15388/From one Princess to Another

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From one Princess to Another
Date of Scene: 29 July 2023
Location: Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan
Synopsis: Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaran and Diana, Princess of Themyscra have a quiet visit and ideas for an exchange of fighting techniques.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Starfire

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana had intended to visit with Koriand'r again after they had crossed paths months ago. But then, as they say, Life Happened. Duties as the Themysciran Ambassador, some League duties, a fight or two with the Super Adaptoid. And summer is closer to its ending than beginning.

Deciding it was past time to remedy her (perceived) lack of hosptitality, Diana sent a message to Koriand'r inviting her to the embassy for a visit.

Just before the agreed upon time Diana had asked Ferdinand, the Minotaur chef of the embassy, to create a small selection of snacks and treats to go with tea - keeping in mind that a Tamaranean's sense taste is almost the reverse of the human (or Amazon) sense.

There is a secluded third floor balcony off of the Ambassador's private quarters in the Embassy. This is where Diana sits to wait and looks out over the sun dappled gardens behind the Helenic styled building. Flowers and trees, many native to Themyscira or the Meditteranean region as a whole. A small slice of home.
Starfire has posed:
It's not as though Kori is /terribly/ used to mingling with other royalty, even if Princess of Tamaran and Princess of the Amazons might not be the particular pair of royals tabloids often devote paragraphs to. Then again, they both have so much more going on than their titles. And really, a certain amount of meeting between Themysciran Ambassador and deposed Princess is to be expected.

And while Kori did toy with the idea of showing up in full formal regalia, with as many pieces of jewelry as she could muster, the idea of having to keep track of it all weighed against trying to make Diana laugh at the sight of her meant /not/ wearing it won out.

Which is why Kori has touched down with a gentle whisper of heeled boots upon balcony, her costume perhaps not ceremonial enough to count as 'formal' and seemingly made of straps designed to highlight and enhance her figure, certainly must count as putting an effort in to look her best for this private audience.

Bright green eyes are alert, warm and friendly, full lips curved in a smile before Kori even touches down. "Princess! Fellow princess? Diana?" She tilts her head and furrows her brow in what must surely be mock thoughtfulness. "Friend! Yes. Friend Diana. This is a suitable address for you, is it not?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince felt the soft stirring of air as her friend arrived above and began to descend. Looking up she smiles and slowly rises.

"Hello Koriand'r" Diana offers with a warm tone. She smiles, "We don't need to stand on formalities unless it is truly necessary. I wish for you to call me what makes you the most comfortable. That we are friends makes me very happy to hear as I feel and believe the same." Moving over she offers Kori a warm hug.

"I hope that you have been well? I asked Ferdinand to create some light snacks for while we visit. There is hot water for tea. I can have other drinks brought up if you would prefer."
Starfire has posed:
Tamranean eyes narrow ever so slightly, lips quirking in an even brighter smile as she hums out softly, "Oh! I suppose it's not /truly/ necessary. After all, I'm quite used to doing without the trappings of nobility and... well, this is hardly a gala event. We're allowed to let our hair down."

She chews her lower lip and tilts her head as she strides slowly across the balcony to close that distance and slip into that offered hug, her own arms embracing the amazon with warmth and unconcerned casualness as her voice drops to a conspiratorial whisper, "After all, us princesses must know when we need to relax and simply be ourselves!"

She dares the briefest little peck at the air against either of Diana's cheeks and leans back with a soft laugh, "Oh my! Well, I'll be sure to thank him for his efforts. And oh no, tea and snacks are /beyond/ generous. And no doubt will be an eye-opening change from the snacks one finds around Titans Tower." She heaves out a heavy sigh like it should immediately be obvious the tower's snacks are somehow overwhelming. "Truthfully, your company is more than enough to bring me to visit, your generosity merely makes the visit even more... wonderful!"

Eyes flash playfully as she pulls back from that hug with a cheeky little grin. Oh yes, Kori has been studying puns.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince laughs warmly as Kori agrees it is an informal visit. "Then we are agreed."

The hug offered is given more strength than what she would give to her human staffers or friends, knowing Kori can take it.

That conspiracy is given a grin and her own whisper, "Oh yes. We need to relax and let our hair down as they say." Diana is actually dressed in a blue tee shirt and frayed denim shorts with canvas sneakers. It seems she really is trying to relax today.

At the kiss to her cheeks, she smiles then considers the idea of snacks around the Tower. Given the Titans members it is likely all junk food. The horror.

"It is good to see you. I am glad we could find the time. Please.. join me?" she asks and gestures to the small cafe table. On it is a tray bearing a selection of little snacks, sandwiches and desserts of various sorts. Half of them far more savory than sweet for Kori. As well as a selection of four different styles of mustard.
Starfire has posed:
Kori's return squeeze is one that she's confident Diana can take in stride, and that they can share as few on the planet... or above it... could. But she can't hold back a soft laugh, "You know, I don't often wear my hair up! So I think perhaps I spend an /awful/ lot of time letting it down, yes? But I will always happily do it all the more."

She nods her head solemnly in response to the request to join Diana, murmuring in sing-song, "Oh, of course! After all, I cannot allow my friend to let her hair down alone. It is more fun to be with friends... and you /clearly/ dressed to relax and surely require assistance in ensuring you do. It is a solemn duty I am quite sure."

There's a soft little noise from Kori as the snacks are displayed, slow, measured steps carrying her to her seat where she settles primly and eyes the mustards, "Oh my, /four/ mustards? I do not know if I will be able to fly a straight line!"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince laughs again. "Yes. I am told repeatedly by my staff.. Donna. Cassie.. that I need to relax more." But there is always just one more important vote to review for the next UN session. Always.

"Ferdinand wasn't certain which style you preferred the most so he wanted to give you a choice." Diana reaches for a sliced carrot stick and one of the small cups of ranch dressing to dip with and crunches, if a bit demurely. Relaxing does not mean to forgo manners, right?

Looking to Kori she tilts her head, "How have you and the Titans been?" Indirectly wondering about Cassie as well. She can't help but try to look after her youngest sister.
Starfire has posed:
Kori reaches out to pluck up a small strawberry shortcake, her eyebrows perking up as she hums softly. "Really? Donna telling someone /they/ need to relax more? Well, I suppose you two... /do/ share some characteristics." She does her best to look /entirely/ innocent about that remark while taking a few small, savory bites.

There's certainly a little bit of play acting in just how long she uses the savoring as an excuse not to speak before her tongue sweeps across her lips and she heaves out a delighted sigh. "Oh! They have been... really, not bad. Actually fairly calm and controlled, though I suppose the more... enthusiastic and disruptive members have not been around! Donna is, after all, /too serious/ to really be... troublesome. But I've been very happy to have her and Cassie around recently. And I believe Kara has been interviewing some new members."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince says, "Yes, we do" Diana agrees. "Most of them" she adds by way of admission. "Though she has chosen to cut her hair so as to avoid being mistaken for me" the tone suggests Diana might just be a little sad about the punkish look Donna adopted while out traveling the world. Still. Sister.

"It has been calm everywhere. Something that seems as though it should be troubling. Yet it is just as important to appreciate the lack of enemies or emergencies even while keeping mindful of events."

Smiling as Kori speaks positively of Cassie, Diana nods. "Kal has been wanting the League to consider more members as well. I think it is a good idea.""
Starfire has posed:
There's a soft little noise from Kori, perhaps a sympathetic noise at Donna's choice of hairstyle, but her lips quirk in a playful little grin, "Well, I can assure you... daring hairstyles can be one of the /least/ alarming things a sister can do!" She puffs out a soft little breath, head bobbing slowly.

"And yes, that is a problem with our... line of work? What should be relaxing, a time to enjoy and bask in peace and relaxation can simply make us worry we are missing something important." Her eyes narrow and she murmurs dryly, "I admit I am a little... reassured yet sad this feeling can even strike at those who come from a literal island paradise." Her eyebrows perk and she hums, "Well! I admit, I enjoy my time amongst the Titans, but if you ever want someone to show up as a potential recruit to... bring out the competitive spirit in the others, I would be happy to help!"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince laughs. "Oh yes. I am well aware..." so many ways for sisters to cause trouble. On their own, together or for each other. Hard to believe as it may be, Diana was a girl once too. Donna is only a a few years younger after all.

"Yes, it is true. It is difficult but we cannot lose ourselves into worrying or we miss the beauty in living." Diana smiles and tilts her head at the suggestion.

"The Tamaranean Princess.. exchanging fighting techniques with the Amazons." She pauses to fix a cup of tea.

"I think that would be a perfect idea. We must always adapt. Learn new things or we stagnate. How much more on a hidden island that now so rarely experiences wars to draw experences from." This is of course a good thing from the way Diana says it. But the fact the Amazons have few chances to grow is not.