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Jackie Estacado (Scenesys ID: 1410)
"I've always believed that everyone has a good side, and a bad side. Even a guy like Eddie Shrote. Sure, he's tortured and killed a few people but then again - you should see his bad side. And for what he did to you? Both sides are as good as dead."
Full Name: Jackson Estacado
Gender: Male
Species: Primordial
Theme: Other (VFC)
Occupation: Mafia Hitman
Citizenship: U.S.
Residence: New York City
Education: Thug Life
Status: Dropped
Groups: Light, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 22 December 2003 Actor: Barrett John Lucak
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 101 kg (222 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Light Blue
Theme Song: "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones


Jackie is not a nice person. He's spent the last 15 years of his life under the care and tutoring of one of the most ruthless mafia bosses in New York. His penchant and talent for violence earned him power and respect. His ability to turn off his conscience has kept him sane through it all. Now that he's the host for the Primordial force called the Darkness he's struggling to control even baser urges.

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The man before you stands a head taller than most. His height is almost six and a half feet tall, and is only enhanced by the athletic build to his frame. His athletic form is well proportioned, sporting broad shoulders that slim down to a trim waistline. From what can be seen it's apparent that his body carries very little fat complimented by a muscular physique. He has black hair that sits about shoulder length, and is currently tied back away from his face. His eyes are bright blue, holding a coldness to them despite his handsome features, and giving the impression of an icy lake early in the morning.

He's currently wearing an expensive, and tailored all black suit. He has an off white button up shirt underneath, and appears to be sporting a black silk vest as well. His charcoal gray tie is thin, and tied with precision. Finishing off the outfit are a pair of dark leather shoes, probably designer in fashion, that are buffed to a nice shine.


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Jackie's conception was not a process of love, but between his sadist father and a random prostitute he found that evening. He was born on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, December 22nd in 2003 somewhere in New York City, New York. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him and his twin sister Capris. Having no known relatives both children were given over to the care of the city. Each child ended up going to a different orphanage, and Jackie would never know that he has a twin sister. He was enrolled at Saint Garards orphanage at the same time as one Jenny Romano. Jackie developed a close relationship with Jenny and would look after her while they were growing up in the orphange and on the streets together. Whenever anyone hurt or abused Jenny, even orphanage officials, Jackie would become violent towards her abusers and would not rest until he put them in the hospital.

He joined the Mafia at the very early age of 6, after being found by a mafia don named Frankie "Kill-the-children-too" Franchetti. He was picked up at the orphanage after Frankie was prompted by a mysterious stranger named Sonatine, who told Frankie that having Jackie around would bring him tremendous power. Jackie would try to bring Jenny with him, but Frankie declined with the words, "You want to take care of her, you learn how to take care of yourself, and then come take care of her." With those words in mind, Jackie decided he would put everything he had into learning what he needed to do exactly that. Before he left, though, he told Jenny, "I will come back for you..." and every day he could, he did exactly that.

Jackie was exposed to the life of greedy, power hungry, and violent forces as he grew up. Luckily, he was also exposed to good morals and was taught the value of loyalty by a few unlikely sources within the Don's organization. Jackie came to the mafia life easily, losing his virginity to a female officer during interrogation at age 14 when he was being questioned about a drug deal his Uncle Frankie had taken part in. Jackie performed his first hit at 16, tasked with taking out a rival small time gun runner in Uncle Frankie's neighborhood. He grew up, or more accurately matured, very quickly, and soon enjoyed the life of power and violence. His actions within the mob caused Franchetti to become the most powerful don in the city, fulfilling Sonatine's prophecy. All during this time, The Angelus kept watch of Jackie with a mystical mirror within the top of The Empire State Building. Keeping his promise, as soon as he could arrange it, he provided Jenny a job as a Bartender at one of the Mafia Clubs, and a place to stay in New York City.

On the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie was in his apartment when the clock struck 12:00 A.M. Jackie heard The Darkness speaking to him with telepathy, telling him that he could have anything he wanted and that all he had to do was let The Darkness out. The Darkness awakened within him and he learned of his birthright as host of The Darkness. At first, this power was a blessing, allowing his job as a professional hitman to run more smoothly and work in more novel ways. However, with this power came many enemies.

Early on, Jackie spent much of his time escaping from or fighting The Angelus (who wants to kill him), Sonatine and his Brotherhood of The Darkness (who wish to capture him and either control him or steal his powers for their own agendas), and various other religious orders that saw his existence as an abomination. Through all this his violent tendancies grew, and in time people used his connection to Jenny as leverage. Eventually he was forced to rescue her from Sonatine, destorying a large portion of the Brotherhood's presence in New York, and forced to kill the current Incarnation of The Angelus. Having seen his violent ways, Jenny told him that she had to leave, and couldn't stand by as she watched him go down this Dark Path. Her final words were, "You are a good person, Jackie. You can protect instead of kill, create instead of destroy.%R%RCREATION:%RAt the beginning of the universe, there was ageless chaos. The Earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of existence. Then God said, "Let there be light." And there was light, and God saw that the light was good and so separated the light from the Darkness. The Darkness resented this and so bitterness and spite were born before time itself.

Since the creation of the universe, the Darkness and the Angelus waged an eternal war as stars and planets took form around them. These two primordial beings, being equal in power and status, were unable to destroy each other without causing significant change to the universe or even destroying it altogether. To avert mutual destruction, a truce was struck. The Angelus and the Darkness consummated and in so doing conceived the Witchblade, creating peace and balance between them.

Despite the birth of the Witchblade, the gnawing anger of the Darkness found no expression for age upon age, festering, putrefying, distilling to seething perfection, until a vessel for his boundless hate was found: mankind, God's most favored creation. The Darkness seeped into the genes of a particularly fertile bloodline and used them as his medium to manifest his fury on Earth. Each generation was set loose with nearly limitless powers and only one calling: to spill Chaos over the world of light. The Darkness chose hosts from the ranks of murderers, thieves, rapists and warlords, steering them to ruin in the process.

Christian Estacado was the earliest named host of the Darkness. He was a dark prince of the House of Estacado who reigned cruelly over a darkened world. He was tricked into mating with an an Angelus host and his child inherited the Darkness power.

Centuries later in 15th century Spain, Michelangelo Estacado was raised by gypsies after his mother was burned as a witch by the Inquisition. On his 21st birthday, while witnessing the execution of innocents by Inquisitors, his powers manifested and he slaughtered the Inquisitors.

The Darkness manifested in Jackie as his apartment was rampaged by Brotherhood soldiers, who were subsequently slain by Angelus Warriors sent to kill Estacado as he manifested the Darkness. Jackie manifested his armor and slew the warriors before slaying the head of the Marchianni family. He subsequently used the power to destroy the Angelus host and free himself from the Brotherhood.


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Even from his early childhood, Jackie was very violent, ruthless, intelligent, and brave. Despite this, he has a strict set of noble (even heroic) morals and a fierce loyalty to those that earn it. He has matured somewhat over the span of his adult life and his experiences with The Darkness, though his core personality still remains the same.

He is also very prideful, sociopathic, and insecure - Overall, Jackie Estacado is thought to be a murderous bastard to the eyes of his enemies, but the most loyal, caring, and defending man to the ones that earn his full trust. If it is one thing Jackie does not tolerate, it is his loved ones being harmed.


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Darklings are the impish, deviant, base and foul-mouthed servants of the Darkness. Created from necroplasmic materials and animated by the spirit of the Darkness, the Darklings are the foot-soldiers of the Darkness host - serving and obeying his every whim, protecting him from harm, and tending to his needs. The hosts communicate with the Darklings through telepathy, able to give them commands and receive messages and images wherever they are as well as see and hear through their eyes.

Superhuman Physicality - Darklings are superhumanly strong, agile, resilient and fast, regardless of size. They are able to evolve to become stronger, bigger and more viscous. They can scale sheer surfaces, and jump several feet into the air. Their teeth and claws can rend steel and many possess prehensile tails and large bat-like wings for flight. Many also have corrosive saliva or fiery breath, depending on the will of the wielder.

Darkness Armor:
The signature ability of the Darkness is the creation of an invulnerable mystical armor about the host. This armor significantly augments the host's strength, speed and endurance, making him a powerhouse and a challenge to even the most physically powerful of meta-humans. The appearance and design of the armor is a reflection of the host's character.

Invulnerability - The Darkness armor is impervious to even the most destructive of kinetic and energy weapons. Although, some very high leveled attacks - repeated blows from class 100 meta-humans have been able to incapacitate the host but not actually kill him. The armor supplies oxygen and protects the host from extreme environments such as outer space, underwater, or in a gas-filled room.

Shape-shifting - The host can alter the appearance of the armor to perfectly mimic the appearance and voice of another individual. The host can use the armor to mimic any type of clothing. On an advanced level, they can take on the forms of dragon-like creatures. The host can manifest either bat-like or feathered wings to allow flight at a fast enough speed to reach escape velocity. The host can grow razor-sharp talons at the ends of their fingernails, blades, and spikes sufficient to pierce incredibly hard and dense materials easily. These claws also aid in adhering sheer surfaces.

Darkness Manipulation:
The Darkness is shadow and can create and mold it to his will. The Darkness describes shadows as "merely the imprint our presence leaves on this plane".

Tendrils - The Darkness can form tendrils that can be used to tear enemies apart or destroy obstacles. The tendrils can extend to considerable length within line of sight and are most likely as strong as the armored host.

Darkling Heads: The darkness manifests itself in the form of eel-like Darkling heads that can devour enemies or rip them apart.

Darkness Constructs: The darkness can create various constructs out of the darkness and bend them to his will. The more that the host masters the Darkness the more complex the constructs can become. Currently Jackie knows how to build working ranged weapons, similar to guns, that fire mystical projectiles of Darkness. His Blades and Claws are also mystical in nature like a magical weapon.

Healing Factor:
The Darkness bestows his host with inhuman powers of self-healing. As long as there is darkness, the host will reconstitute himself no matter how little of his current body remains. The host is capable of healing minor damage almost immediately, smaller portions of the body up to the size of a hand is replaced in seconds, arms/legs are returned in up to two minutes, half the body can be fixed in several minutes, and the entire body can be rebuilt in a day. His advanced self-healing abilities also make his host immune to all Earthly diseases, toxins, poisons and all supernatural afllictions (Vampirism, Lycantrophy, ect).

This ability becomes more limited the brighter natural or mystical/holy light is in play.

Mystical Abilities:
The Darkness allows the host other, more arcane abilities that defy the laws of physics.

Teleportation - The host can travel anywhere in the shadows to other places that have shadows. This is instantaneous, and he can carry no more than 5 additional individuals with him.

Immortality - Hosts of the Darkness have the potential to live eternally as time and death have no full dominion over them. What does matter is the minute they pass on the Darkness to their male child.

Reanimation - The Darkness can reanimate the dead as zombies-like creatures. They are about half as durable as the Darklings, and will only follow the simplest of commands.

Magical Negation - In certain instances, the Darkness has shown strong enough to overpower various mystical abilities or rituals. The host does not seem to be in full control of this power, and only works if there is an attempt to drain the Darkness or it's hosts memories.

Superhuman Physique:

       Superhuman Strength - The armor dramatically increases the host's strength to the point of reaching levels on par with the most physically potent of superpowered beings. The armored host can lift cars with no apparent exertion, bend titanium, break chains, crush stone, send grown men flying across a room through a wall with the slightest touch, uproot trees, overpower Demons, slaughter Werewolves and Vampires, demolish a tank, and many other feats of inhuman strength. His level of strength fluctuates with access to darkness. His range can be anywhere between class 25 to 100.

Superhuman Speed - The host can run in excess of a hundred miles per hour while in the armor. Their reflexes are similarly accelerated, allowing them to deflect bullets with their limbs. In close distances, hosts can seem to appear and disappear from sight because of the speed of their movement.

Superhuman Stamina - The armor energizes the host and allows him to remain active indefinitely without tire.

Superhuman Agility: The Darkness also increases his host's agility allowing them to jump high over long distances, scale sheer surfaces, and to perform acrobatic and parkour feats at a superhuman level.

Superhuman Senses:
The hosts senses are heightened - such as the ability to literally feel a person's footsteps from several yards away, even while underground. The ability to see in complete darkness, magical or otherwise, and retain his ability to determine depth and color. His sense of smell is enhanced to the degree of a bloodhound, not only being able to determine individuals by scent, but learning each supernatural creatures own unique scent. His sense of hearing is strong enough to identify an individual's heartbeat in a crowded room.

True Sight - The hosts can occasionally perceive a person as they really are, beyond the glamour of humanity, and identifying mystical creatures by sight unless they take strong precautions to ward themselves.

Death Sight - The host can see a person as they will be when they die and can instinctively know when, where and how that person COULD die. Since the future is always fluctuating there is no guarantee, but the closer to the time of death the more clear the image will become.

Empathy - The host can interpret a person's emotions and understand to a limited degree what they may be thinking. This is not as fine tuned as telepathy, and it's more impressions on the intent or interests of an individual.

The Darkness:

The Darkness is a Primordial force of Chaos and Creation that bestows his hosts with nearly limitless Dark power as well as allows them acces to an otherworldly dimension and control over the veritable legion of Darklings who dwell there. All of the following powers are based on this connection with the Darkness. The only way the Darkness can be taken from it's host is via conception of another male child.


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Jackie possess natural charm and charisma that easily attracts people to him. He is capable of interacting with people in a way that draws them to him, instilling belief and trust. This translates into the ability to interact with individuals, and generally have them view him in a positive manner.

Expert Marksman:
Jackie is an excellent marksman. Comes from years of shooting people in various different ways with various different weapons. He can work any number of firearm based weaponry with ease. He's particularly talented with pistols, though semi-auto and automatic weaponry are well within his range, as well.

Expert Martial Arts:
Jackie is a highly accomplished fighter, trained in many forms of hand-to-hand combat, and experience in fights from a very young age. He has no issue doing what he needs to win, and he believes the only âfair fightâ is the one you walk away from.

Gifted Intelligence:
Jackie possesses impressive natural reasoning and logic capabilities, as well as an amazing ability for information retention, and uses them to great effect. His mental acuity allows him to pick up all manner of information from various sources, decide what is relevant, and apply that information appropriately.


Jackie has been fighting since as long as he can remember. This experience only heightens his gifted tactical intellect, making him very observant and easily able to analyze his enemies and find their weaknesses. He often finds creative ways to use his abilities even in extreme circumstances, and on the verge of death.


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Franchetti Mafia:
Jackie is the most feared and reviled Hitman in the Franchetti Mafia organization. For this reason heâs given the largest amount of lenience from any, to include the Don, and is able to call on the resources of the Mafia whenever he needs. He can go to restaurants, and not worry about paying. He can go to stores, and pick up whatever equipment he needs. While the technology may not be incredibly advanced, if itâs something that a rich person can get than he has access to it.

Personal Wealth:
Jackie has made the Franchetti family one of the most successful mafia families in New York. With that comes a large scale of personal wealth. His available funds is on par with a multi-millionaire. He doesnât have investments, or a reasonable type of reoccurring income. Still, he lives very comfortably, and can easily buy what he wants when he needs within reason.


Jackie has access to most types of legal and illegal weaponry he needs in order to kill however many people the Don wants. He actually has a fully legal set of credentials to carry the two Glocs he has on him at all times.


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The Angelus is the eternal enemy of The Darkness. The Angelus retains the memories of all of her previous host's lives and has led many crusades against Jackie in seeking to rid the world of The Darkness.

The powers of the Angelus are similar, yet opposite, to the powers of The Darkness as both have the ability to create sentient beings, both commands a host of minions to do their bidding, she is immortal and has the power of flight, possesses superhuman strength, invulnerable to mortal weapons, can conjure weapons at will, breath fire, and fire bolts of light and teleport herself and other beings.

The daughter of Don Frankie, and the vengeful child of the catatonic Lauren Franchetti, who watched as her father murdered her mother's lover, which caused her mother to go into a coma. Responsible for The Angelus' return, and trying to overthrow the Franchetti family. Appolonia appears to be in league with The Angelus.

Bright Light!:
The powers of the Darkness depend on Darkness, as they are banished away by bright natural or mystical light. The host is rendered mortal in the light of day. Anything created by The Darkness is burned away by bright natural or mystical light. The Darkness host can become more tolerant of light with time, experience, and training. Weapons of light are harmful to wielders of the Darkness. Some enemies carry light cannons or flash bangs, and certain areas have lighting that severely limits the wielder's mobility and distorts their senses. To combat this weakness, hosts can destroy the light source (turning off lights in a room, smoke grenades, etc.) and sticking to the shadows.

Dark Side!:
Left to itâs own devices, the Darkness will try to corrupt the host to all the darker and baser emotions of humanity. The more power that the host draws on the more likely they are to fall to these emotions. Without any outside influence, the host will become the worst that humanity has to offer, and the power to back up his sadistic whims.

The Magdalena are descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, the first Magdalena that Jackie encountered was Sister Mariella, the daughter of Sister Rosalia. Mariella was prematurely sent to battle and kill Jackie on the church's orders, and since she was brought up in a crooked sect of the church, was a wild Christian fanatic who did not know right from wrong.

Jackie is extremely confident in his combination of his experience, abilities, and the Darkness. He sometimes acts too hastily, often underestimating his enemies, which can lead to his defeat against weaker opponents.

Pass the Curse!:
If a host conceives a male with a mortal woman, the spirit of the Darkness is passed to the newly conceived child and the host dies at that moment.

Sun Dagger:

a powerful blade created by The Angelus from the essence of a dying star for the purpose of slaying the host of The Darkness. The Sun Dagger is a long, golden, double-edged dagger. It could easily kill Darklings and was powerful enough to kill a host of The Darkness, at least so long as the blade remained in the host's heart. The host would heal and resurrect as soon as the Dagger was removed.


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