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Pizza and GIRL talk.
Date of Scene: 13 August 2023
Location: Gwen Stacy's Apartment, Wavecrest Gardens
Synopsis: Gwen invites Nadia round for food and science GIRL talk. Nadia doesn't get why pineapple pizza is controversial.
Cast of Characters: Ghost Spider, Wasp (Pym)

Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen Stacy's cozy studio apartment was an organized blend of student life and personal style. Natural light filtered through sheer curtains, casting soft shadows over the neat rows of textbooks, research papers, and science journals that lay sprawled across her desk. In one corner stood a modest bookshelf filled to the brim with textbooks and novels, and nearby, a comfortable reading nook beckoned with an overstuffed chair and a floor lamp. The scent of freshly cut flowers, her ever-present aura, lingered subtly in the air.

Sitting cross-legged on her couch, dressed casually in shorts and a faded band t-shirt, Gwen was engrossed in her laptop. The soft glow of the screen illuminated her face, highlighting her delicate features. Her golden hair, free from any constraints, cascaded down her back and shoulders, occasionally falling forward to create a curtain she'd absentmindedly brush aside. The heart-shaped contour of her face was accentuated by her focused expression, her ice-blue eyes darting over lines of text while her fingers occasionally jotted down notes.

She leaned back, stretching her neck to one side and then the other, attempting to ease the growing stiffness. Her thesis, a culmination of countless hours of research and dedication, was a work in progress, and at moments like these, it felt like a never-ending one. The title on her screen boldly announced: "Applications and Ethical Implications of Animal Cell Utilization in Advanced Biochemical Research." Which was, of course, the most boring sounding title in the history of the entire world. The weight of the topic was evident, and Gwen's dedication to exploring this ethical maze was clear in her detailed breakdowns and meticulous sourcing. Research ethics, particularly involving animals, was a topic she was deeply passionate about.

A notification pinged, drawing her attention to the corner of the screen. It was an email from her professor with feedback on her previous draft. Taking a deep breath, she clicked it open, quickly skimming through the comments. Mostly positive, with a few areas of improvement. Satisfied, she decided to take a short break.

That simple break in her concentration was enough to make her realize how many hours she'd already spent staring at this seemingly endless task, and her thoughts wandered to Nadia Pym. With a smile playing on her lips, Gwen grabbed her phone.

>> Hey Nadia! Up for some tea and brainstorming?

Setting the phone down, she poured herself another cup of coffee from her French press, savoring the rich aroma. As she waited for Nadia's response, she idly flipped through her notebook, finding a page filled with sketches of her latest idea for a new Spider-tech device. It was a constant juggle between her life in science, her superhero duties, and her graduate studies. But in those rare moments of stillness, amidst the chaos, she truly felt alive.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
It's not especially unusual for Nadia to be in her lab. Or at least /a/ lab now she has access to the facilities at Titans Tower. And obligations to help out with investigations into super crimes and weird science stuff. Thankfully this is exactly why she signed up. Hopefully they don't realise she'd pay good money to do fun weird science stuff! She probably also would say that title sounds really exciting and that she wants to A. make popcorn and B. Share it around GIRL to get feedback.

But regardless of which lab she's in her response would be pretty quick. Relatively speaking. Time passes weirdly in the microverse lab, so much so even if she forgets to reply for a bit the response will seem instant. >> Always up for brainstorming! Although people tell me I shouldn't have caffeine.

Especially people who have given her caffeine in the past.

And then promptly found their table covered in equations and alarming terms like quantum scale temporal entanglement. Or internet linked cybernetic wasp swarm intelligence.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen's phone dings, and she glances over at it, scooping it up with a pen still between her fingers.

>> People tell me I shouldn't do a lot of things that I do anyway.
>> Granted, people are mostly the police.
>> My place?

She glances down at herself.

>> Super casual. We can order pizza or something if you want.

A little smile tugs at her lips, and as she waits for Nadia's reply, she flips through a few more screens on her phone.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
The next reply is simple. >> On my way.

A brief moment later. >> Oh I can grab some pizzas on the way over!

One thing Gwen probably has quickly discovered is that whatever wild changes Nadia has made to her own DNA it increased her metabolic rate quite a lot. Changing size is energy intensive! And as a result she has an appetite for junk food that'd be unfair for a model. Unless said model was a secret superhero with spider powers that have a similarly demanding calorific intake!

She doesn't actually ask what pizza Gwen might want. Her plan is just to get a half dozen at random and just share. Probably something will be suitable and if not? They can order more. Anything they don't eat can always go to the wasps.

Or be donated to perpetually broke Spider-Fam members who'd appreciate it more.

It's probably a little unfair to even call it a plan. Just a spur of the moment decision as she races off. Crossing NYC in her red and black Wasp suit. Flying to avoid the rush of traffic because it's fun (and for some reason no-one has been able to last through a whole driving lesson so she can get a car...).
Ghost Spider has posed:
>> Oh, that would be perfect! Take your time!
>> I'm shackling myself to this miserable thesis for the rest of the day.
>> Or at least until you get here with pizza and save me from myself.
>> Door's unlocked.

Gwen glanced up at her door from across the room and raised her arm. The only other thing she was wearing was her web-spinners on her wrists.. bands that looked a bit like cuff bracelets. They weren't /super/ ugly, but they didn't really go with her typical style, either. She pressed the pad of one to shoot a line to the door and pull the lock open, then draw the line back in.

And that done, Gwen looks back at her laptop, scrolling back to the top of the document...

Advancements in the realm of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have increasingly harnessed animal cells for revolutionary medical breakthroughs, yet these practices come fraught with ethical dilemmas. By examining cases like Dr. Curt Connors' transformative reptilian studies, Dr. Otto Octavius' cephalopod-inspired appendages, and Dr. Michael Morbius' bat-oriented genetic therapies, this thesis seeks to elucidate the profound potential benefits against the moral imperatives and potential hazards associated with incorporating animal cell research in modern biochemical exploration.

Ugh. No.

She rubs her temple and sets it aside again, pulling her notebook back into her lap, where she'd sketched out a picture of an octopus next to a figure that looked a lot like Ghost Spider blending in to a brick wall.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Generally speaking it's not a great plan leaving doors unlocked in the big city! But then again most of those doors do not lead into an apartment with Ghost Spider inside. Not that a locked door would stop Nadia much more than a moment, given her size changing powers and general ability to flitter underneath the door.

Poor Thesis. While Nadia would gladly offer to help alas it would be cheating. And the college is probably not looking for ways to create superhumans in the appendix of an ethics discussion....

When Nadia finally arrives it's in a bustle. Arms stacked high with boxes of carb goodness. Wings flitting and fluttering because it's more efficient than walking. "Hey Gwen, how's things? I didn't know what you liked so I got... Ham and pineapple, pepperoni with lots of pickled jalapeno, something with olives and seafood, this one's just vegetables, and these bottom two are 'specials' which I think means they just put whatever was within easy reach..."

Probably she has picked the /wrong/ pizza place. With New York having so many options it's highly likely Gwen has a local favourite. And opinions on all the other nearby locations. But oh well. It's an experiment and that means trying new things.

She breezes around the place. Unloading each pizza as she describes it onto whatever flat surface is capable of holding it.
Ghost Spider has posed:
Picky about food being brought to her is not something that Gwen Stacy has been called since being bitten. When you have her metabolism and somebody walks in to your place carrying fifty pounds of pies, you say thank you, not complain about the choice of shop. Though, by the time Nadia arrives with /all/ of the pizzas, Gwen has found even /more/ excuses not to work on her thesis. Her notebook is left haphazardly open on the table beside her laptop, and she's moved into the kitchen. She's also put on music, and 'Fire Up the Night' by New Medicine is currently filling the studio apartment.

Gwen herself is in the kitchen (Kitchenette? No matter where she goes, it's really just one big room, including her bedroom.. the only thing separate is the bathroom). She's setting out plates and glasses of water, head bobbing slightly to the music as a way to keep herself distracted from the looming pressure of her thesis. The familiar rhythm and lyrics lend a comforting ambiance, and the infectious beat wraps around her like an old, warm blanket. Her delicate fingers fidget with a plate, nudging it into perfect alignment on the counter, antsy and ready for pizza.

When she hears Nadia's voice, a genuine smile stretches across her pink lips, her ice-blue eyes brightening with unmistakable warmth and gratitude. "Nadia! I'm pretty sure you bought the entire pizza shop." She chuckles, crossing the space between them to help with the pizza boxes. There's places throughout, but it takes all of the kitchen to spread the boxes out so they can be easily accessed.

Peeking at the assorted pizzas, Gwen's nose scrunches in a playful manner, "Pineapple and ham? Controversial choice, Pym," she teases lightly, a twinkle of mischief evident in her eyes. She doesn't seem the least bit concerned about the pizza place choice -- at the end of the day, it's the company that counts, not the pizza's place of origin.

Handing Nadia a plate and reaching for a slice of the pepperoni and jalapeno pizza for herself, she adds, "Thanks for coming over /and/ for pizzas. The thesis... well, let's just say it's got a mind of its own today. And it's not playing nice." She sighs, taking a bite, the spicy kick of the jalapeno immediately making her reach for a glass of water.

For those playing along at home, this is the first part of the playlist...

'Fire Up the Night' by New Medicine
'Sound the Alarm' by Shallow Side
'The Champion' by The Score
'Everywhere' by Michelle Branch
'Sober' by Bad Wolves
'Sweet Dreams' by Vin Jay
'What it Takes' by Adelitas Way
'Lifted' by Otherwise
'Without Me' by Fame on Fire
'Make Me Wanna Die' by The Pretty Reckless
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Soon that main living space smells like a pizzeria. Although not a very traditional one or someone would be complaining about the use of pineapple. Rather than pointing out it's a choice. Without waiting for anything fancy like plates or a place to sit Nadia is helping herself to a slice of whatever she put down last. Then pretty much just sitting down on the floor cross legged.

Making herself at home already!

"I did no such thing! Although in my necklace there's a whole kitchen and my pantry, so technically I brought waaaaaaaaay too much food." Not that Soviet era rations compare with fresh pizza. "Controversial? I mean I guess? But then all pizza choices are symbols of Capitalist oppression."

The petite Russian pauses for a moment, trying to look serious, before smirking after a whole ten seconds to show she doesn't seriously believe this.

The Red Room totally tell trainees that though. It's one of the ways you know they're evil.

"I've never written a college thesis before," she muses. "Just things I intended to submit to scientific journals to get funding and uh.. sometimes just because I had a fun idea I want to share."
Ghost Spider has posed:
Gwen settles back on her couch with her water, napkin, and plate, though there doesn't seem to be any judgement about Nadia's choices, either. Comfy is comfy! She crisscrosses her legs, her t-shirt falling far enough to nearly cover her shorts, and sets that plate in on her legs.

"Mmmmm... Capitalist oppression is delicious." (Said intentionally behind her hand while she's still chewing).

Her eyes squint playfully as she chews, bobbing to the music and munching happily, waiting until she's finished chewing to actually speak again.

"Be thankful. It's awful. I mean, I love it or I wouldn't be doing it. But also, it's awful. So.. wait. You've never written a college thesis, but you're a genius. Do you find it hard to get published without credentials? Aren't a lot of the publications kind of stuck up about that stuff? Though, I guess if you've got cool ideas that stand up to scrutiny, at some point they'd be crazy not to publish what you have to say, regardless."

Then it's back to chowing down on more pizza.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Nadia shrugs in between bites of her pizza. "I did some of my best work after discovering real American hamburgers," she says solemnly. "It was just... wow. So unhealthy... I couldn't believe how delicious it was." She sighs a happy sigh. "Yes they tend to be... quite... fuddy duddy? Sometimes when they realise I'm much smarter than them it makes them huffy."

She rolls her eyes.

"Now I make sure to show all the working out in exacting detail. Besides sometimes I just publish it myself online and invite people who actually matter to get involved." Because at the end of the day so long as the right people in the fields she's contributing see her work who cares how? "It probably helps that my last name of Pym."

Being a Titan and having Kane Industries funding her also helps.

"I have credentials now though. I'm the research director at GIRL!"
Ghost Spider has posed:

Gwen smiles, finishing her first slice and setting her plate aside for the moment to wipe her fingers on her napkin.

"Speaking of which, do you need anything from me? I feel like I keep running around town putting out fires, and I don't spend enough time checking on you. Do I need to make some time in my schedule for some regular brainstorming sessions? Do you need my help with the lab? Do I need to start researching ways to wrangle giant wasps?"

A little grin tugs at her lips.

"I have to admit, I do not hate the thought of riding a giant wasp into battle just to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies." Though, that smile quickly quirks to the side. "Although, it would /also/ strike fear into everyone else, so.. that's probably not such a great long term plan."

She tilts her head back and forth.

"Still, situationally..."

She's smiling, eyes glinting with mirth. No, she doesn't actually intend to indulge that particular fantasy.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Need anything? Oh nothing specific? I have been meaning to find more time to be social," Nadia muses. "Attend parties and nightclubs. Possibly go on some adventures but those tend to be more spur of the moment things. Hopefully the Titans will have some world in peril type things come up soon for me to help solve."

She beams a smile.

"The whole point of GIRL is members can research anything they like and help with whatever they find interesting. You don't need to do anything except have fun and do science." She finishes off another slice of pizza. Picking a different type each time. "The trouble with making wasps giant, aside from body heat distribution, is that the Pym particles are very expensive. Genetically engineering a strain of ridable giant wasps would essentially be creating a brand new apex predator which would eventually get out into the wild."

Wasps notoriously more wilful than ants.

"I'm surprised you don't want a huge jumping spider to remain 'on brand'."
Ghost Spider has posed:
"As fun as that sounds, I played cow-girl with the Lizard in Central Park a few days ago and had my internal organs shaken like a martini. I'll take a hard pass on anything that jumps or bucks."

Gwen says, stretching her legs back out to stand and grab her plate, taking a few trotting steps back into the kitchen. "You should com out with me some time! I mean, crime-fighting in New York isn't exactly save-the-world type stuff, but there's a certain amount of satisfaction in hanging a bad guy from a light pole for the police to pick up... Oh! And I've got a show coming up at Club Evolution. You should come!"

She's shuffling boxes, looking in all of them again, and then grabbing a couple slides of 'specialty.'

"I'm grabbing another slice," she says on the way by. "You want me to grab you one?"
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"I had to wrestle a raccoon the size of an elephant a few weeks back," Nadia says with a shrug. "I needed to spend hours in the bath to wash the dumpster smell off." But then again her necklace lab has it's own spa wing. So it's not really that terrible a position to be in. Certainly it beats serious internal injuries! "I felt bad for it though. It was just being controlled by evil Russian spies."

"I'd be happy to do some crime-fighting," she says with an emphatic nod. "A show would also be cool. It'll be interesting to see how New York bars differ from Gotham ones." Probably they are cleaner but way more expensive.

"More pizza is always good! Maybe even two slices at the same time. In some kind of... pizza sandwich." Ahh yes. The mad science begins. Probably she will wind up fusing the seafood with the ham & pineapple for maximum pizza horror.