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New Old Faces
Date of Scene: 12 August 2023
Location: Student Gardens, Xavier's School
Synopsis: Jean meets an alum of Xavier's and they touch base
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Rift

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Early evening finds Jean wandering the student gardens on a cool but sunny Friday. School is pretty much out for the weekend but there are many students who like to come here to tend their plants! not necessarily as part of classes but for fun, meditation or maybe even to reap the rewards of their hard work.\<br\>\<br\>Tonight, there are only a couple of kids out here, including a pair, siblings with golden wheat coloured hair who seem to have quite the green thumb, tending their herbs and edible flowers. Jean smiles and makes a few comments here and there as she offers them a watering can.
Rift has posed:\<br\>A vertical line of red light forms a few inches above the ground in a corner of the garden, tearing open into a portal. A young woman with an eerie red glow steps out, smiling softly as the portal closes behind her. She looks around, glad to be back after being gone so long. "Ah - the gardens are as beautiful as ever..." she states, not really caring that her appearance is quite strange while she's using her pwoers - her body is glowing dull red, washing out all other colors, wtih brightt glows on her eyes, and inside her arms, legs, and chest. She doesn't interact too closely with anyone, just looking around like it's been a bit since she's been here - then she sees Jean Grey. She hesitates, not sure if she should approach or not.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey knows almost all the students in the mansion..Well, she'd better, Afterall, it's her job to keep track of all the students. However there has been a lot of coming and going recently, old faces returning specifically. She sees the red portal forming and smiles slightly as she sees the young woman who steps out. She seems familiar but they may have met maybe once or twice in the past perhaps.\<br\>\<br\>"Yes, the students take good care of them..But it seems you are not a newcomer to these grounds.." she tilts her head, tapping her chin thoughtfully, "Are you a recent Alum?"
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua nods as the glow fades, as she now looks like a relatively normal young Asian woman with red hair and red eyes - as is, she almost passes for normal other than the eyes. "I'm Kitora Alua. I graduated a bit ago - just coming to visit." She smiles. "Headmaster Grey, I think we only really met once a while ago along with Ms. Munroe."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey nods, "Kitora. The name is familiar..Ahh yes, It really has been a while, hasn't it?" her tone is warm and friendly, looking her up and down. Jean is herself dressed for a warm summer evening in simple khaki pants and a white tshirt, a denim jacket draped over her shoulders. "Welcome back..Are you just visiting then?"
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua nods. "Yeah... I have a small apartment in the city that's more convenient for college. Yeah, I can travel fast, but it's a bit... disruptive to light up in the middle of the city. Being around the..." She frowns, thinking of a word. "Muggles for lack of better word - can be limiting." She shrugs. Kitora is, as usual, wearing red. Might as well for everything else about her is.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles, nodding in understanding. "I see, I can see how that would be troublesome, although we mutants often tend to take our powers for granted. I am happy to use public transit or drive as needed." of course she could fly, heck she could travel light years through space with Phoenix's powers, but Jean doesn't generally show off or go to great lengths to rely on her powers.\<br\>\<br\>"Lets see, code name Rift, yes? You have...Hmm, gravity powers, is that correct?"
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua nods. "Yeah... I should try doing that to blend in better. With colored contacts or sunglasses I can pass easily as some girl who abuses hair dye." She shrugs. "Yes, I go by Rift and have the gravity powers." She smiles wryly. "Amusingly, I only can look normal when NOT using them - you see the strange appeance that kicks in when I tap my abilities..."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smiles, "It really is too bad that humanity hates and fears those of us who truly stand out. But sadly it's often a necessity to hide in public. Sunglasses or contacts could be useful in a crowd if you do not wish to draw attention to yourself." she nods, "Yes, so I see..But they are quite lovely, that red glow. Perhaps some day people will learn to appreciate the beauty in mutants as well. Happily we have been mostly left alone by humanity lately..Although there have been other threats as of late."
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua nods slowly. "Well... we really can't blame them too much - they've seen things that mutants have done that have made us... not exactly friendly..." She shrugs. "I get it and it's very unfortunate but it's what it is. All we can do is try to portray our kind in a good light." She sighs softly. "But yeah - tensions seem down lately. As long as nobody stupid does something stupid, maybe things will start looking up."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey sighs and nods, "Speaking of, it seems Magneto is at least claiming to be turning over a new leaf..Juggernaut? I'm not so sure about, but at least he is trying to play fair. As long as we don't have any more trouble makers ruining it for the rest of us we should be alright." she tilts her head at Kitora thoughtfully, "So how long are you planning on sticking around? We could always use more teachers or TAs if interested."
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua smiles. "I'd love to help TA. I'm pretty good with physics - and I bet you've missed me in the kitchen. Well - unless you look at the budget." She winks. Kitora was known for being a big eater - she eats like Michael Phelps - but is also a great cook. "I decided to go into physics. Since I can manipulate gravity, I thought I should try to understand what I do. To know what's capable. Even though everything I've researched shows that what I do is impossible, it's still interesting." She nods slowly. "Heck, if I could have a room back - I can commute to school and help out around here. Would save me some money for essentials."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles "Physics hmm? I will have to introduce you to Angelica in that case, she is our new physics teacher but still feeling her way around, she might be in need of an assistant to help her out. Have you met Firestar before? "
Rift has posed:\<br\>Kitora Alua blinks. "I don't think so..." she muses as she thinks about it. "But I'd be happy to. Honestly, I half-confuse myself trying to justify what I learn with what I can do but I think I'm learning my best. But if you'll have me, I'd be happy to help..."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smiles, "Great, I'll let Angelica know and of course you're welcome to stay as long as you like in the meantime. I'm sure we can find guest accommodations for you." she glances at the two student siblings who are starting to pack up,once the sun touches the horizon, yawns and stretches, "Well, I should get going, it was nice meeting you again, Kitora. Welcome back."