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Date of Scene: 02 August 2023
Location: Apartment, the Blue Lady
Synopsis: Faith and Thomas reunite after stoning, spirit possession and other weirdness.
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Thomas Raith

Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Now that the petrification and bachelorette party are out of the way, Faith had headed upstairs to 'grab some stuff she left behind' although no doubt she had o ther reasons for dropping by. Did she have a spare keycode by now, or did she just let herself in? Knowing Faith probably the latter although probably not without Thomas' knowledge whether or not she's actually aware of it. Either way she's in his apartment, snooping...Err...Looking for her phone. Or something.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith uses a security code, and he gave it to Faith when she started spending a large portion of her time sleeping in his bed. Still he wasn't expecting her tonight. He was sore, and tired and Hungry... Capital H... So he'd decided to stay in and read. The thing is, Thomas has the uncanny ability to just be...still. Not move or twitch a muscle. It's like he is a chair.. It's one of those things that does show him to be more then human. So while Faith is in mid snoop, suddonly a light pops on and he is looking at her with pale blue eyes. "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane blinks, freezing in her tracks and tensing slightly. Even though she's been spending more and more time here, getting way too cozy with Thomas, she never truly felt anyplace but her run-down, cocroah-infested motel room was really *hers*, mostly because at least she paid with it with her own sweat and blood.\<br\>\<br\>Here? She was just sponging off of Thomas and even though she enjoyed little luxuries, she hated depending on other people. So she jumps a bit, glancing around at Thomas and even looking like she's about to fight him before she recognizes his voice. "The hell? How long you been standing there, watching me?" dark eyes narrow warily on him. Someone's jumpy tonight..
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith tilts his head, "Pretty much the whole time." He says shrugging. There is that liquidness to his motions. Like a lithe preditor eyeing a gazelle.. His eyes quite pale. His Hunger is not in cointrol, but it is deffinatly awake. He actually moistens his lips when she drops into a fighting stance. "And is there something the Big Bad Wolf can help you find?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs, shaking her head. "Seriously, dont do that. And quit eyeing my like I'm dinner. I didn't *ask* you to not feed on those girls you know." she smirks, stalking towards him with a confident swagger, reaching out to try and grab him by the shoulders. "And one last thing, I ain't your little red riding hood. I'm just a bigger badder wolf you don't wanna mess with." There is a playful twinkle in her eye as she says that. Oh yes, two can play this game.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smirks and with rather impressive, one might even say supernatural, speed reaches foreword. He grabs Faith by the hips on either side and pulls her towards him to effectively have her straddling his lap on the sofa. "Don't think I don't know that you are just trying to distract me from the fact you were snooping around. I mean it is working, but don't think I don't know about it."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane's eyes widen in surprise as he acts too quickly for her to react - or maybe she's just fine where she is, eyes flashing with...Something. Desire?\<br\>\<br\>"Ooh, did you miss me, loverboy? Maybe you just like the idea that I might have been a bad girl in your absence.." she wraps her arms around his neck, grinning wickedly. "Guess you'll have to work harder to get that out of me, hmm?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smirks just a little bit, pale blue eyes going completely silver white as he says, "Faith my dear, I think we both know Bad girl is your default setting. It's one of the things I love about you."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane arches a brow, terribly bemused as her fingers thread in his hair. "Mmm, is that so? You'd better watch you, cuz you might not like that answer to that question.." Her dark eyes turn a shade darker, licking her lips as she notices the shade of his eyes in turn. \<br\>\<br\>"How long has it been, since we were together like this?" she laughs, tossing her hair a bit arrogantly, "Bet you couldn't stop thinking of me, could you. did you really think a group of bachelorettes would make me jealous or something? Cuz I'm not. You're a monster, who has to feed, that's all there is to it."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smiles slowly, shaking his head. "And lets not forget, it wasn't really me. Isn't one of the rules of dating in the spooky side of the street is that it doesn't count if you are possessed, mind controled, temporarily the Avatar of a divine being, host to an alien symbiote that is dictating your actions, a victim of the Imperious curse... I think there is one more but I dont remember it." He says with amusement even as his lips trace her collar bone. "And like I said I wasn't going to let that little monster have access to my Hunger...
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane groans and rolls her eyes, "What the hell, that's the lamest excuse I've ever heard, pretty much up there with 'The Devil made me do it..' still he4 dark eyes twinkle merrily, enjoying this little game as she twists her fingers in his hair, arching her back, "And now that those pesky memory demons are finally dealt with, that's one less worry on our plate,so I think it's high time we celebrate, don't you?" she's already tugging at his shirt, ripping open the buttons along the front.\<br\>\<br\>Wait,what was that about memory demons?
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith snaps his fingers and points at Faith. "The Devil made me do it, that's the last one." He leans back to let her open his shirt and expose his chest. Still he blinks slightly, shaking his head. "Memory Demons? What memory demons?" He asks, in a curious tone though he doesn't seem too encouraged to distract her from her distracting him.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane rolls her eyes, "Suuure they did, that's the lamest excuse in the book you know? Especialky coming from you." she smirks, running her nailed fingers along his chest, perhaps digging a bit too deeply with that wicked smirk of her's. "Seriously? Have you been sleeping under a freaking rock or something? I'm talking about those demons that f***ed up your...Buffy's memories of you, not to mention Harry's and other peoples memories. We found their lair and killed em all. But...If that means you're gonna run back to her and I have to tie you down to stop you, I will."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith chuckles a little bit, eyes going slightly pale as she says that, "Why Faith Lehane, you know you don't have to threaten me with a good time." He says shaking his head. "I'm not running back to Buffy, and evidentally she is not running back to me. I'm here with you Faith. How many ways do I have to tell you that."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs and tosses her head back, resting her hands briefly on his bare chest as she peers intently into those silvery eyes of his, "Oh, good, cuz it wasn't like I was worried or anything, not like she deserved someone like you anyway..But you know, I'm not sorry she doesn't remember you, she doesn't know what she's missing out.." she smirks, leaning forward, tracing his lips with her fingers, "You deserve sooo much more than her.."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smirks a little bit, twisting his hips and moving so that he maintains his grip on her waist so that she is laying on the sofa with him pinning her down gently but firmly. "Flattery will get you everywhere, of course you know that. Leave it to a Slayer to expertly manipulate my massively inflated ego and senses of self wotrh and entitlement." He says smirkly, eaning down to give her a rather \<span style="color:#BA55D3"\>Hungry\</span\> kiss.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs, "Oh yes, don't I know it, and don't forget who's really in charge, pretty boy.." she licks her lips, hardly resisting when he flips her over, wrapping her legs around his hips, rocking against him as he kisses her hungrily, muffling the rest of her words as she grinds against him. But who is really in charge?