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Gorilla Grodd (Scenesys ID: 1438)
Full Name: Gorilla Grodd
Gender: Male
Species: Gorilla
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Ruler. Scientist. Liberator.
Citizenship: Gorilla City
Residence: Gorilla City
Education: Self and Extensive Study at Gorilla City
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gem Cities-OOC, Hench, Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth Actor: Body Actor: Harambe Voice Actor: James Earl Jones
Height: 195 cm (6'5") Weight: 182 kg (400 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "I wanna be like you" sung by Christopher Walken


Grodd is the leader of Gorilla City, a mad scientist, a telepath, entrepreneur and a supervillain. He is not someone to monkey around with...or call monkey.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Gorilla. Big. Silverback with hair died black with piercing intelligent red eyes. After you see his species, its the eyes that usually catch your attention, the kind that look at you size you up, weigh you and almost always find you wanting. Grodd usually has tools and a bandolier, gadgets or a helmet about his person. This is not an accident. He does not want a human to mistake him for some garden variety dumb animal.


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An alien came down an uplifted a bunch of Gorillas because he was bored and wanted to go home. That alien made Gorilla city. The alien spent some time with them...and then went home. Two major factions emerged at that point; those who wanted to engage the world, led by Grodd, and those who wanted to hide from it led by Solovar. Grodd lost, and was very resentful. Pivoting, he then played to the apes worst fears and took over the city; planning violence against the outside world. Solovar summoned the Flash who 'rescued the city.'

Grodd became an exile for a while, acting as a well known villain on the world stage stealing, wreaking havok and generally being a ne'er do well. He gained a reputation as a major player but to mixed results. Some foolishly underestimate him for his two thwarted plans to turn the world into apes or the few instances where he has masterminded (and in some cases succeeded) at master Bank Heists. There are much darker instances, however where he has eaten hostages, at least if rumors are to be believed. He is known by the well informed to have traveled back in time to even try to conquor humanity or to other dimensions to aquire things. He has worked with MANY powerful villains and criminals and developed a reputation as a heavy hitter.

Then he returned to Gorilla City and pretended to be Solovar for a while. Slowly, bit by bit, he took back the city and when the time was right took back power. He has big plans. BIG. PLANS.


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Grodd is outwardly an egomaniacal silverback at all times; he wants to establish his dominant position and his body language and vocabulary phrase it. He wants to be respected or failing that, feared. But he can also be quite charming or charismatic if he likes you, sees a use for you or wants to get your attention. But if he dislikes you, you will know it...unless he doesn't want you to. His mind is a layered series of complicated impulses and natures; the uplifted ape, the ape, the hidden human, the mad scientist, the master criminal, the politician, and the Gorilla Supremicist.


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Latent Psychokinetic:
Grodd has powerful psychokinetic abilities that let him lift up to 15 tons, but they have been radically suppressed by his infusion of human DNA. As a result, he tends to only manifest this rage when he is acting as bestial as possible, and it tends to manifest more as tactile telekinesis, letting him lift far more than he is physically capable.

Mental Transfer:
This ability is actually given to him by the meta gene and allows him to transfer his conciousness into anyone who is not well shielded against psionic intrusion. He is also able to use this ability to gain even more psionically enhanced intelligence by slow physical contact with a potential victim, though the means of this contact is variable in effectiveness depending on how it is used.

Note: The use of this requires consent from the victim (if a player :D )

Peak Fitness:
He is at peak fitness for a male adult silverback and thus capable of lifting over 500 pounds with relative ease, and has a great deal of dexterity and arboral ability. He can also leap and swing from tree to tree or perform rather impressive feats of acrobatics to dodge or make an attack.

Super Intelligence:
Grodd is super intelligent and capable of comprehending, creating and enhancing mechanical and electrical devices far beyond Earth's technologies. While he is not in the upper echelon of Earth's super geniuses, he is definitely in what you would call the second.


Grodd is a mid level specialized telepath; he knows how to get surface thoughts easily and can perform basic mind control. He is best at psychic assault and can bypass the abilities of all high a high strength telepath to cause severe mental tramau or issue simple single sentance commands. He can also perform VERY powerful and wide range mental illusions that are typically missing one sense. Precision activities such as mind wipes, mind shields or deep scans are simply beyond him as he has a ton of raw potential ability but has spent more time focusing on his intellect than his abilities.

Note: Almost all of these require consent except the mind blast.


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Grodd has worked with large organizations, sometimes of multiple species and so long as he keeps his darker impulses in check, quite successfully.

Grodd's skill in biology, especially Zoology is extremely high. His transformation technologies; either of himself or others, as well as xenomorphic uplift are some of the most advanced seen and can also be replicated to have widespread, sometimes even global effect.

Grodd has shown extremely advanced understanding of alloys and chemistry, particularly in metalugry that have yielded a stunning array of impressive results.

Grodd is good at fighting. He is not a martial arts master but he knows how to use his abilities and creations in sync and understands the need to practice on anything he creates or fashions. When he is focused, he is a formidable though not unbeatable opponent.

Grodd has shown an advanced alien science level understanding of physics, including teleportation, time travel, dimensional travel, cloaking and electromagnetic manipulation.

Grodd knows what makes people tick and can get inside of their heads (literally.) Understanding what people want allows him to flip enemies to friends and turn his enemies against each other. Grodd knows how to infuriate someone to the point that they will not act in their best interest.


Grodd puts his hyper intelligence to good use, thinking of creative or outside of the box strategies that allow him to take down sometimes even more powerful and more advanced opponents by using his wits and will alone.


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Bolt Holes:
Grodd has established a number of bolt holes around the world, which can be accessed by Teleportation gate. In these, he has stashed a large number of supplies, cash, materials as well as devices that he has spent time constructing that are of a hypertech basis. He also has a number of weapons in each of these facilities.

Over time, Grodd has made a number of nefarious underworld contacts and knows people who know people. If he needs something and is willing to pay for it, odds are he can get it.

Grodd is a super scientist, and has paid dearly for that edge. He typically has 3 gadgets of some kind if he has a change to prepare. The first is something that gives him an environmental advantage like a sonic cannon or a gravity gun; the second is something that enhances his abilities (his default in this is a helmet that magnifies his psychic abilities increasing the range by a factor of ten and giving him a low to mid range of mental defenses), and the third is something that is offensive in nature (usually robotic drones or a Blaster Rifle).

Gorilla City:
Grodd has managed through luck, guile and threats to displace Solivar as the rightful leader of Gorilla City, which has a tremendous industrial and advanced technological infrastructure as well as tremendous military might for a small city state. It gives him tremendous diplomatic weight around the world.

Grodd gets results. While he has problems with his reputation (see Weaknesses), he also has many people team up with him because so long as his and your interests align, he is a team player and he has a tremendous amount of resources and skills at his beck and call.


Grodd has been involved in a number of outright thefts over the years and not all of them have been thwarted by super heroes. He has hundreds of millions of dollars squirelled away around the globe.


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Banana Addiction:
Most gorillas might like bananas bit actually enjoy a wide range of fruits and other foods but thanks to his secret shame as a side effect he is actually addicted to the things and will go out of his way to get them He plays this up as a clever trope, almost making fun of human racism towards his kind but he really is actually addicted to things.

Grodd's biggest weakness is his ego. He has a titanic one that. Ultimately, any scheme or move he makes is aboilut Grodd and he has great difficulty accepting a dynamic where he doesn't believe that he comes out ahead in the deal.

Fatal Flaw:
Despite his brilliance, almost all of Grodd's schemes have a fatal flaw in them that he just can't see. Now, sometimes he tries to work around this by teaming up with others but knowing what the slaw is vs his partner not being as smart as he is something he fretts about.

Feral Id:
Grodd was never raised as a civilized being and despite decades with his enhanced intelligence from time to time when sufficiently enraged he reverts to his inner nature as a primal alpha silverback.

Grodd has an impulsive streak that he usually has the willpower to resist but sometimes he will throw one of his best laid plans to the winds and go a different direction. At times, this renders him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent but other times it has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Grodd believes Gorillas are the superior species and is annoyed that humans are the dominant species of the planet. He has less problem with meta humans or mutamts but homo sapiens doesn't deserve its place. And ultimately he believes he will dethrone them.

Grodd has on at least two occasions tried to turn a large number of people into Apes. Word about that kind of thing gets around, and while people still want to work with him, he also makes them wonder in the back of their mind "what if..."

Secret Shame:

To enhance his understanding of science amd enhance his already vastly superior intellect, he has Incorporated human DNA into his own. This is a matter of great shame to him despite the actual success of the procedure. Needless to say he doesn't leave samples of his own DNA lying around. Mocking him about it is likely to cause him to enter a feral rage.


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