15401/Honk if you Love Cookies

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Honk if you Love Cookies
Date of Scene: 30 July 2023
Location: Kitchen - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Tabby gets busted swiping cookies. Powers get discussed while Vanessa gets an idea of what Tabby goes through with hers via shapeshifting.
Cast of Characters: Boom-Boom, Copycat

Boom-Boom has posed:
Some folks might have heard the random sounds of an electric Go-Kart zooming around the school's grounds over the last few weeks. IT had been Tabitha testing out a future class project for the autoshop class when Summer is over.

What some folks might not have noticed is that while there are a stack of batteries down in the garage to go with those motors. Tabby might not have been using one. When you're powers are bio-electrically generated you can kind of cheat and not need to add weight.

Which likely leads to finding Tabby in the kitchen again the perennially underfed and yet over curved blonde raiding one of the cookie jars. Keeping dressed for the warmer weather in old faded cut offs and a cropped hoodie in gray with the school name printed on the front. The blonde otherwise accessorizing with red chucks, a spiky leather belt, collar, and wrist cuffs in red leather and stainless steel. Some red tinted Ray Bans atop her head keeping her mass of blonde hair out of her eyes while she tries figuring out just how many cookies she can grab without getting her hand stuck.
Copycat has posed:
What you do get is a " AHH HA! I knew it! " as the cooking teacher Vanessa comes in pointing her blue finger!
" So you're the reason I keep having to make the cookies ". she states, crossing her arms and giving that you need to explain look on her face. Like Tabitha, her powers give her a cheat, mainly not needing to wear clothes for the cold since it doesn't bother her.

     She's wearing a Black strappy top . .Black skirt with some nice stockings and some new fancy shoes she treated herself too. She's also sporting short hair today .. cause shape shifter powers.

Boom-Boom has posed:
The only reason she wouldn't call herself caught red handed, is mostly because Tabitha still washes her hands before handling food. The hand not in the jar is cradling it like a football while at least one cookie is stuck in her mouth.

"Idda sghool ebry..." she tries talking with her mouth full before the logistics of her perfect crime come undone. So she has to let a few cookies in hand go. Not all of them though as when she sets the jar down on the bench she keeps a few when her hand is extracted. The free hand taking the half chomped cookie while she rapidly wolfs down the bit still captured in her teeth.

"I can't be the only one doing it. Plus your cookies rock, also gotta recharge. I don't get to have that fun external energy absorption like a lot of other blasty types." she makes an attempt at justifying the whys of the hijacking baked goods.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Does the whole lifts an eyebrow and watches you still steal more of her cookies before she sighs and walks over to another cupboard and opens it.. She then pushes the boxes of granola out of the way, you know, the ones nobody would eat cause their terrible

    . Once she's got the stuff out of the way, she grabs a jar and opens it.. pulls out a bar and hands it over " Here .. Eat this with the cookies.. I make em for kids with super metabolisms.. it's packed full of good calories and tastes good.. that way, you'll steal less of my cookies so everybody can have em ok " . She smirks.
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's an oooh expression and sound with the bar being presented. It won't stop Tabby consuming the cookies she did grab. Set on the bench beside the bar while she hefts the bar.

While she does actually trust Vanessa for making it taste good. She had not been a fan of most energy and protein bars. The mass produced ones tend to be way too small, way too expensive, and never really all that great.

The first bite is taken tentatively. "Okay, you win this round!" she states and chuckles. "Almost as tasty as the cookies and your outfit!" she states while chewing. She probably does know table manners but she's in a goofy mood despite the clear lack of energy.

"Dunno if I'd say my metabolism is super. But too much power use still drains me. Student Food Trail Mix only gets you so far and can get messy, M&Ms like everywhere and bits of oasts and nuts stuck in your teeth!" she states. "And not using my powers kinda gets me antsy. Like blue balls but explosions. I can actually make the plasma balls blue. I never got how people thought blue meant cold when like it's actually a hotter colour on the spectrum. Temperatures and stuff. Weird!" she kind of rambles.

Okay so there maybe some ADHD that flew under the radar somewhere when she was a kid.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Laughs " No, it's got some of that super science stuff.. I just made it taste good," She says, then she looks down, " You think? " . She looks, " I'm always worried my old clothes might be a bit too much for this place " .

     She sits down she doesn't seem to mind the rambling. Then again, when your ex is Deadpool, your are used to a motor mouth. Maybe that's why she finds spidey cute.

     She points " That bar is like 3 large meals packed into a bar " she says " I've got super versions of it for those kids that burn way to much.. Yeah, I know white is like the hottest right? " She says, clearly keeping up! .
Boom-Boom has posed:
At least Boom-Boom is not actually demonstrating that she can control the heat and resulting colors just for a light show. The rest of the energy bar is chomped down. It'll take a bit to do it's thing along with the cookies. "Like that Lembas Dwarf bread stuff. Does it come with healing abilities? That might be a bit too anime. One day senzu beans may be a thing." she half jokes while getting her literary references jumbled.

At least the blonde reads. Probably to the amazement of many.

Leaning against the bench in front of her with the cookie jar and the few of it's contents still in front of her the explosive young woman keeps her smile cheerful. "I think there's probably a point where dressing conservatively against one's usual style might get people worried we're mind controlled. We've already had some kids going through that lately. We might have to roll up on Tom Cruise at some point the way things are going."
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Chuckles " Lembas elf breast.. Senzu beans only work if you do wuxia, and I'm pretty sure mutant doesn't cut it ". She shakes her head "No healing ability beyond what your body has.. though I could copy Elixir's powers and heal you that way," She shrugs.

     She leans back and crosses her long legs "don't get me started with mind control stuff... my powers copy people's brains and memories that mess you up " She says as she grabs a cookie to bite into it " But I will admit I like being a cook here better than my last job " .
Boom-Boom has posed:
The blonde chuckles while sweeping a hand to pull her hair back out of the way and some of it behind an ear, showing off some visible but not drastic pointy shape, she's hung out with too many mystical types even growing up here, let alone the years away. "Dwarf bread is the stuff you can use as a weapon or a floatation aid. Or possibly a building material." she jokes playfully.

"It was watching Dragon Ball where I figured out how to make bombs before I ran away from home. Turns out I was running before I could walk when it comes to plasma wielding." she explains with maybe an affinity for that. "Though I think Senzu beans taste worse when you cook them."

"If you start working as the school nurse and running the kitchen. Think they'll get yo two pay checks. Also, you'd rock the metallic gold skin!" she confirms with a snappoint of her left hand. The right snagging another of the swiped cookies to go with everything else she's eaten so far.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Laughs "Thanks though I can look like anybody, honestly .. still getting used to that " She sighs, " Somebody told me to talk to Mystique but I've heard bad things about her " . Then she pauses " Wait, Senzu beans are real? ' she has that you're kidding me look on her face!

     " She grins I'd have to keep copying his power, so I dunno how that would work.. besides the only nurse outfit I have is not meant for kids " She smirks, then blinks and looks down " oh, right, I forgot I can. Make clothes too.. just haven't gotten used to that yet " .
Boom-Boom has posed:
"There's opinions about Mystique. They vary." Tabby states with a nod of her head. "But there's probably other ways to train shapeshifting. If you can mimic powers too then like maybe also bug the people you're cribbing from?" she suggests.

She does however add. "And probably in the Danger Room, Senzu Beans are still fictional. As far as I know. But I've been around the block enough to know maybe not to discount the possibility of like an equivalent. I bet big pharma is like conspiring to keep it suppressed so they can still over charge on most meds that only treat stuff." she half jokes.

You never know with some conspiracies. She punctuates with a waggling of spirit fingers and an oooooeeeeeoooooo sound.

"Ehh, we can steal you some pink scrubs from somewhere. They come in like all colours though. But I don't think they do crop top scrubs though."
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Seems to hmm and then changes her top to a crop top scrub.. in pink and stands up and looks at herself "Hmmm yeah.. looks terrible," she says, moving about " Scrubs are too baggy for the crop top look.. though they would do great if you wanted to do a naughty version " She thinks before shifting the top back to normal.

     She sighs " Right now, I'm working on just copying people and trying to copy the powers without the whole copy their brain.. cause I've done it, but always when I don't wanna or out of my control.. so I have no idea how it happens, and it sucks " .
Boom-Boom has posed:
Tabby hmms and taking the last swiped cookie, rounds the bench to find a stool. Climbing herself up on to it. she does nod very approvingly of the cropped version of the scrubs. "I think the idea is comfy scrubs, midriff probably isn't hygienic and do you want gushy insides spraying on abs?" she says and with her own hoodie displaying her muscular midsection and tiny waist, she flexes deliberately. "I'd probably suggest starting with like a two piece uniform with unstable molecules. They tend to work with someone's powers. How the Fantastic Four get about and make their money. A bunch of the folks here use them since we license the tech. should help with shapeshifting since it's not you." Tabby is just spit balling ideas at this point.

There is a considering frown as her brow scrunches upon thought. "There's gotta be like a psychic part to it. I mean if you copy me, you obvs gotta be reading my mind. That might also be very very bad. Hot, but like bad!" she admits and giggles.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Grins and starts to shift in a moment. Tabby gets to see herself not like a full-length mirror, like what she looks like, clothes and all. She winks at herself " Very hot and very wrong.. but also a little narcissistic, but I don't think it's a bad thing .. maybe it is? I'll have to workshop it " . Your own voice too!

     Shifts back to her blue self and it's clear when she did her crop top she's got abs. While not super defined she clearly keeps in shape. But now she's shifted back to her light blue skin version of herself with her white hair and red eyes.
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's a wolf whistle as the blonde is confronted temporarily with herself. "Called it. I look FAB as always!" Tabby points out while Vanessa returns to a more comfortable shape. "We're all allowed to have our egos and stuff. It's straight up okay to have pride and stuff!" There was a time Tabby did not have any.

"So, yeah, you'd definitely want to consider power training beyond shape shifting. I had to work to do everything I did. Maybe bug Jean to help with the brain stuff too. She might help you get conscious control so when you do copy stuff, you don't end up like running wild flirting with and throwing yourself at every girl that catches your eye. Also the power thing. It might also do the blue ball thing in the traditional way if you don't explode something." she warns about her own powers' drawbacks.
Copycat has posed:
Copycat Laughs " Oh that's the point I copy your skill too " she says with a shrug " I dunno if that's good or bad " she says " And I already flirt with eveyrthing that moves.. only gotten worse now that I can switch genders " She says softly " hell I slept with an alien or two when I hooking and lemme tell you that's a trip " She grins .

     " You are very hot so don't worry " She grins and sighs shaking her head trying to clear it for a moment before she holds up her fingers and lets some sparks starts shwoing she's copying boom booms powers " That's the thing if you suck with your powers, When I copy I also suck " .
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Hey, we live in a world where we have mad scientists and magic. There's folks that would kill to do what you can without external help. Be the person you wanna be, female, male, mix and match parts!" Tabby encourages.

"I can't judge knowing what I've done to not starve or freeze to death. Well I can rate!" she adds playfully.

The demonstration of powers likely gets some electrical tingling over all those fun nerves along with some extra warmth. Vanessa might just get why Tabby is hungry let alone what she's talking about. And Boomki's like that all the time. "In this case. Being bad at power control might blow the roof off the school. Somehow I'll get blamed though!" she jokes at her own expense. "Luckily I am so very experienced at what I do. Still can't fly though." because just because Tabby can't doesn't mean Vanessa couldn't.