15411/An Amazon meets the local wizard, what could possibly go wrong

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An Amazon meets the local wizard, what could possibly go wrong
Date of Scene: 01 August 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: Harry was visited by Diana so he can talk to her about something potential issues that JL: Dark will have to look into. Diana got a chance to meet the zoo that lives in his place.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Wonder Woman

Harry Dresden has posed:
The evening starts to settle around the area. Harry's office/apartment is just across the way from a nice pub. That said, he is sitting at his desk with a pint of a homebrew and two large steak sandwiches.

There are two more steak sandwiches on the floor, but they are vanishing fast into the bottomless pit of a dog. Tibetian Mastiff is the closest comparison to the dog that is almost the size of a pony. For as big as he is, he looks pretty silly and is rooting the food.

Beyond the office is a hallway and it looks like a living area is probably down there somewhere. Back to the main room, Harry is cycling through paper work again,"I swear I am going to hunt Molly down and drag her back kicking and screaming." he mutters. The big dog chuffs and tehn goes back to eating.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Justice League Dark business is an area that Diana has yet to have a lot of experience with. Dealing with gods and godesses? Demons and even monsters of myth? Certainly but that isn't quite the same as evil sorcerers or old gods that feed on dreams or whatever it is they do.

It was to gain a bit of insight and to learn more of what the Dark team was currently working that brought her to Harry's offices.

Dressed in slacks and a blouse, she had driven over and approached to door. After a beat of pause, she knocks.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Come in." is a muffled voice since he doesn't bother to spit the pencil out of his mouth to talk. He's classy that one. He does stand up and take it out to set it on the desk and walks around the desk towards the door.

The large dog looks up, starts panting, and then heads towards the door to meet whoever in waiting. For his look, a rough t shirt and a pair of worn jeans that are still in one piece, just well worn. Old combat boots finish the look of the would be private detective that also happens to be the city's practicing wizard as well.

Once at the door, the dog looks pretty excited to see her and pushes it with his nose. Clearly a come on in if ever there was one.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince has worked with her share of decidedly casual personalities. It doesn't bother her really. Seeing herself in, she offers a smile, both for the very large dog and for Harry.

"Hello Mr. Dresden. Thank you for the invitation."

Looking to the large dog, she kneels and reaches her hand out. "Who is your magnificent friend?" she asks Harry while Looking to the dog. Her god-given affinity for animals is not foolproof but it certainly can't hurt when meeting large new canines that could as easily bite one's face off in one snap as they could give someone a bath with a lone slathering slurp.
Harry Dresden has posed:
The big dog sniffs her hand and then does the lone slathering slurp face bath. His tail wags and he at least spares her one face lick. After that he sits and just soaks any attention she might be giving him.

"You're lucky people think you're cute Mouse." Harry mutters a little bit. A soft laugh and shake if his head as he offers,"Ms. Prince. I appreciate you coming to see me on short notice. Please, once you get around the wall, come in and have a seat." He frowns at the old desk and the hardwood chairs. A shake of his head and he moves towards the hallway,"Come this way it's a little more comfortable."

He looks at Mouse and tells him,"Keep an eye on things and let me know if someone comes in." Mostly all attention for Diana, Mouse makes another chuffing sound and otherwise ignores Harry,"You'd think he never saw a woman." Harry mutters. A pause and he looks at the dog and then at Diana,"He senses your power. It's hard to explain."
Wonder Woman has posed:
The image of Wonder Woman being tongue-lashed by the large dog is not something a person is going to see every day.

Laughing, she doesn't appear to be bothered, though she does pause to wipe her face afterward.

"Mouse, is it?" Reaching out to gently pet and scruffle Mouse's head briefly.

Rising she smiles, "Please call me Diana" she offers as she follows Harry toward his preferred place to talk. Looking back at Mouse, she smiles. "Animals have senses beyond what even science can explain." Which is to say that, while she may not be familiar with Mouse's species, she has had many dealings with other natural and supernatural creatures.

"He's quite handsome" she praises as she takes the offered seat.
Harry Dresden has posed:
A soft sigh and he motions her to take a seat in the living area. The space isn't much better, but at least there are cusioned chairs and a couch,"Great now he'll be arrogant." Harry comments with a shake of his head.

Mouse settles infront of the door and lays his head down, watching people as they pass,"He's a Fu Dog. An Asian legend come to life." he explains about Mouse. No refigerator here or anything electrical really, but the kitchenette area has a legitimate ice box,"Would you like something to drink Diana?" he offers before joining her.

There must be something in the water around here as stretched out across the back of the three seater couch is a cat. Not a mountain lion or anythin, but a cat. A huge cat. Nose to tail he covers the back of the couch. He watches and doesn't really seem interested in either one of them,"That would be Mister." he tells her,"He's a little...less exuberant."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince just smiles innocently as it seems she has set Harry up for a more arrogant pupper.

"I have heard of them before but Mouse is the first I believe I have ever met. I imagine walks in the park are memorable." Never let it be said that Amazons lack a sense of humor.

"Just water would be fine, thank you." And then she sees the cat.

"Mister? Maine Coon? Or some other legendary beast?" she wonders as she holds her hand out again for Mister to sniffle, or not, as so chosen.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"It can be entertaining. Children are drawn to him like a magnet." Harry agrees and opens the ice box. He comes back with two bottles of water and makes his way towards her, offering it to her,"Oh he's legendary, but not the way you are thinking. He has Maine Coon in him I am sure. I just never really looked into it too deep." He hooks his thumb towards the front,"Like Mouse, he more or less picked me."

Mister looks up at Harry and if a cat can look indignant, Harry gets it. His attention moves to Diana and he sniffs at her hand and rubs his face on her fingers for a few seconds and then he lays back down. New person cataloged, interest passed.

Harry takes a seat on one of the chairs and tells her,"I will try not to take up too much of your time, but I might be out of touch for a little while and I wanted someone to know what I ran up against recently."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and nods. "I can just imagine."

Taking the water with a thanks, she holds it for a moment.

At the confirmation that Mister is legendary in some manner, Diana does look interested as her fingers are rubbed, probably to get Dog Breath off her hand. She dares one light pet of that soft fur before leaving the cat to his perch.

Looking back to Harry, she shakes her head, "When you asked to meet I arranged to be available. Short of an emergency I have as much time to discuss matters with you as may be needed."
Harry Dresden has posed:
The cat doesn't object, he just doesn't engage much.

Harry nods and settles into his seat a little more and he tells her,"I have met with a few different people recently, those with diverse backgrounds and stories." he explains,"All of them had a dream, mostly the same dream with few differences." he explains,"The long story short, they were all in a desert area, watching some kids look over a flock of sheep and goats. Small biped creatures were attacking the sheep, drinking the blood from them." He's heard and told this story too many times so he takes a drink of water again.

The small creatures I think I have identified, but as all of them tried to chase off the smaller creatures, they all mentioned seeing significantly large creatures, canine in nature as opposed to lupine. I am still working on that." He lets that settle in and goes over the details to make sure he didn't miss something.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince opens her water but waits to take a drink while listening.

She makes note of the mentioned details as she studies Harry's face.

"Biped creatures. And... then larger canid creatures" she repeats back. "You said more canine than lupine.. so they seemed more domesticated than wild or wolf-like?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I have a locus intellectus. I will spare you from having to meet him." Harry explains,"We are pretty sure the smaller ones sound like the legend of the chupa cabra." he continues.

"As I understand it, the big ones can move on all fours or on their back legs standing bipedal, but they seem more like a dog than a wolf." he clarifies. From the front door there is an indignant snort and Harry calls,"I am getting there you big ham."

Giveing her an apologetic look he contiues,"All of them were just about to engage the dog creatures when each dream was intruded on by Mouse. Like I said, it's hard to explain him, but he appeared in all the dreams to square off with the dog creatures. Like I said, we're still looking at that one. I have an idea, but haven't had time to chase it."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince sips at her water and then nods slowly.

"If they're preying on sheep and goats, it does sound like it" she agrees. Her brow furrows as she thinks over the given details.

Sparing a glance for Mouse, thoughfully, Diana looks back toward Harry. "Interesting..." Clearly Mouse is extraordinary. Leaning back and crossing her legs, right over left, she shakes her head, "I am not the strongest with dream interpretations I am afraid. Perhaps it would be good to get J'onn involved" she reasons more to herself than to Harry.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"If I didn't have something dragging me away right now I wouldn't mind the idea." he offers,"I don't know J'onn and I would have to find one of the dreamers to talk to him since I didn't dream it. One has fallen off the face of the Earth as it were. The others might be easier to find."

He smirks while speaking when she looks towards Mouse,"He's something." he tells her again,"SOmetimes I wonder what, but something." That comment doesn't get acknowledged as sometimes it isn't worth it.

"Unfortunately, I am going to have to leave the city for a while. I have a lead on a long running...let's call it a case...and it's the kind of thing that the team might be brought in on in the future, but for now I need to get moving. It takes a while to get around the world when you can't be near technology at the risk of it burning out. A light bulb is a annoying, a jet over the ocean...a little more concerning."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods, still thinking over the details provided.

"I see. Is there anything that I can do to assist while you are away?" She pauses to take another sip of water before nodding, "Yes. Having an affect upon technology must be difficult to live with in this so called digital age."

Standing she smiles as she waits for his reply.
Harry Dresden has posed:
When she stands, he does as well. Manners. As rough as he appears he does have them,"I will get my brother to take care of Mister. He'll probably take Mouse home with him, but Mister doesn't like leaving. Thomas tends to fill in."

Mouse hears them getting up and so he stands as well, waiting to accost the beutiful Amazon with a few more slurps. Harry shakes his head,"Unless you want to take him for a week or two. He seems to like you." Teasing of course.