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Gorilla My Dreams
Date of Scene: 23 August 2023
Location: Bar with No Name
Synopsis: Two gorillas meet and a most enlightening discussion and handling of business takes place.
Cast of Characters: Juggernaut, Gorilla Grodd

Juggernaut has posed:
Usually repeat sightings of one Unstoppable Juggernaut are...a very bad thing. Bad for property tax, buildings, cars, sidewalks, bank vaults.....people and tectonic plates. Lately, however, a certain Mr. Marko has seen fit to grace the local region with his presence. For the most part he'd been laying low, emerging from his personal hidey-hole on rare occasions to move from point A to point B with various misadventures resulting in the wake of his passage. One such misadventure even resulted in a bit of encounter with the local Spider gang and the 'Throwing of Hands' as the kids say. Or used to say. Or whatever. His robbery attempt was botched by their intervention and Rhino having also been after the same cache -- but he got to intimidate The Rhino so that's something. Bullying someone weaker then you? Clearly a job well done and a cause to gloat..and Juggernaut does love him some gloating.

And so the behemoth has entered The Bar With No Name, roving super villain and mercenary hangout. KNown mostly to just 'The Bad Guys' by word of mouth but occasionally found by savvy heroes..or just lucky (or unlucky) ones. He swamps over a table, suited for his size..barely..in full armor but with his helmet removed. His skullcap is on, however, because neutral ground or not..villains be villains. It'd be just his luck for some telepath to get their hooks into his brain..wouldn't it..

He drapes a massive arm over the chair he's in, creaking it despite its reinforced nature, his monstrous body swamping over it like a semi truck cab sitting down at a booth in the diner. "Looks like ol'Aleksei aint here to 'C list' the place up fer once." he says to...well..nobody. He -assumes- someone is listening in. "..I guess I gotta elevate this place with some class!"

Nobody responds. They're all pretty much shrinking away from him. D listers if that as far as he's concerned. Nobody that bragging to would actually mean anything to. "Ugh.. Nevermind." he grouses while gesturing towards the bar for attention.
Gorilla Grodd has posed:
It's not terribly often that Gorilla Grodd, King of Gorilla City, Lord and Ruler of Hyperintelligent Gorillas, Gorilla Suprema-*cut by editorial for length* would be known to show himself in a place so base and classless as the Bar with No Name. For one thing, how classy can establishment be if it hasn't even got a name? A secret name is certainly classy. But no name? That's just bad marketing.

Not that Grodd really strikes anyone as the 'Head to the bar for a beer after work' sort.

Which is just fine, as he has deigned to bless this ratty, dusty hole in the wall with his Imperial presence for matters of business.

And thus far that business has been somewhat understated, or at least as understated as a sizable gorilla in a dark blue business suit and tie can be. Aside from his occasional roll of eyes, or sneering gaze towards the ceiling, really, Grodd seems an awful lot like a Wall Street banker being forced to conduct business meetings in the Gorilla enclosure at the Brooklyn zoo. Which is to say he's just a big ol' furry ray of sunshine as his voice rumbles out to the latest mercenary to receive a plain manila envelope. "The details are in the package. You acquire the requested material. You take it to the indicated dropoff point. You receive your payment electronically. It's so simple a chimpanzee could do it. You /are/ smarter than a chimpanzee, yes?"

And it's right about then that Cain Marko appears, or more likely, blots out the sun. It's not terribly often Grodd runs into someone who can outclass him in mass. Even height is rare. And everyone knows the Juggernaut. There's an instant tension, and Grodd's already serious and dour face takes on an even more displeased cast.

Because Grodd's always confident he can handle a situation. His intellect and telepathic powers can handle what his brawn cannot. But here is someone who he is (privately) certain could outclass him for brawn. And has an alarming habit of going toe to toe with a group of powered individuals that number multiple powerful telepaths.

Oh bother. But still, Cain Marko's also known to be willing to do the occasional freelance job. And to be the type to not /particularly/ care about the details of whatever sizable piece of technology he's been hired to carry out of a secured corporate or government facility.

And while Grodd can think quickly, these are an /awful/ lot of thoughts. And now he realizes he may be staring at Mr. Marko for an undue and /entirely/ noticeable amount of time.


Juggernaut has posed:
Somehow he managed to completely miss the absolutely gigantic gorilla in a better business suit fit then he himself could ever hope to manage even at his most svelte and restrained. By the time Juggernaut finally takes note of the presence of the imperious imperial gorilla, he's risen and started to make his wy to the bar counter with rumbling earth shaking steps that rattle the tables of those nearest to him and send vibrations rippling up and down the walls of the place.

He then feels the stare as one does when another holds you in their gaze for overly long and he turns abit to take and just sort of ends up staring back. His icey blue gaze meeting Grodd's own and the two just sort of staring at each other for a period of time that grows more and more uncomfortable around those witnessing this most bizarre exchange.

It is Juggernaut who then seeks to break the ice first, turning his attention to the bar with a look of utter confusion clear on his face even through the feature obscuring nature of his facemask. "Hey -Zeke-! Whose gorilla is this? I thought after that last incident it was agreed on that it'd be Tuesdays would be No Talking Gorilla's days! Did you let Mad Thinker back in here or something?"

Now to be fair, Juggernaut does not know who Gorilla Grodd is..and even if he did it's not completely out of the question that he would not haev said that anyway. Zeke, the bartender, is quite aware though and he looks on with a pale face while also reaching behind him to try and hide the 'No Talking Gorilla's' sign he had taken down upon hearing that Grodd was approaching. As one of the bartenders of his nortorious place it pays to be a touch aware of what he's dealing with even if his clients often don't.
Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Grodd is visibly tensed, though again, it might possibly be more of the tension your average investment banker would have being at such a bar, than any tension related towards Cain. Then again, Grodd /does/ deal with a lot of terribly primal and basic alpha male dynamics. It's something of a /gorilla/ mindset.

But then, nature does endow wildlife with a healthy level of 'Don't start none, won't be none' practicality.

And so rather than snarl, or get his hackles up, Grodd offers a measured nod.

Of course, the measured nod is followed up by an involuntary huff. "I am an /intelligent/ gorilla, not just a talking gorilla! I am Grodd, Lord of Gorilla City!" He scowls and heaves out an all too human sigh. "There are downsides to being ruler of a /secret/ hyper advanced city that they never tell you about. Doctor Doom doesn't have to worry about people not recognizing him and /his/ citizenry are medieval serfs and robots."

As the sign is subtly pulled down Grodd huffs again. "It also says 'No talking Gorillas'. That means there can be one, Mr. Marko. How goes your business? I don't believe I've ready any front page stories about you fighting off a super team, so can I take that to mean you are keeping a... relatively... low profile?"
Juggernaut has posed:
"Oh, well when you put it like that..."

There is indeed a distinction and Juggernaut, while uncouth and rough around the edges is not unintelligent himself. He's seen enough craziness out there to consider that..there is indeed a difference. "I mean I guess if you got a PhD and all.." he grouses under his breath as Deke serves him a drink that would be entirely too larger for any byt the largest heavyweights ..and so barely manages to be enough for him to grab without completely enveloping it.

Through this all, he listens as Grodd continues on and on for abit and then as Grodd points out the particulars of the sign, he is forced to lift his free hand up and point towards the articulate ruler.

"Now yer just talking semantics. It's pretty clear that by Gorillas it's usin' the plurality to imply 'all' as opposed to a specific number. As in one or many."

He gives a slow grin, creaking it from one side of his face to the other as he says, "..I did make it through a few steps of our good ol'educational system.."

He then takes a heavy drink and sets the cup back down heavily on the bar, "Y'know my name though. I guess your fancy kingdom's pretty up on things eh? Well...business is slow, or at least not very exciting. There hasn't been much need for me to do anything that'd attract the atention of a super team. Why? Got a problem that needs solving?"
Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Grodd frowns and shakes his head, "I... don't think I do? I am aware it's something of a cliche that to be 'evil' and intelligent you must graduate a doctorate program. Especially when one operates in Gotham, but I don't believe Gorilla City's educational credits are considered valid in the United States, and so while I /should/ be a doctor, I do not qualify for the title. Just another way that humanity keeps their betters oppressed to soothe the masses, no?"

He rolls his eyes and sighs out dramatically, "Yes, you are /technically/ correct, Mr. Marko. But my money spends as well here as anyone's. Better should my latest plans for establishing Gorilla City's fiat currency as the world standard progress as I hope they shall."

He blinks slowly and shakes his head, "No, I imagine the citizens of Gorilla City remain largely ignorant of your reputation. But you have a penchant for appearing on the evening news and I have had... a distressingly ample amount of time to be exposed to basic cable television while I was waiting for the various diplomatic and legal proceedings from my last..." He clears his throat, "Misunderstanding with the Justice League to be dealt with. And so now I am a new ape, you see. I have turned over a new leaf and am no longer attempting to steal the technology required to reshape the world to its natural state."

He gestures around the bar, "And as such, I am forced to acquire outside help. Most of which has been subpar. But perhaps you can assist with that in the future."
Juggernaut has posed:

Juggernaut waves a hand and then moves an entire tree trunk dwarfing limb back and forth a few times in a gesture of mild frustration and annoyance. "Do you take everything literal? I was -joking-. Of course you dont' have a PhD! I was bein' sarcastic!"

He looks upon Grodd with clear befuddlement before finally stating, "Listen, nevermind about the sign. Forget about all that.. You're going a mile a minute here. Don't you all have like..a sense of humor or sarcasm or wit in Gorilla City?"

Assuming that passes for wit. It's a low bar to be certain. Perhaps under the ground instead of low to it.

"But fine, fine. One thing at a time then." He pushes aside his now empty drink and leans forward, resting a elbow upon the bar and creaking it under his weight, "..Let's talk yer 'problems'.. You wanna reshape the world? Fine. Heard that before..but.. kinda hard to stea things if you've turned over a new leaf. At the same time, I dunno how many folk are going to be interested in doing work for you that ...might end up kind of ruining their day. We all kinda got to live on this planet after all but..I'm willing to hear out potential jobs and clients so yeah I might be able to assist depending on what you have in mind."
Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Grodd tilts his head in actual, honest thought. "...No. Just when I find it humorous. And riling you up /is/ humorous! It's interesting. If I get you frustrated enough and some barely rating criminal wanders in and then says something that frustrates you /just/ the right amount, you might throw him through the door. It's an experiment of its own, no?"

He blinks slowly, "I think you're trying to approach my humor from a point of relative sanity, and there is a... not insubtantial chance that I am some level of... crazy." He shrugs broad shoulders helplessly, because what's he going to do about it?

"Oh, no! You see, the new leaf is less of a... new leaf of /not/ wanting to achieve my goals. It's more a change of tactics. I mean, I can't just give up on my dreams because some costumed aliens and magical beings say that they're /not allowed/. Where would society be if the founding fathers had demanded no taxation without representation and then when the British declined, they just accepted it? Perish the thought!"

And once more he shakes his head, "Oh no, I'm not planning to turn cities into apes or anything."

Right now. Grodd is not thinking about that right now.

"But I am also involved with an organization of some influence that... has a broad view of whether or not the law is worth considering in regards to achieving its goals. And so I'm simply reaching out to ensure that if I need competent employees I can rely on having access to some with unique abilities, yes?"

He frowns thoughtfully, "But I /should/ return to my abode before I have to check in to prove I am present. I imagine the telepathic suggestion on the surveillance team is going to wear off soon and that could be... distressingly awkward to explain."
Juggernaut has posed:
That befuddled look returns to the gargantua. It's going to get stuck there if he keeps doing this. "Taxation--" he begins before he just stops himself while also holding a massive hand up, palm facing out as if literally physically putting an end to something and not just in his mind alone.

"No. No. Nevermind. Don't explain. Crazy. That answers everything. Right. As for riling me up? I got -some- self control and it'd take a pretty stupid guy to really tick me off but hey.." he pauses and looks at Grodd for a long second before adding, "...stranger has happened."

Juggernaut ponders the rest of Grodd's words before just shaking his head and reaching for his now mostly empty beer mug. He eyes it with some disappointment before then looking back to Grodd, "Yeah you better do that. Wouldn't want some sorta diplomatic incident with the leader of Ape City."

He almost can't believe he said that and he moves to take a final drink before pausing and saying, "'Scuse me. Gorilla City."

He allows a slight grin once more and then says, "Y'know how t'reach me." Which Grodd may very well -not- know how to reach him but ..he's sure he can figure it out. Not that he's -totally- positive he wants Grodd to.
Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Grodd manages to move from his seat with relative smoothness, though there's something about his motions that seem barely restrained... then again, he /is/ a gorilla in a suit, so he's probably just mildly uncomfortable.

There's a mild scowl on his face, but it is likely he just /always/ has that scowl.

His eyes roll at Cain's 'accidental' misnaming of Gorilla city... once he's past the towering man so he doesn't see it.

"Yes yes, the lawyers are the /real/ thieves, and frankly I've had enough of wearing suits lately, present requirements only grudgingly excepted for propriety." He heaves out a sigh, "Do have a fine day, Mr. Marko. May your future be filled with a minimal number of optic blasts or large, metallic Russians."

And off Grodd heads to do what /all/ criminal politicians do... be ever so mildly inconvenienced by the consequences of his earlier actions.