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Herding Robots
Date of Scene: 16 August 2023
Location: Jersey, a couple hundred miles south of Gotham.
Synopsis: A robot trudging on it's way to Gotham is slowly herded away by Wonder Girl till Starfire arrives to help speed the process. Many super strong hands make light work of heavy clankers!
Cast of Characters: Wonder Girl, Starfire

Wonder Girl has posed:
It's not actually all that easy to hide a giant robot. While under constructions sure while it's laying flat in a warehouse or hangar sure. But when the thing stands up, that cat is definitely out of the bag.

Luckily it's not near any major cities.

Yet but then the closest one is Gotham as it heads north-ish from a more regional part of New Jersey.

It's also probably a good thing that there actually a hero on the seen already. Trying to herd it away from anything residential.

There's a kind of David and Goliath look to the scene unfolding. But also it looks more like someone trying to swat a fly with a bare hand. Fifty feet of robot mostly in grey cold galvanised primers. Fancy colors are expensive to paint. the robot itself cost enough. Bi-pedal and somewhat clumsy. Someone hadn't quite gotten the movements working at that scale. As if the creator might have tried to write any software themselves instead of stealing it like anyone else.

The 'Fly' in this case a blonde woman in a black muscle top and red leather pants, black boots and belt.

This would be Cassandra Sandsmark, known to most folks as Wonder Girl. One of them anyway, she has a sister that sometimes go by that so she generally sticks with Cassie among friends.

The blonde's fists and feet clang against metal armoring pretty loudly, forcing the machine to backpedal and stead itself before she swoops around limbs and takes another shot herself.

The look on her face seems to be tedium, but then the other option might just end up casing collateral damage.
Starfire has posed:
Life is never uneventful when you're a model. There's always the next fashion line, the next calendar, the next tedious, droning, mindnumbing press tour with the same questions.

And it might very well be Koriand'r's ability to face these press tours with genuine smiles and friendly conversation that is her truest super power.

But then, that superpower is often lost on giant robots. Fortunately she has a wide array of other abilities to wow and dazzle both robots and fashion press.

And so while the pictures of an orange blur shooting into the sky aren't exactly world class, they're moments the photographers will cherish for years to come. And terribly bad portent for big robots stomping through New Jersey. Kori was, fortunately, not wearing any bespoke designer attire during the interview, so the bell bottom jeans she was trying to bring back into style may be sacrificed for justice, but they're not a true loss.

A streak of fire flies from the horizon directly towards the golden (demi)goddess who faces down mechanical monstrosity! Faint pinpricks of green light rush ahead of the oncoming figure strike the robot with flashes and fury, only to be overwhelmed by the sonic boom before Kori's decelerating several meters to Cassie's right.

The alien princess smiles brightly, civilian clothes gone to leave her in 'business attire', one of her outfits of purple, silver, and that seems primarily composed of straps and her thigh high boots and bracers. Bracers are important for heroine-ing.

"A robot, is it? Cyborg will be sad he is not here! We will have to keep bits! Bits and pieces so he can... science them?" She shrugs helplessly and sighs.

Kori pirouettes, loops, and otherwise drifts through the sky to avoid robotic attacks. "Oh! We should get drinks. After this. You have been /far/ too busy, Cassie."
Wonder Girl has posed:
As an adopted amazon and the little sister of the Wonder family, Cassie is well versed in bracers as more than a fashion accessory. Though the silver around her wrists and forearm do maybe go against the gold coloring of the =W= emblem across her chest and on her belt buckle.

The help from an arriving Tamaranean Princess gets a huge perky smile aimed her way. Right as another hard shove is aimed center mass and the large Robot.

"Hey Kori, yeah it's robots again. Trying to keep this one intact long enough to get it away from housing. Too many people gonna yell at us if we flatten it here of explode it when people live around here. Let alone when it reaches Gotham." she explains, there's a little raising of her voice for overcoming the noise of the mechanical menace swinging arms at two women now.

The clangs and the brief wobbling has Wonder Girl zipping around to deliver another hit and push to make sure it doesn't fall yet. It's pretty clear either heroine could probably one shot the thing if they needed too. "Maybe later we can let Cyborg party with it. Still don't know if it's autonomous, piloted internally or remotely. Won't know till we can safely put it down." she adds with a bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

Drinks after do get an emphatic nod. "Oh gods yes! Classes start back up in a week or so. Training with my sisters is picking up steam again. Awesome fun as it is, I haven't been able to hang with you and the others even with us all living together in the tower!" all this while still flying and 'fighting' the robot when at this point it might just be bullying the thing.
Starfire has posed:
As the robot continues its rampage, or at least, stomps and flails and generally makes a nuisance... because between Wonder Girl and Starfire, making sure it's not stomping any screaming civilians is of course being handled like... well, like you grow to handle giant robot attacks when they're a big part of your 'job'.

She sighs and shakes her head, flying in to drive her shoulder into the side of the robot, immense alien strength put towards steering it. "This is always so annoying! Robots. They can't be reasoned with. The movie about the future robot who comes back in time with the sunglasses and will be back is very accurate!"

She sighs and gives the robot a couple of solid punches that TWANG off the metal, less punches really and more... /enthusiastic knocks/.

She pauses in the wake of the strikes, "Hm! Perhaps the pilot does not know we wish him to stop! Or yes, it is unpiloted. Perhaps if Kara was here she could peek inside!" She heaves out a sigh. Never enough superpowers to make things the easiest.

She smiles brightly and bobs her head, "Oh! Well, I will be certain that the boys do not bother you at the Tower when it is time for homework!" She hums cheerily, "I do believe I asked Ms. Prince if I could visit Themyscira as a Tamaranean diplomat in the future! Perhaps you and Donna can join me as teammates. We may handle many tasks at once then! All far more valuable than robot punching! Not that punching robots is not fun of course."

She hauls back and TWANGS the robot again in example of how fun it is.
Wonder Girl has posed:
The robot is being herded back along it's path easy enough, following it's original path. However it does take a while since controlled hits and measured attacks between it's own retaliation and the occasional righting to avoid flomping it down early.

"We'll find out how it's moving soon enough. Ugh, taking forever though. Think between us we can move it faster now without it falling apart. Wanna get in it's armpit and help me lift?" it's not the weight considering either woman can bust out strength that even the Hulk might respect.

"You'd definitely be welcome on the island even without diplomatic stuff. Pristine beaches, plenty of women that would LOVE to meet you, as much socially as training. You'd get as many fangirls there as you do here!" she definitely approves of Ambassador Kori.

"If you wanna make a trip just say the word, I'm down. I'm sure Donna will be too. It's as much home as the Tower is after all. We're all Family after all!" she encourages.
Starfire has posed:
Kori's eyes are darting, from robot to surroundings to lingering on Cassie when she speaks, because punching giant robots is no reason to not practice active listening and acknowledge who is speaking! She smiles brightly, head bobbing, "Yes, this is... quite time consuming. I do believe part of why villains are villains is they simply lack the patience to be heroic. It is most tragic."

She gihs a forlorn little sigh about the tragedy, but not before she lets out a cheer and nods, "Oh yes! We shall show this robot whatfor!" And then she's at least showing it unfettered Tamaranean strength!

"Welll.... I /did/ tell my agent I would be having to reschedule the rest of my interviews! Should we teach this menace the error of their ways and then go find a beach? I do believe beach relaxation is an appropriate celebration of justice! And you can do the texting and selfies to Donna to tell her where we are!"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Between the two women. the robot never stood a chance. Each lifting from the armpit, able to more securely manage the lift. It's up and off the ground. And being taken to an empty field a good safe distance from any residential areas.

Well it might actually be a farm, but there's nothing in the paddock so good enough for Cassie.

Dropped just high enough with it's kicking and flailing it finally falls.

Which is when Cassie gets to work dismembering the humanoid shaped machine. "Beach time would work with the drinking. May need to swing home. Pick up a couple amphoras of Olympian wine, I may have some Asgardian. Normal Terran booze doesn't even get me buzzed. So I have to bug Dionysus for his stash." she states and pulls arms and limbs apart after forced landing in the joints to separate them from the body before the power source in the chest is detached and thrown into orbit. Or at least detonates just shy a slight flash of light in the sky barely visible in the daylight blue.

"You can pick the beach, I'll just make sure I can grab a bikini and a towel!" she adds and chuckles as Kori does have great plans for post victory relaxing. She always does!