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Witching Supplies
Date of Scene: 21 August 2023
Location: The Magic Box, Sunnydale
Synopsis: A short discussion about potioncraft and tools for witchery
Cast of Characters: Ivory, Sabrina Spellman

Ivory has posed:
It has been some months since Sabrina started teaching Ivory some more use for magic than simply fuling their talents, but progress was slow. Not because of a lack of training, but because magic was after all complicated. And some stuff was pretty arcane.

"Do we really need to get a cast iron couldron made before the turn of the century? I mean, why can't I just try... a stainless steel pot? That one I could put into the dishwasher after use..."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Laughs softly " For the new stuff, yes, but when it comes to basics, you kinda have to follow the rules.. the reason for the pot is it makes it easier for you to do magic.. you can use the steel, but it will be three times as hard for you " She looks at ivory " Your choice " .

     She's moving through the isles looking at things.. but instead of just grabbing, she's tapping, "What's this? " She asks Ivory to test her on a hemlock that can be used for transformation or protection.
Ivory has posed:
Ivory chuffing at the remark of modern stuff making it harder, Ivory keeps up a somewhat impertinent look for a few moments, then sighs. "Established easy ways it is I guess. But why were they so specific that it had to be such a silly rare design? I spent 3 days trying to hunt something down on ebay and there wasn't anything!"

"That's... uh... isn't that the stuff that they gave Socrates for being a massive prick? Not to defend him, but really, that stuff is like toxic to eat. And... eh... White means... protection, right?"
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Laughs and nods " yes it is .. this stuff is lethal, that's correct, and yes it's protection. It's also used in transformations, but I'll take the half answer " She grins she laughs " I have one of those cauldrons don't worry you can use my old one " .

     She stops and grabs a book " This is a good primer for basics," She says, handing you to the book "Hows this? You use my Cauldron to do the spell.. then you use your steel pot and see the difference ok? "
Ivory has posed:
Dusting off the pages before reading the title of the old book, Ivory's nose twitches in the dust cloud. "Allerley Tincturen... That sounds strange. German? Good thing that there's google to translate the stuff..." they start before peeking inside, spotting the text. "Or I just try the english here. Wait, why the german cover then? To try and look fancy?"

"I won't ruin my spaghetti pot and cook stuff like Hemlock in it. I'm a cat, not suicidal." they tease a little, shrugging at the suggestion. "But if you offer to borrow... eh... just for testing, ok?"
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Laughs and nods her head " Sure but buy a new pot you don't care for .. potions that go sideways are messy, " Is all she can say before she chuckles " Like harry potter style " . That movie really helps in some ways.

     She smiles " Most magic people know the old names for stuff.. it shows it's translated at the bottom " She taps the bottom of the spine " But yeah it's trying to keep it fancy and keep the mystery, But thanks to my teacher I'm getting a hold of my demon powers " .
Ivory has posed:
"Uh... I guess... but the movie was horrible, the book boring and the characters goofy." Ivory remarks, shrugging a little. "Too much CGI and too hyped."

"Well, let's hope your demon teacher doesn't want magical cat blood in return for his wisdom."
Sabrina Spellman has posed:
Sabrina Spellman Laughs and shakes her head " no he's awsome , just has me help him stop bad guys and is helping me deal with my powers.. he's friends with some of my friends so it's all good " she beams a bright smile and hugs ivory " Come on lets go pay and start the practice ok? "
Ivory has posed:
"Where's the catch? I mean, nobody is doing anything without repayment. At least I think." Ivory muses, lugging the heavy book towards other tools the shop offers for witching supplies. "just need that list of herbs still."