too familiar cackle! But it seems somebody put a bat cowl on a grumpy bear

Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown wrinkles her nose, "I'm not even sure I've ever had a Boston cream pie. Sounds like something on Mark Wahlberg's criminal record," she says with a shudder of disgust.

To Barbara, she shakes her head, "Noooooooooo, I should be cheated just like all the other rubes! It's like pro wrestling, you have to just let it be what it is and not try to outsmart it. That's the best way to enjoy it."

She's about to take a go when suddenly Harley intervenes and takes a few shots of her own, "Dramatic clown gonna be dramatic, I guess!" she says, but then she gets the bear, "Holy calzones, this thing's friggin' adorable! Thank you!" she says, then takes a slightly longer look at that clown, "Do I know you?"
Nightwing has posed:
    That cackle does earn a sidelong glance from Dick as he tilts his head curiously to the side. A slight upnod is then sent Babs' way as if to mark the moment. No detail conveyed in that silent message, just perhaps a hint of 'keep your wits about you.' And, to be fair, Spoiler's been with them long enough to detect that slight hint of tension in the young man through his manner.
    He stuffs his hands in his pockets and watches the production of the lil bear presented, then gives another upnod to Spoiler this time. He tilts his head curiously in the Harlequin's direction, but his words are meant for Steph most likely. "It's pretty good, like chocolate icing on a yellow cake with cream filling. Horrible for you, like most cakes are, but darn tasty."
Oracle has posed:
"Then doesn't that make it a cake instead? Like Cheesecake?" Babs says, taking the discussion back to the start of the controversy. "I mean, don't get me wrong. It's amazing either way but..."

She lets the thought fade as she considers, giving a sideways glance and a nod of her head. Which is just in response to the discussion, not some super secret sign language that lets Dick know she caught that familiarity in the laugh as well. No no, never that.

She does eye the bear and the choice of attire for it. "That is entirely too cute but you might get sued for copyright infringement or something. Though only if you sell them, I guess?" The shooting, the laugh. Yeah, there was an issue here. Or maybe there wouldn't be an issue. She hoped.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn For her part, she just gives a really big hug to Stephanie. And even rubs her cheek on the other girl a bit before she steps back and throws up the peace sign and then her hands together in the please please .. Just showing the peace sign! She points to a sign saying Fun fun fun games! But pointing to the words Fun! as if saying just here for fun!

     " Just here for a fun time and enjoy the party ya know.. not here to crack skulls ah Pinky promise " .. says the very familiar Harley voice!