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Sin and Anger
Date of Scene: 24 August 2023
Location: Logan's Cabin - Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Sinister and Logan have a tense talk. Does it end n blood shed or something else?
Cast of Characters: Wolverine, Sinister

Wolverine has posed:
Logan's sitting on the couch. Just a quiet night in the cabin. A beer in hand, Die Hard playing on his television screen. Just a quiet night with all of that and his favorite restaurant. His favorite is half eaten on the coffee table. He'll pick at it some more. All in all, a good night even if his better half is elsewhere.

Ocean blue eyes just watch Bruce Willis move across Nakatomi Plaza. The next sip of his drink meets his lips and goes down the hatch. Honestly, if he could pause this moment in life, Logan probably would (just for a little bit). It's simple. It's quiet. It's perfect. Sadly, perfection never lasts long.
Sinister has posed:
No, it does not. There's always something.

And in this case, that something is an actually rather polite and soft knock on the door.

Nathaniel does not have to have a scent if he doesn't want to. He doesn't need to leave a mental signature that can be easily picked up, he's actually pretty adept at not showing up on 'senses' for many reasons. And he can fly. That makes arriving without setting off alarms an easy thing, but as he stands on the wrap around porch, there's tension in him. Because this is complicated.

A six pack of beer is set at his feet and he backs the heck up, after the knock... an easy man's length and a bit.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan pauses the movie and then starts to move toward the door. "Who?" and then he starts to opent he door. There's a sudden pause. Ocean blue eyes narrow and he watches Sinister lower the six-pack.

"You still got manner. What?" Logan asks Sinister and crosses his arms. He looks at Sinister then Logan starts to move outside. Staring at the man, just waits to see what this is all about.
Sinister has posed:
"I've got something for you," Essex replies, holding his hands, both of them, where they can be seen, in the 'peace' gesture of parallels with his shoulders, palms out. "And I know what you're like. When you've decided something, no power between heaven and earth will shake you of your conviction--" he pauses "--but this is important."

He waits, apparently to see if there's going to be any imminent violence.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan is going to give Sinister this benefit. It's not the sign of trust, but he does have some expectation. When Sinister wants to be honest, he can be. Logan recgonzes the tone, so he's going to let Sinister speak.

"You got my attention," Logan says, it's a sign that the claws won't come out, yet. That could still change. For right now, there's a hidden truce between them.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister exhales. Slow are his movements, reaching into the inner pocket of his coat, holding it open with the other hand, to extract a long box, the kind one would usually have a piece of jewelery in, a watch or bracelet. It's held up plain to be seen, then floated over without so much as a flourish.

"I know Betsy asked you to work with her. And I can only guess at how that went, regarding my assistance. But I know you'll help her anyway, even if you're exceptionally disgruntled about it. I want you to have that -- because I'm pretty sure you're the only mutant she's recruited or tried to recruit, that has any damn hope of saving any of your fellow's lives, if the shit hits the metaphorical fan hard and fast."

He jerks his chin at it. "Open it."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan is about to make a wise-ass commen, but then Sinister gets serious. Inwardly, the mutant wrestles with himself. At the end of the day, Sinister is someone Logan would put a bullet in. However, Sinister is also the devil, metaphorically speaking, that understands there are bigger threats. There will be no more test subjects if the world is ash. That's a fact Logan can lean into.

He'll take the box and open it, slowly. Just waiting to see what's inside of it before sayng anything. This is progress. There is no yellow, claws coming out or threats. It may be going than either of them expected.
Sinister has posed:
Inside the box are a pair of bracers; on the inside of both, the clasp that shuts them flush with the skin has a couple of spikes -- they're not long, but they'd penetrate veins if clicked shut.

"Just keep those with you, if you do take a mission or two with the X-force, Logan. What they do, is tap into your mutant power and allow a connection to the one you place the other bracelet on. That can be a matter of living or dying to people that got hit by something far worse than they could take. You have one of the best healing factors on the face of the earth -- even sharing it a little, is liable to save someone's life, until you can get them someplace safe. It's draining though, it leaves you pretty spent, when you take it off. Trust me, I know. I've used a set myself more than once."

Sinister says all that quietly and calmly. "And before you ask, they're my own invention. I didn't steal them, I didn't snatch them from someone's genes -- they're bio-magnetically attuned. To get them to work in the field, pick a day when you're not going to go anywhere special and wear it for about six hours. It will attune to your mutation that way."
Wolverine has posed:
"Put one set on me, the other set on someone else" Logan says making sure he understands the instructions. "Kinda like a portal gun?" Logan understands the basic premise. He's just tryng to understand the finerpoints of fuctionality here.

Logan hears about the attunement. "Magical?" Logan has paid attention when a few of the magic wielders talk. "What 'bout tracin' these things?" he asks curiously. "Won't you or Lu have a way to find me?" he says knowing that this could be like a cellphone, a device that does so much whil it ultimately helps people track you. Logan's worried this object will have a similar effect.
Sinister has posed:
"Yes. Once the bio-magnetic core is attuned to you, it will share your mutant power with whomsoever you've put the other one on." Sinister nods in affirmation, just to add extra weight to it.

The question takes him by surprise. "Logan, much as I respect you and all that, I don't actually want to know where you are at all times. I'm not a helicopter parent." He backhand waves that off.

"It's not magical though. It works on resonant harmonics and a measure of quantum entanglement. I discovered a long while ago, that certain elements on earth, take to quantum electroplating rather well. It just takes more time than an instant, for it to essentially be attuned to your bio-magnetic field. Rather like putting on a new shoe. It takes a while for it to conform to the shape of your foot. Make that foot a genetic mutation and unique bio-signature and you have those." He waves at the bracers.
Wolverine has posed:
"Got ya. So use it as a devce. My power will get shared with naother just n case, but it'll leave me in dire strraigts caus it can drain a lot," Lgan says as he is getting ont he same page with Sinister. "IS there a distace. Do I gotta see the other person?" Logan says as he s unsure how this will work out. The last thng he wants is to watlk into a battlefiled to find this isnt' working due to a nuance he didn't know about.
Sinister has posed:
"Well, you do have to put it -on- the other person. So, proximity is required at some point, but... honestly, it's quantum entanglement in action; what happens on the one bracer is mimicked on the other, distance is relatively irrelevant," Sinister replies, sliding his hands into his pockets, keeping his arms tight to his sides.

"Well. I know you're not going to invite me in for a beer and a cigar, so... I've done what I came to do. Please... use them, if you have to." He's looking hard at the devices in Logan's hands, his arms getting stiffer where they're thrust into his pockets. The fabric is a bit strained, even. "Right," and he turns about, walking away with his back turned and with a completely open opportunity to gank him if desired.
Wolverine has posed:
"So put it on the most haphazard member of the team n' hope they're the one that gets hurt?" Logan asks to make sure he has ths figured out in lamense terms. His gaze levels on Sinister for a moment.

Taking the offered goodes, Logan considers it. "If this does anything else. You'll met Limbo before Hell," he says firmly but starts to make hs way back inside of the place.
Sinister has posed:
Essex stops in his tracks, pauses and looks over his shoulder. "Or if someone's been injured to the point where they'll die without your help, slap it on and you'll save their lives, like the ultimate crash cart. You could trust that your team isn't liable to get themselves into so much trouble that they can't get themselves out of it, but I like to plan for contingencies -- accepting help from -me- is very dicey. Accepting help from -you- is life saving."

He sighs then though, a little huff that ends with him shaking his head faintly. "I don't want to see you all die, Logan. And with what is coming? Any stack I can put on your odds, is worthwhile in my opinion."
Wolverine has posed:
"Pyslocke's vision didn't bother me much. She understated something," Logan knows it was bad, but not -that- bad. Then he looks at Sinister, "Feels like the both of ya are puttin' weight on me when my place is far from secure. I ain't sure if Psylocke is the cure, or the cause, of her own visions. She could be our answer to Odin," Logan says honestly and starts to shut the door. Leaving Snster to chew on that one.
Sinister has posed:
Sadly there is no chewing. That's the benefit of having more knowledge than the cigar smoking canuck. "I hope you're right," said to the closed door. Maybe hearing is good enough, maybe it's not. Either way, Essex shakes his head, looking up at the sky and the distant stars... then turns and with a leap, flies to the distance. Good riddance, right?