15418/Perfect Death Summons Darkness

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Perfect Death Summons Darkness
Date of Scene: 03 August 2023
Location: Hellas International HQ, New York
Synopsis: 15418
Cast of Characters: Elektra, Darkness

Elektra has posed:
The lobby of the Hellas International building is what any might expect of a New York skyrise -- a series of metal detectors guard a bank of elevators, ID scanners allowing some people to bypass them while others are routed through. A reception desk manned 24/7 by security guards provides visitor badges to those with verifiable appointments.

This is Jackie's first stop. He'll be given a visitor's badge and directed around the metal detector rather than through it, shown to the elevator and told to proceed to the top floor.

There, located at the top of a nearly billion-dollar multi-national company headquartered in New York, lies the massive corner suite of Elektra Natchios, the company's CEO. A security desk just outside the elevator manned by an attractive woman in a suit buzzes Jackie through a set of presumably bullet-proof doors, and within them there is another desk where a young man wearing glasses stands at his arrival, smiling pleasantly.

"Good evening, Mister Estacado," he greets, sweeping elegantly around the desk in his Italian suit and moving towards the final set of frosted double-doors. "Miss Natchios is expecting you. Would you care for water? Coffee? Tea?"

Even as he asks the question, he opens the door of Elektra's office and holds it for Jackie. Inside, the space is large and opulent with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city, a luxurious sectional and coffee table, a large entertainment center, doors that lead to what are probably at least closet, a private bathroom, and a set of private stairs. The centerpiece, of course, is the large, modern desk that Elektra sits behind with two comfortable looking chairs in the front.

As soon as the door to her office is opened, she looks up and she stands, her smile curling with in almost predatorial way. She is.. everything the rumors about her suggest and likely so much more. She is beautiful. Elegant. Fluid. Graceful. Dangerous. For some, it's not hard to tell when they're in the presence of a predator, and Elektra Natchios is nothing if not a predator.

Rumors about her death seem to have been largely exaggerated. This is settled business, of course. She's been 'alive again' for a couple of years, now, but she's only resumed her post as CEO of Hellas International within the last year after a lengthy legal battle concerning the status of her death certificate and an attempted hostile takeover by LexCorp in her absence. Still, there are other rumors. Darker rumors. Rumors that she may be back, but isn't alive at all.
Darkness has posed:
What always silently amuses Jackie now is .. well .. metal detectors. The only time he sets them off now is when he _wants_ to, otherwise, well .. he could walk through it and not a step later draw a hunk of depleted uranium out of his jacket pocket.

Well,he thinks he could, hasn't tried it.. cause.. well, better things to do.

Still, he moves with the restrained power and general grace of a man quite comfortable in his skin and more than passingly familiar with danger. His gaze wanders about as he makes his way through the various checkpoints, both assistants are given once overs with perhaps decidedly different general overtones.

"No, though thanks." He responds to the proffered drink, instead just continuing on in to the ultimate destination for him today, and pauses about five steps into the room where he takes a more careful survey of the room first ... and then Elektra herself.

Jackie - even before his bonding with the Darkness - was fearless. Now, well, he's got a lot of reason to be - and despite the rumors that surround Elektra and even her obvious sense of power here in the heart of her domain, he's not even vaguely nervous.

He gives her a slow, casual, once over look that he neither hides nor makes too large a 'deal' of - but there's clear appreciation for the woman's grace and form there that he doesn't conceal.

He doesn't appear to feel the need to speak first, instead cocking his head just slightly to one side and waits instead for her to make the first 'move' as it were.
Elektra has posed:
For several seconds, that silence hangs between them, Elektra seeming to give the man a moment to look around the room and settle his gaze on her before she steps out from around her desk towards him. Everything overt with an apparent angle towards making him comfortable, even if he didn't show any outward signs of discomfort -- something Elektra herself seemed pleased by.

"Mister Estacado," she says, the stiletto points of her ankle boots clicking sharply against her floor as the loose legs of her trousers whisper together in her stride. "Thank you for coming so late in the evening. Your reputation preceeds you."

At 5'9" tall -- and closer to six feet even in her heels -- there weren't many people that Elektra was forced to look up to, but Jackie Estacado was one of them. She slows in front of him and extends a hand politely, the picture of American corporate etiquette. Her smile, though warm, continues to bare those tell-tale signs of comfortable confidence -- a Queen in the heart of her own castle. Even still, only a fool would make the mistake of assuming this woman was ever truly 'relaxed,' even in this space.

"My name is Elektra Natchios, but please, call me Elektra."

With her other hand, she gestures towards the large sectional rather than back to the desk.

"Please, make yourself comfortable. I have a business proposition for you. I'll try not to take up too much of your time, but I hope you'll be interested enough to stay."
Darkness has posed:
There's a moment, even after Elektra greets him so pleasantly that Jackie doesn't move - doesn't even appear to acknowledge the greeting - his gaze shifting past her for a moment to her desk and then the window beyond, intent on something apparently only he can see - should she notice and look.

But then he flashes a smile that's won him the opening gambit to any number of assignations and moves to take the proffered hand with his own in a grip that's calloused, firm, and purposefully draws towards him just enough that he can somewhat naturally lift his other hand up to just lightly touch her upper arm - a gesture that will bring the fingers of that hand close to her flank for a brief moment before he's withdrawing the touch and letting his hand drop.

"A pleasure to meet you, Elektra. I'll admit I'm curious about what it is you want to talk about."

There's certainly curiousity in his tone, as well as a certain amount of respect for her obvious power - an acknowledgement of it that doesn't go so far as to place it in any particular place in relation to his own. He turns, then, as their greeting shake end and starts towards the couch she's indicated - while rather cheekily reaching out with that free hand of his to touch at the small of her back and guide her right along with him - lest she move to avoid the touch.
Elektra has posed:
Oh, Elektra doesn't move to avoid either of the touches -- either the light touch of her forearm or the hand that moves to the small of her back to move her along with him. She does glance to the side, looking briefly over her shoulder and up towards him as she moves to the couch, but even then there's something appraising in her gaze. If he's astute? Something she hadn't expected, but something she was certainly intrigued by.

"First, would you care a drink?"

Even as she asks the question, the door of her office opens and that assistant he'd seen earlier steps in with a tray, a fresh bottle of expensive bourbon, and two glasses. She glides smoothly down onto the couch about in the middle, turning towards him and sliding one leg smoothly across the other while her assistant moves towards the table in front of them to set down the tray.

"Thank you, Kyle. That will be all this evening. Please tell Carrie that you're both dismissed for the evening."

"Thank you, Miss Natchios," the young man says with a little nod of his head, offering the same little bow towards Jackie before he turns to make his way back out of the office, closing the door behind him. And presumably leaving the rest of the floor empty once the two of them have left their posts for the evening.
Darkness has posed:
"Carrie and Kyle, hmm?" Jackie muses, after Kyle pulls the door shut, saying both names close enough together that it's clear just how similar they sound - the rest of the question unspoken: Providence, or design? He doesn't linger on the question though, leaving both parts of it in the rhetorical bucket as he settles into his seat on the couch.

He leans back into the seat, legs in front of him, crossed lightly at the ankles where his feet cross, showing off expensive Italian loafers that look like they've been well worn but very well taken care of all at the same time. One arm goes along the back of the couch, heedless of how close or not she chooses to sit, and if close enough won't hesitate to brush against her back or shoulder if the geometry works.

"It's hard to refuse a good bourbon, so I won't.. but I'll delay it instead. I _really_ am curious as hell as to what you've got to chat about. We both know that a woman in your job, at this place, has more than a passing clue about me and my rep. "

From relatively well heeled to perhaps purposefully more .. 'street' his manner has changed noticeably - she'll surely notice that. What may be harder to tell is which one's more who he 'really' is, and then.. why the sudden switch?