15525/Meeting a legend, just uncertain why.

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Meeting a legend, just uncertain why.
Date of Scene: 25 August 2023
Location: Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan
Synopsis: Angelica met with Wonder Woman and the two ladies talked about the possibility of Firestar joining the ranks of the Justice Leauge even if only as a part timer.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Wonder Woman

Firestar has posed:
Not sure exactly what to think, Angelica makes contact from the card Clark gave her. She measures the options of coming in full costume, but thinks better of it. She gets attention and she doesn't want to draw any towards the Embassy.

She looks around and shows the first important looking person the card and asks to see Diana and that she was sent by Clark Kent. She is shy and that is easy to pick up on by the shifty feet, brushing her hair from her face, and hesitant speech patterns.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Inside the embassy, Angelica is greeted by the staff. When she explains the reason for her visit, she is asked to wait while Diana finishes a conference call. About ten minutes later a smartly dressed woman approaches to inform Angelica that Diana is able to meet with her now.

The staffer leads the way through the building, past general conference rooms and offices and finally to Diana's office. The space is furnished comfortably but not overly lavish. A number of full bookshelves, a map of the world, a few photographs of Themyscira and of Diana with Queen Hippolyta and other Amazons that have particular meaning to her.

Dressed in a comfortable ivory colored blouse and gray knee length skirt with slip-on flats, she really doesn't need the extra lift from heels. Peeking from the cuffs of the blouse are silver bracers.

"Ms. Jones. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Diana." The business card would have declared her name as Diana Prince and that she is the Themysciran Ambassador.

"It is always a delight to meet a friend of Mr. Kent's." Gesturing to the comfortable chairs in front of her desk she offers, "Can I get you something to drink? Water or tea? Coffee perhaps?"
Firestar has posed:
She looks around while she waits, not wandering too far, but curious to see things. When she is told her meeting is ready she nods to the one who tells her, thanks them, and follow along. There is a difference between being over watchful and over curious and she seems to fall into the latter category.

When the door open and she walks in, her breath almost catches inspite of herself. She considers the statueque woman before her for a long moment and eventually gets her bearings and manners about her.

"Ms. Jones...oh Angelica is f-f-fine." she replies finally,"Angel if you like." she manages. She tries to force a little bit of a smile and she tells her,"It's a pleasure to meet Diana. Ms. Prince. I appreciate..." she looks for words,"...the meeting. The invite from mister Kent caugh me off guard."

She considers and finally shakes her head,"I don't t-t-think I could. More than likely I would spill it on myself and embarass myself more." She smiles a little and adds,"...but thank you. Thank you for the offer."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles warmly. "Angelica." She then nods, "Angel. Please, you can call me Diana. Prince is more a formality than a true surname. We do not use them in Themyscira. Everyone has a given name and perhaps a profession or duty as a modifier."

Moving to sit again she looks curious. "I do not think there is any reason for you to be nervous. I am pleased to meet with you. No one here will bring harm to you. I would argue you are safer here than in any fort in the nation" a comparison she takes pride in. "If you are a friend of Mr. Kent, that speaks very well of you. He didn't mention what it was he thought I might be able to assist you with? How might I help?" she wonders with a warm smile.
Firestar has posed:
"Diana." she comments back with a smile, trying to loosen up a little bit,"It's funny, the things I can do and I still am bad at social settings. That is iteresting about your formality versus surname." she admits.

"I fight with anxiety a little, but bear with me." she admits,"I haven't felt safer in a long time for sure. This place is amazing." She takes a mask from her pocket and places is, revealing the yellow suit under he clothes,"This is how Mr. Kent me, but I didn't want to draw attention to your building." she admits,"I took a chance with my identity, but I am not worried about it. As for Mr. Kent..." she places her mask into her pocket again,"...I am not a hundred percent sure. He just told me to come to you and speak with you. I am trying to remember exactly everything, unfortunately my inned nerd/geek got the better of me when I came in here and saw you."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Tilting her head, she looks curious at the mention of other things Angelica can do. Then the mask and suit are shown briefly and she nods, starting to understand.
"I think I have some idea now. If I am not mistaken, there is a heroine that wears a similiar suit and mask and is part of Canada's Alpha Flight. That would be yourself then?" she asks.

"Mr. Kent is not often in the habit of sending others to me so I imagine he thought perhaps you might have some interest in working with other heroes, or organizations.."
Firestar has posed:
"Firestar." she replies with a nod,"Alpha Flight, the New Warriors team." she admits,"I am impressed. Not a lot of people catch that one." She settles into the indicated seat a little,"I am starting as the Physics teacher at Xavier's Institute this fall and starting my own degree work at NYU as well."

She settles the mask back into her pocket and she listens. A raise of her brow as what Diana is suggesting catches her way off guard. She loses her voice for a moment and then remembers her words instead of just the jaw hanging there for a moment,"I mean sure. I would be honored to work with you or any of your associates of course. I am a long way from Alpha Flight and have loose associations with old friends of course. Spider-Man is what got Mr. Kent's attention on me I think. I might have been a little hard on him..." she admits with a little sadness in her eyes,"...a lot of people are gunning for Spidey and a lot of reporters are pushing hysteria instead of facts."

She shakes her head and clears it a moment,"Sorry. I get defensive about those I see as mine and Spidey is one of my best friends so it gets worse with him." She manages a real smile and her words are coming easier and less broken speech. She just needed a warm up.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens and smiles softly. "I am quite certain there is more to Spider-man than the media would have us believe. And I am just as certain that much of what they claim he is responsible for is just as exaggerated. There are criminals, so called villains, in this city but I do not have the sense that Spider-Man is among them."

"You needn't apologize for being protective of your friends. I admire and respect it. I am much the same."

She smiles, "Firestar is a valuable asset to Alpha Flight." Thinking about it she adds, "Perhaps Clark imagined that she could be of assistance to the Justice League. If only on a partial or occasional basis" she wonders.
Firestar has posed:
Someone who believes in her friend. That makes more relief on her expression than can easily be quantified. She lets out a soft breath and smiles a little,"I am so glad someone besides me can see that." she admits.

A smile touches her lips when Diana mentions no apologies for being defensive of friends,"Girls got to stick together. Get our friends out of their messes sometimes too." she comments ruefully,"Speak of him. Probably should hunt him down with some food and make sure he eats. He neglects that when he isn't being accused of crime."

Again, she falls silent, thoughtful. She considers Diana's words for a long moment and finally she nods,"I do my best to help them yes. It would be my honor to aid the Justice League." she almost whispers,"Part time, once in a while...whatever you need. Thank you, thank him for me too please. I would be glad to help. I have an advanced understanding of radiation so if anyone needs help there. I have had to get better with it and Physics due to my powers."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles. "I do not know him. I do not believe we have ever met. But what I hear from the citizens around Manhattan is much different than what the media often claims. I have learned to reserve judgment until I can see for myself."

She smiles again and nods. "As one of the founding members I will propose it to the team. At the least I wish to offer an invitation to meet some of the others at the Hall of Justice and we can give you a tour if you'd like. It would be good for everyone to get more directly familiar with each other and how best to work together. Would that be of interest to you, Angel?"
Firestar has posed:
"Maybe someday I will introduce you two." she suggests,"It's not just anybody who I call best friend. He is amazing as they say, pretty much on every level. Pretty much." The last gets a little chuckle.

When Diana says she will make the proposal Angelica's eyes winden just a little and it is easy to see the excitement there. A nod and she adds,"I would love to yes. I have always wondered about the Hall of Justice. For as long as I can remember there being a Justice League and where they call home." She gets back from revelry and smiles again,"Yes. Very much that would interest me. Thank you Diana."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles. "I will look forward to such an opportunity, then."

"You are quite welcome, Angel. We are aware of the quality of the team that Alpha Flight fosters. The Black Canary is also a League member so you would have at least one other you are familiar with to start."

She moves to stand and offers her hand and a warm smile then picks up her phone to offer to exchange contact information. "If you would like to exchange information I will reach out in a day or so with possible dates for you to come to the Hall? Of course if you have need of anything before then, or after, you are welcome to reach out to me." Professional courtesy as it were.
Firestar has posed:
"I haven't seen Black Canary for a long time." she admits,"Not since I came here, not when I was back there a week or two ago." She hmms,"I would like to see her again though."

When Diana stands, she does as well. Noting her taking out her phone, Angelica gets hers as well. She reaches towards Diana's with her phone and asks,"Can you tap phones to exchange or we can enter them by hand if you want." Excitement is hard to miss in the young woman and she keeps her smile from splitting her face in half,"I will be waiting for your call. I look forward to it. Call me any time you need as well. It's not everyday someone needs a walking nuclear fallout, but sometimes the day does come."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and nods, and holds her phone out, "Mine can transfer from tapping. The Embassy tries to keep me using the latest devices. Even if I do prefer hand written notes the best, still." Old fashioned ways are still the best!

"I'm glad that you stopped by, Angel. It was lovely to meet you. I look forward to working with you, though hopefully in times of peace rather than emergency. There are enough of those already, we needn't hope for any more." She smiles at the comment about nuclear fallout, "Well I would love to spend time soon learning about your abilities and how the League might be best able to make use of them."
Firestar has posed:
She smiles and admits,"The touch to exchange makes it easier, but I understand keeping it to the older ways. Sometimes I think we could all use a month or three in a cabin up in the Canadian Rockies with no phone, no lights, no motor cars. Just like the old TV show song talked about in Gilligan's Island."

Her phone buzzes and she looks at the read out,"Speak of the devil." she mutters with a little grin. Her attention moves back to Diana and she nods,"Peace is always better. I would glad to talk about my abilties too. It's the one thing in the world I can say I was an expert on before the age of 18."

She places her phone back into her pocket and nods,"I will wait for your call. Thank you so much for the invitation. I have to go check on a wall crawler or two. Seems a few of them have been busy lately. Thank you again."

With that, she heads back the way she came in and offers a polite smile to the people working. Moments later, if Diana happens to be watching, the blazing yellow figure of Firestar rises from an alley way about 7 blocks from the building and she flies off into the city.