15454/Welcome to Hell: Post Office Edition

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Welcome to Hell: Post Office Edition
Date of Scene: 10 August 2023
Location: Post Office, New York
Synopsis: And they say chivalry is dead.
Cast of Characters: Casey Jones, Supergirl

Casey Jones has posed:
No matter who you are, in society today, you need to line up. It can be at the grocery store, it can be at the bank. It can even be at the post office. But oh no, you don't want it to be the post office. It's like the DMV, only somehow even less efficient. Oh, sure, many postal workers are hard working, their offices are fully staffed, but in New York, well, that's probably where the term going postal came from. At least it would fit the narrative.

Today, there were two lines of people, each cut off from the other by red velvet ropes. Everyone standing, clutching their letters, parcels, some set on the floor. It was so quiet that those in the back, fifteen or so deep, could hear every word spoken on the radio. And then mercifully, a song began to play over the speaker system to interrupt the doldrums.

Casey Jones was dressed in navy blue athletic pants, with three white Adidas stripes going up the sides, and a red muscle shirt. At his feet, there was a, well, very poorly wrapped rectangular box.

The radio announcer continued, "... making the weekend warm, and sunny. Now, here's another disco classic, from the seventies. It's Donna Summer with, Hot Stuff."
Supergirl has posed:
In that line was another figure. A young woman with her blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun, glasses on her face. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, nothing fancy and something to deal with the heat of the summer weather outside the doors of the thankfully air conditioned post office. She did have a small purse at her side. It had a long strap and was slung cross body. Harder for purse snatchers that way. A pair of sneakers covered her feet. In her arms was also a package. Just a plain cardboard box with the postal label adhered to the top of it.

She was right behind Casey in the line and was sort of humming along with the various songs from time to time as they waited. Then the line moved! And they each took two steps forward. Then stopped.

It was that moment when the song came on and Kara tilted her head then giggled faintly. Because this song she knew. Not because she was alive cause dang this was an old song. But it was because it was from a movie her mother loved. Adoptive Mother. And thus it brought to mind things that had nothing to do with the song.
Casey Jones has posed:
Most people just took two steps forward. Casey Jones was not most people. He always lived life to its fullest, enjoying what he could. Sometimes that meant you would be sitting on a hanging bench, only to have a strap give way. Sometimes it mean using a katana as a chef's knife. And today? Today it mean he took one step forward, a little more flourish than seemed reasonable, a step back, a step forward, and twirl, and did he, oh god, yes, yes he did. He was just uh, well, you know. It would seem that our resident mechanic was a fan of the movie as well.
Supergirl has posed:
And now he had her attention.

Kara blinked as they went to move forward again and the gentleman in the active wear did a couple of little steps and a spin. Though he didn't get out of line at least. Yet, it was enough to make her giggle again.

Though she followed it up by speaking as she said, "Thank goodness. I thought it was just me that though of that movie." And when they got to take their next step, she was in synch including the extra...oomph at the hips at the right points.
Casey Jones has posed:
Turning around at the speaking, well, a half turn, Casey Jones looked the girl up and down. She seemed as plain jane as they came, but probably was cute under the glasses, like in the movies, where they take a pretty girl, dress or film her in such a way that she seems less than, so that they can do the big makeover. He gently guided his own box with his free foot to be in his new spot. "It's such a classic. Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, Tom Wilkinson, how can ya not?" When he spoke, it was with a Brooklyn accent, clearly a local. Or maybe he was actually from Montreal or some other far off place. Who could tell. But he sounded like a local. "Oh, where are my manners," he rubbed his hand on his shirt, as if he was worried that he had grease stains on it... he probably did. But after rubbing it against his torso, he extended his hand, "Casey Jones."
Supergirl has posed:
She watched him wiping his hand and found it sweet if not a little silly. Like a little grease ever hurt anyone! Just showed he was someone who worked with his hands instead of sitting in a cushy office somewhere.

She offered her own hand and it was a gentle shake. "Kara Danvers. I couldn't tell you who all is in it but I know I've watched it probably a hundred times. It was one of my Mom's favorites and it sort of became one of mine."

Her own accent was non descript. She could be from anywhere. And no where. It just was a basic speech pattern that probably matched millions of people in the United States and probably even Canada. Just as meh as the rest of her.

"Nice to meet you, Casey Jones." She was balancing her own box curled under her opposite arm so that she had that one hand free for the handshake. "You from New York?" she asked to confirm cause he certainly sounded like it.
Casey Jones has posed:
"I heard that they were gonna do a sequel, like, a series, show 'n stuff, but I never saw it. It's one o' the streamin' services, I think."

He shook her hand, his was firm, but not so firm as to be a problem. He was clearly a guy who was used to working with his hands. The strength in them, the definition in his exposed shoulders. He worked for a living doing something manual.

"Oh yeah, Brooklyn, what about you, Kara?" And then they were moving again. But this time, not to nearly as good a song.
Supergirl has posed:
Each time they moved, her toe would still be tapping to the music. Though the song likely would be ending soonish at this point. "I'm over from Metropolis where I'm working. Was visiting some friends here in town." Meaning New York since that's where they were at the moment. "But I'm from way far away." She let that sit for a moment then added. "Canada. Starling to be specific. If you've heard of it."
Casey Jones has posed:
"Oh yeah, 'course I heard o' Starling, they got the Stags," referring to a sports team, and knowing Casey, likely hockey. "You think they're going to do well this year? They signed Boreanaz right? He's supposed to be a real killah."

A few moments later, and they were moving again. It was then that they might have noticed that a third desk was open, so that was why it was going much quicker. "Guess they're back from their lunch break, huh?" And after a bit more, he would be next, except, true to form, "no, you go ahead." No doubt, after she did, the other two would end up going to lunch, and both lines would be heading to the same person.
Supergirl has posed:
When he mentioned the Stags, she kind of stared at him blankly. Obviously she was not a sports fan. Or perhaps not a hockey fan? Hard to tell. But she just sort of nodded encouraging his excitement but gave a little shrug. "No idea if we did or didn't but I'll be sure to google it now."

At which point they were suddenly at the front of the line. When he offered to let her go ahead, she paused.

"Are you sure?" And when he insisted he got a bright smile that might hint there is that hidden beauty under there.

As she moved to the window, she grinned. "And they say chivalry is dead."