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Kitora Alua (Scenesys ID: 898)
"See? It all makes sense now. Down is up, up is sideways. *stomach gurgle* Ummm.... heheh... ummm.... it's lunchtime. Where's the closest Big Belly Burger? I have a date with Super Bellybusters - I think three will do."
Full Name: Kitora Alua
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: College Student; Part-Time Cook
Citizenship: American
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: Empire State University (Physics Major)
Status: Shelved
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 14 August 2008 Actor: Minami Hamabe
Height: 158 cm (5'2") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Gravity is a Bitch" by Miranda Lambert


A Japanese-descent girl living in Hartfort, CT, quite intelligent and into acrobatics. However, she had the X-gene - and when her gravity-shifting powers ignited, the wild uncontrolled surges severely injured her parents as the house collapsed around them. Her parents survived - barely - but with everything ruined, they disowned Kitora for being a 'freak' and dangerous.

Taken in by the Xavier's School, they helped her to train her powers and to make new friends - for all her old ones had forsaken her due to the incident. She accepts herself as a mutant - and she tends to eat like a horse - her powers are demanding on her body, but no matter how much she eats, she doesn't gain any weight.

Prone to nightmares of that fateful day, she tries to put on a brave face... but she still misses her parents - the rest of her family shunned her for being a 'freak'. She hopes, one day, to reconcile with them. But all attempts of contact have been shunned so far.

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Desc (Kitora):
A young woman stands before you, about five foot two. She has bright red shoulder-length hair that seems to swirl around in the wind with a mind of its own. She has classical Asian features. Her eyes are ruby-red and lined with some mascara. She has a petite nose. Her lips are painted red, and are often in a mischievous smile.

Her neck is long and leads to slender shoulders. She has an athletic physique with a modest bust - she wears a snug red V-neck blouse. She has lightly-muscled arms and delicate hands with red-painted fingernails. She has a narrow waist and curvy hips - her athletic legs are contained in red cotton pants. Her feet are in sensible tennis shoes, also red.

Desc (Rift):

An eerie sight is before you. A female figure, around five foot two, with blowing red hair. Rift's body and clothing glows dully red, washing out all the other colors. Bright red lines can be seen inside her body - along her arms and legs, a large 'starburst' in her chest (located around her heart), and a small 'starburst' in her head where her brain is. Her eyes also glow red.


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Kitora started her life as a normal girl, born in the suburbs of Hartford, CT; her parents were Japanese immigrants made citizens. She showed an early love of gymnastics and being an acrobat, and was always moving around, constantly in motion, hard to hold still. Basically, a very happy and playful girl, and very popular at school. An only child, she was the apple of her parents' eyes. Even at a young age, she studied gymnastics and physics, enjoying the complicated subjects.

Then... just as she was finishing grade school at age 12... she was bouncing on her bed and suddenly everything went weird. Suddenly she found herself standing on the bedroom ceiling - and her body was glowing red - dull red for the most part with bright red lines down her arms and legs visible through her skin, and big sunbursts of red where her heart and brain were. She, of course, screamed in panic. Her parents came rushing in to see what looked like some kind of demon - in a panic, her powers erupted out of control as everything in her room started pulling to her and flinging about - the gravitational anomaly was powerful enough to warp the structural support of the home - even as her parents were smashed into a wall. It finally ended when a ceiling joist hit her in the head, knocking her out - but the damage is done. The house was ruined, and her parents were critically injured. Other than a bump, she was fine, but she discovered that her hair and eyes are now permanently bright red.

Once they recovered, her parents threw her out, told her never to contact them again. She started wandering off, not knowing where to go - when a van came to her. An envoy of the Xavier's School for Gifted Students, they told her what she was - a mutant. And they can help her control her powers, so an accident like that won't happen again. Having nowhere else to go, she accepted.

Away from her old school, she got homesick fast - all calls she tried making to her parents were rejected and she gave up - none of her friends from school would have anything to do with her either - they were all afraid of the 'mutie'. Giving up on all that, she started to try to rebuild a new life at the Xavier's School, making new friends. Discovering how to use her powers in a more constructive manner - and shocking the cafeteria workers at how much she eats - she eats triple what a normal person her age would eat but never gains a pound. Apparently bending the laws of physics requires a lot of energy.

As she ages, she gains more control and fine-tuning of her powers. Her studies of gymnastics and acrobatics help her to learn how to move in the air - for she figured out pretty early how to fly - and her study of physics let her know just what she was messing with; she's amused by the fact that all her textbooks tell her what she can do is impossible. She is working on her senior year at Xavier's, with a high GPA, working on earning a scholarship in physics. Meanwhile, she read all she could about the mysterious group of mutant vigilantes known as the X-Men, wishing that one day she can join their elite ranks.


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Kitora is a feisty high-spirited girl - as long as her bottomless stomach is filled. She is high-strung and high-energy, bouncing around most of the time - though a good student she hates being cooped up in a classroom. She enjoys using her powers very much - getting her NOT to use her powers is difficult. She tends to overanalyze things sometimes, but is very loyal to her friends and possesses great empathy.

Kitora's main passion is food. She eats enough for three normal people, and likes almost everything, and has learned how to cook for herself and others, and is getting very good at it. So much so that she has taken part-time jobs as cooks at various restaurants, and is seriously debating becoming a professional chef instead of something more serious like a physics student.

But when her mind turns to her family, from which she has been exiled, she can get homesick and lonely. She is trying to prove herself not to be the monster, the demon they called her, just because her ill-controlled awakening almost killed them.


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Gravity Manipulation:
Rift's ability to control gravity extends beyond being able to fly or use herself as a kinetic missile. She can manipulate the effect of gravity of objects and people in her line of sight.

She can make things weightless and move them around, in an effect that would seem similar to telekinesis. In her immediate vicinity, she can suspend 5 tons this way - she can make something stop in place and float, or deflect its trajectory. She can either have said object orbit her in a type of 'stasis field' or hold them still, or move them around. Any object she is manipulating will be limned in a red aura, similar to Rift's own aura of power. But it's harder to do this at range, or to move something heavy away. Her power is more limited the farther away the object is - her maximum range is about a thousand feet in which she can barely suspend 10 pounds. If she has something ensconced in a zero-g field, she can launch said object at a low to high speed in the direction of her choice, but the larger the item, the more effort this takes. (Some objects, like bullets, are moving so fast and are so tiny that gravity has little effect on them; it's very difficult to deflect or stop them.)

The other half of this is INCREASING the gravity. In her vicinity, she can trap someone in a high-gravity field, up to 5 times Earth's gravity in her immediately vicinity. She can focus this on a person to weigh them down; or create a 'high-gravity zone'. This, too, is of lesser effect at range; the furthest way she can do this is 250 feet in which she can barely make things heavier.

Gravity Shifting:
Rift's main mutant power is the ability to manipulate gravity in her vicinity. Though whatever she does, she is never adversely affected by her own powers, nor does her actual mass change. She can use her power to negate her personal gravity so she can hover effortlessly in the air - or even 'fall' at high speeds at any direction - using these two aspects to basically 'fly' in a way. She can even propel herself feet-first as a high-speed kinetic missile to deal devastating physical blows.

She can make herself light enough that she can jump like she's on the moon - or so heavy that a kick would hit like a brick truck. In either mode she can move unhindered with her typical agility. She can also 'slide' along the ground with a focused gravity vector like it's on ice. Of course, which way her personal gravity field pulls her is up to her discretion. She can stand on walls or ceilings just as easily as a floor.

Life Support:
Kitora's abilities are useful outside the normal environments that people live in. While her powers are active, environmental effects are of no importance. She can travel underwater no differently than in air, has no need to breathe, does not feel heat and cold, and can even survive outer space without protection and generate her own gravity field even if there's none to manipulate. Without having to fight the pull of Earth's gravity, her speed is greatly accelerated, up to 10,000 MPH. However, it takes more effort to sustain her own life-support this way... she can survive an hour at most without protection. It could be very bad if her strength gave out while using her powers as a life-support aura.

Rift can use her gravity powers to tear open a small portal that she can use to travel from one place to another. These portals take the form of a glowing red ring, the aperture around ten feet in diameter. The portal can be seen through like a window to see what's on the other side. It requires effort to hold the portal open, and her presence at one end or another. This ties up most of her powers - she cannot do much else but float while a portal is open.

She can hold the portal open for up to ten minutes; other people or objects can freely use this portal. Once she stops focusing on it or leaves its vicinity, it closes. She can form a portal in line-of-sight if she can clearly see the destination. If she is intimately familiar with the destination, she can also make a portal directly there with a five-mile range from her current location.

Super Speed:

Though no speedster, Rift can use her gravity-shifting abilities for more than just fighting. She has a variety of means of travel at her disposal, other than portals. Her flying speed can be clocked at 500 mph at top speed (though it takes more effort that way), and she can use her gravity slide to travel at close to 50 mph while on the ground. She can also decrease her weight to simply make running more effective, or to do prodigious leaps that'd make a lunar astronaut jealous.


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It took Kitora a time to find a martial art that suited her unique fighting style of acrobatics and powerful legs. She chose the Brazilian art of Capoeira due to its agility and kicking ability. She has honed her legs into being deadly weapon - she also wears heavy-soled shoes to deliver that much more kicking power - with this, she can weave and dodge her way across a battlefield and deliver devastating kicks. She can also amplify her weight to make her blows even MORE devastating. A kick from her will not be soon forgotten.

Kitora has a voracious appetite ever since her powers awakened - a more recent interest of her is cooking - she has a varied taste and knows how to cook a variety of meals - she even gets summer jobs cooking for fine restaurants.

Good Student:
Kitora doesn't like being cooped up indoors at school. Nonetheless she's an excellent student and routinely aces all her classes. She is a quick study and a fast reader, able to pick up on new subject material quickly.

Kitora's body is a finely tuned instrument - she has trained all her life in gymnastics. She can balance her weight on a finger, and knows how to manipulate her mind and body in three dimensions. She never suffers from vertigo, no matter how much she is twisted around - and knows how to fall - for flying on controlled gravity is much like falling - all the time.


Kitora has studied physics all her life - figuring out how things work is a passion of hers - especially once she got her mutant powers and she could manipulate gravity, one of the hallmarks of the laws of physics - it made her even MORE interested - to control something, you have to understand it.


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Cooking Job:
Kitora has made some extra income by working part-time at a local restaurant. It's where she honed her cooking talents and she is rapidly considering an idea at being a full-time chef. But for now - it's a good source of spending money for a high-school senior. She does enjoy the friends she has made there, and even the managers are good people.

Xavier's School:

As a student and resident of Xavier's School, she has a place to live, friends to rely on, and the school's staff protect their students from those who would persecute mutants. They can also serve as confidants, counselors, and advisors for a student's future endeavors. Kitora has nowhere else to go - the school is her home now. (Though she still wishes she could go home for real...)


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Disturbing Appearance:
Kitora's normal appearance is slightly unusual with the flame-red hair and eyes, but... when she turns on her powers, things get bizarre appearance-wise. Her body and garments glow a dull red color and wash out all other colors, with bright red lines visible inside her body - along her arms and legs, a large 'cluster' of these vein-like lines in the middle of her chest where her heart is, and a smaller cluster in her head, with her eyes glowing bright red. She could be mistaken for some kind of demon.

Family Issues:
When Kitora's powers kindled out of control, they tore her house apart - and almost crushed her parents. Though they survived, they exiled her for being a 'freak', and none of her family or friends from her former school will speak to her anymore, not even on social media. Though the people at the Xavier's School have become her friends and family now, she still longs to rejoin her real family one day - one day that seems to be very, very far off. She also tends to get moody when people talk about their families, especially if it's positive commentary.

Health Is Power:
In Kitora's case, this is quite literal. She has to be healthy and fit to use her powers. If sick or poisoned or otherwise incapacitated, she can lose her focus needed to turn her powers on. Poison gas would be an effective deterrent for darts could be deflected by her defense fields. But if physically injured or incapacitated, it could be possible to shut her down.

Highly Emotional:
Kitora's emotions are often wild and unpredictable - she is subject to mood swings, obsessions, and anger when things don't go her way. She tries to keep these manic tendencies under control, but sometimes stuff slips out. Her emotions are most often swayed by food and family.


Kitora's abilities require a lot of energy to use - that means food. Her appetite is rather legendary - she eats like a horse - and it's not just gluttony. It's necessary - for if she becomes too famished, her powers may fail her. This can become quite problematic if her resources are unable to procure the 'fuel' she needs to tell the laws of physics to shut up and sit down.


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