15508/The Lion and the Unicorn fighting for the crown...

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The Lion and the Unicorn fighting for the crown...
Date of Scene: 20 August 2023
Location: Lower Manhattan, Manhattan
Synopsis: Remy and Carol stake out Wolfram and Hart
Cast of Characters: Gambit, Captain Marvel (Danvers)

Gambit has posed:
it's the part of any heigst movie that they never show. The extremely boring part. The part where you observe your target for hours, days, or even weeks. Take maticulious notes. It's the part they gloss over, but it's the most important factor. As Remy's father once told him, by the time you actually enter the building, you should have every detail down and memorized to the point that the actual pinch is almost too easy. It was the second most refered to bit of advice that Jean-Luc LeBeau had ever given his son. The first being "Liquor before beer you're in the clear. Beer before liquor you'll never be sicker."
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Not far away in Lower Manhattan, there was a cleanup operation going on. There had been an event that had closed down several city blocks, food-trucks traveled from all around, live music had mingled together from a hundred different street musicians.. and then everything had erupted into chaos as large, flying, spider-shaped drones had descended form the sky. It was all over the news. Several Spider-People had been involved, and of course Jameson was blaming Spider-Man for being the culprit behind terrorizing the streets with his airborne menaces.

The cherry on top had been the giant flying scorpion that was still being disassembled and cleaned up by SHIELD agents. It had fallen into an alley, 'into' a dumpster that it had been far too big for and squashed flat. Captain Marvel was only there to take a look and ask some questions, but it seemed like everyone was cooperating and playing nice.

When she finished, Carol took to the air, flying straight up from the alley to survey the city around her... and spotting a figure on a rooftop not far away. Curious, she swooped in and landed lightly beside Remy, her shoulder-length blonde hair left loose to to flutter in the breeze.

"Hustling pool's not working out, so you've moved on to PI work?" she asks, a little smile playing across her lips.
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau doesn't look away from his binoculars, but that wicked smirk plays on his lips as the woman lands. He always seems to know who is around him, even when he can't see them. "Ustling pool? yah make it seem so sorrid Carol. Yah migh' 'urt mah feelings." he places the glasses down and makes a note, in French, on a small notebook before turning to face her. "Jus' a lil side project of mine." He says thumbing towards the glass and steel skyscraper he was observing. "Not'ing dat rise ta de level of de Avengers. Don' even rise all de way ta de X-men. Still some of us gotta get our birds eye views de old fashioned ways, non?
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"I just call 'em like I see 'em," Captain Marvel offers with a little smile, taking a few steps over to lean against the edge of an air conditioning unit, perching on the edge of it with her hands set to either side of herself.

"Whatever works. I still say it makes you look like a peeping-tom." She nods slightly to the notes and then the building. "Anything you want to share with the class? Or is this one of those hush-hush eyes-only kind of side projects?"

Well, if anyone, she would be one to know about hush-hush eyes only.
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau looks at the buildig, then shrugs slightly. "Started as a favor for a friend of a friend. Someone in dat office manage ta steal de home of a World War two vet. Faked his identity. Took out t'ree morgages on de place. He wasn' able ta fight it. More I dug... De place got bad vibe. Stuff from de spooky side of de street."
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
It's like a dark cloud suddenly settles over Carol as soon as taking advantage of a veteran is mentioned. Her posture shifts, her fingers noticeably tightening on the edge of that air conditioning unit until little dents appeared around her fingers. It's all so subtle, yet so ominous.

"Do you know who?"

Her eyes flick to the building and back again.

"...Exactly how spooky?"
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau gives her a look, "spooky enough dat Ah 'aven't already acted on it. Demons, Vampires, politicians and dat's just de stuff I'm sure about." He shakes his head "De more Ah did de more...slimy de place seem ta get. It sure as 'ell no standard law office."
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol's eyes lift towards the sky at the description of the place. There's the faintest, noncommittal roll of one shoulder.

"Oh, I don't know. A whole office full of evil, bloodsucking parasites. Sounds like a pretty standard New York law office to me," she muses.

"So what are you planning on doing about it?"
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau shakes his head. "If Ah c'n get Otis 'is 'ouse back, everyt'ing else is gravy." He shakes his head slightly, "No offence dough chere, Remy plan ta do dis subtle, and yah...not subtle."
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol lifts her arms slightly, managing to look overly offended despite the little curl of her lips. "What do you mean I'm not subtle? It wasn't like I was going to bust in there and take all the vampires at once up into low Earth orbit to see how they handled the UV radiation."

There's a beat, a shrug, and her smile turns a little sheepish.

"I was going to do it one at a time."

She sighs.

"Fine. Do it your way. But, I'm around if you need me. Yeah?"
Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau nods slightly, "If de situation move from Subtle to Flying Brick, yah de first on mah Rolodex." He says in a somber tone that still has that wicked glint in his eye. "Of course dat because D come so early in de alphabet.."
Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"I guess I can't say my dad never gave me anything," Carol muses, standing from that air conditioning unit and giving one last look over to the building.

"Seeya Remy. Be safe."

Her eyes cast back to him for just a moment before she lifts into the sky and flies off in the opposite direction..